Dragon's Blood

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Romance / Fantasy
C. Swallow
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Chapter 1

Silence wasn’t easy to maintain, but it was the only way for me to hear everything.

Everyone thought I was quiet. They probably didn’t realise that even though my mouth didn’t speak many words, my ears never stopped hearing everyone else’s.

It was such a plague on the senses, and a pain in the ass.

I hated people. I hated everyone. I didn’t like anyone’s company, I didn’t even like my mother.

Sounds awry? Well, who would like a mother who drooled after her mates to the point she liked wearing a leash and collar day and night?

I don’t know why I’m thinking about the concept of silence so much until I realise it’s the pause on the stage from the band. I’m resting on my stomach, my chin on my hands as I hide up on a ledge in Deep Cavern. Once a treasure trove, this massive cave was now a public centre for arts and performance.

As far as I knew, it was my uncle, Mason’s idea to educate the slaves of the Requiem Horde and give them a reason to work with more passion under my father’s rule. Hael and Lochness were my dad’s. They were twins but both mated to Madeline, my mother.

Argh... and great... I’m frowning again just thinking about her.

The band starts playing another song and I let out a sigh, my black hair dangling over the rock as I relax more into my hands. The crowd of slaves had the day off, they were dancing or quietly standing and listening.

You know what?

I lied – I didn’t hate everyone equally.

I preferred slaves over Dragons.

The slaves were still annoying, but they were... humble.

The young Dragons were obnoxiously irritating. I had never met such brutes in my whole life. Not a bone of humanity in their bodies, they were completely consumed with their purity of magic.

Unfortunately, they were my friends because they were all my age. When I was born there was a Dragon fledgling boom of little brats. We were all 18 now but I still failed to hear any mature thoughts.

I’m about to dose off, completely content listening to the band play soft music.

I liked music because it drowned out all the thoughts I could hear from everyone around me.

It helped me sleep.

My momentary peace doesn’t last long, however.

I’m jolted back to awareness when a spike of arrogance and a shiver of grace runs down my spine. How else could I describe how potent the intrusive feeling was? I’m instantly on my elbows, ready to bolt, my nose wrinkling in disgust as I sight the two young princes enter the cavern.

One had blue, cobalt hair. Thaddeus – or as every doe-eyed female referred to him as, Thad. He was arrogance.

The other had midnight blue hair. Slyvan – he didn’t have a nickname because his name was already perfect. He was grace.

And they were both the bane of my existence.

I avoided everyone because I was sensitive to other people in general. When I was in the prince’s presence, I felt way too much. Every girl here would die if I told them how those boys made me feel... odd, nervous even. But I would never tell a soul. Because then I would be told I had a crush on them. And I’d be moulded into a part of the fangirl club.

No, thank you.

So I stick to thinking I feel nothing but disdain for them and I avoid them at all costs.

I watch as the attention in the room is completely flipped from the band to the handsome boys. I hear multiple girly sighs and even a few squeals. While the girls below me melt and the princes smile and gloat as they come in to ‘chat’ with their loyal fans – I make my move to leave.

I push up onto my feet and hands while I glare at them. Almost instantaneously, as they are now directly below me, the twins both look directly up and meet my gaze.

I scowl and turn on my heel as my prying mind seeps into theirs without my control.

Look! Luvenia is so weird, Slyvan is speaking to his brother.

She’s uncouth, Thaddeus’ tone is darker and he is more serious. I scowl as I feel them both bring up a mental block. They knew I was in their heads. Not to mention, their attempt at a mental block was worthless, I could have broken it down if I wanted too.

They were lucky I didn’t.

Otherwise I would have told Thad just how much I thought he was just a huge lump of muscle with a very, very small brain... uncouth... how the hell was I uncouth? You idiot!

Argh, yes, I hated everyone.

Your temper is just like your mother, Luv, despite how much you think you hate her, I stop in my tracks as I squeeze between the narrow cave exit off my secret ledge. I didn’t expect to hear from my father, Lochness, what has displeased you?

I bite my lip as I think of a good response.

Nothing, what do you want? I keep it short and sweet. I never liked over explaining myself.

We’ll be eating dinner soon, come up soon, alright, baby girl? I roll my eyes as he calls me that.

Dad. Don’t. It’s all I say back, and I keep squeezing my way through the narrow cave passage.

I had great respect for Lochness, or as my mother liked to call him – Nessy. Such a stupid nickname... but anyway... Lochness understood me.

I was a Rogue, like him. He didn’t like people either. But he was also terribly smart, which is why I avoided telling him too much. He considered me his babygirl, his babycakes. In other words, people tended to die if I told him who was pissing me off.

Being the daughter of the two Dragon Lords didn’t just mean I had two ruthless fathers. We also had normal moments too. Like fancy dinners with guests all the time. Tonight I knew exactly who would be attending. Besides my parents and my brother, I knew Althor, the Dragon Lord of the Horde of Fortune must be visiting.

Althor always brought Thaddeus and Sylvan over, they were his nephews.

Luckily Thad and Sylvan never came to the dinners, they preferred to go hunting.

Sorry to burst your bubble, sis, but there’s two more empty seats at this table, hurry up, Dad’s waiting, Lex’s voice breaks through past my thoughts and I frown.

Thanks for the heads up, hey, don’t just say ‘Dad’s’ you always mean Hael but Lochness is your dad too, I snap at him, the only person I really truly spoke to was my brother.

I didn’t even like him much either but we had communicated since birth so I was used to being open with him.

Shut up. You can’t get out of this dinner, Luvenia, you need to come –

Why? I snarl at him, I always got angry when he tried to be bossy with me.

Because this dinner is about you. Suck up your girly moods, you’re so moody all the time. Like mother.

I’m nothing like her, I snarl back at him.

You’re exactly like her, have you read her mind? Lex asks, sounding smug.

I try not to.

Well, whatever, get your ass over here, Althor wants to ask you a favour, Lex worries me when he mentions Althor.

I don’t reply, but I head towards the meeting cave where our dinner would be served.

Whatever Althor was up to, I may as well get this over and done with.

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