Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 11

It’s not until I’ve reached the edge of the forest that I feel two shadows flying over my form, directly from above. I know as my vision suddenly clouds over with the two figures blocking the sun-rays from reaching me.

So small and petite, isn’t she? Thaddeus smugly speaks to Sylvan while openly talking so I can hear their communication channel.

Mmmm, I can think of many ways to show a tiny Rogue spitfire the meaning of a Leading Dragon breed, Sylvan also mocks and I continue to fly low over the trees, flying too slow.

Roi was still passed out and if they dived on me now, I’d be a goner.

I picked up on that thought, little Dragon, Sylvan suddenly floods my mind, his presence suddenly a lot stronger than I’d ever felt it before.

Ever since I was shaken by his touch, now my mind was weakened to his telepathy? This wasn’t fair.

Sylvan! Thaddeus! Look! Down here! Down here! I mentally cringe as I hear the loud booming, un-expected voice of Ethne droning through the open mind channel.

The two princes suddenly go quiet above me.

I even feel their interest momentarily leave me.

Just as I feel that their eyes aren’t on me, I quickly dart down into the forest, under the cover of the trees.

“Whooooa!” Roi screams out from on my back, suddenly clutching down onto me, “Did I pass out?” he calls out, “How have I not fallen off?”

I was taking great care, I snarl, angry at myself for momentarily forgetting Roi was on my back as I dived into the trees.

“Oh... I’m in so many different kinds of pain right now... oh man... I mean... oh princess...” he leans into me and I feel more sticky blood run down my scales. He sounded delirious.

Luvenia! Thaddeus snarls my name when he realizes they’ve lost sight of me.

Ignore her, let’s go to the roaming Dragons; perhaps they’ll agree to participate in a game of cat and mouse? Luvenia being the mouse, Sylvan is far too smug making up this decision.

Don’t ever call me a mouse, I snarl uncontrollably back at him, that is the greatest insult.

Mmm, you’re right, but it’s not great enough, Sylvan mocks me, you’re more like a very disappointing choice in mate, perhaps the worst.


Sylvan’s choice in words shock me to my core and out of nowhere I can not continue to fly. My wings stop pumping and I roughly land, my claws out and stabbing the earth with a vengeance.

“Hold up, hold up,” Roi whispers, clearly worried by the uncontrolled snarl escaping my throat, “Luvenia?” he asks, quietly, “Is everything... okay?”

I slowly lower a wing, hoping he gets off my back before I impulsively throw him off with my tail.

Roi gets the hint and scrambles off my wing, limping badly and collapsing onto the ground, still holding my clothes for me.

Luckily I’ve landed under thick cover and now I transform, right in front of Roi who is on his knees, wheezing through his pain.

I snatch my clothes from him and put on my leather, dirtied by his blood. I scowl as I get dressed. Once clothed, I take two steps back and look on at Roi in worry.

My worry was mixed and amplified by my anger.

Sylvan’s words made me ropeable. I wanted to kill him.

“Are you going to die?” I ask, roughly to Roi who has collapsed onto his side now, closing his eyes from the pain of his wounds, “Hold it together. Shai will arrive. I can burn your wounds closed if you like –?”

Roi manages to stick a hand up lightning fast, his eyes snapping open.

“No thank you, princess, no need. You sure know how to talk to the wounded, don’t you?” he snaps out fast in frustration, right before he asks more kindly, “Some water would be good though, if you can manage?”

“I saw a fresh stream just down further ahead, I’ll get some for you... stay,” I try to sound reassuring but it’s hard when my body was still racked with intense fury.

I wanted to kill. I wanted to maim. I wanted to burn the whole forest down.

My father’s had angered me in refusing to help, telling me to return Roi to Althor. They had not trusted me. The princes were arrogant fools, far too eager to prove my small Dragon form was no match for their breed of Dragon; Dragon Lords.

Everyone whispered it. Everyone knew that’s what they’d be one day.

All I knew is if they wanted to rule me, they were asking to be burned by my flame. Right now, I would not hesitate to scar them.

How dare Sylvan reference to me as some sort of potential mate. Sorry; the worst kind. Not only that but they had then decided to not only torment me by hunting me. They had now left me to encourage the other fledglings to play a game. They wanted them all to hunt me. Thirteen of them from the Requime Horde, ten female, three male. One of those males would be Lex and he’d have none of that. In fact, he’d probably maim the princes for me.

I smile at the thought. I finally reach the stream and grab some water in a large cupped leaf. I am slightly calmer knowing my brother, my twin, will be an ally. Even if we didn’t get along always; the princes were our common enemy. Hence Lex would stick up for his sister.

I walk back into the tiny clearing where Roi is now sitting up, whispering words like a chant, his good arm making movements through the air.

I stop by the edge, watching in amazement as Shai, in her little blue bird form, flitters before him. Magic flies around her, twigs and leaves being brought up into a little swirl.

I’m suddenly distracted from all my worries as a huge glitter flow of gold dust puffs out from the tiny bird form. It creates a wispy cloud of magic, which as quickly as it begins, also swiftly dissipates; leaving a beautiful girl standing on two feet.

No more blue bird.

This was Shai.

She is covered in tattoos from her neck down, and she kneels as Roi before her, once again collapses onto his back, breathing heavily. Shai mutters a few words, waving her hands over his body once – which heals Roi instantly.

Roi doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of his healed body.

He sits up, new life in his eyes. He grins at Shai who is a blonde headed mage with blue eyes... and a tight frown. Roi attempts to hug her naked form anyway, opening his arms and reaching for her.

However, she quickly shoves him back down, spitting in his face.

Oh, whoa.

“Don’t touch me, ever again,” she snarls, standing back up she spins and her hair swirls with her, so graceful and ethereal, just like the aura she emitted. Her eyes light up as she registers who I am and I also raise an eyebrow.

I’m feeling awkward.

Was this my first ever friend?

I think it was. I wasn’t sure how to react, but I half smirk.

“Shai,” I nod at her, coming forward with the water for Roi, who hops to his feet; looking distressed about Shai’s rejection of his hug.

“Luvenia,” she smiles big, although she narrows her eyes at Roi as I pass Roi the cupped water. He simply nods at me. He then keeps his eyes on Shai as he drinks up.

“I have some good news and some bad news,” I speak, hoping I let some relief sink into both of them, for the moment.

Shai raises an eyebrow.

“Nothing can bring me down right now,” she smiles, “Thank you for helping.”

“Don’t thank me just yet,” I speak solemnly, fed up with this drama, “Good news? I lied. There is none. Bad news? We’re about to have at least 12 Dragons hunting us down. I’d say soon. Ethne sounded to be close by when she contacted the princes,” I explain, feeling suddenly more intensely awkward once again to speak so many words out loud at once.

My Rogue instincts made me want to fly out of here and find a lone escape. However, my loyalty also instructed me to stay and not abandon my friends.

I narrow my eyes at Roi, suddenly looking ridiculously handsome now that he has healed up okay and has colour back in his cheeks.

If Shai didn’t like him, could I trust him?

“That’s okay, Luvenia,” Shai points towards the stream I just came from, “I will cover us in a few protection spells –”

“No bird shifting spells,” I try to joke, furrowing my eyebrows, impressed with myself.

Wow, had I ever said so many words in one day, my entire life? Willingly, too?

Shai notices and smiles, trying not to laugh. Roi also seems amused by my apparent shock at having to talk so much to friends.

"Dragon Princess, well, half-blood Dragon Princess,” Roi states, mockingly, “You have two spell casters on your side. Don’t doubt us –”

Roi doesn’t get to gloat about their combined power for long.

He is cut off by the sounds of smashing tree branches and snapping trunks, suddenly coming in from the near distance. In fact, the thumping and crashing was getting louder and closer every second.

I see the nearby trees start to shake.


It sounded a lot like a group of fun-chasing desperate female fledglings scouting the forest.

They were closing in so fast, I didn’t think we’d have time to escape.

"Trust me,” Shai whispers quickly, raising a hand, she mutters a few words.

Everything else happens in mere seconds.

The whole world is shrinking around me, until I am so small, I can see the tops of the blades of grass. My nose is strong, my eyes have average vision and I can see little mounds of brown fur just ahead of me.

A little nose pokes up ahead of me, accompanied by white whiskers twitching and an eager little paw urging me to follow.

I take a hesitant step forward and feel a tail, long and wiry, whisping out behind me. I can feel clothes on my fur, miniature sized; shrunken down leather.

I try to contain my sense of hysteria, but how could I?

I was a mouse.

Shai had turned us all into mice.

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