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Dragon's Slave [GALATEA + AMAZON]

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DRAGON'S SLAVE AUDIOBOOK now LIVE on the GALATEA app Madeline is a slave in the Requiem Mountains - soon to be a mate to a cruel Dragon Lord that has planned her total submission for her 18th birthday. [18+][MFM][Menage]. Book 2 in my Twin Dragons Series [NEW EDITION w/original song lyrics] Madeline is one of the thousands of slaves captured by the Requiem Dragon Horde to assist them in maintaining the mountain complex where the 200 Dragons and their 5000 slaves reside. Maddie had been kidnapped by the Dragon Lord Hael, when she was a mere 6 years old. 10 years on she is building the courage to finally escape back to her home. However, on her 16th birthday, Hael has other plans for her. Least of all which allow her to escape from the beautifully haunting Requiem mountains. [GALATEA + AMAZON]

Romance / Fantasy
C. Swallow
4.7 100 reviews
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For lovers of my Twin Dragons series. I am so pumped to announce this! I bring to you, Requiem City in HARDCOVER! If you're not already aware, HAEL, LOCH AND MADELINE ARE THE PROTAGONISTS OF THIS STORY MWAHAHAHA!


Join the Kickstarter, the link is via my Inkitt wall and Inkitt profile when you click the 'support me' button!

What you need to know! You will be able to purchase Requiem City (or one single title of your choice) through tier 1. Requiem City, Requiem Song, Requiem Blood, Requiem Fire and Requiem Curse can be purchased through tiers 2 and 3. The price will vary depending what country you are in, but in general the prices are 79 Euro for one book exclud. shipping and 349 Euro for 5 books exclud. shipping.

Where did Requiem City, Requiem Song, Requiem Blood, Requiem Fire and Requiem Curse, come from? Requiem City has 5 complete seasons on the Galatea app. We separated each season (30 chapters each) into 5 separate books. What makes these editions special? Aside from the hardcover, dust jacket with gold foiling, sprayed edges etc, I edited all 5 books and added in my special touch to the dialogue of Maddie, Hael and Loch. Book 5 in particular (Requiem Curse) has 10 chapters of my unique writing, (ch 1 - 10). I say this because this series was expanded enormously by a team of screen-writers in ways I could never have done myself, so it was effectively adapted, and due to this, I requested to be able to put some of my writing back into the series and they approved! That is why I edited all 5 books before release.

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