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Chapter 1

“What are we doing here?”

“I am looking for a rich father.”

“Where and what does he do?”

“He is just rich.”

“What place is this?”

“This is a shop?”

“Well let me think for a moment.”

“No do not serve another customer I am thinking.”

“I’ll have a glass of water and make sure the glass is clean. Oh dear there is a lipstick on it,”

“I was certain that there wasn’t.”


“Oh. Sorry.”

The thinking behind this is to have a quiet silent life when the rich get richer and the poor get not much and are humble. Be humble be most humble for that is what the poor must be humble. Being humble means you do not get committed into anything but the mad house.

“Not even matrimony?”

“Nobody wants to marry a poor person be a good woman now.”

“There is nothing but being humble that gets the old water works.”

“Look at Oliver Twist he got too much of gruel did he enjoy it?”

“Nothing doing he said he wanted more and he was asking for it when the squire came down from under and said we do not care for that sort of thing and they made him a musical along with Les Miserable and all that.”


“Otherwise not reading that damn book when Hugo’s entire family died from something called misery as he very miserable when he writing the Les Miserable.”

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