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Broken Laws of Attraction

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Unkown Girl

‘Nothing is more dangerous than a beautiful woman who is focused and unimpressed.’


Kaira discovered herself on the floor again this morning. This the 5th time this has happened this week and she really thought she was over that but her father’s fists still haunt her to this day. Frustratingly she strikes the side of my head and flounders off the floor and dumps the covers that collapsed with her on the bed. Combing through her black bird’s nest that rested on her head she reaches for the bathroom door and stumbles into the shower.

Brushing her hand through her burgundy suit, buttoning up the first button. She pulls down the sleeves, sweeps the dust off the knees of her pants and strolls out of her closet. Her hair pulled into a sleek ponytail away from her hollow-cheeked face and the clamping of her heels hitting the hardwood floors echoes the penthouse. Kaira pours herself a glass of water and crunches into an apple and turned on the news.

Ah, another scandal with the latest womaniser in the New York City. What a surprise? His name is Isaac Cruise. His name is almost on every news channel since he got his father’s business. And he is never with the same woman. Pretty sure he has slept with every woman in the city. Well... except one. He is also known for his cruel antics towards his employers just the regular shouting and firing. The media thinks this cruel, if only they knew the true meaning of cruel and corrupt ways of the underworld and they we treat our ‘employers’. Kaira always laughed at what they think is cruel, is nothing compared to her definition of cruel.

The beeping of her i watch brought Kaira back from her thoughts, reminding her that she has a little girl to wake up.

“Ira wake up!” she shouts from the kitchen. This girl is going to be the death of me, she thought.

“Do you not want to see your friends?” Kaira once again asks, she then heard her wild footstep down the hall and saw her tiny 4-year-old body appearing. Ira’s little head poking out from the door smiling mischievously. Kaira ran and grabs her before she ran away, and quickly places her in the shower.

Ira takes her sweet time scrubbing down every skin on her body, knowing this would consume more time and annoy her beloved mother. She loved going to school but no one actually wanted to be her friend. Every child told her that they couldn’t because of her mother and her job. Ira knew their parents were scared of her mother. But she never could decide whether she should be ashamed or proud.

“Ira! Hurry!” She hears her mother’s stern voice outside the bathroom. Ira quickly dries herself down and wears the outfit her mother put out for her. A simple white tee with cute floral shorts perfect for the summer in New York.

After Kaira had gone through Ira’s stubbornness in not eating her breakfast, she finally drops Ira of at school.

“Bye Mama, love you.” she said but before running to her friends I kissed her head, “Bye sweetie, I love you,”

Ira was her life. Whatever she does is always for her. No one will ever be as important as Ira is to Kaira. She is her only light in her a very sinister world. The blackness inside of her would have swallowed Kaira if Ira wasn’t born. She does everything in my hands, so Ira doesn’t have a childhood like hers. The way her father continually hurt her, killing the human soul inside of Kaira and bringing out her demons.

Ira looks just like Kaira with her dark raven hair and her adorable button nose. It sometimes feels she is seeing a younger, happier version of herself. But her eyes. Her stormy silvery eyes. They continually remind Kaira of Ira’s father, another man who destroyed her virtue. Their contracted marriage ruined both of them. They never loved each other, in fact, they repulsed each others company. But that one eventful night, both of them drunk and young. That night and the following nine months, when Kaira finally left him, worried he would treat her daughter the way her father did.

Kaira will never forget him, though she forgave him the moment Ira was in my arms, beaming at her. However, the rage, the fury inside of Kaira never died. She never again trusted men, they somehow intentionally or not they hurt her. And it infuriates Kaira, how women can let men walk over them and then define them too. It took her a long time to develop my voice, and now that she has it. Kaira is not going to be silent.

Reaching her company’s building, Kaira turns into the stone cold person that she is. This building was hers. Not her father’s, but her own. However, it did help, with her father’s power and status in the world of criminals, for her to rise in business. Her blood and sweat were the foundations of this building. Every man and woman in there fears Kaira, one look she gives has them quivering to their knees. But with that fear comes respect, and Kaira returns the respect they give her. Her company is named after Ira, her heart beats only for Ira, she is her life source, the one that keeps her from going all insane on this world.

Kaira strode to the receptionist, who is wasting her time putting makeup one, she narrows her eyes at her and clears her throat loudly. She looks up to finding Kaira’s eyes glaring at her, fear-drenched her face.

“Miss whoever you are next time I find you wasting your time making that face of yours caked with makeup. You will be fired; do you understand?” She looks down, not responding, which made Kaira’s blood boil.

“I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” Kaira growls at her, slamming her hand on her desk. She nods fearfully and goes back to her work. Pleased with her daily dose of shouting out of the way, she turns to find one employee standing in front of her, too close for her liking.

“Have you not heard of something called personal space,” Kaira snaps. He steps backwards and hands her the papers Kaira demanded yesterday. Impressed at how quickly he got that done, she pats his shoulder and walks away.

Out of nowhere a gust of gale blows into the building and letting the papers escape her hands. The papers quickly flying away Kaira snatches them one by one, finding some on the floor in the uninhabited hallway she crouches down slowly. Kaira starts to grab them when she felt an arm slithering around her waist, this was the man’s the biggest mistake of his life.

“Hey beautiful, I have to meet your boss but why don’t you meet me here again, to talk,” a husky voice muffles in her ear. The nerve of this man to touch her, but as soon as she saw the face of this man, Kaira decides to have some fun with him.

Isaac Cruise, was his name, the owner of the Cruise industry, he is here to make a deal with her company. She is not surprised that he did not recognise her as the owner as not many know Kaira runs this company. She always makes sure to keep a low profile and keep the media as far away as she can from her and her daughter. “Sure,” Kaira responds winking. She kisses his cheeks and picks up the rest of the paper and heads towards the elevator. She could still feel his piercing sea blue eyes swallowing my body.

Isaac couldn’t take his eyes off her. Those eyes were uncanny, they held so many secrets too dangerous to even look at. He isn’t surprised when she agreed to meet with him, who doesn’t like a tall and handsome man. His arctic blue eyes are what catches girls attention the most. They never failed him.

He brushes down his blazer before walking to the elevator. He is here to make deal with the new company that branched from the UK. There was a rumour that the owner was a woman. Can you believe it? A woman running a company in America! Now that’s some miracle.

As the doors of the elevator close, Kaira shook the feeling of disgust from Isaacs touch. Thinking of how that revolting man touched and spoke to her made her blood boil. But then she thought about his face when he realises who she is. Her reflection in the elevator reflects the diabolical grin that crept appeared on her face.

“Lola, what’s on the agenda today?” Kaira demands as she enters her office with her assistance already there ready with all the papers. She starts to fumble with a few papers in her hands, wasting her time. Lola got nervous every time, it was her very first job and Kaira is frightening especially when angry. No one can calm her down. They always have to refurbish the office whenever Kaira gets...out of control. Even Amelia and Luke are terrified of going in. Some say there was a man who could calm Kaira down even when she was raging with fury. But no one where he is so we all have to suffer. But Lola was always grateful, Kaira had saved her from being something she couldn’t imagine doing now. She let her join her mafia giving her a home and good friends and in return to work for her.

“Lola.” She glances up, “Quick!” She snaps aiming at her hands. Kaira plants herself behind her desk waiting for Lola to answer who was still sorting out the papers.

“Lola you have 1 minute to start talking before you’re walking out my doors and never coming back,” Kaira says stiffly. Her eyes start to gloss and she starts to nod frantically.

“Um...yes. Ma’am. Uhh...You have one meeting today in 2 hours with the several proposals from companies in New York that want to work with us.” She eventually spoke.


“Ah yes! The Axel Corp. Atlantic Industry. William and Sons Industry...” Lola went on about for a few minutes naming futile companies that could make no difference to Kaira. Until she names, “And lastly Cruise Industry.”

“Lola get me background file on Cruise Industry. Everything about this company should be in that file.” Giving her a dainty nod she starts to walk out the door.

“Lola. You were not dismissed.” she stops her, “Give me an upgrade on the new drug cartel that the New York Mob placed last week.”

“Ma’am the New York Mob had notified us about this and the drugs coming through our cartel are reducing by a significant number. The figures of drugs coming through the cargo from India and the rest of Asia are still consistent and strong. But the ones coming from Europe aren’t stopping at our docks but rather the New York ones. Again we can’t help that, our relationship with Western Europe is strained. Especially with Russia, they’re the biggest providers but since that shoot out our drugs income has been weak.”

“Impressive Ms Lola.” Her eyes shone and her lips curled into a proud grin.

“Thanks, Ma’am. And I will get you the file on Cruise Industry as soon as it is fit.” She says gleaming

“I want it in 30 minutes. Not a minute more or less.”


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