Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 15 - Lawson

How delicious! No matter her fierce exterior, she could not hide the lustful thoughts that were drifting through her head. For centuries, women have sought out his company, and he knew that paranormals and humans alike appreciated his physique and appearance, but to have his bonded one appreciate what he had to offer sent a course of electricity shooting through him. It was all he could do to try to control the swell that was already surging through his groin. It was only too bad that she turned away from him before he was able to completely disrobe.

But his wicked sense of humor was ready to have its turn with her. Smiling, he quickly pulled off his shirt, and then moved to his pants. He made short work of the button before pulling down the zipper from his stained jeans knowing they were all that stood between him and utter freedom. As he pulled them down, he watched her visibly tense. She was attuned to his every move, and that bit of awareness sent another thrill through him.

When he finally stepped out of them, he moved to where she stood and grasped her hand in his. She jumped at his touch and wrenched her head towards him, but it was too late to look away. The air that she held came rushing out from its prison to find freedom as she took the sight of him in. “Oh,” she managed in a breathy sigh. There he stood in all his glory wearing nothing but a smile that quickly faded from playful and teasing to sensual and heated.

In his attempt to bring her coloring to a deeper red, he managed to bring his own lustful desires crashing to the surface. Ones that would not be ignored, and ones that were all too visible.

He moved her hand to his chest as he pressed it tightly against him. Her hand was warm, sending tiny electrical shocks over his skin. His entire being craved the feel of her whole body pressed against him, and he stepped closer.

Her eyes stayed trained on him, almost as if in a trance. With his free hand, he grabbed hers and moved both of them behind his neck. When he released them, she let them remain.

Stepping even nearer so that their bodies were touching, he let his fingers delicately trace the outline of her face. Her breathing hitched as he felt the small tingles that his fingers left behind in their wake. She let her eyes close as he continued to run his fingers against the creamy complexion of her skin. 'My, but you are a beauty. Utterly breathtaking,' he breathed, letting the whispers dance across her skin.

His fingers moved beneath her chin to lift her face towards his. Lowering his mouth, he could taste her sweetness before their lips touched. Memories of their first kiss could not compare to the current that now flowed between them.

Her lips were soft and compliant, and he felt his arousal become more painful as she moaned against his mouth. He growled against her lips, and she parted them beneath his onslaught as he pressed his tongue past the yielding barrier. The need to drink of her overwhelmed him as he pressed himself flush against her, his arousal pressed firm against her abdomen.

The movement elicited yet another moan from his bonded beauty, and he nearly came undone with a hunger he had never experienced before. It was maddening, heady, and addictive. She was all he could see, all he could feel, all that existed for him in that moment of time.

His strong arms crushed her against him. Without thinking, his fangs slid from their perch. He was caught up in the moment, and he pierced his tongue against his fang before administering the same puncture to the tongue he now held hostage. When the coppery liquid mingled and coated his mouth, it was like imbibing on the elixir of the gods.

His body hummed, and every atom in his body felt charged to an entirely new level. It was intoxicating as he drew her in like his life depended on it.

Sirens blared. In that moment, he barely heard them. When Angeline tensed in his arms, he came crashing out of his trance.

Her eyes widened on him as she pressed her hand against her mouth. She wiped frantically at it, all too aware of the fact that they had each consumed a small fraction of the coppery substance. It had not been a thought to him, more of an action of what he was. The need to strengthen that bond and seal it was nearly too overwhelming for him to contain.

'What the hell?' She whispered, still wiping at her mouth. 'What did you do?'

She knew what he was, but did not know his ways. 'Angeline, I can explain.' Those sirens persisted in their warning. Lawson cursed loudly before turning towards Gray. 'Turn those infernal things off!'

Gray looked apologetic. 'Sir, you and the miss should be leaving now!' There was an urgency there that was uncommon to Gray. He handed over the clothes in his arms to Lawson. 'I can give you a few moments leeway. The car below has been prepared.'

Already, Lawson was donning the clothes quickly. 'You are a good man, Gray.' After throwing the jacket over his shoulders, he grabbed Gray's arm. They both grasped the other's arm tightly. 'You should come with us.'

'If I leave with you, you know we would not make it out of here.' Shots sounded at the front of the house.

'Lawson!' His name from her lips was like heaven, but the fear that tainted it made him frown. Angeline had turned white and nearly yelped as another round of bullets sounded in Lawson's home. A home he had maintained for centuries, and these men were coming in and blowing holes in it as if it was a paintball park.

'Weiss!' Lawson whispered harshly. He was a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy.

The huge Polynesian nodded his head before another round sounded off closer. Gray shoved Lawson away from him as the door to where they now stood blew off the hinges. Smoke and dust filled the area. Angeline was beneath him as he sheltered her fragile human form from the blast and falling debris.

Gray howled as Lawson watched the outline of the large man plowing through several men that had started to filter into the area. Lawson took that time to collect Angeline close to him as he sped away.

Running to the underground chamber, he held her close. Though she did not move, he could still hear her breathing. Those men would pay for what they have done here. There would not be a one who did not get was coming to him. He was not known as the most deadly assassin for no reason, and they would all come to discover just how deadly he really was.

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