Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 4 - Angeline

Could this man be the one they sent after her? It would make sense.

Angeline wrenched herself away from this stranger, and turned narrowed eyes on him. “Who are you?” Not once had she thought to ask the question until now.

“Ah, yes.” He straightened a bit. “Lawson Lake, at your service.” Taking her hand gently in his, he gave a slight bow at the waist as he leaned his head towards her, ensuring that his eyes stayed on hers the entire time.

This man had a way of making her body tingle without even touching her. Tearing her eyes away from his, she tried to focus on something that would not burn through her and make her hormones rage. She tried his mouth, but that did not make matters any better for her. And casting her eyes down the length of him from his blonde hair to his designer shoes did not help. The jeans he wore had dried blood caked on them where her head once lay, and that just made the sensations running through her multiply. How can someone so utterly handsome, and attentive, with those incredible green eyes, be someone that wanted to do her harm?

“It’s still you.” It may not be him that they sent after her, but the calm before the storm had something to do with him.

“I am afraid I am not quite following your logic. What is me?”

“I have information, information they would kill for. I am not sure how you play into all this, but it’s too quiet. It has to be you.” Angeline pulled her jacket tighter around her, and moved away from him once again. The clicking of her shoes against the cobbled bricks were soothing to her, but she knew it was a momentary solace. There was no companion heels clicking beside her own, and she was dismayed that he was not following.

“What information?” His voice had gotten much harder, and the air seemed to have become several degrees cooler.

“It is none of your concern.” She cast the words over her shoulder, and quickened her footsteps to increase the tempo of her heels clicking on the bricks. Although her body begged her not to run from him, there was something about the menacing tone in his voice that sent a crack of fear into her head and heart. There was more danger lying beneath Lawson than she had thought.

Putting more space between them, she started to speed towards the street ahead where she could already see the passing of cars and people walking past on sidewalks. A small gust of air blew past her, pushing a few strands of hair that still hung free from the sticky mess into her face. And there he was. “What information?”

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