Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 27

I don’t look back, I speed ahead and I reach guest room 12 in record time, opening the unlocked door to waltz into the warm air, lit by the fireplace and burning sticks of flame around the room. It was so romantic, it was perfect... and... as I turn around, curious to see how my mates are coping with the change of events... I wait a few moments but they don’t appear.

Curious, I walk back to the open door and look down the corridor to check on their progress.

My eyes widen as I see my father, Lochness, speaking to Thaddeus and Sylvan further down the long corridor. He’s growling low about something. I’m not sure if it’s me, or them that he’s angered by. I hope he hasn’t read their minds and found out I was wilfully seducing them back here. Because, despite how much he approved of them as mates, the realisation of what they’d eventually do to me and my father’s undoubted reaction... well... that would be unbearably embarrassing. A little shaken, I quickly slip back into the guest room and head over to the back left corner of the room that leads to the adjoining bathroom.

I aim to hide in there and my eyes light up in delight at the huge round tub, ceramic, with an influx of spring water and an out pour as well. It was natural water and perfect to bathe in. It steamed a little too, clearly heated by some of our complicated systems we had within the mountain walls.

I want to undress, but first I scan with my power to check on the presence of minds in the corridor. Two.

Lochness has now disappeared.

Sighing in relief, I strip out of my cotton wool dress I borrowed from the slave lady and I slip into the steaming water, turning and glancing at myself in the huge mirror on the opposite wall with gold trimmings. I frown when I see my hacked off hair, at my shoulders and messy at the ends.

No one commented on it besides Amadahy. No one seemed to care. But as I think about that more, I realise I am wrong. Everyone understood that I knew my own mind. So no one questioned it, or at least, no one dared too, not even my own mother. It makes me smile, at least I did command some sort of respect. I just had to see it, i guess it was easy to overlook the obvious when it is right in front of you sometimes.

Perhaps I’d have to be more mindful. Ironically.

However, as I think this, I start to hear foot falls enter the guest room, so I quickly slip back into the water and sit on a carved rock step, the water now just under my chin. I wait there, curious for my mates to find me and see their reaction this time, now that I am naked.

I wait.

And wait.

They have stopped in the other room and I can’t hear them approach. I assume they are nervously discussing my unlikely actions. Perhaps they didn’t believe I was actually giving them an inch to work with. Perhaps they thought I was planning another attack.

When a minute passes and they don’t appear, I close my eyes briefly and picture them naked in the bath with me.

Oh, how many times I had pictured them naked and rippling with hardened muscles of war and scars of battles they won, never losing, not once. That sort of strength had my insides warming. If they could stop a war, they could protect my family, my home and most importantly, myself. I mean, I would happily defend myself, but just knowing they were extra back up was always a comforting thought... one that made my womanly insides, untouched, innocent still... melting... all together into a needy brawl of clenching, wanting lust.

Oh, how I hated everyone bragging to me of their sexual adventures when I knew mine would be just as, if not more satisfying... when I experienced them. When I let them take me. I just didn’t want to lose all my dignity. I wanted them to understand that.

I just wanted...

I can’t finish the thought as a distinct magical wisping noise in the air makes my eyes snap open.

Blue and bluer mist has filled the bathroom, filtering in from the bedroom. I watch as it gathers to solidify right opposite the humongous bath tub.

I freeze as I see the very much naked forms I was just fantasising about, solidifying into perfection right before me.

They wanted to surprise me... or perhaps this was the easiest way to undress.

My eyes have unfortunately, in terms of my dignity, focused upon the very obvious manhoods of two Twin Leading Breeds which should, really, not be the complete focus of my curious eyes. So, I force myself with my next breath, to let my eyes wander upwards. Casually. I didn’t want them to mock me for looking needy.

As my eyes wander upwards I realise the actual toned, naked bodies of my mates aren’t like my fantasies. My fantasies were more in tune with their bodies five years ago. Now they had fully matured... and there was a distinct difference.

They are more intimidating. I can smell the manly musk of them too, which is something I didn’t anticipate.

For some reason this very thing, as I meet both their gazes, changes my thinking.

At this point, a different kind of fear fills my heart. Not fear of them, or me... but of the combined edition... of us. And the very situation I just put myself in. Thinking I was so smart. They wouldn’t just have me, fuck me and expose me. They’d know everything, even my most vulnerable cries of pleasure.

It was easy to forget about things like that.

I purse my lips and raise my chin, pretending to be hardly affected even though my heart felt suddenly quite weak, like it might give out. How embarrassing would it be, if I actually fainted? Just like that time I walked into a tree.

“You can say something, you k-know,” my voice comes out husky, broken and unsure. The exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve, “Please,” I cough into my hand to pass it off as a sore throat, as Thaddeus doesn’t smile too much but looks quite amused and Sylvan just smirks... only to rub in my apparently obvious nerves.

Oh, I wish they’d rub something else in-

I watch in a moment of absolute embarrassment as Sylvan and Thaddeus share sudden, knowing looks, both raising a brow.

Oh crap, okay, they heard that. They actually heard that.

“It’s not what you think,” I explain, in a rush, “I was thinking that I deserve a massage. You should rub... my shoulders. It’s the least I deserve as you’ve both been brutes to me since your return.”

“Hm,” Thaddeus shrugs and is the first to put a hand on the tub and jump gracefully into the water, his humongous thighs making a bigger splash than he anticipated. The water slashes up into my face and droplets start to run down my cheeks and forehead.

The obvious sexual relation to what that could be, has my cheeks blushing a bright red. I can’t even look Sylvan in the eye, knowing he’d be staring and more than happy to imagine what it could be.

I end up slowly blinking my eyes open to see Thaddeus actually looking guilty of doing such a thing.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Thaddeus wades over to me and takes a seat next to me while I turn to him, to see his large hand come up and cup my cheek. I try to breathe steady as he gently rubs off the remaining water from my cheek and tip of my nose.

“...oh,” I let out the word in shock at his act of kindness, and I jerk a bit as his thumb trails down to my chin and rubs across me a bit harder to flick more water away. Thaddeus’ darker amber eyes blink slowly in concentration as he fixes the ‘issue’ that wasn’t really too much of a problem in the first place, but still, “You’re kind,” I whisper, confused by the change of tone with him, at least.

Thaddeus smiles now and takes my compliment as a gate way to take further action. His hands slide down to my elbows and he pulls me forward. Once I’m closer his hands grab my thighs instead and hoist me over his legs... to sit between them... my back to him... and something else... I can feel... hot, long and pressing into my back.

“I’ll give you that massage, Luv,” Thaddeus smooths his hands over my slight shoulders which feel incredibly small under his larger hands. It makes my spine shiver and I blush when I feel that heat at my back get longer, pressing against me further.

“Oh, uh-m...” I turn around and watch as Sylvan has now stepped into the tall tub, like a tiny spring pool. However, the water only reaches the middle of his thighs... which means if he simply continued to stand... his cock is still directly in my line of sight, “...uh...” I don’t know why I’m making so many incomprehensible noises, but it has Sylvan rolling his eyes as he slowly closes the gap, judging my reaction as he gets closer and closer, “...what are you d-doing?” I ask, gasping as he takes one final step closer and all I can see is his cock, getting harder... and his balls, warm, low and... I admit... tempting to hold.

“Your curious, princess,” Sylvan speaks for me, quietly and low, in a growl that is bold but also gentle. I had a choice, he wasn’t going to force anything upon me. But he was offering a closer inspection. Something, I wasn’t sure I could refuse.

Thaddeus squeezes my shoulders and I let out a relaxed breath with the warm clenching and stretching of his hands along my tense shoulders.

“You want me to... just... grab it?” I ask, raising a brow.

Sylvan laughs, and Thaddeus does too. My hands had been rising up through the water but now I drop them, offended. I lean back into Thaddeus away from Sylvan’s bodily weapon while he now raises an offended eyebrow in return.

“You can stroke it if you like?” Sylvan asks, holding my gaze as he slowly bends his knees. His hand then penetrates the surface of the water to find mine. He grabs my wrist and raises it out of the water and this time, even though I’m annoyed, I let him bring it up to his enlarged length. He places my hand on the middle of the shaft and I feel the power of his magic tingling my nerves.

I find my fingers curling around the shaft and they don’t fit all the way around. I had always secretly hoped that would be the case. I feel how soft and silky it is, not in anyway gross or strange.

It was comforting in my hand and I find myself curiously leaning closer to inspect the head, my tongue moistening my lips. Sylvan helps me by shuffling a step closer, until his shaft is just a few inches away from me. I let my hand trail down the shaft, to the base, where I feel for the two warm balls hanging below. I run a finger down the middle and I’m sure it will tickle him.

I get a satisfied growl from the back of his throat and I smirk as I take my hand from his balls and place it back on his shaft, pulling him closer towards me again.

“Hmm...” I lean in closer to inspect the head, now a hair’s breadth from me.

“If you’re wondering...” Sylvan murmurs for me, “...if I’ll shoot my load all over your face... you’re thinking pretty straight, Luv.”

“I wasn’t thinking that,” I snap, pretending to glare up at him, “...I was thinking... what does it taste like.”

“Like the meal you’ll be having before bedtime every night, princess,” Sylvan smirks down at me but I don’t think he expects me to be so bold so quickly and do what I do next. I don’t just stick out my tongue, to run it across his head, the slit and the rim. No. I open my mouth and draw his cock into the warm confines of my mouth, my tongue sliding across his length, tasting the silky smooth weapon of lust.

My hand reaches up to grab his balls next, holding them as my tongue flicks around his length that I have in my mouth.

Thaddeus’ hands are no longer on my shoulders, either. Both hands run under my arm pits, making me tremble as they slide across my full breasts next. His hands fully incase their full warmth and his fingers pluck at my nipples while I taste Sylvan’s manhood.

When I look up, Sylvan is looking down at me with his lighter amber eyes, swirling with intrigue at my own bravery and explorations.

“What happened?” Sylvan asks me, “What made you change your mind?”

I pull my mouth off his cock and I can see that he instantly regrets asking me a question as he pulls back and strokes his cock instead while I lean back into Thaddeus and slowly blink up at Sylvan.

“I found out I am a Dragon Lord Slayer,” I explain, “So, if anyone is going to be slaves in this relationship it’s going to be you two... not me.”

Sylvan opens his mouth, confused as he takes a step back and holds his cock like he is now protecting it from me.

Thaddeus’ hands go still on my breasts and he slowly grabs my waist instead, moving me out of his lap, to sit beside him.

I shuffle back into the corner of the seat, holding my knees to my chest.

I look them both over, offended that they look so offended. Thad then stands to join his brother, looking down at me with confusion and anger. Sylvan just looks equally calculating and menacing as his thoughts darken.

“Oh, really?” Sylvan asks, “So, that is why Lochness came to us just before, and gave us his branding stick. He said something about you needing a collar on your neck... your own father said that. Approved of it, if we wished it.”

“He might like you both as my mates but he would never say that,” I snarl back in return.

“Not to hurt you,” Thaddeus speaks next, “But to keep you safe from using an unknown power you recently discovered. He doesn’t want others to know it exists... for your own wellbeing... but he didn’t tell us what it was. So, Luvenia... you’re not lying, are you?”

"Thank you for believing me,” I nod at Thaddeus and glare at Sylvan, “I am a Dragon Lord Slayer and you cannot collar me. You are born to be lords, to collar me would be to risk your lives. All I have to do... is sing.”

“Like your mother?” Sylvan asks, raising a brow.

“Yes,” I nod, “But, it’s not for other Dragons, besides Twin Leading Breeds.”

“Okay, fine,” Sylvan shrugs his shoulders, “But don’t ever say we are your slaves again, sweety. I like to think that the female I’m fucking for the rest of my life, isn’t holding the threat of taking my life from me so she can command me to fuck her however and whenever she pleases... that’s like Dragon Lord rape.”

“Oh, shut up, idiot. It wouldn’t be because you want to fuck me more than you want to kill, eat or lead,” I snarl back at him and stand up suddenly, the water dripping off me as I stalk closer to Sylvan, grabbing his cock in my hand. He lets go, confused that I take over stroking him, “I can’t help that you’re at my mercy, now, Sylvan... I am simply stating a fact and informing you of your position.”

“Well, fuck,” Thaddeus gapes and pats his brother on the shoulder, laughing, “She’s trying to reel you in, brother.”

“Both of us,” Sylvan corrects him while not breaking his gaze from me, “...she’s being a little brat...”

“I’m stroking your cock,” I raise a brow back at him.

“Yes, princess, and you won’t stop, either,” Sylvan challenges me in return and when I smirk and try to take my hand away, to be the ultimate cock-tease... this time he sees it coming. He clasps my hand back on his cock and now forces me to stroke it, “...oh, mighty Dragon Lord Slayer Luvenia... your power is soo intimidating.”

“Very funny,” I reach up my other hand and clasp Sylvan’s throat, pressing my nails into the crevices, knowing it will hurt.

“What the fuck-?” Sylvan grabs my wrist, his eyes raging as he suddenly flips me around and takes a step forward, slamming my hands down onto the edge of the bath and effectively bending me over, “I’m curious, Luv,” he growls from behind as he holds me down, “What will you do now?”

“I don’t know...” I whisper back, looking at my reflection in the opposing mirror, I am able to catch Sylvan’s gaze without looking over my shoulder, “...what shall I do...” I slowly push my ass out, bending over further until I feel his length rubbing between my ass cheeks, “...tease you until you give in and fuck me as I demand?” I ask, laughing myself when I see Thaddeus gawk and Sylvan pause, before he replies, his face utterly shocked as he realises I’m provoking him on purpose.

“You truly are a brat,” Sylvan releases my hands and leans up, keeping a hand on my neck to keep me bent over, “...I’m curious, princess, do you get your attitude from your father or your mother?”

“Does it matter?” I ask, rubbing my ass against him further, I feel him line up his cock with my entrance until I dramatically pull away before he can slide it in, “...missed... you’re quite slow for a leading bre- oh!” I cry out as he grabs my hips and easily pulls me back, sliding a quarter of his length right into me as he lines up perfectly.

The sudden entry takes me by surprise and just how much my pussy stretches... it makes me pause in my teasing.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


Something told me I might become mindless if he thrust the rest of that inside me... and then proceeded to fuck me.


I had to retain my dignity. I wasn’t going to be a slobbering, mindless mess that easily.

"Finally,” I hiss back at him and glare as Sylvan simply relaxes back, watching me mockingly as he doesn’t thrust in, but he pulls my hips back a little further. Thaddeus, all the while, simply watches on while blinking rapidly to work out what my aim was.

“I’ll take that as a please fuck me, Sylvan,” Sylvan growls as he pulls my hips a tiny inch more backwards. Surely he was only half way in... and I felt full already.

I’m not sure if I can take more of it.

“Did I say that? No,” I snap back, feeling myself suddenly tense up. I let out a whimper when he edges in a little more.

“If you don’t want it,” Sylvan murmurs, as Thaddeus hops out of the bath and runs a hand gently through my hair, to see if my mouth will position well with his cock where my head is at and to his delight, it does, “...why don’t you use your Dragon Lord Slayer power and save yourself of this dreadful fate?”

“Or,” Thaddeus growls at Sylvan, “She can just take both our cocks and we can make her whimper some more?” Thaddeus pats my cheek, waiting for me to open my mouth for his cock.

Sylvan is almost all the way inside me and I let out a trembled exhale as I feel him lean over me and his hand suddenly curls in my shortened black length of hair, jerking my head back so I have to arch my spine while also gazing into Thaddeus’ dark amber eyes.

“Last chance, sweetheart,” Sylvan warns me and I know he is moments away from fucking me.

The arrogance in his tone has returned and even Thaddeus, after patting my cheek, watches me with eagerness as he hopes I do as he suggests... and it consequentially brings back a flood of memories.

Of them trying to strip my identity.

Claiming me with words in front of the whole entire Requiem Horde.

Their eyes now.

Their tones.


Which was fine... except for one thing.

I grit my teeth as I think about it.

I wanted my revenge.

And I was going to get it.

So, as difficult as it is...

...I close my eyes and let the words come to me.

Asking for it after experiencing it once, makes it easier the second time. I had followed Madeline’s words.

But this time a strange new power floods me. Something from the other world, which mixes and understands my intentions.

It was time to open my mouth, for a different reason... and show them my own power.

Everyone knew theirs.

And they were about to find out my own.

Something makes it hard to see

Something makes it hard to be

I won’t let you into my dreams

But you will fall down to your knees

You fill me with a warmth to know

You’re finding things

And I am finding more than just hope

I find with my few drawn out words... that is when I feel Sylvan’s grip slacken.

Thaddeus drops to his knees and falls to his side, his eyes rolling back into his head.

The water ripples around me as Sylvan falls back into the steaming water.

I stand up, my blood boiling with potency of stolen Dragon magic.

However, I slip out of the water calmly and I go for the tiny enclaved cupboard where I find some cloth robes. I pull one out and wrap it around me. I see Sylvan in the water, possibly going to drown.

But I wasn’t going to kill them.

So, I raise a hand and I watch as slithers of smoke seem to fly back into them from my hand. Perhaps it was their very souls.

All I know is it doesn’t look like much but it’s powerful, regardless.

Because, within a few moments of silence, as the power slides back into them and I slip past them, I hear water splashing and Thaddeus gasping and jumping back up to his feet, his hands in his hair as he looks around, confused.

“What the fuck?” Thaddeus asks, bedazzled as he looks around. He meets my gaze and quickly works out what happened. He narrows his dark amber eyes and I then flick my gaze to Sylvan. He is standing, his hair drenched and flat with water. The water dribbles off him as he watches me, eyes blazing with questions coupled with rage.

“Goodnight,” I smile at both of them and waltz out of the room, heading over to the second four poster bed, I climb on top, pull back the covers and slide off my robe to settle into the sheets, comfortable and naked.

They could share the second bed together.

And I’m sure they’d think twice before they tried to rip away my identity and strength again.

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