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Chapter 4

Beginning of October 2015

Once we landed in LA, the American picked us from the airport and brought us to the bus stop to go to his place - he had to go to the office. He seemed to be nice, polite, but I did not see any special affection that we had back in my country 2 months ago. As he was working late that first night and girls were tired after the flight, I agreed to meet one guy from Tinder that I chatted for a month or so for some drinks. We had a great time, he was very funny and nice, he reminded me of a Hippie somehow and we went to a speakeasy with Burlesque, I tried the best cocktail ever there - the White Doll.

Once I came back home, we had a chat with American and then went to sleep: girls were sleeping on the couch and I was sleeping with the American. But there were no touches, no kisses - nothing. I thought: “Ok, let’s see what about tomorrow”. Second and third day he was distant and busy again. Then I got desperate and just asked him what’s wrong, and he explained me that he just see me as friend and does not feel anything about me. Of course I was devastated, I freaked out and I did not want to talk to him anymore, I was crying whole day, because I was really into him after those two amazing weeks in my country. How childish of me.

The night after we went out with the girls for a bull ride and just to cheer me up. I could not register my card on Uber and asked the Hippie guy to help. So he ordered us Uber and we went for a bull-riding place, but it was closed due to water leaking. So I wrote to the Hippie guy again, and he came to pick us up and brought to another pub and went somewhere else as he was busy that night. Then I started to chat with one of the guys from Tinder and agreed to meet in that pub. He was game designer, had long dark hair and was very sweet. We started to party with my girls and then ended in some cool club. The Long-Haired Guy really liked me, it was obvious, and he was very touchy - what was completely opposite from the American’s behaviour since I came to LA.

The next day the The Long-Haired Guy took me to the most romantic date ever despite me still being depressed about the American. We went to the restaurant in Malibu, had perfect food and wine, there were piano playing and live singing, and it was long-haired guy’s birthday. He actually never celebrates it, but he told me that it was the most amazing present to spend time with me. The full moon with an eclipse was that night - and The Long-Haired Guy kissed me for the first time on the hill in the Malibu when I was looking at this amazing moon. It was the greatest date ever until now - and I am not even a romantic type. During the date, The American was texting me numerous times and asked me to come back soon as he and the girls have ordered pizza and were watching movies. It was first time in couple of days that he showed so much attention. When I came back from the date and we went to the balcony to smoke - The American tried to push me to the wall and kiss me, but I refused.

In the next couple of days I met The Long-Haired Guy again and The American started to behave strangely: tried to touch me accidentally and to make a contact with me, but I was avoiding it. I was barely talking to him and tried to be as official as possible. The last night all four of us (my girls, me and The American) went to the bull riding and got a bit wasted. We went to smoke with The American few times and we talked: I explained him that I was surprised that he was so distant and he broke my heart by behaving that nothing happened between us in my country. He explained me that he was scared and confused once I came, and thought that I want something really serious with him. I told him that despite how much I liked him, I am not that stupid and I understand that the overseas relationship is not going to happen and I just wanted to have same amount of fun as in my country. When we came back home, we made out like crazy, but I refused having sex with him as it just felt wrong - he had so many possibilities during that week and decided to use it only the last night.

The day when we went to the airport was crazy as well: The American was working that day and The Long-Haired Guy took us to The American’s work, because we had to bring him home keys. I said goodbye to him when The Long-Haired Guy was standing nearby and it was extremely strange - as I was making out with both guys the same week. Once I landed back to my country, I slept for 20 hours or more and two days after I met the Greek God and you know the rest of the story now. The American and The Long-Haired Guy texted me few times afterwards, but it was obvious that nothing is going to happen and I was so in love with the Greek God that I didn’t care about any of them anymore. So this is how my story with the American ended. He sent some videos and photos some time ago, but it was the last time we talked (in August, 2016 I think), but the last day we agreed if I ever come to NYC (what I am definitely going to do as I loved that city) - we are going to hang out again.

September 2015 - May 2015

Back in May 2015 I was confused and heartbroken after tragic relationship with The Fallen Angel (more in the next chapter) and what helped me the most was planning my trip to the United States. Me and my two girlfriends decided to visit the Big Apple - NYC - and LA for couple of weeks in September 2015. So I did quite a huge research: where to go, what to see, what to eat, where to party and etc. I even decided to walk the extra mile and to get information from the locals. As Tinder dating app was emerging in my country and I spent some time using it before, one guy from Czech Republic introduced me to the opportunity to swipe and contact with people from all over the world. So I did. After lots of chatting with New Yorkers, I got to know few that really seemed to be nice and provided me with tons of useful information.

One day I started chatting with one very intriguing guy - The American. We exchanged few texts, he seemed to be very smart, into IT and techs and was working in filmmaking, also he was quite tall and seemed good looking from the photos: black hair and green eyes - just OMG! He was also very fun and seemed to be very helpful with all his tips for New York. Also we figured it out that he is going to be in LA to work for couple of months when I will be visiting NYC, so he could not show the NYC around, but can be my guide in LA instead - WIN-WIN!

Then one day he told me that he is currently planning to have Eurotrip just by himself this summer and he is going to UK, France, to the IDM music fest in Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria and etc. And then he decided that he can also come to visit my country - just for fun and for a week if there is a castle, parties and similar stuff over there. As I explained to him, my roommate wasn’t too happy about the idea him staying at our place, so we agreed that he’ll take Airbnb instead.

That July 2016 night he was coming to my country I was behaving so strangely. My friend came to visit me as I was scared and nervous to see American, so we decided to grab some local drinks and food in case The American would like to come over. It was raining like crazy that night and I run to the shop and slipped, I injured my palm with a glass of a broken beer bottle. Despite that my hand was bleeding like in a horror movie, I went to the date with the American.

Once I saw him, I felt huge crush. We went to the pub on Tuesday and got wasted, then came back home and started drinking with my friend and we woke up at 9:30 AM. My colleagues called me numerous times the next morning as I was late. Also my hand was aching and I was looking like shit, but took a cab and came to work. I lied to my colleagues that I injured my hand that morning by picking a glass and could not stop my hand from bleeding. They were quite scared and brought me some medicine and food from the home. But I was happy, because I finally met The American in real life.

The upcoming Saturday we went clubbing with him and two of my friends and got tons of tequila shots, before that he kissed me at home when we were having a pre-party and it was amazing. The girls decided to leave the club and we agreed that The American will bring me back home once we are done partying. Remember, my friend was against crushing our sofa and he took a bed in a hostel instead.

When we came back to my place, girls were asleep, the door was locked and the key was inside. The girls could not hear me calling, I undercharged friend’s phone by calling 1000 times. I was ready to break the door, but the American suggested renting the hotel room - the hostel that we was staying had a single bed in a shared room only. So we went to the hotel.

We made out all night and had a breakfast wearing still fancy clothes from the last night in the morning. The next day we went to for a road trip to see a castle and to took a boat. I convinced him that I want to row and he let me, it was very funny: guy relaxing in a boat while girl was rowing. But I just love to row, it is my favorite cardio exercise in the gym.

During the next week, we were like a normal dating couple: spending time after I came back home from work, having dinners, going out and having sex. The sex was normal, not mind-blowing, but I was totally mind-blown by his cheerful personality. The first 7 days were going to an end and he decided to stay one week longer, so instead 7 days, I spent two weeks with The American. During that time we took few more trips, including to the seaside, my friend joined us as well. The American even met my grandparents as they had key from their summerhouse that we were staying in. I showed my country’s old school house to the American and it was funny: we picked up carrots and strawberries, were playing with the water pipe and doing barbeque and other fun stuff. But as all nice stories, this had to end and he left back home.

We texted each other quite often at first, then he became quite strange and did not write me a lot. But still he was very nice and helpful for planning my trip to US. He gave me and my friends tons of great tips for staying in NYC. The place that we booked in LA via Airbnb was cancelled and he suggested to stay at his place. So we did. I had an amazing time in NYC in September 2016, all his tips were great, but mostly I was waiting to see him in LA. I was counting the days and I was glowing from the excitement to see him. However, I still had contacts of other guys in NYC and LA, and we met with one Tinder guy and his friend in NYC, but just for drinks in a bar and then they showed us a great speakeasy (a secret bar) - this was a great way to finish our trip in NYC.

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