Saving Bell

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Chapter 4

A couple days have gone by since I was at my aunts, the rest of the night was uneventful. We just ate and watched movies until Bryce drove me home. The car ride was a little awkward to say the least, we didn’t talk the whole way home and I have been in my room again ever since. Laying on my bed just thinking about the other night and what Bryce said to me, I immediately shot up so now I was sitting on the edge. Looking for my crutches I realized I left them outside my bathroom door so I decided to just hobble over to my desk. My phone was laying there still plugged in from the other night. Picking it up I almost wanted to cry when I saw it light up and saw all the notifications. I had 58 text notifications and 35 missed calls and voicemails.

Scrolling through them Bryce was the culprit of about half of the calls and voicemails, but only 3 texts were from him and all the rest were people from my high school asking if I was ok and if I needed anything. I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that were seeing how I was managing. I was always good with names so I recognized every person, some of them were Kate’s friend that I would sometimes hang out with. Most of them were just people that I shared classes with that I didn’t even think knew I existed. I figured though that since they all took the time to reach out to me I should answer them. I typed out a generic answer stating I was fine and thanking them for thinking of me, and copied it to everyone. Scrolling through I saw some I missed that were from Bethany, it looks like they were my most recent texts, she sent me them after the party my parents had.

Bethany: Hey girl, how you hanging in there?

Me: Hey, I am soo sorry it took so long to reply. I don’t usually check my phone often. I’m doing ok.

Bethany: Good, I was just wondering if you would want to hang out sometime.

Me: I would love that. I have therapy a little later today, but you could come over after.

Bethany: Pizza and movies.

Laughing at her response I knew right away that me and her were going to be best friends.

Me: It’s like you read my mind.

Finalizing plans that I would just let her know when I was on my way home from therapy and she could come over I slid my phone in my pocket, grabbed my crutches from where they were leaning, and started heading downstairs. It was eerily quiet still when I got down the stairs. I figured since I had therapy again that my parents would be home from their trip so my mom could take me, seeing as I still cannot drive with the cast.

“Hello!” No answer maybe they did in fact forget about my therapy. Walking to the front door I opened it just to see an empty driveway. Well if they didn’t care enough to get me there after forcing me to go, why should I bother trying to find a way there. Heading back into the kitchen I decided to just get a bowl of cereal and watch some TV. After what felt like a while I glanced up at the clock realizing it had really only been 20 minutes. Sighing I realized maybe I should just call and see if Millie will take me to therapy.

Pressing call there was two rings and then she picked up.

“Hello deary, how are you doing today? It has been too long since we spoke last I thought you up and moved across country.” Rolling my eyes at her she always was a tad dramatic considering it had only been 2 days.

“Hi, I’m good, no need for the search party it has only been 2 days.”

“Well it feels like it has been a lifetime. What’s up did you need something?” Letting out a laugh she was always one for the dramatic side of life.

“Yea, I have therapy today and my lovely caring parents have seem to have forgotten that I have no way of getting myself there. Would you be able to take me and give me a ride home.” During our conversation I heard the doorbell ring, Making my way over to it I opened the door and standing there was Millie holding up her phone still. Seeing me she smiled and ended the phone call and went to pull me in for a hug.

Still in shock I pulled back and looked at her. ” Millie what are you doing here I just told you I needed you how did you get here so fast.”

Laughing she made her way around me to come inside. “I was already on my way here to see you so it worked out perfectly.” Looking around she finally noticed that I was still standing at the door and I didn’t have my crutches with me. Her face turned into a scowl, “And why exactly are you not using your crutches.”

“I can walk a little without them, plus there to much of a pain to use all the time.”

“I don’t want to hear it your leg is not going to get any better unless you take care of it, now I’ll grab your crutches and we can get headed out.” Bringing my crutches to me I followed her outside and got to her car. The car ride to my therapy was a short drive and we just listened to music the whole way there. When we pulled into the parking lot I grabbed my crutches to pull myself out of her car. Closing the door she rolled the window down.

“I’ll be out here waiting whenever you get finished.” With that she pulled away and left me to face therapy by myself again. Making my way in I knew this was going to be a bad one considering I was already in a bad mood. Sitting in the waiting room time seemed to drag on. I kept glancing at the clock wondering if I should just leave or not.

Finally after waiting 30 minutes past when my appointment was supposed to start Dr. Turner stuck her head out the door. “Hi, I am so sorry I’m late I was stuck on the phone with another patient who is very needy.” Still in a bad mood I just walked past her and sat down in the chair.

What’s the point of even coming no one cares if I am here or not? Dr. Turner was still sorting through papers on her desk and she stopped and looked up at me. Giving me a confused look. “Why do you say that?”

Now I was the confused one, realizing I accidently said that out loud I put my head down to hide my blush that was now forming. “You know you can talk to me I’m not here to judge you, just to try to help you. I know I was late, and I am very sorry it will not happen again.”

Now I was just feeling bad for snapping at her none of it was her fault. “It’s ok it isn’t your fault I just took out my frustrations on you.”

“Would you like to talk about it and tell me what is going on.”

I just sat there in silence for a minute, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open up to a random stranger. But then again I could have made the decision not to come in the first place considering my own parents forgot. Why was I here then? Maybe I did want to be able to open up and have someone to talk to. Taking a deep breath I started talking.

“I don’t want to come to therapy, my parents are making me. Although today they weren’t even home and didn’t even remember to arrange for me to get a ride here. Yet I still showed up and I am not sure why.” Looking up at her she was looking down at me with a confused expression.

“So, why come?” I knew she was just trying to get me to talk and open up, so after sitting there debating for a couple minutes I decided to give in.

“I guess I just want someone to talk to that is not going to judge me or feel bad for me or pity me.”

“I know it may take some time before you are able to open up to me, but I am here for you and I will help you anyway that I can.”

“Thank you, I know it is your job to say that, but I really appreciate it.”

“So, can we come to an agreement? I want you to be able to open up and tell me how you’re feeling and what is going on, and I promise not to push you to fast and I will never judge you.”

“I would like that alot thank you.” After that we continued to talk mostly about my family, which didn’t take to long as it is just me and my parents. My dad’s parents died before I was even born. My mom’s parents our still alive I assume, but we don’t talk to them. I never figured out why I have tried asking my mom before, but she just always quickly changes the subject and never answers. I even told her all about Millie.

“That’s great that you have someone like her in your life. What about any friends so far you have only mentioned family.”

“I don’t really have many my only true friend was Kate. I also used to be close with her brother Bryce, but we aren’t anymore”

“Why is that?” Embarrassingly I told her all about my sort of crush and everything recently.

“It sounds like he is trying to get close to you again, why don’t you let him. He would probably be a good friend during this time as he is also probably struggling.” This is when I told her how I almost admitted my feelings to him and how he chose someone who bullies me all the time. I wish I could be his friend like before, but with her around I can’t. He clearly already made his decision on who he would rather be with. Feeling a little bitter she could probably tell I was done talking about him and was now in a bad mood.

“Oh I see, well I definitely encourage you to try to make more friends. You seem nice, I am sure anyone would love to have you as a friend.”

Looking at the clock I noticed my appointment was done now. “Thank you, guess my time is up. I’ll see you next time.

Texting my aunt that I was done, I started pulling myself off the chair with my crutches. Dr. Turner walked over to me and handed me something she grabbed from her desk. “There is my business card if you ever need me call me anytime. Also I never do this, but my cellphone number is on the back, please seriously call me anytime. I know I may just be your therapist, but I feel connected to you in a way I can’t really explain.”

Saying thank you I made my way outside. Realizing my aunt wasn’t there yet I sat on the curb. Thinking about what we had just talked about it again made me angrier and angrier. I guess I hadn’t truly talked or thought to deep about what happened between me and Bryce and it made me upset again. Maybe I wasn’t ever over it like I thought and tried to convince myself.

Seeing Millie’s car pull up I was relieved maybe I could talk it all over with her and see what she thought. Hoisting myself up off the curb I opened the door and due to my leg I had to back myself into the car. Finally getting settled I sighed and turned to throw my crutch in the back seat of her SUV. When I did I almost dropped the crutch realizing it was not Millie in the driver’s seat.

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