Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 44

I recline on a four poster bed, in a room covered in gold. This was Thad’s room - and I was naked and awaiting my Twin Leading Breed mates to return to me.

They told me to relax while they sorted out their plan to seduce me. In other words - they had gone to fetch supplies.

I breathe in the scent of the gold while I close my eyes and sink back into the silk covers. This cavern was large enough to be a grand master bedroom, yet it was sure to be one of many in this old and infamous Horde of Fortune.

I had never truley explored the Canyon of Gold Dust, but it was clear to me now that this place really was once a formidable place to wage war against. The Horde of Fortune was beyond rich, they were large in numbers and often interested in their isolation from others. They didn’t seek out war with others, in fact, they were the Horde between territories.

The Tempest Lands and the West Lands. It was like a neutral ground - but it was still fierce, strong and well re-known in all the land.

No one messed with the Horde of Fortune and the ancient Dragons that headed it up.

Now, they were all back - Thaddeus and Sylvan were now their Dragon Lords... and I... after all the drama and the end of a war - I was a Queen.

I certainly didn’t expect that to happen, yet it happened regardless.

I hadn’t even wished for such a thing to occur. I had always imagined myself to be a Rogue, away from others.

Instead, now I was bound to be embedded in a Horde that was both famous and fearsome.

At least I feel safe.

Everything feels right... except for one pesky thing.

The dynamic between myself and my mates.

I loved to submit to the twins in private - however - I was not going to tolerate a disrespect that could easily get out of hand with such young and egotistical Tempest Breeds that had mage blood mixed into their genes.

I therefore snap open my eyes the moment I hear my warrior mates entering the chamber once again.

I hear the clink of chains and as I slowly lean up on my elbows, I sigh and raise an eyebrow as I see the chains they both hold.


“Scared I’ll run off?” I ask in a whisper.

“Luvenia... you have an interesting history with your constant disappearing acts,” Sylvan points out, drawling while his eyes take in my legs, which I bend, so that my pussy is in full view of both their gazes.

“So eager...” Thaddeus mumurs, before grinning and catching my disapproving eye, “Why the scowl, sweety? We’ll be pleasuring you for hours.”

“Perhaps I’d prefer to nap,” I murmur back.

“Perhaps you’re crazy,” Sylvan winks and speaks mockingly before turning to his brother.

The moment his eyes glaze over, I force my way in with my magic, intruding on their private talk.

When shall we fuck her? Sylvan asks.

When she shuts up? Thaddeus shrugs.

Should we gag her?

Approved, but I’ll gag her with my cock - not a cloth, as Thad turns to me, I am slowly sitting up and clamping my knees together.

“No,” I growl, “I will not succumb to you both treating me like I am your toy - I am your Queen. I deserve respect. I will submit when you show me that you will not speak of me in such a manner.”

Both twins are speechless.

“Did we say you could eavesdrop on our private conversation...?” Sylvan asks, raising a brow, “Luv?”

“I will fuck you both to heaven and back when you lose the Dragon Lord attitudes. I liked it better when you were both just warriors. Now, you just sound like two high handed fools who’ve been Lords for little under four hours -” Thaddeus decides to cut me off.

“Hmmm... now you’re getting fucked in the ass... Luv,” Thaddeus growls, deadly serious as his dark amber eyes narrow, “Turn around - or we’ll make you.”

“A cock in her ass, a cock in her throat... sounds fitting,” Sylvan taps Thad on the shoulder while I glare at both of them, waiting for them to dare to approach me.

“I am worth more than chains and degradation. I am worth being praised as a worthy equal... just this once... try it. I’m warning you both, you better heed my words - or you won’t like the consequences,” I threaten them while bringing my knees to my chest, clasping my arms around my legs. I rest my chin on my knees, slowly smiling.

Both my mates narrow their eyes and look at one another - they can’t believe my disrespect - but neither could I tolerate theres.

“How about -” Thad starts, but Sylvan decides to cut off Thad, before Thad snaps out something harsh and cruel that will get them both into trouble.

“Hmmm... how about we’re gentle with you, this time?” Sylvan asks, changing tactic dramatically, “Is that a good compromise?”

“I’m impressed you’ve tried to meet me half way... it’s a pathetic offer but I’ll accept,” I shrug and hop up onto my knees, smirking when I see Sylvan’s eyes widen.

I slowly turn around and drop to my elbows, sticking my ass up high in the air as I shuffle to the end of the bed.

When there is a moment of confusion behind me, I roll my eyes.

“Can one of you fill me already?” I ask, looking over my shoulder.

“I don’t trust her,” Thaddeus growls as Sylvan hops forward, his cock already large and engorged.

“Gentle,” Sylvan grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them, sliding his hand down to my pussy to feel the slippery wetness. I smile and turn to face the pillows as he spreads the wetness to my second hole.

As I feel a finger enter my asshole - I pretend to hum a song... and Sylvan chuckles.

“Not this time, princess -”

"Queen,” I snap back, “Get it right, are you slow? I’m your equal now... even when I submit to you.”

“Aye. A fucking Queen.” Thaddeus snarls now, as he stands with Sylvan, he holds the chains, “A Queen with a new sense of entitlement, it seems.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Thad... I want you to love me - I also want to challenge you whenever I can because I can... because it’s fun.”

“You know what’s fun?” Sylvan asks, whispering to me as he slides his finger in and out of my asshole, “Watching you drip... hearing you moan... and seeing you struggle against chains that hold you in place as we own your body.”

“I -” I gasp as Sylvan eventually removes his finger... and instead he rubs his cock across my pussy, gathering the juices before he starts to prod it against my asshole.

“Shhh... little Rogue...” Sylvan grabs my hips, slowly pulling me back onto his cock as he pushes forward, “I’m only going to split you open, sweety.”

I clench the sheets and revel in a feeling of intense pleasure as his shaft fills my second hole, so tight and now so damn full. I whimper as Sylvan grips my hips cruelly, and I feel chains fall over my back... slip around my stomach... and back around into Thad’s careful hands.

When the chain is around my waist, Thaddeus passes the end of the chain to Sylvan.

“She’s all yours, brother,” Thaddeus growls in approval, “I’ll have her little throat.”

I glare up at Thad as he hops on the bed with his knees while Sylvan pulls me back right onto his shaft, filling me to the brim. While my cheeks blush a bright red, and the brand on my ass warms and throbs... Thaddeus grabs my chin. He positions my face before his cock and he opens my mouth with his fingers.

Before I can even prepare myself, his throbbing length is shoved into my mouth... and all the way down to the back of my throat.

I don’t have time to comprehend the fast progression as Sylvan thrusts me forward onto Thad’s cock.

As Thad pulls out, I fall back onto Sylvan’s shaft... and then I’m shoved forward onto Thaddeus again.

Skewered between two Dragon Lord brothers, I choke on Thad’s length as he keeps it deep with every thrust.

Sylvan also uses me harshly, pushing in and out... but... he isn’t gentle.

At all.

Neither of them are.

Even as an inevitable orgasm is rising within me - I still have the thought of their small betrayal in the back of my mind.

I suck Thaddeus greedily - hoping to make him cum quicker as I also clench down onto Sylvan’s shaft.

I feel spit running down my chin, but I don’t care, especially when I hear Thaddeus growl in approval.

Sylvan pounds me harder and faster from behind - I know he is close.

Just as they are both reaching critical points, I try my best to squeeze them as hard as I can, while sucking as deep as I can... and I hear both my mates groan as they release their seed into me.

I feel my own orgasm tear through me as my ass and my throat is filled with their seed.

The moment they empty themselves into me... Sylvan pulls out and Thaddeus does too.

I collapse onto the bed, onto my stomach, spluttering as I swallow the majority of cum but not all of it.

I slowly roll to my back as Sylvan pushes down the chain, slips it between my legs and lifts up my hip. I watch as he quickly ties it to the chain at the back, so the chain between my legs is tight against my swollen pussy.

“Taming you is hard work, little Luv,” Sylvan growls while smiling, leaning down to kiss me.

However, I move my cheek away and refuse to meet my lips to his.

Sylvan pulls back and narrows his eyes at my rejection.

Thaddeus jumps off the bed and rolls his eyes.

“Ungrateful Rogue,” Thaddeus mocks me.

“You both stink - bathe and I will enjoy my time alone,” I dismiss them both, refusing to comment about them just claiming me.

“You know what, Luv? We will,” Thaddeus turns to Sylvan, who smirks and nods.

“We will, brother... let’s leave our Queen to contemplate her position, I’m sure she’ll learn it well soon enough if she does not know it yet already. Don’t worry, Luv... I’m sure you’ll grow to love how we please you, over time. What we do is what we want - and you love it anyway, there is no need to be difficult. Think about it, sweety. Let us leave her be, brother. When we return for round two, Luv - be ready.”

The moment Sylvan and Thaddeus turn from me, without another thought... I sit up swiftly.

I had been waiting for this moment.

I open my mouth - letting my power consume me.

“I can give you all I have... but is it really what you need... what makes your heart beat... what makes your heart beat?” I sing the lyrics while I watch them slowly turn to face me, their eyes glossy as they are drawn to my ethereal voice, filled with magic, “I can love you all I can... but is it really what you want... what makes your heart beat... what makes your heart beat?”

As both Sylvan and Thaddeus drop to their knees and then fall flat on their silly handsome cocky faces... their magic leaves them and fills me.

After I’ve watched them pass out, I’m satisfied that I have a real reason to smile.

“Dragon asses,” I growl, “You just wait.”

I stand up, feeling Sylvan’s cum drip out of my ass.

I take off my chains and I inspect how much length I have to achieve what I want.

I have more than enough.

I waltz over to them, feeling their power run through my veins.

“Let’s turn the tables,” I whisper while I pet their hair, feeling positively revengeful, “I’ll show you what my mother taught me.”

I lean down and kiss both their cheeks.

Poor Dragon Lords... they were in for a rude awakening in a couple of hours.

The chorus Luvenia is singing is from this song: Adam Ellis & Fenna Day - What Makes Your Heart Beat (Amsterdam Trance). Youtube it if you like :)

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