Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 14 - Angeline

Her stomach churned with excess bile that the scene before her conjured up. The man’s skin had a pasty pallor, and his mouth was held open in an unnatural way. Angeline half expected to hear the tormented scream of the man held so easily in Lawson’s grasp.

Lawson stood several inches above this man in height, and his lithe frame clearly was faster and stronger than the man who now could barely move from where he dangled against the wall. No matter what he was attempting to do to her, it was too much for her to bare to think that she was responsible for this type of torture.

Her voice squeaked, but it clearly clung to his name. “Please, Lawson.” She did not want to believe that he could do something so cold. There was no doubt to her that he was deadly, but this sheer force of power was meant to cause agony before death would be granted.

Letting the man slide to the floor, she noticed his friend, Cap, slowly sidling up to him. “Take him to the infirmary, he will be granted the nourishment of three bags to help him heal. But he will only be provided with one a month from here on.”

From out of the shadows, a large framed man, almost Polynesian looking, stepped out and handed Lawson a wet towel. “But, master, that will keep him weak within the faction.” There was an obvious concern on Cap’s face, though Angeline had no clue what he meant.

Lawson looked at Cap with a matter of fact expression. “Then let him leave my home and seek refuge elsewhere.” He cleaned his hands on the moist towel, and then dried them on the other towel that the Polynesian held out to him. “But if he chooses to remain under my roof and under my protection, it will be at a cost. He will not be allowed to have the power to torment guests within my home, or one who belongs at my side.”

“But the Tribunal…”

Once the words were out, Cap could not take them back. Lawson’s eyes narrowed on him. “What about them?” His words were cold,accusing.

“N-n-nothing. Just that they come this way.”

He took a step toward Cap. “And how did you come by this information?” The last word slid from his mouth menacingly.

Without meaning to, he looked down at his friend. The gurgle that bubbles to the fallen man’s throat was indecipherable. “We...overheard it.” The tremor that ran through him was minute, but she thought if she could see it, then Lawson would not have missed it.

“From?” Lawson took another step forward, and Cap reached down to place an arm under Bart’s shoulder to help heft him up. Maybe a bit of protection to place between him and Lawson.

“I-I am not certain.” But he continued to cast glances down at his friend. So, it was Bart who had the answers, Angeline was sure of it.

By that time, Bart had lost consciousness and was in dire need of those bags that Lawson had offered up. “Be gone with him, but let him know that he is beholden to her for sparing him from an agonizing death.” He let his head motion towards her. “I will be coming back, and he will answer my questions.”

Before Lawson could exact any further retribution, Cap was dragging his friend down the hallway that they had appeared from when they ran into Angeline. Cap was not letting his back show to Lawson, but he kept his eyes averted as if in submission to him.

“Gray, your timing is perfect as always.”

The large Polynesian man nodded in response, then retreated to a corner of the room to return with a garment bag. A huge smile swept Lawson’s face as he pulled his jacket off, followed in short order by his bloodied shirt. When he lifted the shirt over his abdomen, Angeline sucked in more than a lungful of air that burned like the rest of her body seemed to be doing.

The abs on this man was amazing. Dips and curves bounced from one to the next and was something that might be expected from a zen fountain that had water glancing from each protrusion to the next. She itched to trace the pattern across them as if she was the water to his fountain, letting her fingers course over its harsh smoothness and cling to each before reluctantly allowing them to slip to the next making a hot trail down…

And the flush swept across her as her thoughts betrayed. It was not until then that she noticed he had not completely removed the item of clothing, and he was watching her intently with a seductive smile lit across his smug face. Twisting away from him as fast as her feet would allow her, she was determined not to let him rattle her.

Of course, he would not let her moment of weakness slide. His tone low and teasing, he could not resist further tormenting her. “See something you like?”

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