Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 30

Naked in the arms of two rogue Twin Leading Breeds who have a death wish, certainly not what I expected to see this fine morning, princess, Sylvan growls through all our minds while Rawk and Zoraul slowly let me go, perhaps you’ve been rejecting our advances because you have been persuaded by two others?

As soon as I am free of the Silver Breeds, I swing around and raise my hand to slap Rawk as hard as I can.

I skip back a few steps to stand closer to my mates. I cross my arms over my naked breasts and then proceed to jump from foot to foot rapidly as I try to decide what set of twins to face.

“If your mates are as pathetically cultured as you are,” Rawk snarls at me after I’ve slapped him. He stands back with his hands raised, “I would enjoy testing their worth in a fight, I’m sure they have little or none if they really are your matches. You aren’t even branded by them... perhaps because you terrify them, princess.”

I gasp at Rawk’s accusation, how rude!

“...and how are you cultured? You’re just a brute!” I snarl back at him and in a mist of blue clouds, I am surrounded by my mates and touched by their magic as they appear in their solid human forms opposite Rawk and Zoraul a moment later.

“You don’t speak like Tempest Dragons,” Sylvan accuses the Silvers while I watch on nervously. Both my mates stand protectively in front of me, Sylvan eyeing Rawk and Thaddeus eyeing Zoraul.

“We are born under the Western Sun from the very portal between worlds,” Rawk and Zoraul’s images start to shimmer in unison with their shared mirage ability.

And then they are gone.

Zoraul disappears altogether while Rawk reappears behind Sylvan, pulling a hidden sharp pointed bone from the back of his pants, he grabs Slyvan’s midnight hair and presses the point of the bone into his throat, enough to almost break the skin, “...but we know the talents of the East just as well as any Silver Breed...” Rawk growls into Sylvan’s ear, while Sylvan stands in shock at the rare ability Rawk possesses.

Thaddeus spins to face us, while looking over his shoulder for Zoraul.

“...careful, brother,” Sylvan warns Thaddeus and I only get a glimpse of the sudden Dragon head, teeth bared and golden eyes watchful as Zoraul appears directly behind Thaddeus after he has turned back to face the three of us once again.

“Oh-!” I gasp as Thaddeus is literally slammed down into the dirt, at least a few inches under with the pressure of Zoraul’s claw. He lowers his head and sniffs Thaddeus’ hair before snorting in disgust. Dragon snot gets in Thad’s brilliant blue hair while he literally can’t move a muscle while compacted so far into the ground.

Rawk now takes the bone from Sylvan’s throat and shoves him forward.

“You do not possess our talents. You can’t even transform with your clothes still on your back,” Rawk laughs loudly for all of the forest creatures to hear of Thaddeus and Sylvan’s shame...

...I’m trying not to enjoy this so much as I put a hand to my mouth to keep in my chuckles.

Sylvan spins around and feels at his throat to double check he wasn’t cut, while his eyes skim to Thaddeus still squished into inches of dirt under Zoraul’s claw.

“We are pleased to make your acquaintances, princesses,” Rawk nods at Sylvan and then to Thaddeus and me, “We will be roaming these lands for as long as we need to, to find our mate. We will not be looking for a Horde to rule... yet...” Rawk winks at a infuriated Sylvan.

Sylvan, so gracious for words, seems stunned... until Thaddeus is released from Zoraul’s pressure and he rolls out of his ditch with dirt all over his front and face. He jumps up and brushes off the mess from his chest, legs, face... and... other... large... areas... heheh.

“You won’t be laughing, Luvenia... not at the end of this,” Sylvan growls without glancing at me while Rawk waits for Zoraul to transform by his side again, with his leather pants still in place with even his hair still tied back in the leather strap.

“I am simply an innocent witness to this... situation,” I hold up my hands from my naked breasts and prance backwards until I lean back into a tree and Rawk focuses his eyes on me for a moment.

“You are worthy...” Rawk growls quietly, “...of a good spanking. I’ve never met a female so disturbingly aggressive and obnoxious.”

“Look at her one more time,” Sylvan growls, husky enough to sound like his Dragon, “I promise you won’t have any eyes at the end of this fight.”

“There will be no fight. Let’s make haste,” Zoraul dismisses Sylvan and instead claps his twin on the shoulder, “The sun will be shining through the clouds soon. I can’t stand the glare.”

Rawk and Zoraul turn to leave and now I notice the tensions rise.

“Ready?” Thaddeus growls to Sylvan quietly, and Sylvan raises a brow and then nods.

Rawk and Zoraul pause at the exchange behind them.

A huge fight is about to happen... but I couldn’t forget Rawk’s promise of a trade.

“I’m sorry, but you will not leave yet!” I call out and I’m about to walk forward when I quickly turn around and grab two large leafs off a fern, ripping them aside to hold over my breasts and private downstairs area so Sylvan doesn’t lose his barbaric mind, “I was speaking to you, Rawk of the Lost Horde,” I step forward with my ferns while I see Sylvan roll his eyes and Thaddeus smirk at my flimsy coverings.

The Silver Breeds turn slowly, but they both look on at me impatiently and with apprehension.

“We agreed to a trade,” I step closer while raising my chin to the two Silvers, “You were granted permission to smell me. Now you must give me one thing in return.”

“Name it,” Rawk growls, hoping it will be quick, “I will happily provide you with discipline too, free of charge, if you’d desire a reform of your attitude.”

“Oh, how I wish I could disagree with you on that point,” Sylvan murmurs while hoping to provoke a reaction out of me.

It almost works, I feel my anger rise, but instead of snapping back at my mate, I purse my lips and focus on Rawk and Zoraul only.

“There is a war coming to these lands,” at my first statement, Rawk narrows his eyes while Zoraul automatically looks up to the fog Shai created as if connecting the two things in a bout of intuition, “You will fight for the Requiem Horde.”

“Do you even know what the meaning of a trade is?” Rawk asks, “Something of equal value. You can sniff my crotch if you like.”

I open my mouth to hurl out abuse, my patience lost, but I don’t have to. I watch, instead, as Thaddeus takes two threatening steps forward with Sylvan, about to engage... and I am actually hoping the fight does happen so Rawk and Zoraul can get their shiny asses kicked.

But nothing can be initiated.

Because there is a sudden and loud disturbance in the woods.

“...come back here!” I hear Amadahy in the distance and a rummaging of leaves before a naked purple headed girl covered in blood jumps out of the ferns behind me, laughing her head off.

“I am-” Minx skids to a stop, her eyes wide as she looks from me, to the princes, to the two infiltrators of the Requiem territory, “Vile metallic snakes!” she snarls as she glares at Rawk and Zoraul, “The bloody deaths of the silver kind will be mine,” Minx pushes past me, a ferocious look in her eye.

“No, Minx!” I jump in front of her and stop her progress, “They’re our f...fr...friends?” I try to sound convincing and Minx halts, taking a step back. She looks completely disgusted by what I have to say, “Put these ferns on.”

“No, princess, don’t be fooled, please,” Minx begs while I shove the ferns at her. She grabs them angrily with her bloody hands and rips them up, ”They deserve to die.”

“I’m so sorry!” Amadahy comes tumbling out of the bushes and grabs Minx by the elbow, pushing her behind her, “Stay! ... you silly little monster, stay, please - oh, Sky Gods, not you two again,” Amadahy couldn’t sound anymore irritated by Rawk and Zoraul’s presence.

But, the two Silver Breeds look shell shocked... into complete silence, and I didn’t understand.

I prod their minds, too curious to find out that -

- oh, Dragon Gods no.

No, no, no.

While everyone looks at each other in confusion and silence... and while Minx sulks into a bush and starts crying from Amadahy’s harsh tone... I break out into a grin and then I can’t stop laughing.

I laugh so hard, I fall to my knees, then to my side... and then I laugh even harder.

“...it’s not funny!” Minx cries out and throws a rock at me because she thinks I’m laughing at her tears. But that’s not why.

I just continue to I roll around and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Princess,” Amadahy coughs awkwardly into her hand, “...are you... ah... are you okay?”

“M-m....M-m-m...” I can’t get the word out, but then I suck in a breath, hold out my arms and stare up through the branches of the trees to the sky above, and I blurt out in a hiss, ”More than okay. Much more. Soo good. Oh my gosh!” I turn around and hit my fist into the dirt, crying with the overwhelming flood of happiness.

Karma was a bitch.

It was too good.

It was too funny.

“Are you okay, Luvenia?” Thaddeus growls out and he sounds genuinely pissed off about my crazy, random bout of laughter interrupting what was meant to be a fight.

I jump to my feet, quickly wipe my tears from my face and try to calm my trembled breaths.

“I’m fine,” I wheeze in another breath and clasp my hands behind my back as I start to waltz up to a stricken looking Rawk and a wide eyed Zoraul.

I don’t get far though, as Thaddeus grabs my arm and Sylvan grabs my other, dragging me back into their warm bodies instead.

“What the fuck is going on?” Sylvan growls to me, low and impatient.

“How old is the Fire-Spitter?” Rawk sounds like he wants to throw up and I just snort in another bout of laughter, which gets a glare off the distraught Silver.

“Thirteen,” Amadahy murmurs, quietly and she narrows her eyes as she glances between the Silvers and me and Minx suspiciously. Then she starts shaking her head, “No... no,” Amadahy murmurs while Thaddeus and Sylvan are left in the dust on what’s happening.

“I have jinxed our fate,” Rawk speaks in confusion and bewilderment to his twin, “...I have brought this upon us for mocking the princess of the Requiem Horde.”

“The Sprite spoke through Freezkol clearly, it said to wander Requiem lands for a head of storms, thunder and dawning. A purple you only see once if the moon is out in full. Purple. That riddle was for purple hair,” Zoraul guesses and Rawk gulps.

“Minx,” I call out to her as her crying turns to whimpers and she pulls apart another fern while sitting on her knees, hiding in the confines of a small bush. She snarls at me but doesn’t say anything, “...would you like to come out... and say hello to your two mates?”


I have never seen such a frightened, terrified look appear so quickly in a little girl’s eyes.

Sylvan and Thaddeus finally show looks of recognition.

Then, Minx scrambles to her feet, sprints back into the forest as fast as her little legs will take her while she squeals at the top of her lungs.

“Come back, Minx!” Amadahy pushes me aside and starts running after her pet while Rawk and Zoraul look at each other in confusion.

“No,” Rawk shrugs his shoulders, ”No.”

“We should calm her... at least,” Zoraul shrugs, “Come on, brother.”

“We should leave and come back in three years,” Rawk hisses quietly, sounding utterly terrified by this new turn of events.

“We will,” Zoraul nods, “But we must make sure she is okay. We can’t leave her like this. Screaming through the forest.”

"Fire-Spitter," Rawk growls, as if to make it more obvious.

“She will become mentally stable when she comes of age, you know this,” Zoraul grabs Rawk’s elbow, “We are going to calm her, let’s make haste.”

Rawk pauses, narrows his eyes into the forest and a frustrated growl leaves his throat as he tries to accept his fate. Then, he whacks his brother’s arm off his elbow and they both mirage and disappear into the forest.

Once here.

Now gone.

I turn slow, my lips pursed as I face my naked mates. Naked like me. Thaddeus is still covered in dirt. Sylvan just looks completely confused.

I do not speak, I simply wait for them to initiate the conversation first.

“...as hard as this is to say,” Sylvan coughs into his hand and looks a little sheepish, “...shall we put last night behind us... and this eventful morning... and would you like to hunt with us, for lunch?”

“I have already eaten,” I take a step back, “...and Thaddeus needs a wash... but... I would love to come. Since you asked so politely...” I grin and step forward, happy my lesson last night really did teach them to show me some more respect.

However, I happen to glance upwards, just for a moment up into the sudden strong rays of the sun above us.

Confused by the blinding light, I look up and see a wave of... of... forms. Dragons, maybe? Flying through the air.

Not many.

It was more like a trick of the eye.

At most, perhaps I saw... six?

And then the fog thickens with magic, it lifts high, to become clouds... and then the clouds block out the strong sun rays and instead a sombre, cold, dreary vibe descends upon the Requiem forest in a few seconds after the sun fades.

“What was that?” Sylvan looks up and so does Thaddeus but they missed what I saw, they only saw the blinding flash and the sudden overcast sky.

“There is a war coming... the war we’ve been waiting for,” I murmur, “...I think it may have just started.”

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