Lure of the Lamia

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Chapter 9 - Lawson

Small tendrils of morning were starting to eek its way above the horizon. The shades of rose and pink fell heavy before fading to the blues of a fading night. Pulling onto the oak lined driveway, he smiled at the nostalgia it conjured within him.

Mentally, he started counting the number of trees that lined the drive as they made the trek to the manor. The count had climbed to thirty-two before it was stilled by the movement of his companion next to him. He could sense her heartbeat and breathing pick up before she opened her eyes to meet his.

In her seat, she stretched as well as she could to her full length, arching her back away from the seat, and exposing all of her delicious curves. The soft flesh of her neck exposed itself in its smooth, silky complexion as she inclined her head to accommodate her full length stretch. Although he could probably navigate the drive blindfolded, he forced himself to turn away from the exhibit of her body as his arousal at the display was unsettling.

When the count reached sixty-eight, he moved the car around the circular drive and parked the car. ‘Aren’t you worried about the sun?’

‘Are you?’

‘What? Worried about the sun?’ Her eyebrows were raised, and her mouth had lifted at the corner. The scent of late blooming gardenias that filled the car could not mask her scent from him. The close proximity to her, combined with the scent of her, was enough to make him heady.

Placing his arm against the armrest, he moved toward her and captured her eyes with his. ‘No. Me.’ She winced, and shifted slightly in her seat. Retreating back into his seat, he turned away from her and reached for the handle of the door. ‘You might want to stay close.’

Opening the door, he stepped out. Angeline was quickly on his heels as he heard her door open. ‘Why do you say that?’

The car door clicked into place as he closed it firmly. ‘Monique is as beautiful and graceful as a feline, but has the claws to rival even the wildest of cats.’

‘Monique? What, an ex of yours?’

‘Is that a bit of jealousy I hear?’

‘You wish!’

He smiled broadly, and continued up the beautiful brick manor walkway to the two huge doors that would allow entrance into his home. Angeline had taken his advice, and was only a step behind himself. ‘She will come as a huge asset if we plan to survive this.’

‘Plan to? I feel like we are playing this off the cuff, without any sort of planning. Just making it another night seems to be an accomplishment.’ She paused, and her footsteps halted. Lawson turned to look at her, her brows were drawn tight, causing deep wrinkles to form above those dark brown eyes. She had placed her hands in the back pockets of her jeans, and she was looking down at the bricks. When she glanced back up, she said, ‘I am not sure I can trust any woman in your life.’

Reaching out, he grabbed her arm and started to tug her behind him towards the doors. ‘I am not sure you have a choice.’

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