Heart of a Beast

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Chapter 34 - Crystal (Part 2) ** STEAMY**

She inhaled his heady musk, her head clouding with the scent of his need as an ache began to build in anticipation.

Digging her nails into the mattress, she held her breath as he poised himself at her entrance and pushed the tip of his head in.

She clamped her eyes shut as his hand gripped her thigh. A deep-bellied growl crept up his throat as he inched his way in.

As gentle as he tried to be, pain struck her. Her whimper had him push the rest of the way in with a groan before planting his hands on the mattress next to her and loomed over her.

His heavy breaths fanned against her face for a few seconds.


Callous fingers stroked her cheek, prompting her to open her eyes.

Deep grays gazed back at her, darker in shade than normal and lightening the longer she gazed back.

“Are you okay?”

Heart beating furiously, she gave him a reassuring smile. Whatever power-trip he was on before was gone. “I should ask you that too.”

He tilted his head, brows furrowing, before it registered and he pressed his forehead to hers.

“I’m of the Alpha Bloodline, Cris. I was never trained to harness my innate Authority like my brother, Domo. The threat to your life the moment I was about to make you mine brought it to the surface.”

She reached up and touched his cheek, the pain within her lessening. “And now?”

“I’m one with you. You keep me grounded.”

Her heart skipped. “Me too.”

Reaching up with her other hand, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth down to hers.

His tongue slipped between her parted lips. She shifted a little, the urge to move her hips growing.

He pulled away and put a hand on her hip as he slid out.

She gasped at the sensation and the desire for more, but he told her to make herself comfortable on the bed.

The smell of her blood struck her as she crawled back and he disappeared only to return seconds later with a moistened washcloth. He wiped the blood off her before wiping the blood off himself.

Discarding the cloth, he climbed onto the bed and nestled in next to her and pulled her against him.

His maleness poked her, but he ignored it, his eyes taking in her face as he brushed his thumb over her brows, down her cheek to her jaw and then her chin.

Warmth washed over her with the tenderness of his gaze and touch.

“I was afraid I would hurt you. Thank the Goddess for bringing me back to my senses.”

“I trust you.”

“You trust me too much.”

“You’ve always put me first.”

“As I should.”

She blushed.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore,” she said after a few minutes of gazing into his eyes.

His focus didn’t break from her eyes, nor did his fingers stop stroking her hair. “Good to know.”

Closing her eyes, she snuggled into his arms and rested her palm over his heart. It thumped steady and strong as his musk enveloped her. She inhaled deeply, noting that the scent of his arousal had lessened some but increased as she inhaled and her breasts pressed against him.

His fingers trailed lightly across her back, leaving a searing hot trail in their wake. She gasped as his fingers slid down to the small of her back.

His chest rumbled in a barely audible vibration. “Touch me, Cris.”

Heat rushed to the surface as she swallowed and shyly slid her palm up to his shoulder. His muscles tensed at first before relaxing as he exhaled. A rumble of pleasure rose up his throat, urging her on.

Tentatively, she watched his muscles ripple as her fingers brushed across his skin. Tracing the curves and ridges of each one that stretched across his chest.

Tiberius’ breathing became more rapid and shallow. The smell of his arousal more heavy and delicious.

Did he taste as good as he smelled?

Leaning over, she pressed her lips gently to his collarbone.

He groaned, the sound igniting a hunger within her as she grew braver, opening her mouth wider and taking in his flesh. A growl rumbled through him, urging her on.

She slid down his chest, her hands exploring the rises and dips of his muscles as her mouth explored the taste of him. Raking her teeth over the taut muscles, his hands groped her rear and pulled her on top of him.

Straddling his torso, she looked down at the male she would soon claim hers, appraising the numerous scars etched across strong, hard muscles, each one telling the story of his struggle to find her.

Fingers brushed over the marred strokes on the canvas of flesh, imprinting each one into her memory.

She could feel his eyes, likewise, traveling over her body taking in her unblemished canvas of skin. His hands on her hips explored the slight curve of her waist and up to her breasts, cupping each one as he brushed his thumb over her pebbled peaks.

“Gorgeous,” he said with a slight rumble in the back of his throat. “You’re so beautiful.”

A blush warmed her cheeks. “Is that why you put me up here? So you can look at me?”

“Yes. I want to take in and appreciate your perfection, but also to give you control.”

Her stomach somersaulted and she hung her head, her short hair falling around her face as she gazed down at his firm abs below her. She raked her teeth over her bottom lip. “But I don’t know how to…”

His strong hands slid up and brushed her hair behind her ears and cupped her cheeks. He pulled her down and kissed her, nipping lightly on her bottom lip.

“But that’s half the fun, Beautiful,” he whispered against her lips. “I want you to explore and get comfortable with not only my body but yours too. Anything you do will feel good. Trust me on that. Listen to your body and let your wolf take control. She’s hungry, Beautiful. I can feel it. Let her out to play.”

He nipped at her bottom lip again and she leaned down to deepen the kiss.

She couldn’t fathom the feelings surging through her body. The way he kissed her, gazed upon her, touched her—everything was magical. He made her feel alive, made her crave more than she ever imagined.

She wanted him, needed him, craved him with every fiber of her being.

She kissed him hard, trying to show him what he meant to her and how he made her feel.

He kissed her back, growing hungrier by the second. Accepting everything she offered and growling with pleasure and the struggle to hold himself back, giving her control over their pace.

She pulled away, breathing hard, to place open-mouthed kisses along his collarbone.

Her male groaned, his desire and need for more swirling thickly around them and forcing her to stop her assault in order to breathe through her mouth.


He grunted in response, breathing heavily through his mouth as his dilated eyes met hers.

“What do you want me to do now?”

He chuckled, a grin spreading across his lips. “Do what you will with me, Beautiful. Or would you rather I take control now?”

She nodded, her self-consciousness eating away at her.

He flipped her over and hovered over her, nipping lightly at her ear and making her breath stutter. “If you insist, but I won’t give you what you want until you ask for it.”

His lips traveled down her neck, sucking harshly on the tender flesh and making her gasp. His hands brushed across her skin, painting her canvas in hot invisible strokes as his mouth worked its way down, across her shoulders, over her breasts, and around her navel.

She quivered, moaning, as she grasped the bed tightly with both hands.

“Tiberius, please,” she begged.

He was panting, trying to maintain control as he lowered himself between her legs.

“As you wish, Beautiful.”

She sucked in a breath, tensing at their union, and slowly released it as he paused. Relaxing, she opened her eyes to see him studying her, gauging her reactions and smiling as she reached up to pull his mouth down to hers.

The connection hurt a little, but not like the first time.

She recovered quicker, unable to hold back her hunger any longer, and moved her hips to prompt him.

He rocked her gently as he kissed her lips, jaw, neck, and shoulder. Picked up speed when her hands on his hips urged him to. Kissed her more fiercely when her nails extended and bit into the flesh of his back.

She growled her need as she neared her tipping point.

He lowered himself as he continued to thrust. Kissing her neck, he rasped, “You first, Beautiful.”

He pounded into her and she lost all control.

Lunging forward, canines extended, she bit into the tender flesh between his neck and collarbone as her muscles spasmed with ecstasy.

He groaned and stilled for a moment, barely breathing, as if off in a daze.

Shuddering, she released his shoulder and sealed the bite with her tongue.

With a shudder of his own, he inhaled sharply and resumed thrusting harder and faster. Grunting harshly before a snarl burst forth, he lunged for her shoulder to lay his claim and spilled everything he had to give her.

Pain pierced through her before being taken over by a pleasurable sensation as a bright white light flashed behind her closed eyes. All of her senses were overtaken by the pleasure that consumed her. Engulfed in a blissful state of peace and silence for a second before fading away, she moaned as her senses returned to normal.

Tiberius was lying on top of her, panting. His body jerked twice before he lifted his head, coated in a thin sheen of sweat. He gazed into her eyes as he touched her cheek with his fingertips before dipping his head and caressing her lips with his.

“I’m yours,” he whispered. “Bound to you forever.”

“And I, you.”

[I love you so much, Crystal,] he said in their newly established mind-link.

[I love you too.]

He kissed her softly again before rolling off her and holding her against him.

Closing her eyes, she snuggled into his embrace with a smile on her face and her heart beating in sync with his.

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