Saving Bell

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Chapter 7

By the time we finally got home it was already 4 o’clock, we had spent way too long at the mall. Pulling in the driveway I realized my parents were home from their trip finally. Carrying our bags in, with Beth doing most of the carrying since I was still using my crutches, we made our way inside and threw the bags down at the bottom of the stairs to carry up later.

“Hello, we’re back.” I wasn’t sure where my parents were, but I heard them yell back in response that they were in the den that was right off of the kitchen. Both of my parents were sitting on the couch with papers spread around them and on the table in front of them, clearly working on something.

“Hi.” They both finally noticed us walk in the room and looked up from their work. “This is Beth we were at the mall today.”

Surprisingly my dad was the first one to respond. “Ah yes, we know who you are your parents are the Sullivan’s right.” I guess it made sense that they knew her since she was at the party my parents threw a few days ago, and everyone there were people that worked with my parents.

“Yes they are.” Beth answered accepting his hand shake. That was one thing we had in common we were both taught the same manners when talking to our parents colleagues or friends.

“How’s your old man doing we barely got to chat at the party, well have to have them over again soon.” He said this finishing looking towards my mother for her input.

“Yes, that night was very hectic we will definitely have to send out an invite and all get together.” my mother said confirming that it would happen.

“Sure that sounds lovely I will let them know.” In my mind I was snickering, this Beth sounded well polished not anything like the girl I hung out with all day today.

“Well we’re just going to put away all the stuff I bought today and will be in my room.”

“Sounds like you girls had a successful day. Before you go, just wanted to let you know we are having the Anderson’s over tonight for dinner so please get presentable and be downstairs by 6 o’clock. Beth you are more than welcome to stay if you would like.” After my mother dropped that bombshell I zoned out and didn’t hear what Beth said and then before I knew it she was pulling me out of the den and upstairs after grabbing all our stuff.

I was now currently pacing my room, muttering oh my God over and over and over again. What was I going to do I couldn’t see him after I lost it on him this morning. Maybe he wouldn’t come, no of course he would come his parents would definitely make him.

Looking around I realized Beth was just sitting on my bed staring at me waiting for my panic attack to be over. When she saw me stop pacing and look at her she asked, “Are you done yet?’

“Yes, I’m fine…” She didn’t say anything just sat there staring at me still until I finally burst. “Ok, no I am not fine I am freaking out here. I yelled at him today and now he is going to be coming back and we have to have dinner and act cordial, after he probably hates me. I don’t know what to do. It is going to be so awkward.” Finally I stopped and took a few deep breaths realizing I didn’t breath much during my rant and was now completely out of breath. Flopping down on my bed exhausted I groaned, “I don’t know what I am going to do.”

When I was done Beth clapped her hands and jumped off the bed. “Okay first thing first we are going to make you look all sexy, so that when he sees you again he will completely forget about you yelling at him, come to his senses and beg you to be his girlfriend.” Blushing when she said this, I propped myself on my elbows glaring at her. I wasn’t trying to become sexy for him I knew he would never see me in that way.

Scoffing I replied, “Yeah right he doesn’t look at me that way, he just sees the little girl that always played dolls and house with his baby sister.”

Beth rolled her eyes, “Oh trust me girl he notices, you have come along way since then.” She said this while walking into my closet so I didn’t even have a chance to reply to her. Groaning I flopped back onto the bed again rolling over so I was flat on my stomach with my head buried into my comforter. Just thinking about how tonight was going to go.

After what felt like a while later I heard some shuffling around my room again and lifted my head to peak at what she was doing now. I saw her standing there staring at me with a very creepy smile on her face and in her hands she was holding two very small, very form fitting dresses. One was a black strapless dress that was pretty plane and seemed to be at a decent length. The other one was a dark red halter top dress that had an ex going across the back and a tight belt around the waist and then was flowy at the bottom, but was very short and with the cut out back would be very revealing.

Sitting up again I just stared at her, I have no clue where she got either of those dresses as it was clearly not something I would have picked out. “Where did you even find those?”

“We bought them today at the mall.”

Now looking at her incredulously, “Um no, I was there I don’t remember buying those dresses.”

“I know I kind of slipped a few things into our carts when you weren’t looking. Besides it wasn’t hard to hide at the registers, since you were always flipping through the magazines or whatever random stuff they had along the sides to notice.”

“How many more things like this did you ‘slip in’?” Making the quotes with my hands.

“Not that many.” She said this looking sheepish. I sighed and got up to go into my closet to find something decent to wear. Besides I wasn’t trying to dress up just for Bryce’s family they’ve known me for ever and I always am in jeans, leggings, or shorts and a t-shirt.

Walking into my closet I looked around and was shocked with what I saw. “So this is what she was doing in here so long.” I really did zone out for a while. There was a whole new section of my closet that must have been close she bought from today and let me tell you there was way way way more than just a few. I had tons of new dresses, rompers, shirts,and some shorts, she even threw in some new jeans that looked a little nicer than the ones I currently wore. What I really wanted to know was how was I that oblivious to her getting all of this. This was way more than she could have simply hid and snuck in. I really needed to start being more aware of my surroundings.

I decided I would partly appease her and grabbed a pair of the new jeans she got and one of my old T-shirts. I laid the clothes out on the bed glancing at the clock I realized I had to hurry as it was almost 5 already and I still needed to shower before the party. I took way longer than I expected in the shower, it was very hard trying to keep a full leg cast completely dry while showering. Walking back into my bedroom in just my towel I realized the clothes I had laid out were gone and in its place were the two dresses that Beth was holding earlier.

Sighing I was not going to let her win this battle, so I went back over to my closet to grab out another T-shirt and jeans. When I got to my closet door I went to pull on the door handle to open the door and it didn’t budge.

“BETH!” I screamed, still trying to pull my closet door open I heard her sprinting up the stairs and bust through my bedroom door.

“What?! What’s wrong” she asked frantically looking around the room. Until her eyes landed on me and her face turned from one of shock and confusion to a smirk. “What’s the matter?” I could tell she was trying to hold a laugh in as she was asking this.

“What’s the matter? Oh I don’t know maybe the problem is I can’t seem to open my closet door to go in and get my clothes out for tonight. What do you just want me to go in my towel?” After I said that she looked at me as if I just said the best idea in the whole world. “No! That is not happening! I can’t wear my towel to dinner.” I was really starting to question this new friendship this girl was insane.

“Uhh fine, however I truly believe that would solve all this Bryce drama with one glance at you.” I just stood there still in my towel glaring at her. “Ok no you have clothes to wear to dinner there all ready for you on the bed.”

“I am not wearing one of those they are way too revealing and formal for a simple dinner.”

“Come on, please wear one. Bryce would not be able to resist you in one of these.” Giving up on trying to convince her I just turned around not answering and got back to trying to figure out how to open my closet.

Finally taking my time to look at the door I noticed the handle that once was plain now had a lock on it that I wouldn’t be able to get open without a key. Turning around to glare at her again. She was just standing there again holding both of the dresses up with an evil smile on her face.

“So, I’m thinking I’ll wear the black one, the red one is a bit smaller and would definitely fit you better.” I was still just staring at her she did not seriously think that I was going to admit defeat and wear one of those was she. We were having a stare off in my room neither one backing down, when my mom knocked on the door and came in.

“What’s going on in here?” Looking at me she seemed annoyed, probably because I was nowhere near ready and the Anderson’s would be here any minute. Looking over at Beth her face almost lit up. “Oh Beth are those the dresses? They are beautiful.” Now I was confused I was standing there staring at Beth and my mom gush over these dresses like they were best friends.

I decided now would be a good time to interrupt them. “Uhh, excuse me, what’s going on here?”

Beth turned and looked at me she was smiling but I could see an evil glint in her eye. “Oh well you see I was telling your mom about the dresses I picked out for tonight while you were in the shower.”

“This really isn’t funny anymore can you please let me in my closet so I can get clothes for tonight.”

“Dear, I think that Beth took her time to pick these out and it would be rude of you not to wear one.”

“Rude of me she somehow put a new handle on my door and I am locked out of my own closet!”

“Yes well we all know how difficult you can be.”

“Wait, your were in on this?”

“Well of course dear where did you think she would get the handle from, thankfully we found some extras we had in the garage.” I was completely shocked my mouth was probably on the floor. I looked over at Beth and she had her hand over her mouth but I could tell she was laughing and trying to hide it.

“I can’t believe you two! Why can’t I wear what I normally wear? There is nothing wrong with my clothes.” My mother and Beth just shared a look with each other before me mother just turned to leave my room.

“Put one of the dresses on and come down stairs they will be here shortly.” With that she closed and left. As soon as the door clicked shut I whipped my head around to glare at Beth.

“Seriously, you got my mother involved. What is with that, and are you all best friends now?”

“Hey you were in the shower for a very long time, I got bored. Your mother found me in the kitchen and we got to talking and she agreed that you should look nice tonight so she helped me devise a plan.” Letting out a frustrated groan I just grabbed the red dress and stormed, as best I could, into the bathroom again. I did not want to let her win but I didn’t have enough time to argue otherwise I knew my mom would send my dad up to hurry us along and that would not end well. Also there really was no other option she had all of my clothes locked away.

Once I had the dress on I called out to Beth to get her to come help me zip it up the rest of the way. After that she practically shoved me onto a stool facing away from a mirror and claimed she was going to do my hair and makeup for me. The whole time she kept complaining about not having enough time to perfect everything, but I kept reminding her we only had a few minutes to finish before they got here and we had to be downstairs when they were or my parents would be mad. Only five minutes later she stepped away from me and clapped her hands looking excited.

“Alright, I’m all finished,” she squealed way to excited for my liking. Slowly spinning around on the stool to look in the mirror. I realized I actually looked very nice my hair was perfectly straight really showing off my new haircut, and she had put very little makeup on making it look very natural. I was happy she didn’t go overboard, I already felt way too overdressed in the outfit she forced me to wear.

I hobbled out of the bathroom while she was finishing getting herself ready. Going to my closet to grab a pair of shoes I pulled on the handle and nothing happened. I smiled remembering how she had locked me out so I couldn’t get another outfit, but it seemed like she forgot to also get me a pair of shoes. Sitting down on my bed I pulled out a pair of fluffy socks that I always kept under my pillow for when my feet got to cold. Today’s pair just happened to have red and white stripes they went up to about the middle of my calf and had penguins on either side at the top. I put the one on my good foot and threw the other one that I couldn’t wear do to the cast back under my pillow. Then I stood in the middle of my bedroom waiting for Beth to come out and see.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom she looked at me with a big smile on her face until she lowered her gaze to my feet and her face blanked. “What do you have on your foot?”

Now it was my turn to smile evilly at her, although when I answered I tried to sound as innocent as possible. “Well you see since I can’t seem to get into my closet and none of my shoes are out here I figured I had to wear something to keep my feet warm.” She had her jaw open looking shocked and she kept just looking between me and the closet door. “Or you can unlock my closet door and let me in there to get shoes.” If she unlocked the door there would be no way for her to get my shoes and re lock the door before I could burst in their and get a different outfit.

“I-I-I I can’t. UHH seriously how did I forget shoes, this was night was going to be perfect.” After all that she turned to look at me and tried giving me what I can only imagine was her best attempt at a puppy dog face. “Can you please please just let me get you normal shoes but keep that dress on. You seriously look amazing and lose socks ruin it.” I was now busting out laughing she was practically on her knees begging me to give in, but when it was my opinion on what to wear she didn’t give a crap about it.

“Sorry it’s these or a completely different outfit. Honestly I don’t think it looks too bad it kind of draws the attention away from my cast a little which is perfect.” I could only actually wear one sock because of the cast. Before she had a chance to reply my mother walked into my room again.

“Hello again ladies, I just heard from the Anderson’s there on their… What are you wearing on your feet.” I was back to laughing so hard her face was hilarious when she finally took notice of my sock.

“I believe she found one flaw to our plan.” Beth answered my mom. “We didn’t leave out any shoes for her to wear.”

“Well I guess she can just wear on of my shoes then.” This made Beth finally get the pout off of her face and she smiled at me evilly again.

“Seriously mom, you wear a size 9 i’m only a size 7 I could never fit in your shoes.” This made Beth’s face deflate again. It was funny watching the roller coaster of emotions she was going through just on her face. Hearing the doorbell ring we all turned to look at my bedroom door.

“Uh alright I hate to say this but she’s going to have to win this battle we need to get downstairs and greet our guests.” After that my mom quickly left the room probably rushing downstairs so she didn’t seem rude to our guests. Beth put on her shoes which were sitting inside my bedroom door from earlier. We made our way downstairs as quickly as I could with Beth helping me since I left my crutches upstairs again.

Turning the corner I realized it was just Mr and Mrs Anderson talking to my parents, Bryce was nowhere to be seen. Letting out a sigh of relief I realized I got all worked up for nothing it looked like he wasn’t even going to show tonight. I noticed Beth was already being introduced to the Anderson’s and it sounded like Mr Anderson knew who she was just like my father had. I glanced over at my mother and she was smiling at me but in her eyes I could tell she wanted me to come over shake hands and go through the normal pleasantries.

Walking up to them I felt very nervous it still was always awkward being around them after everything that has happened. After all the greetings were over Mr. Anderson turned his attention back to me and I inwardly gulped. This man always terrified me, and I know they blame me for what happened to Kate. It was hard to judge what mood he would be in today whether he would fake being nice or make this night uncomfortable to us all.

“So Isabella how is school going?” Well I guess this is going to be a long night. I know for a fact he knows I’m not in school right now as he brought is up also at the funeral. Quickly glancing at my mother I didn’t know how to answer remembering the last time I brought it up didn’t go to well. I know if I made him angry my parents would blame me for ruining the night.

Surprisingly Mrs. Anderson answered instead. “Bill she already told us that she was not going back to school until next year.” I don’t think anyone else noticed but it also looked like she gave him a warning glare.

“Oh, that’s right must have slipped my mind.” Glancing at my mother again she looked like she just started breathing again. Probably glad the confrontation was over for now. My parents never wanted to offend them or make them angry in anyway.

The Anderson’s started out with money at a young age from family inheritance, so when my parents wanted to start up their own company the Anderson’s being my parents friends invested quite a bit of money in their company for start up. Now my parents business was running fine and had enough money they didn’t need them. But seeing how temperamental Mr. Anderson was, I’m pretty sure my parents always thought one wrong move and it would end their friendship they had, as well as their business.

My parents now were ushering the Anderson into the living room to wait for dinner to be ready. I hung back and walked in with Beth.

“Where do you think Bryce is?” Beth whispered low to me as soon as we were out of earshot of the parents.

“I don’t know, maybe he’s not even coming.” I whispered back.

“Poor kid, you really crushed him.” With that Beth hurried off and left me standing in the doorway feeling guilty all over again.

Hearing a cough behind me I twirled around startled, moving too fast though my good foot caught on my cast and I realized when it was too late I was falling face first into whoever had coughed behind me. Thankfully they put their arms out to catch me so I didn’t just face plant into their chest. Shyly looking up I realized I was staring into an all too familiar pair of blue eyes.

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