Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 8

Luvenia’s POV

The cave walls start to drip with hidden water and they shimmer with gold dust even as I head into a darker part of the cave. Eventually, I round one bend, that is filled with new light at the other end.

I start to see green moss and my Dragon senses raise their head, making my nostrils flare. My eyes dilate so I can zoom in to what awaited me. I was keen to find some more green – it’s what I knew best.

I’m delighted with what I find.

I was walking into a hidden paradise within this cavern.

I slow down as I reach the end of the wet cave floor, and the ceiling above me suddenly disappears; the whole area opening up. It was a similar size to Deep Cavern, but filled with life; trees, bushes, moss, pools of water at varying heights throughout the system. Streams of water tumbled down from cracks in the cave from higher above where the sun was filtering in. The opening in the ceiling was literally hundreds of meter’s above me.

Perfect for Dragons to swoop in and out of.

It made me itch to transform and fly out of here just to feel what it was like to swoop back into a hidden paradise from a barren landscape.

I knew in deserts like this, the rocks could hold and hide vast quantities of water. I assume this is where the water is coming from through the cracks.

The floor of this cavern is covered in small ponds of water, moss and some grass. I tiptoe through, my toes curling in the welcome soft, cool and moist green layers over the rocks. As I venture in deeper I note that nothing is even in this place. There wasn’t much flat ground, you had to climb over rocks to reach other platforms of pools or trees.

After I step up over a few boulders I come to a row of fruit trees, with a few insects and even birds flittering around. I pause when I see a branch tremble at the arrival of a tiny blue bird, who sits down and eyes me with a tilted head.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is that you, Shai? I ask, grinning from ear to ear.

Yes, it tiz’, she answers and I break out into a grin.

“I got a friend here,” I whisper, hurrying over to the fruit tree where she is residing. I pick off a lush full red plum and Shai stays where she is, “You followed me here? What are you doing in this place?”

I didn’t follow you, Luv, I followed the boy on the tail, Shai is nervous as she answers me, and she trembles as if waiting for a feather to fall out. However, she hadn’t spoken out of line.

She’s fine.

“Oh?” I’m a little confused, “Are you from here?”

I can’t answer that, Luv, Shai flits from the tree and flies off through the cave I just entered through. She seemed very nervous from my questions.

I frown; fine. Now I was alone again. I shrug as I bite into the plum a second time, more sticky juices run down my wrist that I have to lick off before it drips onto my leather outfit.

I skip my way over to more boulders, and I climb up to the third ledge, where a massive pool is shimmering with the stream of water that it constantly gathers from the drainage.

I finish off my plum, chuck the stone in the middle of the grass behind me and I wash my hands in the water.

As of the moment that I finished my fruit, I felt eyes on me. My mind reading abilities felt smoother here. Without even meditating yet, I already felt a sense of control over my power. A sense I’d never felt before.

It was refreshing.

Knowing Thaddeus and Sylvan are hiding somewhere, spying on me; I take my opportunity to burst their bubble of their interest with me.

I start to undress. As I do so I feel the tension in the air rise.

My senses could feel their surprise and shock.


At the same time, I am a little hurt that my plan is actually working. I guess I was repulsive after all.

I’ve thrown aside my leather bra and now I kick aside my leather pants that I’ve pulled down over my ankles.

Completely naked, I glance down at my pale skin and take my first step into the warmish pool of water. I wade around for a bit and end up finding a boulder in the water to rest my butt on and lean back into the smooth rock. It’s a nice little alcove, and after settling there for at least thirty minutes – I am uninterrupted.

Finally; I can relax.

My Rogue instincts were all satisfied. I had an area to myself, there wasn’t a soul near-by. I was in complete isolation.

I was happy.

This little getaway wasn’t so bad after all.

Slyvan’s POV

I don’t like how arrogant she is, I growl, stalking my way up and down the highest cave corridors of our home. My Dragon claws scrap the rock beneath me in frustration. Thaddeus and I both had rooms up here, and we were debating what to do with the princess while we were above her, hiding.

Thad is at the end of the cave corridor, watching her from above.

She had just undressed and it had sent both our Dragon instincts into overdrive.

I am distracted from our goal whenever I lay eyes on her, Thad replies, I don’t know what it is. There is nothing to truly like about her.

Stop staring at her then, I snarl and swipe at his tail. Thad spins around and faces me, growling low.

You’re just as captivated as me... don’t lie, he rubs it in and I just pause and sit back on my haunches, my tail twitching with my irritation.

She is just a half-blood and a cold ice queen, why are we distracted from our greatest desire? We should be in that forest with the other fledglings, showing them they follow our order, I’m angry and to top it off, my muscles ache with unreleased power.

Thad also feels the same internal struggle. Everyone told us we were born to rule. We were still not fully grown into our Dragon forms, yet we were already bigger and stronger than all the other fledglings we had met.

Our genetics made us keen to dominate, keen to rule.

The problem was, we had nothing to rule.

This Horde was dead. The only residence were a few slaves, a couple of older Dragons who never went outside, and my brother and I.

The Requiem Horde provided some relief for our desires. It was fun and it was full of possibilities for us.

Our ultimate aim was simple... our own Horde.

We still haven’t told Althor we want to start our own Horde, Thaddeus reminds me, catching onto my thoughts.

You and I both know he doesn’t give a damn what we do. He is more interested in spells and talking to the dead than worrying about us, I stand up and push past Thad to peek my head out the cave, down to where Luvenia is bathing. I couldn’t resist to look again.

Thaddeus turns to join me.

We’re both quietly full of unreleased energy. Two desires, unfilled. To rule. Luvenia.

I pause my twitching tail.


The answer is now clear.

What have you figured out? Thad asks, almost mockingly, while his eyes haven’t broken from Luvenia’s napping form in the water, I suppose your brain has finally caught up to what I was thinking?

Oh, please enlighten me, I snarl back at him through the connection, I doubt you’ve thought of what I have.

Thad gives me an arrogant look as he pauses, just before he answers.

If we control Luvenia and if we manage to make her bend to our every word, we have infinite control over those other fledglings. She’ll welcome us back whenever we need to go to the Requime Horde. We then achieve two of our desires. We get Luvenia out of our system – and we control the fledglings. We’ll be on the path to creating our own Horde soon enough, Thaddeus speaks confidently, making me confused why he kept this to himself.

Irritatingly, they are my thoughts exactly. What took you so long to share your own thoughts? I ask.

You’re not the only one who can’t stand her arrogance. She’s been spoilt all her life. She is a typical princess. My mind has simply been thinking of ways to mould her from a princess to... something else, Thaddeus’ suggestion makes me growl low in approval.

Once we’ve conquered her, she’ll be out of our system. It won’t be hard, females are simple creatures to manipulate, I back him up on the plan.

Thaddeus thumps his tail against mine, also happy with our shared thoughts.

Once the princess bends to us, all her friends will follow her, she thinks they all hate her, but they actually have great respect for her. The way they speak of her when she isn’t around is quite highly. This will be interesting –

It certainly will be. She thinks you’re a brute, I remind Thaddeus, chuckling to myself.

It’s typical of a simple-minded female to not think beyond the surface of what they see. Luvenia doesn’t know the first thing about men while she acts like she is ruler of the universe. She is not a princess to me, she is like an amusing naïve little girl, Thaddeus explains coldly.

Careful, I reprimand him, and he just looks at me impatiently, you don’t want to scare her off if you are so openly aggressive with her.

Shut it, Slyvan. If you’re smooth words don’t break her, my blunt words will, Thad replies in a drawl.

Shall we interrupt her nap, Thaddeus? I suggest.

I’m already content within myself with our decision. Everything felt right now.

To rule. Luvenia.

My soul settles just because of those two thoughts, and nothing makes me happier than the image of Luvenia being eager to please us.

At first I had found her intriguing, at least just a little.

Now, after sorting through my thoughts, I knew what I wanted.

I needed to satisfy my Dragon needs. I wanted her pleasing me.

And it didn’t have to be sexual, either. I just wanted her to submit and admit we were the alphas. We were superior. Once her arrogance was diminished within our presence, we could focus our minds back on creating our own Horde.

That was the real problem, our only issue with the princess was she didn’t recognise our naturally bred dominance when everyone else did.

Luckily for us, it wouldn’t be hard to break her.

We were born to rule everyone and everything. It was our destiny, it’s what I had seen time and time again in the mirrored water of this cavern. I could see my future with my brother, Dragon Lord’s ruling the forest.

Luvenia herself wasn’t that important... but proving our leadership was.

Because at the moment? She seemed to be our only obstacle.

Once we were done showing her who was boss?

She would submit. We’d lose interest.

And then we would move on to our next goal, with no one standing in our way.

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