Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 8 - Angeline

The thoughts that plagued her refused to let her think coherently. ‘So, Matt is dead?’

Lawson was looking out the windshield to the road ahead of him, so she had been able to study him without the fear of him staring back. He shook his head slowly. ‘Not if he is a seasoned warlock. He would have the ability to lock his soul away to be resurrected by a familiar or an apprentice.’

‘And if he is not seasoned?’ She was hopeful. The thought of that man’s hands on her made her stomach roil. Even now, her nose wrinkled and her body begged for another shower at the memory.

‘There is not much doubt that he is. What was he to you?’ He had turned to scan her face as he asked the question. Angeline frowned back at him, crossing her arms and cocking her eyebrow in indignation at the question.

‘What are you, my boyfriend now?’ Even though she threw the words at him as a retaliation, she had to admit that there was some appeal to them, but only some.

His mouth opened to say something, and snapped shut before he had a chance to utter them. The silence resonated in the small area of the sedan that confined them both. Reaching out above her head, she pushed the button to let the sunroof slide back and expose them both to the predawn morning air.

The glow of stars were still twinkling down upon them, and the dew saturated air provided a briskness to the inside of the car that she needed. The incoming air pulled gently at the top of her hair, but it was the air it circulated in the car that touched and caressed her face and features that made her close her eyes and lift her head to its gentle ministrations.

Without opening her eyes, she asked, ‘Where are we going?’

‘Somewhere safer than that apartment of yours.’

She lifted an eyelid. ‘Is it always so difficult to get you to answer a straightforward question?’ For no good reason, she relaxed and smiled when he let a smile of his own spread over his face. The smile touched his eyes, and she closed hers to let herself sink into the seat as much as it allowed.

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