Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 11 - Lawson

Monique was busy at work when he stepped over the threshold. Her movements were graceful and practiced, and her tempo was rhythmic. The tinkle of the bottles as they clank against one another in their tightly spaced holders, and the chiming of the crystal containers as they made contact with the bowl that was held aloft a surreal flame, filled the room with their melodious tunes.

Gliding uninterrupted from one place to another, she did not bother to glance up when she spoke. ‘Welcome home, Lawson.’ Although he could not see her face, he had the impression from her tone that it would be impassive, at best.

‘That looks like an impressive concoction. Looks like it would easily drop a man on his…’

‘The Council ordered it.’

‘They taking out a herd of elephants?’ His attempt at humor fell flat, and only earned him a sideways glance from Monique as she continued to craft.

‘It is warding potions for the members of the council.’

‘Warding potions?’

Her hands held a couple of vials, and she slammed them against the table before turning to face him, one vial cracking and oozing its contents over her hand while the other shattered completely letting her fingers splash in its freed contents. ’Yes,Lawson. They are going underground because you failed to complete your mission.’

A tiny trickle of blood trailed its way down the outside of her hand to drip on the table beneath it. The color of it was not the typical red, but rather a violet color that was an indication of all white witches that were given the gift of years beyond their own in trade for their service to the greater good. Lawson let it catch his eye, and once again wondered what she was like before her years were extended. Those of a lesser breed were known to be drawn to the dark magic of witchcraft, or to be driven mad from the excess wear on their minds and souls. Monique had been a rare witch, having already exceeded her years by triple, and outlasting any other witch by more than a century.

‘Maybe I will come back when you are done.’ He bowed his head and started to turn away from the lithe creature.

Before he could manage to turn away from her completely, she asked, ‘Where is she, Lawson?’ He froze. The voice held no doubt, and no humor. He knew that she would know and ask, but he was not sure he was ready to share her. When he started to respond, she cut him off. ‘Don’t you dare ask who. Where is the girl?’

Still not wanting to share her, he mulled over a couple of responses before deciding that the best course of action would be to tell her the truth. ‘She is here.’

Her hands squeezed into the broken glass vials in her hands. ‘You brought her into our home.’

’No, I brought her into my home.” Her mouth gaped and her eyes pinched. He knew his words hurt her, but he needed to make the boundaries clear...for Angeline’s sake. “It is not your place to impose judgement or punishment. Your job has always been to protect the greater good in this world, be it supernatural or not.’

With narrowed eyes, her mouth twisted in something akin to a snarl. ‘How dare you try to throw my creed at me! I have dedicated my life to you!’

‘Don’t you mean to the supernatural? To prevent them and mankind from colliding with another? To promote coexistence between the species?’

’No,” she snapped. ‘I mean to you.’ She spun around and used a cloth to clean her hands and bind her wounds. She then picked up a metal box of sorts, and swiped the broken glass and chemicals into its interior. Once done, she turned to grab some more vials like the ones she once held, and moved to continue her potion.

Lawson did not disrupt her, and kept still while she finished what she was doing. He knew her skill and talent as a witch, and as a woman. Although he had never meant to hurt her, and would never have dreamed he would be bound to any woman, he knew that the witch hurt deeper than most.

After several moments of watching her in silence, and her avoiding to make eye contact with him, he attempted to explain. ‘Monique, I…’

‘I always thought it would be me.’ She stopped her movements and grabbed the edge of the table, bending her head over it and releasing a huge gush of air. ‘Not today, maybe not even this century, but I thought it would be me.’

‘I never meant…’

Lifting her hand with the grace that was her, she stopped him from finishing his statement. ‘I know.’

She sighed, and grabbed two vials full of an amber liquid. Moving from behind the work table, she glided towards him. Her smooth grace, and immaculate appearance never ceased to bring a sense of awe to him, as it was now. The small twist of her hips as she moved towards him dazzled him, and not for the first time he wondered if this was one of her spells that she had cast on him.

A small, sad smile curved the sides of her lips. ‘Whatever the reason, you have found her. And though I would have made you happy, it was not me.’ She moved to his side with one hand outstretched. ‘Take these. You will need them.’ She placed the vials in his hand and leaned forward.

Lawson’s head buzzed. She was near...his bonded one. He could sense her, smell her, and his whole body vibrated. Yet, he could not look away from the vision in front of him.

The creamy ivory of her skin beckoned to him to graze his fingers across her cheek to feel the velvet smoothness that he knew would resemble that of a rose petal. Monique’s brilliant blue eyes burned into his, almost as if reaching into the very core of his soul. The blue brilliance swirled with what appeared to be flecks of white light, and they were hypnotic. Lawson could not look away. Her white-blonde locks flowed freely about her face as if they were immune to gravity itself. With lips of mauve, she leaned forward.

Placing her lips firmly against his, she kissed him. The taste that was once sweet and savory now had an acidic aftertaste. Involuntarily, he broke contact from her with a step backward.

“Now, I know.” Her eyes stayed a brilliant blue, but no longer did the light flecks swirl in their depths.

And no longer was Lawson held within their depths. “Monique…”

“You must go now. The Tribunal is already enroute.”

“The Tribunal?” Lawson was stunned. The Tribunal was only ever sent out on matters of severe consequence.

“They are sending Weiss and his team.” She paused and watched his face. “There is more than one traitor within your house. You must be careful!”

Lawson must have shown her what she needed to know. His face twisted, and his eyes narrowed. Traitors in his own house? These supernaturals have been with him for centuries, and most of them owed him their lives. What would have been offered that one of them would turn on him?

Monique turned him around gently, and his eyes fell on his bonded one. Angeline was staring at them both, and there was something he could not read in her eyes. Monique gave him a small shove as he tried to process everything. “There is no time to ponder. You must run to save her, and yourself. There will be time once the potion has taken effect. Now go!” She shoved harder this time.

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