Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 36

Thaddeus and Sylvan escort me back up to guest room 12 and I follow willingly with a slight blush to my cheeks. What I had asked for was totally against what I had stood up for, for so long. But for some reason, it was an experience I craved. Also, I had this feeling that being controlled by them, totally and completely, wouldn’t be degrading but empowering.

I’d give my mates complete trust and they’d give me theres. Our bond would grow and strengthen and I would be pleasured thoroughly... as would they. It was a win win.

We slip through the door to guest room 12 and as the door clicks shut and I walk ahead of my mates -now wearing my leather clothes I had stored away in the bathing section before I swam- I stop mid way towards the beds and I close my eyes.

I breathe in our mingled scents that lingered in this room from last night and this time, instead of quickly misting out of my clothes, I decide to undress slowly while my mates were still briefly just behind me, to give them some extra inspiration.

They were silent and most probably communicating with each other personally to work out how to dominate me entirely.

So, I slip off my bra and run my hands through my shoulder length, ragged hair. Then I slip my hands into the top of my leather pants and I very slowly slide the material over my hips, exposing my brand before slipping the pants down the rest of my ass. I pause for a bit, bending over and pulling the leather down to my ankles.

By the time I step out and spin around, I collide with Thaddeus’ chest as his arms grab mine to hold me steady, so I can’t pull back.

He had just been about to grab my hips, but I arose too quickly.

I glance to Thad’s dark amber eyes and look over his shoulder briefly to try and find Sylvan’s lighter ones.

But Sylvan is not there.

“Where is he?” I ask Thaddeus, focusing in on him as his grip tightens on my elbows and he starts backing me up towards the bed.

“I’m openly glad I got to see that show all to myself,” Thaddeus drawls as he sits my ass down on the edge of the bed and then places my hands with his, over the top of his own leather pants, “If you will... Luv.”

I don’t respond as my mind tries to work out what Sylvan is retrieving.

I just selfishly hope he isn’t in trouble or had been potentially called aside by one of his warriors.

My hands run over Thaddeus’ hips and then over the warm leather, the heat increasing towards the very obvious bulge. I lick my lips and un do the button at the top before I jerk his leather pants down his hips.

“Dragon Gods,” I breathe a whispered sigh as I see his manhood release itself and hang heavy before me. Thaddeus steps out of his leather pants and I place two hands under his hot length, raising the tip to leave a greedy kiss... I suckle the head as I do so... and I roll my eyes up... to catch my cobalt haired mate’s gaze.

His eyes are filled with a lustful fury at my teasing, even though it was just the beginning.

“I shouldn’t have cut your hair,” Thaddeus growls, in disgust at his own mistake, “I’ve missed out on the opportunity to wrap up the length around my fist and help your pretty mouth slide up and down my shaft...”

“So?” I growl, grabbing his thighs and digging my nails in as I open my mouth and take more of his cock over my tongue. I swirl around the head and down some of the shaft, loving the taste. I watch his gaze and his eyes are hooded as I suck along his length, exploring, but not too deep. I quickly pull up every time he thinks I am going to provide him with more pleasure.

As the frustration grows, I eventually try to shove as much of him as I can, deep into my mouth... before I abruptly pull off his hot length completely and smirk.

“What will you do?” I ask him, taunting him.

“Don’t make me,” Thaddeus clenches his fists, “You’re not ready -”

“To be completely filled up in every way? I’m the one here provoking you,” I dig my nails into his thighs harder and his eyes flash.

"Fine,” Thaddeus shrugs and a large hand of his reaches out and slides over the top of my hair. Sliding to the back... even though he can’t wrap my hair around his fist, he can still bunch it up. The tightness has my eyes closing in pleasure and my mouth opening to breathe through the release of even more happy and satisfied hormones.

I feel his cock slide into my mouth and I automatically open wider for the welcome invasion.

And he doesn’t hold back, he literally pulls my head forward... and keeps pulling it... until his cock hits the back of my throat and keeps descending.

I almost choke but he holds me there as my nails dig into his thighs deeper.

“You asked for it, princess,” Thaddeus holds me so deep, it’s almost unbearable until he abruptly pulls my head off.

I cough and splutter, which just makes Thaddeus even harder.

Then the door swings open and my gaze darts to Sylvan, who has kicked it open, while openly holding a gag... a collar... anda leash.

"What?" I gasp, “I was joking when I agreed to the gag and when I said collar I meant just the collar... not a lead as well!”

“Oh,” Sylvan opens his mouth in a feigned ‘o’ and shares a shocked look with Thad as he puts a hand over his heart, “The princess still thinks she has a say... how adorable is that?”

“Mighty adorable,” Thaddeus growls and I glare up at him.

"Mighty adorable...? Is that even a proper way to combine two verbs, you big brute?” I mock his attempt at smooth gracious talking like his brother and I manage to make Thaddeus look genuinely pissed off now.

He holds out a hand to his brother, who happily hands him the gag.

“Go for it,” Sylvan encourages Thaddeus as I slip further back on the bed, uselessly creating a few more inches of space.

“I’ll be happy when the bitch is gagged,” Thaddeus is suddenly ruthless with his words as he hops onto the bed and grabs my ankle before I try to slip away. He jerks me back so I slide under him and he sits on my stomach, while my hands automatically grab his knees.

“Really?” I ask, “Is it completely necessary...? Why can’t I just have the collar -” I gasp as Thad brings the rubber ball closer and presses it against my lips. He forces it between my teeth and I feel the rubber side wrap around my head. He lifts me easily to do it up, nice and snug. He then releases my head so it drops back down on the covers.

“Explain to her,” Thaddeus growls to Sylvan, “Why a leash is not just out of her control, but needed for her lessons in submission.”

“Oh, gladly,” Sylvan pretends to sound ultra excited as he sits on the edge of the bed after slipping off his pants. He passes the collar to Thaddeus while Sylvan spins the end of the chain leash, casually. I glare at him, waiting for an explanation, “You will wear the leash because we command it, as your future Dragon Lords, princess... don’t look so red in the face, it doesn’t suit your pale skin,” Sylvan leans in to mock me further with his sparkling eyes, while Thaddeus reaches under my neck and places the leather collar around me, securing it a little loose so it doesn’t completely choke me. A golden ring at the front of my neck, awaits a leash. Sylvan reaches over and clicks it into place, “Poor speechless Luv, I forgot to mention...” Thaddeus’s hands encase my breasts, kneading them as Sylvan leans down, leash tight and strained in his hand as he lifts my head up to test it, while pressing his lips to my ear, “Now that we’ve taken your virginity... we’re going to play with you... to our heart’s content. It was already the plan, even before you willingly kneeled to us.”

I bite into the hard rubber gag in retaliation, wanting so badly to speak, but only useless sounds come out of my throat.

Thaddeus chuckles and Sylvan kisses my cheek in his own moment of utter joy in my degradation.

Sylvan leans up and stands, and Thaddeus licks both his thumbs and lightly tickles my nipples with the coolness.

They peak and tingle, making me try to move... but it’s futile with a giant warrior’s body holding me down.

After Thaddeus watches me squirm to his heart’s content, he also climbs off me to stand by his twin.

My hands go to clasp my cold breasts, while Sylvan tugs harshly on the leash.

While I comfort my nipples, I abruptly have to rise and face both my mates. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, I am now directly before them standing with their erections close enough to touch. I narrow my eyes as Sylvan jerks me up to stand. I do so because I have no choice and blush harder, while a wetness runs to my womb. They both grab their cocks and hold them out to me, proposing I do something about their situation.

“Get on your knees,” Sylvan drawls.

I’m confused as I drop down to my knees, secretly glad I didn’t have to focus on standing when my knees were, admittedly, starting to feel weak.

Once I’m down before them, Sylvan’s hand on the leash, slowly tightens... as they both step backwards. I have to lean forward, to ease the tension around my neck... and then I have to crawl forward... but when I get the chance, I swiftly kneel again. When I glare up at my mates for taunting me, Sylvan and Thaddeus both stroke their cocks while I am conflicted about whether to stare at the engorged shafts... or into their smug faces.

I choose their cocks.

My mouth waters around the ball gag, imagining them sliding their cocks past my tongue.

While I take in my fill of the instruments of my eternal pleasure... Sylvan and Thaddeus both smugly take anotherstep backwards.

I crawl quickly forward and they share a knowing look... until they start backing up some more, until I am forced to crawl with them all the way towards the fire place. They warm their backsides with the fire, while Sylvan suddenly tugs me closer until literally no distance remains. Both their cocks brush either cheek of mine.

Tapping against my face, Sylvan hums to himself as he thinks.

“So many ways to torture our princess,” Sylvan murmurs aloud to Thaddeus, when this whole time they had been talking in their private mental link. A link I was too scared to try and break down... in case their shared thoughts were more than I could handle.

“Stroke our cocks, at the same time until we cum all over your face,” Thaddeus growls this and leans down to my trembling hands.

He passes my left hand to Sylvan’s grasp, and all at once, they both force my hands to grip around their shafts... and stroke.

They help me set up a rhythm... while my insides turn. The very full feeling of the gag... the hot lengths in either hand... the tightness at my throat from Sylvan’s firm hold on the leash... my position below them.

This type of submission was even further than some of my fantasies... and I happened to love it.

I am so wet, as I stroke them... I am sure I am leaking onto the ground. In fact, I know I am, because when I glance up at either mate while they watch me, their nostrils flare with my scent. I start to stroke them faster while my eyes become more pleading. Eventually I am so wet and so needy, my strokes slow from how much I over work my arms in trying to keep up the intensity.

So, they take over, and I watch in a moment of all consuming lust as they stroke their cocks for me, for a few seconds... before two streams of cum splatter across my naked tits.

They both aim it precisely so that their loads cover me together, warming me up and lifting their cum’s scent up to my nose.

“Fucking perfect, Luv,” Sylvan congratulates me while Thaddeus just narrows his eyes.

“Let’s fuck her, I’m far from done,” Thaddeus snatches the chain from Sylvan and drags me to my feet with my hair, before tugging me towards the bed, “Bend over, princess.”

At the edge, I slowly place my hands on the sheets... too slow. So, Thaddeus’ hand grips the nape of my neck and pushes me face down into the bed covers.

I moan when I feel a hard length, still just as hard as before.. prodding my entrance.

Thaddeus continues to hold the nape of my neck down as he slides inside my wet and aching pussy. As soon as he is in, his grip on my neck is released and I moan in complaint.

Because for some reason it had felt amazing.

But, it is a complaint wasted as the leash he holds is suddenly jerked backwards and I have to raise my head, gasping around the gag and wheezing in breaths through my nose as Thaddeus begins to pound into me while forcing my head up.

I watch Sylvan, in the midst of this, walking casually around the bed, catching my gaze and giving me a wink as he hops up, knees spread on the sheets so his hard dick is level with my mouth.

“You’ve been a good girl...” Sylvan releases the pressure of the snug fit from the gag by taking it off completely.

I jerk as Thaddeus pulls out and pounds back in, while I reach up a hand and feel my slightly sore jaw... for being open that long.

“A r-reward?” I gasp, hoping I am given my own release soon for letting them cum all over my tits.

“This is your reward,” Sylvan is irritated that I should ask, “Don’t talk... just suck and swallow, princess, that’s all your good for.”

“Asshole!” I gasp at this statement, through the pleasure... to find a spark of anger. But that just makes me part my lips for his cock, which quickly invades my mouth and plunges to the back of my throat.

I’m suddenly skewered by both of my mates. One cock pounding into my mouth, into my throat... and one pounding relentlessly into my pussy, while holding my head up nice and high and arching my back in the process.

“Don’t let her cum, how else will she learn to keep her mouth shut?” Sylvan snarls this at Thaddeus as they pound into me. My tongue stops sliding around Sylvan’s cock at his words and he stills deep inside me to lean down and growl from above, “You can cum when you beg us to let you cum. Do you understand, Luv?”

I suck his cock harder in retaliation and I find both their speeds suddenly increasing. Despite Sylvan’s words, my own pleasure is rising... it’s rising through their rough and hard pounding, my throat stretched... my pussy filled... and that climax is just around the corner.

It’s literally right there.

One more motion.

One more -

Then it’s gone.

There is no last needed motion.

They both choose to release early.

Cum spurts into my mouth and I almost gag as I don’t expect it. I try to swallow but I cough and fall off Sylvan’s cock, the leash is loosened as my cheek hits the bed and so does my hips. Thaddeus has released me and so has Sylvan.

I lie in a heap while I feel hot cum run out of my pussy, down my thighs, my breasts are sticking into the sheets with their first loads... and another load runs down and covers the inside of my throat.

But... I am yet to climax - and I almost feel insane because of it.

I shakily flip around onto my back to see both twins standing at the end of the bed, smirks on their faces.

“Thanks for your service,” Thaddeus growls, approvingly while mocking me at the same time, “I guess we can be off now... more warriors to advise and such.”

“Too right,” Sylvan agrees and they both turn to leave.

Which has my body moving all on it’s own.

“Wait,” I beg quietly as I slip off the bed, feeling filthy and completely covered as I not only drop to my knees but to my hands as well. The leash trails behind me as I crawl towards their halted feet. I stop by their feet and lean back on my bent toes and knees as I slip a hand over an ankle from both of my mates. I look up at both of them as they turn to face me, “Y-you horrible mates... w-wait,” I couldn’t help with the insult but they almost pull away to punish me. I instantly regret it and bow my head down, all the way, all the way to the ground... no... I didn’t want them to leave me like this... damn it! “I beg you,” I finally speak, want and need consuming me, “Don’t leave... take me again. Please. I can feel that your desire is still not satisfied... neither is mine. Help me find it. I’ll be good, I swear,” I stay down and bite my tongue.

I was going to regret this later.

But right now, I wanted to find my pleasure.

I had been so close. While stroking them and taking them afterwards.

I just wanted release, even just one would do.

I felt like I would die without it.

“Careful, Luv,” Sylvan mocks me as he grabs the end of my leash and I feel the tug I was waiting for, “...you’re starting to sound a little desperate. I read her thoughts, brother... did you hear them?”

“She wanted to come... five times... I believe?” Thaddeus pretends to play coy while Sylvan chuckles.

“What?” I gasp, timidly as Sylvan pulls me all the way back up to my feet, “F-five? How could I even survive... five times? One time feels like I’m exploding into a billion pieces-” Sylvan cuts me off.

“None or five times,” Sylvan jerks me close and he leans down until we are nose to nose, “So?”

“Just don’t leave,” I whisper, and his eyes flash and then focus on me with renewed lust, accepting my response.

“We’ll take that as a yes to the five times release we’ll be providing you with, princess,” Sylvan reaches forward and kisses my cheek again... a deceivingly sweet warning for what was to come next. He glances to Thad, “We’re going to need some chains. Our princess is going to be doing a lot of squirming.”

“I’ll be right back, Luv,” Thaddeus takes a step forward and also leans in, kissing my other cheek... and leaving me with Sylvan.

One moment of weakness for their shafts to fill me... to bring me a single release... and now I was going to be chained and tortured... until I lay screaming at least five times over.

Surely I wouldn’t know myself by the end of it.

And who knew they could be that cruel?

“Are you regretting your decision to beg?” Sylvan asks me, raising a brow, daring me to answer.


“Luv. Regret it all you like,” Sylvan tilts my chin up with a light hold from his hand as he comes into press his lips to mine as he murmurs against them, while holding my gaze, “I’ve been waiting five years to see you in chains, Luv. It’s just the first of many... many times... that my brother and I get to tease and play with our beautiful mate. Chained and bound and covered in our released need. Over and over and over. It’s in my Dragon’s blood to see you like this, for as long as you’re under our wings in this realm... in this universe... you’re ours and ours alone... we only wish we could cage you, too,” he consumes me in a kiss after his last, unexpected admission.

Within the kiss, new realisation floods me after hearing his growled and truth ridden words; baring his needs and Thaddeus’ needs... their base instincts.

And now I realise, as the kiss quickly becomes rougher and more consuming.

Thaddeus and Sylvan had been acting nice.

For a long time if not this whole time...

To get me into this situation.

Their true selves, their true breed... held back to draw me into a false sense of security because of my predisposed Rogue instincts.

But don’t get me wrong, I was relatively safe... but I’d never be safe from what they wanted to do to me.

Because they clearly desired a lot more from me than I had even imagined.

It is the first time I see it; even without their Horde... they were two true and fully grown Twin Leading Breeds.

And I had a feeling any pent up frustrations for the future... had a guaranteed release upon poor ole me.

But that thought just makes me even wetter.

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