Broken Laws of Attraction

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"Why did you say a bad person hit me?" Isaac breaks the silence. "Because I am Isaac, and I suggest if you value your life you will stay away from me" I reply bluntly and continue to look at the road. Meeting each other was the twist of fate, becoming friends was their choice and falling in love was beyond their control. Kiara Kapoor is many things. The most successful and the richest woman in North America. But she is also a ruthless, arrogant and selfish woman in the world. She despises men, they always hurt her in many ways. Now she has enough love left for only her daughter. Isaac Cruise another cold-hearted, arrogant and selfish man, he is the definition of a womaniser and a player. He uses and throws girls like toys he gets bored of. These two are rivals in business and are soon going to meet. When the two finally meet, fireworks don't burst, spark don't fly. But the sound of slaps and sarcasm bursts. Their paths cross multiple times until finally, it decided to become one. He found someone to give his heart to. Her heart finally started to beat for someone else. Both are Arrogant. Both are Ruthless. Both Break Rules. Both hide their true feelings. Do opposites really attract?

Romance / Action
Sakshi Patil
4.3 10 reviews
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'Lucky is the woman whose first child is a daughter.′

-Prophet Muhammad

London lights blur in front of her eyes as her body jerks forward from the harsh turn the bus she stood on takes, her prime instinct is to instantly protect her stomach. People around gawk at her, she knew it isn’t because she is so visibly pregnant, it is the fact that no man is next to her. No man to protect her child when she jerks forward because of a reckless driver. No man to request someone to give up their seat so she could be comfortable.

But her head is turned away as she stares into the abyss of the cold dark city of London. Suddenly a surge of pain ripples through her body, she doubles forward moaning uncontrollably. Her hands twisted tighter around the pole she is holding on to. A cold wet feeling ran down her legs visible to everyone around her. Things around no longer mattered she has already blocked the voices and now she is squinting in pain

Her hands gradually loosen around the pole, slowly she let go about to hit the floor when a man picks her up and places on one of the seats. He starts to shout something to the driver but she couldn’t tell exactly what.

All she could think of is her child. The only thing that kept her alive. The only person who she could call family.

Another surge of pain ripples through her body like waves. Now she is screaming. The man’s voice is getting more urgent and adamant. A petite brunette appears in front of her, taking her hand and saying she would be okay she just has to breathe. Her breathing somewhat came back to normal, she opens her eyes to people calling the ambulance and to some whispering “Where is her husband?”

“Where’s the father of her child?”

She almost wants to roll her eyes at those comments. But the pain came back and even worse than before.

“Can you tell me your name?” The brunette spoke, the woman’s American accent got her attention.

“K-” Before she could finish that sentence she lurches forward as the bus came to a screeching halt. Two medics rush in and grab her body and place her on the stretcher rushing her to the Hospital.

The brunette stops one of the medics, “She will be okay right?” The medics give her weak smile and nods before pushing the stretcher away. The brunette could not bear the thought of going through labour alone, she pulled her husband aside, who helped her get the young woman onto the seat.

“I want to wait.” she begs, “I don’t want to leave the woman alone.”

Her husband cups her face, “Of course, we’re not leaving that woman until she is better.” He pulled her into a hug. The brunette’s heart is warmed by her husband’s actions and that he understood her so well. She nuzzles her head in his neck smiling.

The nurse next to her pushing the stretcher spoke, “Early 20′s woman. In labour clearly. A lot of blood loss. Get her details quickly!” She screams at one of the surgical residents at the hospital. She is rushed into the maternity unit. The midwife is called immediately and she starts to check her pulse, temperature and blood pressure. The midwife quickly opens her shirt to check the woman’s abdomen and listens to the baby’s heartbeat.


They change the women into the surgical robes and once again rush her to the delivery rooms. They check her cervix, to see how much it has opened and how far she has progressed into her labour.

“She has dilated 10 cm!” A nurse yells. “She is into labour!”

The pain is nothing she had ever suffered before. Her father’s whips or his rock fists is nothing compared to this. They ask her if she has any family. She said no. They look worried. She knew she has lost blood. She knew she has slim chances to survive this. She tells them to save the child. The child is more worthy than her. More likely to do good for this world than she could ever do in a million years.

“Push Ma’am !” The doctor orders her, but she was slowly giving up. But her father’s voice instantly came back to haunt her. “You’re a coward! Just like your mother! Running away from things, you deserve a lifetime of cruelty!”

That has her to trying one more time to bring life to a beautiful baby. “It’s a girl!” The nurse exclaimes. They cut the umbilical cord and wrap the little bundle of light closer to the woman.

“Would you like to hold her?”

The woman shuffles away. “No...No...She is better of without me!” The little girl starts to cry, the woman’s heart stops at this. The nurse sighs and walks away.

“Wait! Bring her back! She’s crying I will hold her till she quietens down.” The woman demands. As soon as the fragile girl is handed to her mother, the crying stops immediately. The girl snuggles into a breast of her mother.

“Ira.” The woman whispers. The nurse walks away smiling knowing she won’t be needing to come back.

“I want to go see her!” A strong American accent shouts across the hall. “Why not? I want to make sure she is fine.”

“Ma’am you are not her family.” One of the nurses calmly explains.

“Well does she have any family?” The woman questions suspiciously. No one answers.

“Exactly, the poor woman has no one. She needs someone.” Hesitantly the nurse let her through. The brunette smiles politely and hurries to the woman’s room to find her with a beautiful healthy girl.

She gently knocks on the door. The woman instantly looks up worried. The brunette walks in, giving her a small wave.

“Hi!” She starts off with, ” I am Amelia, I helped you back on the bus. I was wondering how you were?”

The woman’s hands tighten around her daughter, cautious of this woman named Amelia.

“I am fine.” she bluntly replies returning her attention to her child again, stroking her puffed out cheeks.

“You have a beautiful daughter,” Amelia comments as she walks to the mother. “I know we’re strangers,”

“Well, you’re right!” The woman snapped back. Amelia took a long deep breath and finally spoke, “Okay, I just wanted to ask if you want to be friends. I think you will need one.”

The woman starts to laugh hysterically. A friend! A friend is the last thing she will ever need. And once this woman knows her name she wouldn’t want to be friends with her. The poor will probably run away.

“Firstly I don’t need friends and secondly I really don’t think you want to be friends with me.” The woman replies coldly.

“Why?” Amelia persisted to inquire.

“Because I am Kaira Kapoor and I’m-”

“Deadly Mistress also knows as the mafia queen of the underworld. The leader of the infamous Back Lotuses.” Spoke the distinct voice of the man who helped her on the bus. The woman immediately was alert, glowering at the blonde man behind Amelia.

“Luke! What are you talking about?” Amelia in utter shock turned to her husband, astounded at the words he just said to this woman who had just gone through labour. “You can’t say that!” Luke was about to explain himself when Kaira helps him.

“It’s true. I told you wouldn’t want to be friends with me. Even your husband doesn’t want you to.” Kaira said spitefully.

Amelia snapped back, “My husband doesn’t tell me what to do. I do. I want to be your friend.”

Kaira smirks at the feisty nature of Amelia. She liked it. “I already told you... No. Now please leave.”

But Amelia stood firm. She had never left another woman on her own ever and she won’t stop now. “No, I am not leaving you alone. It’s a cruel world out there. I don’t care if you’re a Mafia Queen, I care that you and your daughter are safe and have someone. ”

Kaira was dumbfounded. She stares at Amelia for a few minutes before speaking. “Give me your number.” Amelia grins triumphantly, rushes to grab a paper and pen and comes back with her digits. She leaves it by the table near Kaira.

“I live in New York City with my husband Luke-”

“Roberts. I know I have done business with him before.” Kaira finished Amelia sentence leaving her in shock. She turned to Luke and dragged him out of the room.

“You know her?” Amelia exclaimed. Luke is distressed, Amelia wasn’t meant to know this. She is meant to be protected from this kind of world.

“Yes. I have known her for years. I met her in high school before she was taken. We were good friends, so when she came back after all those years as one of the worlds biggest typhoons it was very hard to resist.” Luke calmly explains while his wife is fuming by the second. Amelia couldn’t begin to think why her husband would lie about this. She tried so hard to keep a calm face but by Luke’s scared face she knew she hadn’t.

“And why exactly was it hard to resist." Amelia spat. Oh no! She thought... Luke immediately answered back assuring that nothing happened between them.

“Amelia no! Not like that. Kaira is one of the powerful people in the world when she came to me, she came with one of the biggest deals of my life. She’s the reason why my company is so global. Amelia, Kaira is the reason why I am here with you. She saved me from when I wasn’t my self, she helped when I was at my lowest point. I owe her my life.”

Amelia startled at this revelation was about to speak when she heard the baby cry from the room. She looks back to Luke. “We’re not done here.” She immediately rushes to Kaira who looks so helpless.

“Why is she crying? Did I do something?” Kaira asks desperately rocking Ira in her arms. She knew she wasn’t ready for this child. No one told her what to do. No mother to teach her nor a husband to say she will be a wonderful mother. Kaira had no confidence to become a mother but she knew she would always protect her with her life.

Amelia calmly walks to Kaira’s side and gestures if she can hold the baby. “May I?” Kaira knew she could trust this woman after what she did for her yet she was hesitant to bring herself to give her daughter to her. “I won’t hurt her,” Amelia reassuring her. “I promise.” The first promise Amelia ever made to Kaira and till date has never broken it.

Kaira gently hands Ira who was still crying to Amelia who professionally holds her. “You’re beautiful. What’s her name?” She coos as her Ira continues to cry.

“Ira.” Kaira proudly said. Amelia gave her a gentle smile. “Kaira she’s hungry that’s all. You gotta feed her.” Amelia gave Ira back to Kaira who was disheartened and starts to feed her daughter.

“Oh.” Kaira is disappointed, her daughter was hungry and she didn’t even know it. Amelia saw this and pitied Kaira.

“Kaira this why you need friends to help you. Come with us to America. You clearly know Luke more than I do. And I don’t have many true friends either since I married Luke, they all use me for my money. ” She confessed to her. “Kaira I know we only met but I feel like this my way to repay for what you did for Luke. Don’t exactly know what that is yet but it doesn’t matter. Come to America, start fresh. It could do well for your company.”

Kaira sighs she knew she couldn’t do this, there were too many complications. It was already so hard for her to live here, the Mafias in the UK were already so sceptical of her after what her father did. She had finally got on good terms with them and now she needed to do that all over.

“Amelia you don’t understand me coming to America will take a couple of years, the New York mobs will not welcome me with open arms. No one will. I have a slightly bad reputation with basically every single leader in the Mafia. It took my father years to convince the UK mafia before I was even born to allow me here, and when I came back they still had their suspicions.” Kaira explained.

Amelia knew at her heart this was true. She couldn’t bear the thought of Kaira going through this alone just like her mother. She knew how much pain her mother went through for her all alone. Amelia knew she could let another woman face the same burden that her mother did.

“Fine, we meet every three months here in London till you move to New York. No excuses. I want you to call me at least once a day, I don’t care if I am sleeping you still call. If you don’t I will let you I will be on the first flight to here.” Amelia ordered Kaira. Kaira couldn’t help but smile. The first smile she has taken in years. Her daughter was no her everything, Ira gave her friends and a new start. Kaira couldn’t mess this up.

“Go to your husband, I will see you in three months. Go easy on Luke, he hasn’t had it easy on him.” Amelia smiled gratefully and walked out knowing she now has a friend for life. A friend she would give her life to easily.

For the next 3 years, all three of them met every three months. It wasn’t long before the New York mobs agreed to allow Kaira in their city. They knew this meant trouble but it meant they had the most ruthless killer in the world in their city.

My first ever book I have written. I wrote this book because I wanted a badass girl character, who doesn’t get swoon by guys easily, always fights for her rights, has self - respect, doesn’t let a guy go over her.

I hope you enjoy this book. I try and update as regularly, I will update on every Sunday and try to on Fridays. I go to school, so bear with me.

Also, I would like to say that this book is mine and the idea, plot lines, story, characters are mine. So please be respectful readers and don’t copy my work or anyone else’s work either. It is not fair on the writers who have spent some much time on their work for it to be just copied out off. So please just be respectful and kind to writers and readers. Thanks!

Well, I hope you enjoy this book!!

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