Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 5

I’ve escaped back into the Requiem Mountains, where I believe I can find safety from the two angry princes. I head straight to Deep Cavern, where I find Lex in a corner reading a book. Even though he was often tagging along with Hael like a little mini-me, he also indulged in educating himself.

“Reading about agriculture, Lex?” I ask as I approach, only briefly glancing over my shoulder to see two whirls of midnight and cobalt mist.

Of course the princes had misted their way to keep up with me silently.

“Cows,” Lex murmurs, with a smirk on his face, “Good breeding stock... females are only ever good for breeding, aren’t they Luvenia? That or complaining, like you always do.”

“You’re lucky you get to see in my head more than anyone else, and I still let you live,” I slap him over the head as I get closer and he grabs my wrist, growling.

“Do you want me to lay you flat on the ground? You know I will,” Lex lets me go and I just straighten my back and narrow my eyes on the page laid out on his lap.

“You are reading about breeding... so, do you happen to have a love interest, Lexy? Your only pathetic release is reading about breeding cows?” I ask, knowing he hates the nick name because it’s similar to the nick name Nessy.

“Get lost, why are you here? What do you want?” he growls and I sigh, forcing on a smile.

“To converse with you, brother,” I explain, with as much forced happiness as possible, while judging his gaze.

There are many voices flowing through my brain of slaves working in Deep Cavern, cleaning up the area of rubbish and mopping the floor. I try to stay focused on the small section of the cave I was currently in. It was a make-shift library. A corner of the cave was covered in books collected by my uncles. At the moment the library consisted of two walls covered in bookshelves and seats to recline on in-between them. Needless to say when Lex was reclining in this area, everyone left him to reign over the library.

Except we aren’t alone for long.

I hear light footsteps and a flurry of frustrating and angry thoughts hit my brain; not my own.

Lex picks up on them too and I watch his eyes catch the human the thoughts are travelling from.

She is behind me, I can smell how it’s a young well fed slave, or perhaps not a slave. I refused to turn around because I knew who else would be behind me.

“Your leather pants,” the girl mutters behind me, and I grimace.


There are two growled thanks behind me. I don’t turn and instead I decide to read Lex’s brain more in depth.

Why is she so damn pretty for a slave... of course she thinks she does a good job, I could make her do a better one...

I give Lex a funny look and he nervously catches me reading his thoughts with a smug smile on my lips.

“Cute,” I whisper, with a grin.

“Luvenia,” Thaddeus speaks behind me and I bite my tongue as I graciously turn to face both princes, a fed-up look in my eye. I count to ten in my head as I back up and sit on the arm rest next to Lex, who continues to sit brooding while staring on at the two rival princes. Although, I must admit, his attention was distracted by the pretty, petite curly haired blonde who was standing off to the side with her eyes downcast.

“Dismissed,” Sylvan whispers into the girl’s ear and she turns and storms off as quickly as possible.

Lex scoffs and I see his fingers tap on the other arm rest as he glares at the two opposing twins.

“Enjoying your stay at the Requiem Mountains?” Lex asks, smoothly.

“Probably not as much as your sister enjoys wondering the forest all on her lonesome,” Sylvan drawls, his eyes only glance at me briefly as if I’m unimportant before focusing back on Lex.

Thaddeus can’t tear his inquisitive gaze from me, however.

I don’t say a word, happy to let Lex handle both of them.

“I’ll deal with her,” Lex drawls back, closing his book, “Anything else?”

“Would you like to join us hunting tonight?” Sylvan asks Lex, “Perhaps we can teach you how to –”

“I will be hunting with my father,” Lex growls back, cutting him off before they make a play on his lack of ability to transform.

“Which one?” Sylvan asks, again as if trying to subtly provoke Lex with his underlying menace.

"Hael,” Lex places his book to the side and stands up, “If you’ll excuse me, I have some important meetings to attend to. Perhaps you can entertain my sister.”

I glare after Lex as he suddenly stalks off.

Why are you leaving me with them? I growl after him.

I’m going to fuck their little slave, Lex snarls back at me, if you’re so tough, Luvenia, you can deal with them.

I hate you, I snap back at him.

Everyone hates you too, sis.

I cut off Lex’s mind connection and my eyes nervously take in the unmoving princes.

I do not say a word, knowing I’m cornered in this section of the small library.

“Your blue bird is ashes when I find her,” Sylvan is suddenly more relaxed when Lex leaves me all at their mercy.

“It’d be a sin to kill a blue bird, you’re both blue Dragons,” I decide to reply this one time, but with as much calm as I can muster. I had heard Lochness deliver the most scathing remarks with the calmest of tones. I wanted to copy him.

I tense up as Thaddeus crosses his arms over his chest and stares at me without blinking. I considered him all muscle, no brain. But right now, his eyes spelled differently.

Careful with that tone, princess, he gets in my head and I promptly block him out.

I didn’t like that they were both becoming increasingly confident with talking down to me.

They hardly knew me!

Sylvan is running his hands over the book titles and I watch with fascination as he comes to a graceful stop.

His hand lies upon three different covers but his fingers tap on one very specific title.

‘Obedience and Punishment’

I feel a rush of sudden anxiety as I read the words. Being trapped in this corner with two foreboding, clearly scheming Dragons, wasn’t helping.

They were now both speaking so little, but Sylvan shares a knowing look with Thaddeus. Just as I’m planning to run, I spot more people in the near distance suddenly flooding into Deep Cavern.

My eyes widen and I feel sick to my stomach. It was the female fledglings.

I quickly stand up when I see Ethne point at me, her mouth gaping in disbelief.

“Your fan-girls have arrived,” I mutter, glaring at Sylvan this time. I dare to hold his smooth gaze, which I found quite intimidating. He simply blinks slowly at me and smiles just as smoothly as I try to edge past in between his form and Thaddeus.

A mental shiver runs down my spine as I slip past, untouched, but I can’t help but hear their thoughts.

Let her run... Sylvan thinks this.

Agreed... Thaddeus replies.

As I finally slip out of reach I quickly walk off as fast as possible.

“Eavesdropping is rude, sweetheart,” Sylvan yells out after me and a second shiver runs down my spine.

They detected me listening in.


Now my anger promptly ignites. I was too close in proximity to them to ignore my raging need to snap back.

I can’t help but retort, keeping secrets from me is what’s really rude, especially when it’s something about me.

I don’t look over my shoulder, and I simply slip past the questioning fledging’s whom I ignore.

A slither of confusing enters my brain, Sylvan and Thad both about to ask me a question.

And then it hits me as I turn down another few cave corridors and suddenly come to an abrupt halt.

I wasn’t supposed to know a secret was being kept.

I clench my fists and curse under my breath.

Now their suspicions were raised and they had more reason to be interested in me. If I wasn’t careful, they would find out my secret. They were so close to putting the pieces together. I couldn’t let them work it out.

My Dragon was my freedom and my personal escape.

I decide to seek out my parents. Hael and Lochness could fix this. Madeline? I wasn’t so sure of. None the less, I didn’t think it’d be too hard to convince my fathers that the princes’ welcome was up.

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