Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 33

Sylvan reaches for the back of my bra’s leather strap, but before I let him make any contact, I save myself the embarrassment of being forcefully stripped in front of Thaddeus, by misting instead. That way my clothes fall to the floor and I appear instantly naked... which makes their job of branding me easier, doesn’t it? Except for the fact I mist behind the four poster bed closer to the fireplace with the messed up sheets.

I think I am smart until I get a whiff of the scent from Thaddeus and Sylvan, wafting up from the covers of the bed they passed out on last night. Their pheromones mixed in with the sheets makes my heart beat a little faster.

I try to distract myself by looking up to see how both my mates have coped with my disappearing act.

Thaddeus is still swinging the branding stick casually by the fire, a large smirk on his face.

But Sylvan is gone.

He is no longer between the couches, or anywhere within sight, for that matter.

I learn my lesson when I feel my hair move, bunching around a tight fist before I’m shoved forward almost violently. The force is necessary to make me move because my spine is so stiff with my lingering nerves around the warmth in my belly.

Now, as my hands hit the bed sheets, I then have the shock factor reinforced when Sylvan’s hand smacks my ass - hard.

I gasp and try to push back up, multiple times, into his fist holding my hair.

“You were quick to mist after me!” I growl in complaint and try to fight back, but I only get my head forced right against the covers until my exposed and naked ass sticks right out to Sylvan. I feel a rod prodding my butt cheek, lifting and falling in little dick-pats, which just emphasises I’m completely stuck and at the mercy of Sylvan right behind me.

“Well, I’m not exactly in the mood to have you running away on me anymore,” Sylvan chuckles and his hot, beautiful long dick keeps lifting and touching my ass like it’s fucking a game, “And when I said cheek... did you even consider that maybe I meant your ass, before you assumed we had chosen your face and I played along with your instant anxiety?”

“Oh,” I stop struggling for a moment... because, that... I mean, my ass... honestly, wasn’t so bad a spot for my brand.

The ironic part was that Lex also had a brand on his ass from Jules. So, at least we’d be matching twins and could laugh about it, right?

“It’s final, brother,” Thaddeus stalks his way over and sounds more than content with my reaction. I wait for the warning or the right moment, but I can’t guess it. So, I’m shocked again, jerking forward as the brand presses against my right ass cheek, quickly and without hesitation.

I bite my lip, even though I know it can’t hurt. All I feel is a warm tingle... that soon turns into a hot, mountainous rush of... of everything.

I think I almost pass out as my body, for a fast second, loses touch with reality. I fall forward and Sylvan is so shocked that he releases my hair and I face plant into the bed. I quickly reach consciousness again, however, and I find myself crawling forward into the sheets, trying to fix the sudden itch all over my body with the feel of the material around me.

I turn around, exposing myself as I grit my teeth and close my eyes. I run my hands over my stomach and over my breasts, my legs rising and spreading, bending at the knees.

“Oow,” I moan the word and try to figure out what this reverse euphoria was, it was like rage and lust combined. It didn’t make sense and my body and mind were both in a state of confusion.

“It couldn’t have hurt,” Sylvan hisses at Thaddeus, who drops the branding stick after I’ve said ‘ow’ and they both mistake me.

Thaddeus pauses to reply, but eventually suggests, “I don’t think it hurt her, it’s something else.”

“Luv?” Sylvan asks me and I barely hear him as I try to sort through my overwhelming feelings.

“I f-feel so hot and cold and itchy all over,” I hiss it out as clearly as I can but it comes out in a pathetic gasp.

“What the fuck is wrong with her?” Sylvan sounds genuinely worried despite his use of the harsh language and when I glance at them, both their gazes are trained on my exposed pussy... but they are still confused because of my strange actions.

“What do you need to feel better?” Thaddeus asks and I focus my eyes on him, shockingly finding when his eyes connect with mine... the strange confusion of extreme feelings, level out to make a little more sense.

“The magic itch under my skin,” I whisper, suddenly realising, “I am so confused. I want to kill you. I want you to hold me. I want... I want... I... think, my bond is clashing with my ability to slay T-Twin Leading Breeds. I want to kill you, but I want to sleep with you too.”

“You’re lying back with your knees spread and your pussy exposed... are you sure you want to kill us?” Thaddeus asks with common sense while Sylvan looks seriously torn between wanting to laugh or be hysterical by my ridiculous statements.

Because my words, they did sound ridiculous, but it was the only sense I could make of how I was reacting.

I close my eyes again before the rage seems to feel me, the power I felt through singing, ignited within me at the new brand. Perhaps this would ultimately kill me? Perhaps this was a slow death. Incompatible destinies. Slayer. Lover.

“Nooo,” I moan to myself as I abruptly turn around into the covers and grab them to me, keeping my eyes squished shut as I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, “I can’t... how can I... I need... I’m cold...” I still my trembling body and reach my mate’s minds instead, please hold me, I’m cold, I need your warmth. The warmth from both your bodies.

I shake some more as I feel the bed indent and two pairs of warm hands grasp me to them.

For a shocking second I feel complete insanity take over my mind from their touches. My thoughts split and my feelings are a mess of confusion. I almost forget who I am, where I am and what I am... until the warmth encases me and I feel Thaddeus turn my front into his chest, where he grabs my chin and crushes his lips to mine.

All the while, I feel Sylvan’s dick now resting between my ass cheeks, his hands over my hips and resting on my stomach while he presses cruelly shaped lips to the nape of my neck, leaving light feathery and expert kisses to calm my ravaged, torn and once confused nerves.

Because now, very quickly and out of the blue, utter peace floods into me. My body stops trembling as my lips mould to Thaddeus and I relax into both their muscled and giant forms. Strength and protection consume the mind that experienced insanity for a split second too long.

“Let us see,” Sylvan growls the words in my ear, before placing his lips in a kiss over that too, to warm it.

I know what he asks for and as Thaddeus’s hand grips my breast and cups my neck in a feigned choke hold, to control my body for me... I open my mind, to both of them. I open my mental channels, usually so protected and firm, to allow them access to my darkest thoughts and the feeling I just experienced.

I feel Thaddeus’ hand tighten on my neck slightly as he pulls away. My eyes open and my gaze asks him why he released me from the saving kiss... until I see that his eyes are clouded because he is reading my experience.

“Too long,” Thaddeus murmurs the words as he opens his eyes, narrowing them at me, “You felt pain from the self rejection you put yourself under to avoid your mates... Sylvan and I. You hurt yourself... so bad... your brain literally couldn’t work out whether to back up into your Slayer instincts... or your Mating instincts... do you understand, Luv? You refused to release yourself over to our bond and caused your whole body and mind to nearly shut down,” I nod slightly and feel my bottom lip tremble as tears flood to my eyes.

The type of tears that come to you after you bottle something up, for years.

A tear slides down my cheek and Thaddeus instantly raises his hand from my neck to wipe away the moisture.

“Like rejecting the Sprite’s gift, to you, two Twin Leading Breeds as mates,” Sylvan shuffles a bit closer until my whole back is heated by his naked body while I also move my naked leg through the middle of Thaddeus’ leather clad thighs while gazing into his knowing and comforting cobalt gaze, “Luv,” Sylvan adds again from behind me, “You wholly accepted your Slayer abilities when you realised them. But you rejected us so strongly, that when the brand finalised our connection... you almost died. Thad... she literally almost killed herself.”

"Don’t scare her further, she’s crying,” Thaddeus growls strongly in defence of me and he glares at Sylvan, “My kiss saved her.”

“Sure, tell yourself that,” Sylvan growls while he pulls me tighter back against him. Thaddeus has to shuffle closer and glare over my head to his twin.

“Are you going to argue with me or fuck her? She needs comforting,” Thaddeus sounds angry my full claiming hasn’t been achieved yet, “I will not have her die on us just yet if her mind starts to shut down again, slide your cock inside her, quickly.”

“Well, I do have the better angle,” Sylvan sounds far too smug and I have more tears rolling down my face as I clutch onto Thaddeus and wrap my arms around him, resting my cheek on his chest.

Wait, I whisper through both their minds just as I feel Sylvan slide his cock over my wet pussy and position it at the entrance, I need to say it, so I know I’ve said it, I always wanted you two but I was afraid of vulnerability. Now I understand that you will protect and love me, I was just confused and I never let anyone in. I couldn’t imagine two mates, loving me... not because I didn’t want you to... but because I truly didn’t see how anyone could ever love me. One of my greatest fears was that if you got to know me, you’d find you despised me as most people do... because I avoid everyone and never speak to anyone and can be a real bitch sometimes.

“Please forgive me for that,” I whisper into Thaddeus’ chest as my tears continue to fall out and Thad’s hand rests in my hair, cradling my head protectively.

“Excuse me if I sound insensitive,” Sylvan sounds far too smug again behind me as he whispers, hotly into my ear, “You were afraid of being a bitch to us, so you ironically were a bigger bitch than ever, but... darling... I’m about to slide my dick into your pussy, and I want you to know, you could try and stab me and I would still kill a thousand men to slide my shaft inside your sheath. To own Luvenia. The most beautiful princess in the world... and your attitude... it isn’t a turn off... it’s intriguing and just makes us want to own you completely, even more so... we do love you, Luv, we always will, so make sure you always remember that,” Sylvan’s words, first cruel and then kind and forgiving, seem to instantly make me even more moist and I push my ass against him.

Sylvan steadies me with a hand until he has full control over me and just as he starts pushing his cock into my pussy, to finally stretch me, I look up into Thaddeus through my tears and I’m relieved when he leans down and embraces my lips with his once more.

It’s exactly what I need.

I feel nothing but extreme pleasure pulse out of my womb as my insides are slowly stretched, and stretched... and stretched some more, by the hot rod penetrating me. I gasp into Thaddeus’ mouth when Sylvan finally shoves in the rest of the way and I feel completely full to the absolute brim.

I was finally filled.

“Snug fit,” Sylvan murmurs in approval and Thaddeus catches my mouth again, his tongue sliding into me and exploring my taste as our tongues dance together.

Eventually, I have to pull back from Thad as Sylvan starts to slowly pull out and push back in.

My tears are now gone and my cheeks are pink.

“Would you like the bed... sweety?” Thaddeus asks me gently with a raised brow. I nod and he kisses me one last time before he slides away from me.

And then the gentleness is gone. Sylvan flips me back onto my front into the covers and I feel him move with me, his cock still inside.

And then he pulls my hips back so he can kneel, to find a perfect angle...

...and then he thrusts, fast, long and deep until I can hear my wet pussy drenching him in fresh liquids.

I haven’t even cum yet and my pussy clenches, hard, down on Sylvan’s perfect cock with each thrust.

“Fucking hell... oh, shit,” Sylvan suddenly stops through my hard clenching, lodged to the hilt as he says, “Luvenia...” he warns me with menace, “Don’t do that. I nearly came already... and that would just be fucking embarrassing.”

Huh. Of course he’d blame me.

I just push my ass back into him and squeeze as hard as I can around him, while Sylvan hisses through his teeth.

But, it’s the perfect excuse to provoke Sylvan... into pounding me, fast and deep, and as hard as he can manage.

Which he does, very willingly and without further ado.

I revel in my bliss, my own climax rapidly approaching out of nowhere, so that I cum exactly as Sylvan does.

I languidly want to collapse in a heap as Sylvan pulls out... but I forget there is an instant round two. There would always be a round two from now on.

Sylvan effectively passes my hips to Thaddeus.

Slightly larger hands encase my hips, nice and tight and firm.

And then the cool air at my back side is quickly replaced with a new, very hot length.

The cock head prods me but Thaddeus just teases me, without pushing in further.

“No wonder you couldn’t take it,” Thaddeus whistles as he mocks his twin, who growls from somewhere behind.

“Shut up,” Sylvan growls.

Thaddeus eventually starts to push in, but it’s at an extremely slow pace and I think I might go insane again, but with a different type of insanity.

I moan loudly and try to push back but he holds me steady and still so I can’t move an inch backwards or forwards.

“One question, princess,” Thaddeus murmurs quietly and pauses, his cock only a quarter of the way inside me, “Do you want me rough or really rough on you? Answer me honestly.”

"Really rough,” I answer before his question is barely finished.

“I can do that,” Thaddeus slams into me, gyrating my body over his cock as I cry out into the sheets with extreme, prolonged pleasure.

I hold on for dear life as he then pulls out and slams back in. Over and over and over.

I lose track of time... of basic reality... as the second cock fills me to the brim and empties me... and then fills me... and then leaves... and then returns.

Over and over and over.

I’m full, I’m empty, I’m pounded hard and short, I’m pounded hard and long.

And no breaks, no intermediate slow periods. Just ridiculously fast paced fucking, his hips colliding with my ass...

...over and over and over.

Until I do cum twice, the same way as last time.

Except for one difference.

This time I pass out before Thaddeus’ cock even leaves my body.

And I know, subconsciously, that my slumber is bound to be the best I’ve had in years.

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