My Enemy, My Mate

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"Why are you doing this" he whispered in voice mixed with heart ache and anger. I walked over to him, placed a hand on his chest and whispered suductivly, "because it's fun" All through out her childhood Alexa Reynolds was tormented by Grayson Lynch and his friends. It got so bad that Alexa, and her mom moved to LA. Now that Alexa is 17, she has to move back to her hometown to finish up some business. But the overweight,. gross Alexa that left West Point 6 years ago isn't the same Alexa to return. This new Alexa is strong, confident, hot and oh yeah a werewolf. What if her greatest enemy was also a werewolf. And what if all it took was one night at club to find out he was her mate? As Alexa is getting revenge on all her tormentors from her past she realizes maybe the best way to exact her revenge on her greatest enemy is to merely "tempt" his canine instincts but will he turn Alexa's OWN game around on her. Will one of the two manage to outlast the other or will they both cave in to there canine instincts? Find out in the first book of the WOLVES trilogy, "KARMA".

Romance / Drama
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6 years ago

Alexa's POV

I wobbled down the hall. I kept my head low hopping to avoid Grayson and his friends. Unfortunatly luck was not in my favor "Hey Fatty!" I heard Grayson shout I kept on walking hoping that just maybe he was talking to someone else. But (of course) he wasn't. Grayson ran up to me with one of his friends Ethan. "Hey Fatty tell me what you think of this picture" Grayson asked with a evil smirk, I heard Ethan stifle a snicker. I really didn't want to look knowing that whatever that picture was, was probably meant to make me cry. But curiosity tugged at me. I unwillingly looked to see a picture on Grayson's phone of me picking my butt! I knew it was photoshopped but do to my reputation for being er... gross? yeah and that's putting it nicely. "What the heck?!" I growl. "Ooo, someone not like seeing them selves? Now you know how we feel" Ethan snapped. I scoffed "That's bull. It's photoshopped and you know it!" I snarked "Although, I do feel bad, I can only imagine how long it took to make that, it's a shame the only use you can use for that is to make me" I stopped to correct myself, "No, scratch that ATEMPT to make me cry. It's sad really." I say proud that for once I didn't cry."Oh don't worry that ugly, little head of yours" Ethan laughed, I just rolled my eyes. "Yeah, because it wasn't all for nothing, as you know I am wildly popular, and everyone at the school follows me on social media so I posted it on my Instagram account, along with Twitter AND SnapChat." I was paralyzed, before Grayson or Ethan could say anything, I bolted. As I ran I heard Grayson and Ethan laugh at me, I felt the eyes of the whole school on me as I ran to the bathroom, judging. I ran into the bathroom, and went to the sink, I broke down in sobs, suddenly I had a revelation. I looked up at myself in the mirror, I could see hatred and anger in my eyes, "I swear on my life, to all those who made me suffer: Sooner or later I am going to get my revenge, so heed my warning I AM COMING"

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