Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 12 - Angeline

All the doors in this blasted place had been locked tight, and she was leary about trying them all to find the man who helped to put her in this precarious position. On the other hand, running into those two thugs was not exactly on her list of things to do. As a compromise, she found herself putting an ear to each door in hopes that she might catch that timbre that could set her insides on fire, and that voice that sounded like he had a history that was worth sharing.

When she finally heard his voice, she pushed the oak door open. There were strange markings around the door, like celtic runes, or something of the sort. The oak used looked ancient, and there were some intricate carvings that moved across it and circled the handle of the door. Even the gilded handle had inscriptions that was cast in it. Certainly, it looked very out of place with everything else that was housed here. And yet, that was where she heard his voice drift from.

Pushing open the door, there was no talking when she entered. The lighting in this room was ethereal. Though she searched for the LED bulbs that would have cast a similar glow, there was none. The lights actually seemed to float in mid air around the room. Just enough to give someone the ability to see all the contents that framed what appeared to be a workstation.

Finally acclimating to the lack of light on the fringes of this room, she caught sight of Lawson...and Monique. Her lips were nearing his, and he appeared to be more than enchanted with this creature. What a player! She should have known better than to think that this man that had spared her twice saw her as anything more than a means to get what he wanted. No doubt he was after the information on that drive just like all the other monsters out there would be. If not to protect their own existence, then to blackmail others with its very existence.

With all the wealth that he had, she could not help but wonder where it had come from. Was he dirty? Did he have her fooled so completely? What would he do to her when he got what he wanted? And why did she care one flit that this woman had her lips pressed firmly against Lawson’s?

For whatever reason, Lawson broke the kiss as he stepped back. “Now, I know.”

“Monique…” The agitation bubbled over when his tone grew soft as he spoke the woman’s name. The quality like that of a lover.

“You must go now. The Tribunal is already enroute.”

“The Tribunal?” He sounded scared. What was this Tribunal?

“They are sending Weiss and his team.” The name sent shivers up her spine. She racked her brain trying to remember the name on the drive, and why it would elicit that response from her. “There is more than one traitor within your house. You must be careful!”

“There is no time to ponder. You must run to save her, and yourself. There will be time once the potion has taken effect. Now go!” When she gave him a hard shove, his feet started to move involuntarily beneath him. He moved towards her with a concerned expression, but could not resist a glance back at the ethereal goddess that dominated the room with her appearance and energy. There was no way that she could compete with what that woman was putting off. She was regal in every way, and the fact that she nearly glided across the floor only added to Angeline’s assessment of this woman.

Lawson moved up beside her, and let his hand slide into hers. The heat spread, but it felt like fire, and she shook him off as she turned and stormed from the room. “No you don’t! Just because you struck out with her does not make me a consolation prize!”

Marching ahead of him, she let herself fume at the insult. He was hiding something from her, and she hated how many secrets seemed to float around them. She showed her cards, and yet he held so many more close to his chest.

“Angeline,” he called to her, but she ignored him. Other voices floated to her ears, but she was still in her own thoughts.

It was not until someone grabbed her upper arm that she realized what she had walked into. Her eyes scanned the room, but Lawson was nowhere to be seen. Crap!

She slapped at the hand that held her captive, though they were feeble attempts with the strength that he easily grasped her with. “Oh, yes little fly. Welcome to my web!” With an inhuman force, he pulled her into him as leaned in to let his nose brush against her flesh that ran from her shoulder to her ear.

With her free hand, she pushed and shoved at the beast of a man that towered over her frame. “Get your filthy paws off me!”

The beastly man laughed from somewhere deep inside. “You hear that, Cap. She thinks I am a shifter!”

“Bart, you are playing with fire. Let her go before you can’t take anything back.”

The man called Bart looked back towards his friend while Angeline continued her futile attempts to free herself. Kicking, scratching, slapping, punching. Nothing would make this man budge. “Ah, but Cap...I am just having a little fun. Surely Lawson won’t mind if I just sample the goods. After all, I am just making sure this little whelp of a thing is good enough for the master.”

When he faced her once again, she nearly choked on her startled cry. His face had contorted, and he had fangs that protruded from the corners of his mouth. Swallowing back the fear that started to grip her, she let her nails fly fast and hard at his face as she sunk them in and let them claw across the soft tissue of his skin. A flinch was her reward as she watched his brows draw together before he growled deep at her. A cool draft hit her backside as she waited for the repercussions of her attack.

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