Heart of a Beast

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Chapter 32 - Tiberius

Crystal’s bodily responses to him and the matebond was pushing Tiberius over the edge. He thought it was hard to restrain himself during the new moon, but when his smell, his touch, and his every glance toward her elicited a reaction, it affected him too.

He didn’t want to push her into anything she wasn't ready for—but her body was more than ready to receive him despite what her head thought.

Anxiety had the power to rule over a person’s mind, he knew, and Crystal battled anxiety for years. It would not be easy for her mind to suddenly be prepared to receive him like her body was. The two were at odds with each other and had been for years.

Now that she accepted the feelings she had for him, he had to resist jumping her bones like an animal and wait for her to commit to the next step.

After breakfast, Crystal had her hair cut in an inverted bob. Her hair framed her face, cut just above her chin and was long enough to hide behind when she was embarrassed.

Tiberius’ egotistical self made it his mission to tease her as much as possible when no one was around. He needed the distraction from her tantalizing lips, the smooth column of her neck, and slight curve of her hips.

She needed to get stronger. She needed more muscle, more meat on her bones, more courage in her heart, and more resistance against the anxiety that had nearly crippled her.

They set up a tent in the backyard to sleep in so that fresh air could sweep away their scent as they slept.

In the morning, Tiberius encouraged Crystal to shift. She needed practice. It wouldn’t get faster and easier if she didn’t do it over and over.

He was in awe of her wolf and brushed his fingers through her fur as he grinned.

She was beautiful. A glossy dark brown and black wolf with a white belly, white paws, white muzzle, and a white diamond on her head above her eyes.

He hoped his parents would love her as much as he did.

Well, almost as much as he did.

The things he couldn’t wait to do with her…

He groaned as he rolled onto his back and stared up at the sky to clear his head.

Crystal’s wolf head appeared over him, tilted to the side in question. Her blue-green eyes shifted from his to the tent he’d pitched in his pants and then back up to his with a grin.

He smirked right back. “Wanna give me a hand with it?”

Her ears pulled back and she quickly disappeared as he chuckled. A tongue swiped over his ear and licked playfully as he hollered out and rolled onto his stomach to try and get away. She went after him until he covered his head with his arms and groaned as he crushed his boner against the earth.

That did him. He laid there limp like a dead fish, unable to move until Crystal whined softly.

She shifted and ten minutes later, she was dressed and rubbing his back. “Are you okay?”

“That’s the fastest you’ve shifted,” he stated, instead of answering her question.

“Yeah, but… You’re in pain.”

“I’m fine. Remember, I heal fast. Besides, you were just playing. Shit happens.”

Already feeling back to normal, he rolled onto his back and gazed up at her. The concern written all over her face tugged on his heart. Reaching up, he touched her cheek, sparks flying and warmth filled his palm as she blushed.

Goddess, she was so beautiful.

He was so whipped.

She hung her head, stinking of guilt.

Sitting up, he scooted to her side and wrapped his arm around her. “Don’t beat yourself up about it, Beautiful. I’m all better now. You can give him a little rub to be sure.”

Her face burst into a vibrant shade of red and fidgeted in her seat.

He chuckled lightly and kissed her cheek. “I’m joking... unless you want to touch him. I won’t say no.”

She pulled away, mashing her lips together despite the delicious smell of her arousal.

Still too shy.

He gave her cheek another peck before rising to his feet. “Well, as much as I like that idea, I think I should divert my attention.”

And let the hunger build.

He scratched his chin and looked around for something to do other than think about kissing her breathless and getting into her pants. Even under Catherine’s love potions, he never felt this turned on constantly.

“What do you want to do?” he asked when she didn’t say anything and held herself as her arousal diminished.

“I don’t know,” she replied softly.

“I should probably call my folks now that I can talk again.” The very thought of talking to them after so long made him nervous.

He had taken off without warning. Refused to respond when they chased after him. Had been an asshole to everyone for years because of his frustration with the curse.

He needed to apologize. He needed their forgiveness. He needed to reconnect and return home and be a family again.

He couldn’t be sure how they would react and that made him nervous. His parents were the most stubborn lycans he’d ever known and very rarely wavered in their convictions.

It was time to step up and be the male his father raised him to be and the male his mate needed him to be.

Crystal rubbed her arms. “Yeah, I suppose you should.”

He tilted his head as anxiety coiled around her scent. He reached down to take her hand and pull her up. She rose up, but anxiety made her avoid his gaze.

He rubbed her arms. “Hey, Beautiful. Don’t worry. They’ll love you. You broke the curse. It’s me who will get the tongue-lashing for taking off and not telling them why.”

“I’m not a lycan, though,” she mumbled.

He kissed her forehead tenderly. He didn’t know how they would take that news either. No one he knew had a werewolf mate. They wouldn’t think less of her, would they? She had come so far already, he wouldn’t dare let anyone think she was inferior.

“The Goddess made you for me. If anyone doesn’t like it, they have to deal with me.”

He tilted her chin up so he could gaze into her eyes and he was struck with the self-deprecating emotions they held.

A growl crept up his throat. “Stop it, Cris. I won’t let you drown in those thoughts ever again.”

She tried to lower her head, but he held her firmly.

“I mean it, Cris. Don’t ever think less of yourself. You’re a strong and beautiful female.”

She swallowed, her eyes holding his before flicking down to his lips and a ripple of desire wavered up and coiled around him. It grew, dancing with his own in a slow tango as he brushed her hair behind her ears. Her heartbeat quickened and he found himself looking down at her own lips as she raked her teeth over the bottom one.

His pants grew tight again as the delicious aroma of her arousal engulfed him. He closed his eyes and greedily filled his lungs and pulled her body flush against his. Heat seeped through her clothing, mingling with his.

He opened his eyes and searched hers for permission. Her hooded, dilated gems elicited a groan from deep within him.

“Do you not feel the strength within you?”

“Not right now.”

He grinned as he wrapped both arms around her. A whimper of need escaped her as his maleness throbbed, rubbing against her stomach.

“How about now?”

She moaned weakly.

“Cris, you make me strong and weak all at once,” he confessed in a whisper. “But more importantly, you make me proud to be your mate.”

A shaky breath left her parted lips and he could hold himself back no longer.

He leaned down and grasped her lips, slipping his tongue between them and releasing a groan from deep within his gut as her essence spilled over him.

She gasped. Her hands curled into little fists against his chest before unfurling and sliding around his back. She pressed herself against him, arching her back and mashing her breasts against his broad chest. Clinging to him as his hungry mouth devoured hers, her own insatiable desire building as she moaned.

Her nails dug lightly into his back, drawing forth a guttural growl.

He could feel his canines descending. His heart raced with hers as he panted for air between grasping lips, ravenous for more.

He clasped her ass as he ground his pulsing maleness against her.

Breasts heaving, she whimpering in need, her head falling to the side and exposing the smooth column of her neck and the delicate flesh he was to sink his teeth into and mark her as his for eternity.

The primal part of him lunged forward at the invitation. His lips clamped on the sensitive spot as she panted and whimpered for more. Greedy hands groped her ass before tugging down her jeans, exposing her soft, round cheeks.

Yamona,” he growled out in the ancient tongue of his kind. Mine.

A series of howls sounded in the distance. Howls of warning. Howls of an intrusion.

He snarled at the interruption, yanking himself away from the curve of her neck and wrapping himself around her as he started to shift.

She clung to him despite his form changing and his clothes ripping from his body as she panted, trying to recover from her jello legs, spinning head, and pounding heart.

“S-Something’s happening,” she wheezed as the kitchen door slid open.

“Cris, get inside right now,” her father commanded.

Tiberius didn’t need to be told twice. He scooped her up in his arms despite the shifting of his body and rushed to her to the door. Adrenaline fueled his transformation and he was nearly complete when he set her down and ripped the torn fabric from his body.

“Wh-What’s going on?” she asked as Tiberius completed his shift and shook off the lingering hunger to be inside her.

Brooke was hauling ass out of the front door—butt naked—and shifting before the door shut behind her. Rhonda came to Crystal’s side after waking Brooke up and was steering her towards the basement door.

“An intruder has slipped into the territory,” Rhonda told her. “Go into the safe room.”

Crystal did as she was told and locked the basement door behind her.

Alexander turned to Tiberius. “A witch has penetrated through the gates.”


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