Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 3 - Lawson

Lawson opened his mouth to say something, but then promptly closed it again. How was he going to explain what had transpired between them? How was he going to tell her that they were inextricably bound? Would she even believe that something as simple as her soft, curious kiss would have sealed their fate?

The effort it took her to stand on her own two feet made him grimace. Standing quickly, he placed an arm around her waist and positioned himself to take the brunt of her weight while she adjusted to the effort of standing after the harsh blow to her head.

The woman placed her hands on his chest, and started to push away from him before the effort proved too taxing and she let herself fall against him.

“You should probably rest. That knock on the head is going to have a hearty aftermath.”

She placed a tentative hand on her forehead, allowing her fingertips to delve into the dark strands of her hair. The sticky, matted mess of blood and hair halted progress as she reached her crown. “What happened?”

Lawson did not let her go. He held her close to him as she tried to come to terms with everything that had happened to her, and worry creased his brow as he knew there would be more she would have to learn. “You don’t remember?”

She moved to shake her head, and promptly stopped. Placing a hand to her temple, she grimaced with pain. “No.” She looked up at him. “I have to go.”

This time, she pressed her palms against his chest, inhaled sharply, and then pushed away from him. On wobbly legs, she moved at a pace that surprised even himself. “Wait.” He moved to her side to keep pace.

“You have to go. You cannot be here.”

“Good thing I am going with you then.” He smiled.

“What?” She stopped short. Waving a hand towards the square, she continued. “Do you not find anything odd about this?” She exhaled. “This is no time for chivalry.”

Angeline started to move away from him, but he grabbed her arm. “What is it?”

She spun around to face him. Even with the matted hair and the makeup running under her brown eyes, he was blown away by how utterly drawn he was to her. There was a fire lurking in her eyes, and it served to build a heat in his own veins. “They know I have it, and now they know where I am.” Her eyes peered into the dark, searching the alleys and side streets. A few seconds passed before she turned her eyes back to him, and he had to steel himself against his response to her. “You?”

His brows knitted together as he tried to understand. “Me?”

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