Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 45

I recline on a very ancient but comfortable leather brown chair, my legs kicked up, reading a book that I found thrown into the pile of gold treasure. I was also chewing on an apple I asked to take from a basket of apples that a human was carrying around the corridors. Now, I read about Tempest Breeds. Interestingly, I read that often confronting and resolving conflict with a Tempest Breed of any nature - is to try and meet their fire... with fire. It was not recommended with other breeds, except Tempest Dragons. Why? Well, Tempest Breeds were known to be more barbaric. Often Silver - but sometimes, rarely... blue. The blue scaled Breeds were often blue because of Blood Raven blood running through their veins.

I find this very interesting.

Very interesting indeed.

Sylvan and Thaddeus are out cold, tied down to Thad’s bed. They are naked, on their backs, with one wrist each chained above them.

Their ankles are also chained to the bottom posts.

Sylvan’s right wrist and Thad’s left wrist... are chained together. So it looks like they’re holding hands - which I find amusing.

To stop them from misting away, I have the ancient chair pushed up at the end of the bed, with the soles of my feet pressed against theirs.

As long as their mate touched them, they couldn’t mist away without my permission.

“Ooo...” I murmur to myself as I read some more, “...when sexually active, Tempest breeds often resort to violent sexual behaviour... extremely domineering... sometimes... involving mocking comments and rough handling of mates to encourage... submission... hmmm... I see, I see,” when my eyes glance up, I see both Thaddeus and Sylvan watching me.

They are now awake.

They seem to both have been waiting for the right time to make me aware of their consiousness.

When I notice them and smile - they both jerk and stuggle in their chains, trying to escape.

“No, no!” I scold them ” Don’t damage the bed,” I call out, throwing the book at Sylvan’s scowling face, it bounces off his forehead and he snarls.

“You’ll regret that,” Sylvan growls, a guttural, furious sound.

“Shhh... careful what you choose to say, sweety,” I reach behind my back, where I had stored away from cloth gags.

I bring them forward and swing them in the air, still smiling sweetly at both of them.

“Why the fuck am I holding his hand?” Thaddeus snarls at me next, and because I am annoyed by both their unnessacry aggression, I pull myself onto the bed with the chains, while keeping skin contact with both of them.

“Because... don’t worry, sweet Thaddeus... I’m sure you’ll grow to love how I please you, over time. What I do is what I want - and you love it anyway, there is no need to be difficult... brothers. Think about it, aww... how cute... you’re both so adorable when you’re angry,” I crawl to kneel between their bodies, slowly sitting back onto their clasped hands with my pussy.

Both of my mates blush as they realise... there is no escape.

“You sang to us,” Sylvan murmurs, as I still hold the cloth gags in one clenched fist, “...what are you planning?”

I blink slowly at Sylvan, refusing to answer with too many details as I smile instead.

“Just watch,” I lean over, bending down to kiss his cock. I watch it twitch and then I lean up, slowly turn and place another kiss... this time on Thaddeus’ cock.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to like this, brother,” Thaddeus eventually admits.

“Oh, shush, you’re both working up a nervous sweat,” I smile as I slowly grind my hips over their hands and chained wrists.

“Spit it out,” Sylvan adds, his eyes suspicoius, “You want to say something badly, I can tell, so say it, Luvenia.”

“You promised me... that you’d be gentle... you weren’t... but I have a solution,” I nod, catching his light amber gaze, “I just want to promise you both something in return. I want to promise that you’ll both find a release so unforgettable, you’ll remember this night forever... you’ll be in a whole other realm of pleasure by the time I’m done with you two.”

Both brother’s hesitate in replying and they glance at each other before glancing at my suspiciously.

“O...kay...” Sylvan murmurs.

“We’re waiting,” Thaddeus growls, his fingers reaching up to catch some of my wetness.

“No,” I lean over and grab his throat while lifting my grinding hips off their hands, “Did I say you could touch me? It’s my turn.”

“Like I said... waiting,” Thaddeus growls back, while still blushing.

It’s the first time I’ve seen either of them blush like this.

So vulnerable.

It was great.

“I’ll put you out of your misery when I’m ready,” I reach over and boldly grasp his cock, while lifting one leg and placing it on the other side of Sylvan’s hips.

As I lower myself down onto Sylvan’s length, I continue to hold Thaddeus’ engorged shaft.

I feel Sylvan’s manhood prodding against my entrance, twitching against me.

It’s the only thing he can manage to do.

“You know what,” Sylvan changes tactic, “Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t... if I wasn’t basically holding your hand,” Thaddeus growls.

“You keep crossing a line, Thad... don’t upset me,” I crawl off Sylvan, simply to bring one of the cloths up from between them where I had momentarily placed them on the bed. I see Thad’s eyes blaze with passion as I snap out the cloth between my hands and bring it down across his lips. As he shakes his head, I just refuse to back off as I pull it down tight and attempt to tie it at the back, “Stop,” I snarl, as he makes it hard for me to tie down with his jerking, “I said stop...!” I lean back as Thaddeus just makes it too difficult, “How much do you love this bed? It’s so grand...”

“He loves it beyond words, Luvenia,” Sylvan warns me, “Don’t you dare do anything stupid.”

“Oh, watch and learn, Sylvan...” I speak to Sylvan while gazing down at Thaddeus, who looks happy that his defiance has briefly worked in his favour.

Until I raise my hand and light my pinky finger with a flame of magic.

I gaze down into Thad’s eyes until he realises what I’m threatening him with.

Thad calms down and I lean in to tie the gag on him properly.

Once I’m done, I turn to see Sylvan truly looking shocked but also conniving.

“You know this is going to come back and bite you in the ass,” Sylvan murmurs, “I mean that as respectfully as possible... Queen Luvenia...”

Thaddeus growls while he is gagged.

I pick up the other cloth and dangle it above Sylvan’s head.

I watch as Thad shoots Sylvan a warning look to comply.

Sylvan stays uncomfortably silent as I snap out the cloth and drawl, “...open wide...”

Sylvan allows me to gag him for Thad’s sake.

Then, I sit back to inspect my handy work.

“Hmmm... I want to say good boys...” I murmur, “But... I’m still not satisfied that you understand what I’m capable of,” I smirk as I watch Thad shake his head, his eyes furious and a full blown growl emanating from his throat, “I’m sure you’ll understand by the time I’m done with you both...” I continue to mock their past threats on me.

I slowly crawl back to sit on Sylvan’s cock again and then I grab Thad’s.

The moment they both relax and they believe I am not going to really do what I first threatened with my pinky finger... I do it anyway.

And not in the way they expect.

I breathe fire from my throat, out my mouth, and it flows out to cover the bed covers and the bed posts. The entire bed is engulfed in flames while I slowly grind against Sylvan and stroke Thad.

Both of them watch as the bed is alight in flames. I eventually feel both cocks go from hard... to completely engorged with blood.

Apparently my bold move really turns them on.

I slip Sylvan’s cock inside me and I fuck him from above, slowly, while clenching my pussy.

At the same time, I watch Thad close his eyes, lost in the pleasure and the insane experience.

Smoke curls around us as the flames spread.

I simply continue to ride Sylvan, faster... faster... deeper... and then I quickly hop off and I turn through the flames to switch.

I sit on Thad’s shaft and slip his length inside my needy, aching pussy.

I stroke Sylvan as I begin to fuck Thad.

In the moment, one of the bed posts snap and crumble... the bed tilts to a ridiculous angle and we all slide off. The movement snaps the top posts, which are also consumed in fire, and the chains come loose.

As we lie against the matterress, surrounded my flames and smoke, I watch both my mates pull the gag’s from their mouths.

They share a look and then look at me.

For a moment we all gaze into each other’s eyes, everyone waiting for each other to make the first move.

Instead, we all move at the same time.

I lunge forward to grasp onto Thad’s shoulders as he rises onto his knees. As I wrap my legs around his waist, I’m about to drop on his cock... but I’m halted as Sylvan pushes in behind me, grabbing my hips... he pulls me down onto his cock too... which slips into my ass... while Thad’s cock penetrates into my pussy.

They both lift me up and down onto their shafts, while Sylvan leans down to bite my neck, leaving a painful hickey.

Thaddeus also drops his forehead onto mine, glaring into my eyes, but not with anger... just with passionate lust and love.

It’s hard to breathe but it’s all the more intoxicating as we fall back into the burning mattress, which eventually disintegrates enough until Thad’s lying on the ashes, as I lay on him as Sylvan continues to pound into my ass.

I like to believe I’m controlling my thrusting hips - but both my mates have control of me now.

I smile even as Sylvan pushes me down to lie on top of Thaddeus and they both fuck me as hard as they can, while Thad raises his hips to meet mine.

There is intense warmth all around us as we fuck each other surrounded by gold, smoke and fire.

“D-don’t get confused, I love you two monsters,” I moan out through an orgasm as I lean down to kiss Thad’s cheek as they both thrust deep into me, cumming inside me once again.

I shiver between their bodies as Thaddeus holds me tightly to him and Sylvan remains behind, still lodged inside me, same as Thad.

When they don’t reply, I see Thad’s eyes are glazed over.

I eaves drop swiftly for the second time this night... and I don’t regret it.

Should we tell her that we love her? Sylvan asks.

Nah, Thaddeus replies.

“Too late,” I whisper and laugh as I look over my shoulder to blow friendly fire into Sylvan’s shocked face, “...I heard,” I turn back to Thad and kiss his lips.

When I lean back, licking my lips, they both start to feel full and heavy inside me once more.

And I know the night is far from over, especially when they both share a knowing smirk.

“How about we show you... how much... we love you,” Sylvan growls into my ear, nipping on the bottom.

I nod and look down into Thad’s blazing dark amber eyes.

“What about you, Thad... do you have anything nice to say to your Queen?” I ask, gasping at the end when they really are hard again, completely filling me whole once more, together... again.

It’s heavenly bliss.

“Yeah,” Thad blinks slow, “Fine. We love fucking you, you happy now?”

I roll my eyes when he twists his reply.

“Not really, the bed’s gone and it’s your fault for disobeying me,” I growl, narrowing my eyes..

“Oh, nice one,” Thaddeus growls back while Sylvan curls a hand around my throat and pulls me back up into his chest.

“Naughty... but are you ready for round three?” Sylvan murmurs, confident now that they were unrestrained and I was literally sandwiched between them, completely at their mercy.

“The correct question is...” I whisper back, closing my eyes in the pleasure of being squished between their warrior’s bodies, “...are you?”

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