Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 37

All my insides were burning with seed. So much cum. So much release. My pussy felt abused to the core as I lay shivering in chains. A chain was threaded through my ankles and a chain was woven between my wrists.

I could still taste them in my mouth... from the second last time they released inside me.

Now they lie, either side of me... snoring like the most unattractive brutes ever.

If only their faces and perfect bodies didn’t say otherwise.

They were so happy with themselves for their hard work, they had managed to make my chains loose... but they never fully released me before Sylvan nuzzled into my large breasts and passed out, while Thaddeus was drooling on the pillow next to me.

“Why did I agree to this?” I whisper, feeling seconds to sleep myself. I move my ankles and my wrists until I feel some slack, and then I release my hands first, wincing at the pain in my arms from being stretched above me for so long. I shove Sylvan’s head away from me into the blanket, and he is out cold to the point he doesn’t even flinch.

I sit up, bend over and free my ankles. I unclasp the leash from my collar and then I remove the collar too. Pushing it all to the end of the bed, I crawl out and jump to the floor, slipping into the bathroom and witnessing the clean tub, filled to the brim with ever changing and hot running spring mountain water.

I grab the edge, bend over and slip right into the water, sighing in my mind as I dip into the ceramic mini-pool.

Once I’m fully submerged, I hold my breath under water as I wriggle around and clean myself, the water flowing and helping me rid myself of my mate’s sticky ownership.

I think five hours had passed, as each time they had to cum, it took them longer than the last.

My head reaches the surface and I breath in fresh air, only to have my mind bombarded by a sudden onset of panic.

Princess, help me! Please!

The scream of help comes from Amadahy. I instantly mist and find my body pulled towards the echo of her call.

She was in such a state panic, a panic I never believed Amadahy could fall into.

I find myself misting down into the dungeons, where I see torches, humans and Dragons rallying around together... pushing Amadahy and Minx into seperate cells.

I mist into the shadows and watch, careful to take note of who was in the party of Requiem attendees. They were not from the Tempest Lands... they were residents of the Requiem mountains. This is why it shocks me even more... that instead of preparing for the war... they were turning on our own people.

“My children will die because of you,” someone cries, in sobs, while pointing to Amadahy. It’s a young father, who adds, “My children, my babes, my babes... all because of your kind. You brought them here.”

“I didn’t, I hate them as much as you do. I want to kill them as much as you do,” Amadahy tries to plead with them, while Minx holds the bars, her cheeks flushed and her teeth grinding.

“Kill. Kill,” Minx growls, but I’m not sure if she is agreeing with Amadahy or looking at the humans and Dragons in human forms, like they are a prospective breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“Explain this,” a tall Dragon with yellow hair, steps forward and scrolls out a piece of paper, declaring, “Due to holding my daughter, Princess Amadahy of the Tempest Lands, all the children of Requiem Lands will die first. Each babe will scream and each parent will mourn... before they themselves are slaughtered and fed to the Fire-Spitters, who will then rain down venomous fire upon the Dragons of Western territory. All will burn. All will die. Unless my daughter is returned to me in the battle field. Signed by Reigning Warlord Axeus of the Tempest Lands... Princess Amadahy, this isn’t the war coming. This is another war. Another. War. We don’t even have enough to hold off the impending strike of the Blood Raven’s army. Now we have a second army coming to these lands... because of you... we will all die.”

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” Minx grumbles under her breath and the crowd spit and turn to the purple headed mini beast, “You all believe lies. Axeus cares for nothing. Not you. Not her. Not me. No one. There is no second army. Lies. All lies. Stupid," she spits at the feet of the crowd and they all spit back.

“It isn’t a lie. It is truth,” The Dragon leading them snarls back, “Perhaps the Fire-Spitter spies you let out a few hours back, the ones that escaped, relayed the information that Amadahy was in our territory, to the War Lord who is her father? Perhaps they opened a portal and gave him the news immediately... perhaps they weren’t even from the Blood Raven’s army,” the yellow haired Dragon states this to both Minx and Amadahy, “Whatever the truth, you will both stay confined while we speak to Dragon Lord Hael. I suggest a sacrificed burning for good luck... playing fire with fire... a bit of blood magic may help us win this war,” the Dragon’s words get a roar of agreement from the crowd.

“Yes, come on, Lucky,” one Dragon with not so lustrous green hair, pats Lucky, the yellow haired Dragon, on the back, “Let’s inform the Dragon Lord. Quickly, we don’t have time.”

I hang back in the shadows as the crowd disappears up the dungeon’s steps.

I waltz out of the shadows, naked, as I didn’t have time to retrieve clothes, and I’m about to confront Amadahy and Minx... when I spot a familiar form.

“...you...left me...” I hear the choked up masculine tone and my spine crawls.

“Luvenia,” Amadahy couldn’t sound happier to see me.

“Princess, princess, princess, out! Out! Please,” Minx drops to her knees and begs me as I stand in the light of a fiery torch, raising a hand to silence Amadahy and Minx.

“Wait,” I whisper, turning to face the dungeon opposite them.

I see a ragged figure, in chains, a beard over grown and feet and wrists both bloody and infected from blisters... from pulling.

I can’t believe my eyes.

It was Roi.

“I...was a mouse...” I hear a choked laugh from him, “I was a... mouse... with her... you left, for your mates... you left... and left me and her... Althor captured me... you never came back.”

“A war started,” I turn to Roi and speak quickly, “I thought... when Shai escaped... that she would have come back to save you. I didn’t think that she would have left you. She loved you.”

“N-no... Blood Ravens can never... love... not even... mages...” Roi chuckles again and pulls on his cuffs, “I’m... nearly dead... you know... all the torture... hasn’t broken me... but it’ll kill me...”

“What’s in your head that Althor wants so badly?” I ask, feeling numb, “Five more years of torture...? I had no idea...”

“Yeah. Five years. One face comes to mind,” Roi hisses in a breath, “Princess Luvenia... having baths... eating... drinking whatever your heart desires... spoilt... stupid... I’ve wanted to kill you for awhile now. Come on. Let me... out. Let me... have at you.”

“Please, Roi, don’t say that... you sound like you’re sick, I have to get you a healer,” I whisper, feeling tremendous guilt and pain for what had happened.

“Leave him,” Amadahy hisses, “Can’t you tell he sounds crazy?”

Roi laughs, whole heartedly.

“What?” he spits, “Because I know... you? I saw you... as a babe... I know you... princess... haha... haha!” he coughs and splutters while I hear Amadhy shake her bars.

“What?” Amadahy asks a little desperately, new shock evident in her tone as one of her suspicions is confirmed.

“Don’t bother... trying to dig into her mind... it’s cut out... it’s all cut out,” Roi whispers to me, “Shadow. Assassin. She was a princess Shadow Assassin. Not a real princess. In a temple... for them... to train... and plan... why do you think... she has... a... B-Bellum Minima Dominus with her? She b-brought the army here.”

“The war started before she came here,” I butt in.

“She’s a good... l-liar... only accepted to come here... to kill... but then... fell... in love?” Roi guesses this hysterically and Amadahy shakes the bars some more.

“Shut up,” Amadahy drops to her knees, tears running down a face that never cried.

“No,” Minx gasps and glances at Amadahy, her hand at her mouth, “You said... friends... you said friends,” Minx points at Amadahy, still gobsmacked, “You said friends here. You lied? You lied to me...?” Minx starts sobbing while Roi laughs.

I am just confused while I try to comprehend what the hell is being said.

I turn to Amadahy and I see the truth in her gaze... her tears... the shake of her head.

Roi was apparently telling the truth and I could barely wrap my mind around it.

“Please,” Amadahy whispers, “Please, Luv, don’t tell anyone. They’ll kill me... and it’ll kill Ethne. She’s my mate.”

“I know she is,” I murmur, backing away from the dungeons as my mind runs fast.

“Where are you going?” Amadahy asks me, “Where? I swear I am your ally. Where Ethne’s heart lies... so does mine. It is my way.”

“I’m finding a healer for Roi,” I explain as I walk away, “And I’m not telling anyone... but I’m going to tell Ethne, she deserves the truth,” but then another thought occurs to me, ”Amadahy...” I halt and turn to her one last time, “Did you... at all... relay information to the Tempest Lands about the Requiem Horde?”

“I erased my memories with a potion three years ago,” Amadahy answers, “...but I can’t lie... I probably did.”

“Is that how the Shadow Assassins got in?” I ask, snapping the question, “They nearly killed my father... Lochness.”

“Yes,” Amadahy nods, “I’m sorry... but yes, I think they knew the mountain because of me.”

“So you are the reason it’ll be a surprise attack?” I turn to her, enlightened but not sure what to feel, “We’re preparing for them to arrive outside. But they’ll attack the interior... because they know the halls... the corridors... the caverns. Don’t they?”

Amadahy shrugs.

“Possibly,” she sounds defeated, “...possibly.”

“When do you think the war will truly begin?” I ask, neutrally.

“Think of the worst case scenario, one you’d never believe could happen... that’s how they work, Luv. They’ll strike you, where it hurts the most,” Amadahy is brutally honest.

Her words haunt me... because they make me realise.

They had nearly killed my father for a reason.

They had tried to kill a third of the leading figures to kill the other two parts that were connected through a bond.

But, who was more vulnerable than Hael and Lochness?


She was the one in the greatest danger.

A sick dread fills my gut.

And I know...

...this is just the beginning of more nasty surprises.

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