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A feisty girl falls in love with the leader of a werewolf pack. Little does she know that there are secrets about him and herself that have yet to be uncovered. WARNING: This is a slow romance/fantasy Getting through high school isn't easy. Any teenager can vouch for that. But it gets a thousand times harder when you find out you don't know anything about yourself, Throw in a hot werewolf, magical creatures for best friends, and a rival to match the centuries, high school just got a whole weirder.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: My First Day

It was my first day of my sophomore year at Carol City Highschool and I wanted to get through those last two years without any problems. If someone decided they wanted to pick on the new girl, then there would have been a fight and some busted eyeballs, but right then I wanted to keep a low profile and get through all my agonizing work safely. Turns out I wasn’t really succeeding. I was making quite a scene while struggling with my lock which wanted to be crappy and not open for me. Some of the people that walked by me even gave me strange looks, but I finally managed to get it open and get my books for class.

Then, another problem arose, the books were so gigantic I could barely hold them all. I was stumbling down the hall to my class with the books blocking my line of sight, when I crashed into someone and dropped all my books on the floor. “I’m so sorry.” I say to the boy I bumped into. He was at least six feet tall, which is probably why he didn’t see me. As I picked myself off the floor my eyes caught the striking green of his. He was gorgeous, but blondes weren’t my type. As I bent down to pick up my books, the gorgeous jock shuffled around on his feet.

“W-would you like some help carrying those?”

“Yeah, thanks”, I replied curiously. I’d never seen a guy as tall as this one act so nervous before. You’d think with him being at least six feet tall he’d have nothing to be nervous of. As we walked to my class, which was English by the way, blondie asked,

“What’s your name?” Blondie slowed down and seemed to relax as we walked, seems he only need a bit of conversation to loosen up.

“Celia Clementine, how about you?”, I smiled.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Charles Barns”, he grinned, “You new here?”

“Yeah, I’m a transfer. I just want to get done with school”, I replied.

“Understandable, but don’t you want to enjoy what you time you have left?” He questioned, “We only get this time once.”

“Yeah well, I know it’s going to be a time I’ll never forget”, I frowned. When we got to my class Charles went and put my books down on my desk for me.

“You can call me if you need anything, I-I’ll see you at lunch?” He stuttered.

“Sure”, I shrugged. Well, that went better than I thought it would. Just then, the five-minute bell rang which interrupted my thoughts. As more students came in the classroom, platinum blonde, almost white, hair caught my eye. As I looked at the person’s face, my jaw hung open. If Blondie was gorgeous, then this girl came straight from heaven itself. Her platinum blonde hair complimented her tanned skin with striking curves that showed even through the baggy sweatshirt she wore. What was most striking about her though, was her eyes. Her eyes reflected the blue of the sky. It even looked like clouds were floating in there. Watching her glide to her seat in awe, I found she sat in the seat next to me.

“Hi. My name’s Lily, I’ve never seen you before”, She smiled, “Are you new?”

“Y-yeah, I’m a transfer” I stuttered, still gaping at her beauty.

“Cool, what’s your name?”, Lily asked.

“Celia”, I frowned. Lily was way too good looking to be this nice, it put me on edge.

“I like your name! Has anyone shown you around the school yet?” She smiled, “I can tell you all about the school over lunch, what do you think?”

“Well I was going to meet someone at lunch, but you can come with me.” I suggested. Her smile was too much to resist.

“Awesome!” She squealed. Just then the teacher came into the classroom. As soon as he started his introduction, I knew I was going to hate this class. Lily continued to talk to me during class, so it was a bit bearable. It turns out she knew Charles. Apparently, they were childhood friends and always sat together at lunch. At least I had something to look forward to. I didn’t even notice when English ended. Me and Lily didn’t have the same classes together until lunch, so I had to brave the day alone.

Lunch came by pretty quickly and I was able to spot Lily and Charles at the back table. Seems they weren’t alone though. When I sat down Lily wanted to introduce everyone to me, but it takes me a while to learn people’s names, so I didn’t remember all of them. We started talking and I got along really well with a girl named Anna Kendrick since we both had many mutual interests. As we talked, I found out she was in the graphic design club, which I really wanted to join, and that we both liked to draw. A little bit later into our lunch break a black-haired girl and two people behind her walked into the room. What is it with me and hair colors today? I didn’t notice but everyone else parted like the Red Sea to make room for her.

“You there!” She bellowed and I turned to see who she was talking to. “Yeah, you!” She said as she pointed at me. She then dropped her arm and started walking down the sea of parted students, straight to our table, straight towards me. So much for getting through this year quietly.

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