Dragon's Princess [GALATEA + AMAZON]

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She's a princess who wants peace - but Summer will soon find out that her fate is deeply intertwined with the two resident twin Dragon Lords of the land. [18+] [MFM] [Menage]. Book 1 in my Twin Dragons Series [GALATEA IMMERSIVE ADAPTION/RE-WRITE & MY ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT NOW ON AMAZON] Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, twin Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and lethally attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale? [WARNING: M/F/M, BDSM & DRAGONS]

Romance / Fantasy
C. Swallow
4.6 72 reviews
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Dragon's Princess - Twin Dragons Series on GALATEA & paperbacks now on Amazon

Ebooks ($9.99) and paperbacks ($19.99) on Amazon:

Twin Dragons: Dragon’s Princess

Twin Dragons: Dragon’s Shadow

Twin Dragons: Dragon’s Slave

Twin Dragons: Dragon’s Blood

Twin Dragons: Dragon’s Pet & Dragon's Leash

I find the best way to find all my books on Amazon is to search CSW1995 - as I list that as the publisher for the books, aka, myself.

Dragon’s Princess has been offline for 2 years (as it was on Galatea as an adaption/re-write by other writers) but now MY VERSION has somewhere to call home - only on Amazon!

Requiem City will be included but I need to finish the original manuscript first so R.City will be released at a later date.

Side note, the series is still accessible on Galatea! The re-write for Dragon’s Princess (2 seasons) is still on the Galatea app as an Immersive experience, along with Requiem City (4 seasons). My originals for Dragon’s Slave, Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Shadow, Dragon’s Pet and Dragon’s Leash are also available on Galatea. Including audiobooks for Dragon's Princess, Requiem City and Dragon's Slave. All in all, you can read my books on Galatea OR Amazon now, however the Dragon’s Princess original author version is only on Amazon.

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