Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 29

I walk through the forest naked, thinking of my interaction with Shai. The mysterious blue birds she transformed into were gone and the forest was quiet. There was also, however, an unnerving fog about the tree tops. I walk below it over the mossy, soft forest floor, rejoicing in the few moments of alone time I’d have for today.

I was aiming on alerting my parents that the war was fast approaching soon. And that we had two options. Slavery or an eternity in stone. So I walk, thinking of this... but that truely isn’t all.

I also have a gut feeling, a strange, knowing sense... I could only liken it to instinct and strong intuition, making my chest burn as I wander this part of the forest. I continue walking as the feeling consumes me. Every step I take, my chest feels tighter.

Until I slowly stand in a circle of six trees, coming to a halt and breathing in the chilly morning air.

The air around here was distorted, like a mirage. An unsuspecting eye would suggest it was just a trick of the fog. However, it was clearly something else.

It was magic.

Dragon Lord Magic; calling to my senses.

The hairs on the back of my neck stand right up on end and I spin so fast, I almost topple over.

I gasp when I see two figures behind me. Rawk and Zoraul; the Silver Tempest Breeds from the Lost Horde... allies to the Dusk Horde. They are not in Dragon form. They are standing together as humans, wearing freshly made black leather pants.

I decide to speak first while their shared golden eyes appraise my naked body. The foreign twins both had shared looks of recognition on their faces. They knew who I was.

“You both know how to move quickly... literally without a sound,” I speak first as I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes as Rawk steps forward first. His black scar across his face cuts down the middle of his forehead and across his nose and cheek. It is safe to say it is a more handsome scar on his Dragon Form. It is far more savage and hardly uniform across his human face. Rawk’s burnt silver hair is also wild behind him, while his brother Zoraul, has his lighter silver hair tied back.

“I’ve always wanted to meet a Rogue,” Rawk looks down his nose at me in disgust as his eyes flicker, as if he is reading my soul, “... it is not surprising that your aura reeks of trouble.”

“Princess Luvenia,” Zoraul speaks next as he hangs back, “Would you be so kind as to let us smell you?”

“I am claimed by the Twin Leading Breeds from the Horde of Fortune,” as I speak, I simply stand still as Rawk raises his hand and clasps my mouth shut.

He literally shuts my mouth for me.

“We don’t care for empty words, but reassurance,” Rawk seems to be confused as I step back out of his hold on my mouth, to then looking utterly offended as well...

I wait for them to register that I am angry that he shut me up with a hand over my mouth.

But, Rawk still looks totally baffled. Zoraul equally so.

Zoraul reads me next with his Silver Breed powers of extreme empathy, and he seems to read my thoughts, as he responds to them.

“Submission of other Dragons is simply natural to Twin Leading Breeds, even Dragons labelled as princesses, should submit,” Zoraul murmurs, “but you do not... you must hold more power than a simple half-blood.”

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to tell them about my new power.

“You do realise it’s not normal to just put your hand on my mouth, right?” I ask Rawk while ignoring Zoraul, “Just because you’re both as tall as giants, doesn’t mean all will submit. Life isn’t that predictable.”

“Our pheromones are designed to dominant all those around us, yet you stand there speaking to us like we need to be educated?” Rawk asks, still confused, “Perhaps... we can make a trade, instead.”

“...sure,” I murmur, not sure where this is going until Rawk takes my reluctant ‘sure’ as a sign to literally haul me into the air. By that, I mean he grabs my arm and swings me high up off the ground. I can’t even fathom the strength in one arm as I end up being slammed against a tree trunk. My palms grab two branches in shock while Rawk grabs my ankles and spreads my legs, pulling me down towards his face.

I’m speechless as I blush a bright red... when I feel a nose between my butt cheeks and a forehead against my ass.

I feel hot air breathe over my very and extremely private nether regions.

I only remember to gasp in a breath as a moment later, I am falling back to the ground, with a steadying hand on my shoulder.

“Thank you,” Rawk growls his approval and steps back while he shakes his head at Zoraul, “Not ours, brother.”

I face the tree, gaining my wits back to me as I breathe, while my shock quickly turns to absolute fury.

What the fuck kind of Cave Dragons were these Silver breeds?

I inhale and curl my fists, right before I spin, raising my leg and foot high into the air in a wide arch. I don’t care that I am naked, especially when my foot connects with Rawk’s oesophagus and he can’t breathe.

“You idiot! You weren’t meant to be the first head between my legs!” I snarl and launch at him while he is off guard. I head butt Rawk’s chin while my fist collides with his groin, “Fuck you!”

“Princess!” I’m jerked off a moment later as Zoraul quickly jumps to his brother’s rescue by locking me in a head lock and hauling me off him, “Princess... please... calm down.”

“Fuck off!” I try to elbow Zoraul but he doesn’t let me go. In the mean time, as I struggle wildly, Rawk tries to pretend my killer blows don’t hurt him as much as they actually do.

“Congratulations,” Rawk eyes me down as he straightens his back and pretends to be unshaken, “You’re the first female to attempt to lay a hand on me in violence... and you actually succeeded,” Rawk hisses this through his teeth before adding to his brother, “But there is something she’s not telling us,” Rawk growls huskily while he tries to retain his composure, “...′half blood’... what is your Gift from the Sprites?”

“The first female fist to hammer your balls,” I whisper, “That’s my Gift from the Sprites,” I look up to Zoraul, growling in my throat, “Unhand me! You brute!” I yell the last insult and Zoraul sighs and reluctantly lets me go.

Rawk’s eyes widen at his brother, in disapproval, but it is well founded, because now that I am free, I launch at Rawk again.

My anger is still flowing through me.

For years I had imagined Thaddeus and Sylvan between my legs.

Now some random Twin Leading Breed I had never met before, had taken that special moment from me.

I manage to confuse Rawk, quickly ducking under his arm so I manage to slide up behind him and grab his mane of hair, pulling it as hard as I can.

"You stole that moment from me,” I snarl at him, even if he doesn’t understand, but it’s the last thing I see as Zoraul quickly slides up behind me, grabbing my wrists so tightly I have to release Rawk. In a flurry of Silver hair all around me, I close my eyes in the mess, only to open them when I’m trapped between two large bodies.

Rawk has me by the throat and an arm tight around my waist as I face him, while at my back Zoraul holds my elbows steady, his humongous thighs trapping my legs against Rawk.

“Disrespectful brat,” Rawk snarls, “We’ll have to teach you a lesson in respect. You’re feral.”

“I’m a princess with a temper, cock head, so don’t fuck with me,” I smile evily and raise my chin... only to spit in his eye.

I don’t think Rawk sees that coming either.

But Rawk can’t react as the saliva runs down his cheek and Zoraul tightens his hold on me.

There is simply no time for them to defend themselves this time.

Because, this time, many branches crunch and trunks snap as two humongous Dragon forms, demolish the forest around us to land with resounding, vibrating thumps. The ground trembles with their landing while the blue and bluer heads hover literally inches from Rawk, Zoarul and I.

My mates both growl out extreme hot air over us, blowing all our hair back. Their throats rumble so low I’d go as far to say they were about to kill some stupid crazy fuckers...

...namely the Silver Breeds holding me.

I have simply never seen my mates so menacing as in this moment, as Rawk and Zoraul crush me between them.

And, this is hard to admit... but... even though I know Thaddeus and Sylvan are on my side, I don’t need them to burn the two arrogant Silvers to death if we needed them in the impending war.

Which is what a slither of logic tells me in the back of my brain behind the fresh fury.

It’s hard to keep my anger at bay, however, when Rawk smiles so wide and true, it’s like he can’t wait to fight my mates. No doubt, to test the levels of dominance in this side of town. Now, I can only roll my eyes in response to Rawk’s smile before I dare to meet the fury held in the amber gazes of both my mates.

I plead with my tone, which is hard to do because I wasn’t used to begging or pleading with anyone, “I swear. This is not what it looks like.”

I cringe just thinking about it... as what they were witnessing with their offended eyes, was the no.1 problem we’d all have to deal with first and foremost.

And I already knew.

This wasn’t going to be pretty.

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