Trouble With The Billionaires

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The Blissfully Beautiful, Down to Earth Sweet and Shy Vanessa Survin, wanted to spread her wings and be independent. But it was so not going to be easy! She had to be someone, she was absolutely certainly not. Downright Confident, Sharp-witted Professional and Downcore Spexy. And yet, at the same time, she had to work for the Downright Charming and Droolworthy Billionaire, she was paired with, as Match-Made-In-Heaven. Will she succeed in hiding the secret behind the spexy greens from the hot billionaire? Or Will he discover the clear blues in hiding? ______________________________

Muskaan Madan
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Chapter 1

Vanessa And Nathaniel

“Please mom, don’t start again.” Nathaniel pinched the bridge of his nose to calm himself. “I don’t have any plans to marry yet so stop trying.”

“When will you stop your one night stands?” She thundered at her son, her voice harsh and he flinched. “Get settled, Nathaniel. I want to see my grandchild before I die.”

Nathaniel Black had always been a playboy in the big industry, a cold hearted bastard, who used girls like tissues. Just one look from him and they would spread their legs for him. His looks to be blamed, staring from the finely carved cheek bones, to the chocolate brown eyes, the silky mane of messy brown hairs and deliciously toned body.

It didn’t just end here, his cold hearted and ruthless nature could be seen in his company. The man demanded utmost respect and dedication, nope not towards him, but for their work. That’s the reason why he and his company was flourishing and now, he had crossed the par of billionaire and had still not stopped.

“Mom...listen...” He was cut off by her mother, a sudden spark in her eyes and his brows furrowed.

“Atleast see the picture.” Lisa chirped with delight, as she shuffled through her purse and Nathaniel’s brow raised. Who is this and what had she done to my fiery mother?

Her hand raised up in triumph, with the supposed trophy and she hand it over to Nathaniel, as if to mock him.
The moment he saw the picture, she knew she had won.

The beauty in the picture was mesmerising, her chestnut brown hairs cascading down her back brings a colour to her fair features and he found himself drawn to those blue eyes sparkling in delight, while looking at the camera.

It seems as if a spell had fallen over him that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Absolutely Mesmerisingly Beautiful.

“You remember Vanessa, right? She is Sera’s daughter.” Lisa broke the spell, looking absolutely giddy at her bumblebee’s name. Sera and Lisa had been the best friends since they had known each other and their friendship had never vanished between the warm fights of George Survin and Glen Black, warm because of this little bumblebee.

Her little baby. Sweet little baby.

The sweet girl with two pigtails, as he had known since his childhood, was now this oh-so-delicious fair vixen. His mother smirked in triumph as she watched the swirl of emotions pass through his face and his brown eyes squinted, as if trying to look away, but couldn’t.

“So...?” She drawled, as she pursed her lips to prevent herself from laughing giddily and his brown eyes still didn’t waver from the picture.

“I will think about it.”

Atleast it’s not a straight no....... She had made progress and to tease him more, she snatched the picture from his hand without a warning.

A frown etched on his face and his hands clenched in a fist as he looked at her mother in irritation.

But he doesn’t know why?


“Vanessa baby, he is settled and he is a nice boy.” Sera knocked on Vanessa’s door, which had been bolted, ever since she had heard about marriage.

“No.” She refused firmly and her mother sighed in frustration. “I will not marry him.”

“Vinni, you know Lisa’s son...... Nathaniel?” Sera tried to confirm and instead of the answer she waited, she heard fast shuffling of stuff from the other side.

“You remember him, right?” Sera asked again and heard Vanessa groan.
“Ah yes! I read about him in newspaper just yesterday, the sweet headlines of the front page, ’the
hotshot bachelor with a new woman on his arm and it’s not been a day!’”

“I don’t want to be sideline buisness of his, so no thank you.” Vanessa yelled out her mind from the other side of the door. Sera frowned. Vanessa, though a sweetheart, could be a ball of stubborness and childishness sometimes.

“Sera. Don’t force her, she was now a grown up and could decide for herslef.” George put his arm around her and Sera opened his mouth to speak but failed as a delighted squeal cut in.

“Dad....” The door opened hurriedly and Vinni jumped happily in her father’s arms. “I got a call.”

“Well, is someone going to tell me what’s going on here? And what call are you talking about?” Sera ask looking at the two suspiciously and Vanessa giggles.

“I filled a form for the post of manager yesterday and I got a call from the company for interview.” Vanessa said and Sera frown.
“But George, she can take a job in your company.”

“Sera, she is a big girl now. Let her make her own decisions sometimes.”

“How.....?” Sera cried and vinni sigh. “She is your daughter, George Survin’s daughter. Anyone can take advantage of her.”

“Sera, she is a strong girl and I will make sure she is safe darling.” George said, putting his arms around his wife and pressed his lips against her ear. “Plus we have so many advantages.”

“George!” Sera blushed slightly and Vanessa giggled slightly at the intimate moment.
“We are talking about Vanessa here.”

He whispered something in her ear and she blushed harder, before glaring at him.

“A driver will drop you and pick you up........” Sera was cut off by Vanessa’s squeal and she hugged her mother tightly.

“Yay, I love you mom.”

“This is not over yet. Sera said and Vanessa looked at her mother confused. “Now tell me, do they know your name.”


“Good.” Sera said and nodded to herself, contemplating everything. “I want you to promise me that it will stay that way.”

“Mom, I have an interview tomorrow.” She reasoned and George butted in.

“And I have a plan.”

“Plan?” Vanessa raised an eyebrow at him questionably and he smiled secretly.

“Well we know you are homeschooled but no one outside knows that........” George started incospiciously and Sera finished for him excitedly.
“...... so we just have to create fake resume out for a different name. And we can give the address of one of the apartment house we bought anonymously.”

“That’s the plan. Now, come on give me a hug, you too.” George added in and opened his arms wide and two ladies ignored him and instead enveloped each other in a hug. He rolled his eyes and just put his arms around the most important women of his world, while Vanessa was thanking the god for the right timmimg of Stephan’s trip.

Her brother was even more possessive of her than her parents and would have not let the conversation move after the anonymous form.

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