Amidst Life, Death and Drastic Changes

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The continuing story of Belle/Eli. The continuing story of Belle/Eli.

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June 23rd, 2003

“Wake up.” I heard the soft whispers of my brother against my ear, and I allowed my eyelids to flutter open, my legs were entangled with his, and my hair was flowing all around my shoulders. I stretched, hearing the sound of my limbs popping, but I didn’t want to get up just yet. I wanted to remain beside Eli. I still wasn’t fully awake yet, and I wanted to keep it that way, at least for right now I did.

I remembered through the haze of my mind that the night before had been stormy, causing me to flee my own bed for his, and I was more than content to spend the rest of my day right here with him. My curious eyes focused on him as I finally allowed myself to open them, and he beamed at me, before I quickly closed them again. “Good morning.” He teased, “Enjoying using my body as a resting place for your legs?”

I cracked open my eyes again, and peered down at our entangled legs, and shrugged, “I am quite comfortable, thanks.” I cooed in my own childish tone, and moved to ruffle his hair slightly, feeling the locks between my fingers.

“What I don’t allow you to get away with.” He pressed a kiss to my nose, before entwining our arms together, “My Princess Belle.” He mused, and I shrugged lightly.

“What do you want to do today, my princess?” He asked me, and another shrug fell from my shoulders.

He remained entwined with me, and let out a sigh, “Do you ever know what you want, Princess?” Another shrug in response, at this point my teeth had sunk into my lower lip, and I stifled a giggle.

“What am I to do with you?” He raised an eyebrow, and I shrugged again, by this point I was merely playing with him, and he huffed, “Well fine, then I will leave you all alone, all by your lonesome.” I allowed my jaw to drop.

“You wouldn’t!” I insisted, and he shrugged.

“Wouldn’t I?” He asked.

I sat up finally un-entwining our limbs from one another, and leaned my back against the headboard. I folded my arms, and huffed a second time childishly, and Eli rolled his eyes, putting his hands under my arms, and hoisted me onto his lap.

“Oh none of that now, Belle, You know I love you. I would never leave you all alone.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek, and I turned slightly on his lap.

“You promise?” I cooed, and he beamed.

“I promise.”

“Always and forever?”

Always and forever.”

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