Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 43

The flight is morbid with a torrential downpour of rain most of the flight to their home territory. The rain clears of the desert and the Canyon of Gold Dust is as dry as ever. I dry up in the sun but my dress is still damp as I swoop down into a valley crawling with happy humans.

The humans ignore me as I land and dress into my damp black dress, which had a black belt and black feathers around the hem plus it was tight all over. I would feel super sexy in this - and hopefully I could seduce my mates into complacency. After the war was over the last thing I wanted was another fight.

I buckle up my belt as a family of humans come walking up to me with smiles on.

“Excuse me, are you their princess?” the woman asks, “Princess Luvenia?” I nod and then all her family drop to their knees, “You are our queen now - Queen Luvenia.”

“Our beloved queen, so beautiful!” the two children exclaim, while the father bows his head in respect.

“Oh, uh... um, it’s okay, you don’t have to kneel,” I smile and wait for them to stand. When I reach out to read their thoughts, they are genuine.

The mother was thinking, Luvenia seems to be a kind Queen. The father was thinking like wise, while the kids were wondering of my beauty.

“If you were not taken, miss, I would marry you!” the young boy exclaims.

“Um, thanks...” I smile nervously and then try to think of something more normal to say, “Could you direct me to my mates? I am trying to find them.” Without contacting them and facing their wrath or anger or frustration or whatever was their problem with me now.

“This way, to the grand hall!” The mother exclaims, “Follow us and we will show you how far the beautiful the architecture of this place extends. My family have been helping maintain the art and the engravings for years. Please, it’d be our pleasure for you to follow us.”

They don’t take me to the secret forest that lived inside one of the large caverns in the canyon - but to the left side of the canyon instead.

I follow them while other humans awe at my arrival as they soon work out who I am.

“We appreciate that Althor is gone,” the father explains to me, “He did us no favours and we had tight curfews for years. Now our freedom is restored with the return of our true Dragon Lords, Thaddeus and Sylvan. Tonight, everyone is preparing for a celebration to formally reunite.”

“And my mates? What do they do in the grand hall?” I enquire.

“They are being acquainted by the Horde of Fortune’s council. Many Dragons of wise knowledge will advise them and protect them to the end - if they don’t live forever, that is,” the mother happily explains.

The kind family then take me to the grand hall through corridors of stone. Eventually the corridors widen and then expand into the main caves of the infamous canyon - rich in treasures and natural gold.

One such corridor has gold plated flooring that is soft on the soles of the feet while you walk across it. At the end are two large solid iron doors - closed shut and guarded by two blue haired Dragons in human form. They are not my mates. They appear to be older Dragons, with an older fashion of clothing. Their hair was tied in leather bounds and their clothes were those of warriors. Many feathers, even blue make up adorned their cheeks.

“What a beautiful queen,” one drawls as the other winks at me.

“How do you know I am Luvenia?” I ask as I stop before them with my hands on my hips and an eyebrow raised.

“Your mates entered proclaiming they were mated to the most beautiful woman of this realm,” the first one explains.

“They are waiting for you,” the other adds.

“Lovely,” I turn to the family, to thank them, but they have already scuttled off.

When I turn back to the Dragons guarding the huge iron doors, they are unbolting the iron and opening the entrance to the grand hall.

As the doors spread, my eyes widen with the architecture and grand vastness of the inside of this ‘hall’. Hall was the wrong word. Cavern was the wrong word. But... spectacle, seemed to be more appropriate.

While the floor was tiled with artist painted murals of war and sacrifice and treasure - pillars of carved stone telling stories of centuries past, rose to the ceiling. The ceiling... which was high enough for a couple of Dragons to fly around easily.

The chamber was large enough and empty enough for possibly the whole Horde to reside in here. In Dragon form.

Which is what I witness now.

At the end of the smooth flooring, are two large blue Dragons, young and in their prime. Wearing crowns - for their Dragon heads. Encrusted in jewels of sapphire.

Before them are twenty or more so Dragons, old, fearsome and massive. They stand or sit in a circle, speaking with their new Dragon Lords.

A silence ascends as I take my few first steps forward and I glance behind me as the iron doors are closed once more and bolted shut.

Peace to the Queen, a female voice, kind and soft, filters through all our minds, including my own.

A stunning queen she is, a kind male voice also adds... while the other Dragons look on suspiciously, no doubt wanting me to prove my worth.

“I assure you all I am far more than just a pretty face,” I snap out, my patience thin as my eyes find Sylvan and Thaddeus, “And I am far more worthy of a praise than simple peace. I killed a murderer and imposter. I helped stop a war and then in thanks I had my mates run off back home - without telling me. Why?” I glare at both of them.

While Thaddeus falls to his arrogant side, relaxing with a swish of his tail and half closed Dragon eyes - Sylvan chooses to waltz forward.

So aggressive, Sylvan mocks me as his Dragon council part ways and he stalks forward with the ridiculous crown on the top of his scaled head, Why? We are grateful for your presence.

“Lex said,” I start off loudly but then drop my tone as I hiss, ”Lex said you were both angry that I killed Althor in your rightful place as his avenger.”

Clearly, Lex said what he thought would be funny, in order to manipulate his twin sister into a needless fight with her mates,Sylvan answers slyly, we returned quickly to our home, to regain order. Once we realised the stone curse was lifted - we had no choice but to act quickly. We saw you defeat Althor but we had no time to bring you with us.

“I can fly, or did you forget because you’re an idiot?” I snap.

Yes, you can fly, Luvenia. Slowly. For the speed we had in mind, we could not inform you of our sudden departure and our thoughts were otherwise occupied in returning to our Horde whom may have needed immediate assistance, Sylvan mocks me with his tone, even while he further explains himself.

“I am your Queen,” I counter, “I am your mate. I was in a battle to the death and you both just left? No reason is enough for me to understand why you didn’t even tell me of your departure.”

I like your pretty dress, Sylvan changes the subject and I feel the humour seeping out of the Dragons behind him and in front of me. Of course, as Amadahy said, they’d love a young love blossoming. They’d find our banter amusing, no doubt.

Can the Queen shut up now? Thaddeus interjects, Please?

“I wore a pretty dress for myself,” I snap dismissively, “Don’t change the subject, either of you.”

As your Dragon Lord I would require you to stop talking now, my sweet love, Sylvan is harsh at first and is mocking in the way he politely ends the request.

“As a Queen, I prefer to speak with the voice box I was granted at birth, so if you’ll excuse me...” I ignore Sylvan and storm around him, heading towards Thaddeus, “Hey! Second ass hole mate of mine, what is your explanation for leaving me behind in the Requiem Mountains?” I snap, not caring if the other Dragon’s disapprove.

I would not be seen as a weak mate.

Slow, Thaddeus answers, like a pidgeon. We have bigger wings.

“Oh, shut up, admit you’re both horrible. A war just ended and you both left without a word,” I stop before Thaddeus and he lowers his snout to my level, so his larger amber eyes watch mine.

You’re annoying me, go away, Thaddeus uses an authoritative tone but I can tell he is just enjoying being a Dragon Lord a little too much.

Careful, she’ll cut your balls off, Sylvan pretends to sound scared as he comes back over, wraps his tail around me and throws me on his head, sit and be quiet while we negotiate, Luvenia.

“Negotiate what?” I ask, my legs dangling over the sides of his head, so I cross my legs under me and cross my arms over my chest. I was sitting behind his large gold crown of encrusted sapphires. I didn’t mind being this high up since my Dragon form would be dwarfed by all others in this grand hall, “Food? Because I’m hungry. And thirsty.”

A feast will soon be served, a scared Dragon with gold hued scales that were fading to bronze, steps forward and grins at me, you are a funny queen, we like you.

“I like respect,” as soon as the words fall out of my mouth, both my mates connect to my mind privately - and they both have the same thoughts.

Not in bed, they both provoke me into a brilliant blush.

“Shut up,” I snap back and then Dragon after Dragon introduces themselves. The faded gold is Soldjur, easy to remember, while the others all have names I am bound to forget. There’s a Nax and I think a Froll and then a bunch of other strange old Dragon names I have never heard of before. More than half had come from the Tempest Lands - so their origins were different to what I was used to.

Back to the negotiation of slaves, Thaddeus eventually returns to their previous conversation I had missed out on, we would prefer we pay them to work to be loyal.

I sadly agree, Sylvan drawls, quietly.

“Oh,” I am positively happy about that and I find it unexpected.

We can arrange such a thing, but we must trade to replace the gold we give them, Soldjur advises obviously, now should we discuss our places once more? We all had occupations we would like to return to. We also had laws we would like to reinforce.

I sit while I listen to each Dragon advise Sylvan and Thaddeus, who are mostly silent and eager to learn.

Eventually, we all decide that they can return to their occupations. Some were advisors of slaves - now employed humans. Some were guards, some were warriors and some were interested in arts, crafts, drama and collection of shiny pretty things. I soon learn the Horde of Fortune is obsessed with treasures and collecting valuable items of wealth.

I am in need of a nap before the feast of reunion, Thaddeus yawns loudly while Sylvan lifts his head and I nearly fall off.

Funny, so am I, brother, Sylvan speaks with a suspicious tone.

I roll my eyes and then pass Thaddeus a knowing look while his Dragon eyes watch my dress like he wants to burn it right off me.

The bastard wasn’t tired at all.

“Good day,” I wave at our company that soon disperses, “It was nice meeting you all!”

Nice for you, I can’t say it was the same pleasure for them,Sylvan mocks me needlessly while Thaddeus mists to his human form.

Sylvan follows suit, so that I am falling in the air - and landing in his naked human arms. The breath is knocked out of me but I am, I admit, a little impressed by his trick. A smirk can’t be contained.

“She smiles, brother,” Sylvan smirks down at me and his amber eyes meet those of his amused cobalt haired twin.

“She does,” Thaddeus takes a step forward, his bushy blue hair a mess and in need of a wash.

“I think we should all retire to our rooms... undress... bathe... and... nap?” I raise both my eyebrows at each twin, while they share a knowing look and then communicate together, privately, “I don’t like it when you two do that!” I snap.

“Shh,” Sylvan brings his hand over my mouth and while I try to move, he just clamps his large hand over my chin as well and keeps my mouth shut, “Like a little lamb, you are, what a sweet Queen - so silent... so perfectly silent.”

Ha, ha, I snarl back at him through our mind connection.

“Did you hear that mocking witch laughing as if she expects to be heard?” Thaddeus decides to take on his brother’s humour.

“Nope,” Sylvan shrugs and then they both start walking with a determined stride - towards a spiralling stair case to the left of the grand hall, tucked away in a corner of rock.

The war is over and all you two can think about is bedding me again, I accuse them both - but they do not get offended.

“You have your duty as our mate and you’ll complete it without a fuss,” Sylvan releases his hand on my mouth but presses a finger against my lips, to trace the plumpness with a heated gaze, “Won’t you?”

“You’ll have to tie me up first,” I answer a little huskily while his finger slips into my mouth and I suck on it without thinking.

“And... I’m hard,” Thaddeus says bluntly, “Dragon Gods... damn you, Luvenia.”

“They praise me,” I slowly smirk, “I am a gifted creation. I can read any mind. I can slay Twin Leading Breeds. I can -”

“Fuck Twin Leading Breeds,” Sylvan interjects, “Pleasure them... maintain words to a minimum... and open your mouth and legs when ordered.”

“You can give up the Dragon Lord arrogance - or I’ll beat it out of you. Both of you,” I snarl, “I’m serious! Don’t ever talk to me like that in front of anyone.”

“No one is here, Luv. When that happens, you are nothing but our sex slave,” Thaddeus slyly looks my way as a betraying heat spreads to my womb.

“I... I...” I don’t have a response.

“She loves it, brother,” Sylvan mocks me and I seem to get wetter.

“Perhaps she’ll love our chamber more,” Thaddeus gets my curiosity sparking.

“A cage?” I ask, joking.

“No, just luxury like you’ve never seen, a bed like you’ve never seen... and two hard cocks like you’ve never seen,” Sylvan can’t help but laugh at his own humour and Thaddeus chuckles too.

“I’ve seen them,” I complain, “They’re nothing impressive -” a lie.

“Don’t worry, little Luv. You’re about to be blind... and deaf... and completely abused by our tiny cocks,” Sylvan replies, “You excited... Thaddeus?”

“I’m still hard - and impatient, let’s hurry our strides,” Thaddeus snaps back.

“You are a brute, and your brother is mean all the time,” I sigh, “I am cursed to be an angry Queen forever.”

“Not unless we pleasure you the right way,” Slyvan suggests.

“I have a few ideas,” Thaddeus reaches over while he strides ahead, to hold his hand over my cheek and run his thumb over my right cheek bone, “...and there’s an adorable blush... so sweet, Luvenia... on the inside. Your submission is something we hold dearly to our cocks.”

“I... I honestly thought you were about to say ‘hearts’, you really had me fooled for a moment there with your sweet words,” I admit quietly.

“Don’t worry Luvenia, our hearts belong to you... but you belong to our cocks,” Sylvan wins the argument with that line.

I can’t help but blush some more and then lose my ability to think of an appropriate response.

What can I say? They were horny and they were making me horny.

Dragon Gods damn these two blue headed brutes!

At least our deal was that my submission would stay behind closed doors... and hopefully it would remain that way.

Outside of privacy I was a respected warrior queen.

In privacy... however... I was anything but.

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