Dragon's Blood

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Chapter 9

Luvenia’s POV

Fools. They thought I had been napping this whole time. Instead, my soul had become a part of the flowing, magical water. The liquid felt connected to my telepathy. It influenced my mind and my power, focusing it, refining it.

Suddenly all was becoming clear.

The idiot twins above me thought they were privately chatting, yet I had heard every word they had said. Not only that but my power had stretched to the other Dragons, including the slaves and Roi, the prisoner. The only Dragon I could not break was Althor.

The Dragon Lord of the Horde of Fortune still had a dark aura completely consuming him, even with my honed powers.

And it coincidentally felt connected with every thought I had overheard from the minority of beings who lived here.

Something terribly tragic had happened here.

The Canyon of Gold Dust use to be vibrant with activity. Everyone seemed to be reminiscing about the good old days. Before the Dragons were turned to stone and before their new ruler, Althor. Unlike his brother, Althor never interacted with anyone. No one had much to say about him and no one dared to challenge him.

After reading so much sadness off these people, I had then come to overhear the princes’ conversation.

Before they were done discussing me, I had already slipped out of the water and disappeared into a crevice that opened up into more cave systems.

The princes were coming for me, but I didn’t want them to find me.

I knew their plan was to show me they were in charge. I just couldn’t cope with hearing their egotistical plans, arrogant ranting and narrow minded values. I already knew what they wanted and I didn’t want to give it to them.

A Rogue surrendered to nobody. Rogue’s were ruled by no one. They were an entity unto themselves.

I was not saying I was more dominant than Sylvan or Thaddeus. I was sure they’d be better leaders than I. But they were forgetting that no one ruled me – period.

Unless you wanted the claws to come out.

As I wander the moist caves, completely naked, I keep going until they widen and piles of golden treasure start to appear scattered all over the place.

I find many hiding spots along the way. I was confident I had places to hide now after only exploring for a tiny bit.

My whole body winces, however, when I feel more than hear, two simultaneous thumps. Thaddeus and Sylvan had come to land on the side of the boulders near the pool I had been bathing in.

She left her clothes, Thaddeus growls.

Luvenia, aren’t you scared of wandering this place alone? Slyvan reaches out and connects with me, we will happily be your guides.

I do not answer him, frowning as I stop and find a mirror within the piles of treasure.

I pick it up, viewing my black perfect glossy hair. My green eyes sparkled with clear annoyance. I could see them swirl with held back power.

I wanted to transform.

You may be a guest here, but do not ignore us, Thaddeus speaks for the first time towards me with a warning tone.

Yep. They still wanted to teach me my place.

Too bad I was about to go flying.

My image reflected back at me, has kick started my healthy, young Dragon genes into dissipating into my truest form. As a weightless mist I travel up, up and through cracks upon cracks in the rocks until I reach the top of the cavern.

My mist gravitates back together once I am outside in the light of the sun, up and high above.

Suddenly scales start to appear, fangs, tail, wings, nose.

As my Dragon, I fly high and leave the two dim-witted princes behind.

I take a lonesome, quick flight around the Canyon of Gold Dust. I swoop between jagged spikes of rock sticking up into the air, making this area like an obstacle course. There wasn’t a soul in sight so pumping my wings and taking fast dives through steep cliffs was safe.

I know I won’t stop flying until I’ve gotten the urge out of my system.

I felt so powerful in my small Dragon form.

I take a sudden steep turn upwards, eager to get to the highest point. It was the very top of a rock hot mountain, still bathed in the sun. A little plateau at the top big enough for one Dragon to oversea the whole canyon is where I land.

I settle on my haunches, watching over the land below me.

I sit here for a good while, completely at ease with the utter silence.

I sit in the warmth of the sun rays for a little while but I eventually decide to hesitantly connect with the princes once more. They were now human, exploring the caves for my presence.

...find something else for her to wear, Sylvan growls to his brother, I’ll do the deed.

My thoughts center on the deeper intentions he isn’t projecting loudly and my eyes widen in sudden fury.

They were about to burn my clothes!

Before I’m even comprehending what I’m doing, I’m swooping down, straight for the cavern of supposed paradise.

As I enter I mist, and my mist flies like lightening through the cracks of the rock. I solidify around the corner from the treasure cave they are harboring in. I don’t just solidify onto my feet.

I mist into my human form, sprinting.

I’m around the corner and spot Slyvan, his hand covered in flame. As I run I pick up a silver sword shoved into the treasure. I grip it, slide it out easily from the gold coins around it and I lunge for Sylvan.

He only glances at me for a split second before I’ve shoved the handle of the sword into his face, cracking his cheek bone. The force I barrel into him with, has his tall, solid form, knocked right down onto a pile of treasure. His head knocks down over my leather outfit that he had thrown carelessly onto the pile of treasure, seconds from burning it.

I’m on top of him in an instant with my knees either side of his chest, the sword shoved up to his throat, cutting but not slicing. I watch as blood drips and Sylvan’s amber eyes take me in with utter disbelief.

“Watch yourself, Romeo,” I snarl, “That’s. Not. Your. Property.”

Sylvan is too shocked to say anything, but I hear loud stomps as Thaddeus comes running back into the treasure cave.

He doesn’t say a word, but I feel him coming to grab my hair to shove me off his dark haired twin. At the last moment, I spin around, sword in hand, swiping for Thaddeus’ own neck.

In a last moment’s decision, he raises a hand and he grabs the sharp end of the sword in his palm.

Despite the cut hand, he stops my attack.

“Now we see your true colors, princess!” Thaddeus snarls, “You are plagued with a temper. I was wrong, you’re not a horse to be broken. You’re a Dragon – a spitfire – to be reviled.”

I’m breathing heavy, my breasts rising and falling dramatically as I take in what I’ve just done.

Emotion had consumed me.

Logic had completely escaped me in those moments.

I drop the sword, I take one glance at Thaddeus’ still raised and bloodied hand and Sylvan, his cheek broken and throat cut as he slowly stands back up again, his eyes not leaving my figure.

Sylvan is speechless but his eyes can’t hide the truth.

Thaddeus is also in shock, but I am not a fool.

A spitfire was a Dragon with the worst temperament. Usually it just meant extremely violent.

“You provoked me!” I hiss through gritted teeth, before stalking up to Sylvan, to reach past him for my clothes on the pile of treasure, now bloodied from a prince’s wounds.

As I grab my clothes he grips my arm.

A ripple of shock floods through me and I jerk out of his grasp just as he suddenly lets me go at the exact same moment.

Sylvan locks eyes with his brother, and wipes his arm along his bloodied broken cheek bone, seemingly ignoring me now.

I storm past both of them, holding my clothes close to my chest as I hurry out of there.

Before tears of frustration flood me, their thoughts do not escape me.

She’s plagued with insanity, a violent streak, a nature like the Black Hearted Dragon who fathered her, Thaddeus speaks to Sylvan.

And Sylvan speaks to Thad.

I wasn’t planning on letting her run, Sylvan admits, coldly, devoid of emotion.

It scares me, usually he was smooth and graceful with his words. Comfortable with them. I’ve broken Sylvan’s easy confidence and now I’m scared how he’ll react when the shock passes.

“Why did you?” Thaddeus asks Sylvan this out loud.

“I have to consider what I just discovered...– fuck, she broke the bone,” I hear a resounding growl from Sylvan down the cave after me.

“You’re lucky to be alive after she ambushed you like that. What discovery do you speak of? That she is insane?” Thaddeus asks, exasperated.

Sylvan reverts back to his mind, not eager for me to hear but unknowing I am able to hear everything even clearer in this Horde of Fortune. No matter what mind block he concocts; I break it.

Yes, her insanity is clear, but... Thaddeus, I found out more. You’re not going to like it.

“I can handle it. Just tell me,” Thaddeus growls, eager for a response.

The spitfire is our mate.

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