Steal My Heart

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“Are you jealous, Benjamin?" She eyed him as if he had grown two horns. "That’s why you’re trying to discredit Nikolas and make him look bad in my eyes?" She smiled condescendingly at him. Tagged as always the groom's man but never the groom, Benjamin thought that he would stay that way forever. Until he met a woman with a breath-taking but fragile beauty whom he fell in love with at first sight. He never believed in love at first sight, it was an utter garbage, but he ate his words when his path collided with Maru. He found himself hopelessly in love with her, and he thanked the heavens when she reciprocated his feelings. They'd been an explosive pair, but he just can't have her body unless he puts a ring around her finger, which he did, without blinking an eye. In love like a madman, he planned the most lavish 'Wedding of the Year' for them, too excited to marry the woman who stole his heart and made his life as colorful as the rainbow. Everything was all set. Everything was perfect. Until his bride ditched him on the altar during their big day, crushing his world. What went wrong?

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Stunned, Maru felt as if she saw a ghost. The radiance in her eyes fizzled as she froze on her feet.

She blinked her eyes when she gathered back her wits, trying to erase the haunting image f

rom her vision. But the evocative figure leaning against the door of her apartment unit didn’t disappear.

He was still there, hands in his pockets, as his sharp blazing eyes seared at her with menace. He looked as if he wanted to strangle her neck.

She swallowed hard, heart beating faster.

“Maru...” he hissed her name under his ragged breath.

Her body jerked involuntarily as his voice assaulted her ears, intensifying the fear that was creeping to her bones.

Her already fast heartbeat suddenly palpitated, knees starting to shiver. The hatred that she saw in his eyes was enough to make her cower in terror.

Benjamin... he was here!

Oh my God!

She took a step back, frightened.

The man who was looking at her, definitely, didn’t look like the Benjamin she used to know. He looked as if he was a different person, a total stranger.

Benjamin never stared at her with daggers in his eyes. He used to look at her with sheer gentleness, something that endeared him to her.

But there’s no gentleness in his eyes right now. It was replaced by cold hatred.

He looked rough, too, like a beast that could harm her any moment. The sweet smile on his lips was also absent. The sharp twist on the corner of his mouth only showed hate and anger.

He looked as if he hated the world. But he hated her more. That kind of cold, dangerous hate was apparent in his slanting eyes.

She took another step back, fearing for her safety. Suddenly, she was scared of Benjamin. And she had legit reasons to feel so.

Oh my, but why was he here in New York? How did he find her?

She knew she had to run before he could grab her. She could see danger flashing in his eyes. It made her intestines twist. Plus, she, definitely, wasn’t ready to deal with him yet.

She never expected to see him waiting for her in the door of her apartment unit, looking dangerous, but still as irresistible as ever.

She turned her back on him, preparing to leave, but his arms reached out to her, stopping her.

Benjamin was a tall and a big man, and with her petite frame, he easily caught her.

She squeaked. She automatically placed her hands against his chest, pushing him away.

But he only pulled her harder against him, crashing her face against his hard chest.

His distinct manly scent assaulted her olfactory nerves, intoxicating her, washing memories of the not so distant past all over her, steamy memories she was trying to bury deep down the ground.

A bolt of heat shot down through her core, shook her insides, and concentrated in her womb. Suddenly, her skin tingled and warmed up, as if it was the height of summer.

She raised her face, looking up to him.

Their eyes met. She saw a corner of his mouth twist in a rueful smile.

He unceremoniously pulled her body up in the air, making her gasp in surprise. His big, powerful hands securely grasped her waist, holding her in place.

She tiptoed, fear pooling in her dazed brown eyes. She opened her mouth to utter a protest. But he ducked his head. And before she could spew a word, his punishing mouth greedily covered her lips, shutting her up.

She didn’t expect his aggressive attack. The last thing she wanted was for Benjamin to kiss her. But he did. And she was disarmed. That easy.

Her body succumbed to a deep longing as his hot lips conquered her own, as his searing tongue slid in her mouth, seeking, ravishing, punishing, yielding her to surrender.

God, but she missed him! Oh, how she missed this man! She had longed for him for the past six months!

And here he was, making her feel again the heat of passion and all sorts of earthly decadence that he could only make her feel as they passionately made out.

Her body reacted in a predictable manner. Longing rushed to every fiber of her being, setting her blood flowing in her veins like volatile gasoline, consuming her. All of her.

His effect to her had never changed. Not one bit. He still could make her lose her mind and her precious sanity.

And her self-control snapped. She found herself answering back his passionate lip lock.

His kiss deepened as she warmly responded to him. His arms around her body went firmer. He was literally squeezing her soft body, but damn she cared!

He pulled her up and pushed her against the door. Her feet were now hanging in the air. Their faces levelled as they continued to devour each others’ mouths.

“Benj!” Gasping, she filled her lungs with oxygen when their lips parted ways.

“Maru...” he growled her name.

She opened her eyes and she saw the dangerous smoke of passion radiating in his hard, sinister eyes.

She swallowed hard, breath hitching. The thumping of her heart inside her chest was crazy.

He moved, and her mouth opened in awe when she felt his throbbing erection press hard against her belly. Her senses squirmed, her folds became tender as liquid molten heat eased out of her core, creaming her panties.

She groaned silently, quite dismayed by her body's traitorous reaction.

It was really a wonder how Benjamin could instantly make her burn with passion, with desire that was overwhelming. It was as if her body was just conditioned to react wantonly to him.

Panting, he brought his face closer to her ear. “Where’s your key?” he rasped.

And a warning screamed inside her head.

He wanted her. She wanted him, too. Her burning senses singed with atrocious excitement, but she knew she had to stop this madness.

“Please go, Benjamin...” she whispered softly in a quivering voice.

He hissed in her ear, quite enraged. “You damned well know what I want right now, Maru,” it was a whisper, but his voice was rough, deadly and serious. “I want you...” he growled like a hungry beast, and it was clear that he didn’t want resistance this time around.

“Please go...” she pleaded.

She adamantly closed her eyes as her senses reacted to what he just said. Her stomach clenched, her pussy throbbed in wild abandon.

Her body was really a traitor. Damn!

But he just pressed his body even closer to hers, intensifying the thick blanket of zealous intimacy between them. And she just couldn’t ignore that thing that was poking against her belly - hard and sharp, digging in her soft skin.

“You have long denied me of this, Maru,” he hissed in her ear. “I have indulged you for a long time, thinking that I’ll have you in our honeymoon, anyway. I am a fool to have waited in vain. So I learned my lesson now, baby. No more fooling around. It’s my call this time,” he declared in a rough, authoritative voice.

Goosebumps attacked her skin and made her body shiver.


Oh dear, but she badly missed that sweet endearment!

“Now open this damned door or I’ll take you, right here, right now!” he growled with fire in his eyes.

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