The Domination Game

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Chapter 9

I smiled when Davis came into the room with all my clothing draped over his arm. “I was afraid you were never going to make it. Next time I’ll have to remind myself to put out an SOS so you’ll come back quickly,” I mused.

His eyes roamed over my body as he came closer to me. “Abie, I thought…” He started, but I stood from my perch. Walking over to him I retrieved my clothes from his arms, placing them on the bed. His hands came to take me into his arms, but I stopped him.

“Abie?” he groaned in question, making me chuckle.

“Stay, Davis. I don’t want you to move from your spot,” I commanded.

Walking over to his massive mirrored closet that took up the whole wall, I pushed one side open to see all of his beautiful buttoned work shirts. “You know, I think I’ve done rather well with all your challenges this afternoon, and into this evening as well. Don’t you think?” I asked him, turning my head to glance in back of me.

“Yeah sugar, you did,” he said huskily.

I smiled at him with a little nod. “So I’ve held up my part of the deal, giving you the vanilla that you require from me. But I think you forget who you’re dealing with, and the spanking that’s owed.”

My hands went to my back, unlatching my bra and letting it fall to the ground, and I heard a groan from behind me, making me smile. “Now I have to tell you, you don’t have to wear leather and chains to be a dominant woman. It’s all in who you are,” I said, pulling a light blue shirt from his closet and slipping it on.

On the wooden shelf sat some hats, so I picked up a brown fedora. “I love a man that wears hats. So very sexy, Davis,” I whispered silkily. Taking my long hair, I twisted it up and placed the hat on my head, as I turned back around to examine the man who stood in front of me.

I pulled out a navy blue tie, placing it around my neck just to dangle, waiting for further use. “Maybe next time I’ll let you wear the hat. But for tonight I think I’m going to be the one in charge of the pace,” I chuckled. He didn’t say a word as he observed every move I made.

My eyes ran over him. “Take off your belt, Davis, and hand it over to me,” I ordered softly. His hands went to his hair as he glimpsed my bare breast through his open shirt, but then he unbuckled his belt and brought it over to me.

Strolling over from where I stood, I made my way right in front of him. I glanced up into his very aroused face. My hands went to his slim waist, and I pushed him back towards the mirrors. When I had him exactly where I wanted him, I went back to the bed.

“You wore a lot of clothes today. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to enjoy watching you strip them off,” I purred. He stood there a little dumbstruck at first, but then he chuckled and with a shrug, started to unbutton his vest.

I leaned forward on the bed with my legs spread open and my elbows on my knees, watching this exquisite man take off every article of his clothing for me. When he was down to his boxers he stopped. “The boxers too, Davis,” I commanded, and down they fell.

He stood there, his erection already making a statement for me. I got up from the bed and came close to him; my hands grazed over the firm contours of his chest and the defined muscles. “So very nice,” I commented softly.

My hand took hold of his erection, and a moan escaped him. “Now we need to have some way to let me know that you’ve had enough, and tell me to stop. Is there a word that stands out for you?” I questioned.

He grunted as I stroked him, getting him ready. “How about ‘no,’ sugar?” he suggested, with more of his Texan twang spilling out from him.

“No, that won’t work; just because you say no you could mean for me to keep up what I’m doing to you.” My mind ran through our topics at dinner. “Why don’t we say sarsaparilla? That’s very western, don’t you think?” I chuckled, as he stared down at me. “You understand what word to say?” I asked.

He gave me a half nod; his erection was so very hard in my hand. “Yes, sarsaparilla.”

With his manhood in my hand I pulled him from his spot and closer to the bed. “I want you to place your hands on the bed and bend over for me, Davis,” I told him softly, as he gazed down at me, not quite sure he was ready to try my sort of playing tonight.

My free hand went to the back of his neck, gliding his lips down to mine. I kissed him softly at first, then my kisses became rougher, fiercer, until I bit his bottom lip, making his mouth open in the tingle of pain, and I slipped my tongue in.

When I freed him he was more excited, and the hunger in his eyes made it easier to get him to obey. “Bend over the bed, Davis. If you don’t like the belt, I’ll use my hand. There’s supposed to be a sting, but I promise there is so much more to it. Think of that scab that hurts, but when you apply pain to it, it makes it feel so much better. I think it resembles something like that,” I soothed him.

He looked down at me, making up his mind. I released his erection, and he bent over the bed. My hand went to his magnificent ass, rubbing the perfect spot for the spanking. “Now, let’s begin,” I told him with the belt nicely in my hand. His ass tightened waiting for the first sting.

The first swat echoed through the room and he grunted from the first sting, then I swatted again, leaving a red line across his ass, and heard him grunt once again from the contact. Once again I smacked his ass, and again, and once more for good measure, and it was getting red from the aggression.

I put the belt around my shoulders as my hand smacked the red spot that the belt hit. “Do you like that, Davis?” I asked silkily.

“I’m not…”

But with that I smacked his ass once again. “The only thing you should say is, ‘yes Abie I love it, and may I have another.’ Now once more, are you enjoying this?” I asked, spanking him, my hand slapping his flesh.

“Yes, I love it,” he said on a grunt.

“That’s a good boy,” I soothed him, rubbing his tortured skin. And with his obedience, I stopped the spanking.

My fingernails went over the cherry-red ass I promised him I would be giving him, and he groaned over the feeling. “Now that’s not so bad, was it?” I purred, stepping behind him.

Placing my hands on both cheeks of his ass, I scratched down his backside, taking his testicles in one hand and his manhood in the other. “Well, you must have enjoyed my spanking, Davis. You’re so hard you must be aching,” I chuckled, and his hips started to move in my grasp, already needing release.

My hand let go of his testicles, and I swatted his ass. Once again it echoed throughout the room. “I didn’t tell you to move,” I scolded him. My hand made its way back down to his testicles, took hold of them tightly, and I heard him swear with a gravelly growl. Then I pinched a piece of the skin in my fingers, giving it a little tug.

He groaned, but at the same time I felt his manhood twitch with excitement in my hand. I released the skin and ran my hand up his backside right through the crack of his ass. “Damn it!” he hissed, and his head fell forward as he twitched once again in my hand.

He was fighting moving his hips while I held onto him. “You want me, Davis? You want to slip inside of me?” I asked.

His back was tense, and I bent over, kissing a strained muscle, making him jump. “You have to answer me when I ask you a question,” I told him, smacking his ass again. “Now, do you want to be in me?”

“Damn it, yes!” he growled at me.

“Do you need to use the word? Do you want me to stop?” I teased him, as I continued stroking him, but stopping when he twitched once again, getting ready to cum.

“No, but I want in you now, sugar!” He panted.

That had me chuckling. “Okay,” I purred as I leaned my body over his, moving the shirt so my breast could press into his skin. I ran myself down his back, and before I got off him, I bit into the cherry-red spot on his ass, making jump, swear, and moan all at the same time.

“Stand up, Davis,” I commanded him, and as he stood I molded myself to the back of him, my hands roaming over the front of him, letting my fingers run over his skin, then pinching his nipples, whereupon I received a loud groan. “I want you on your back, with your arms up over your head,” I directed him.

He turned around to look at me. He watched as I slipped off my panties, letting them fall around my stilettos, and he moaned, which made me smile. I pushed him onto the bed, taking off the tie around my neck; I knew I’d have a use for it sometime soon. “Move back on the bed darling, and put those hands over your head,” I directed once more, as he watched my hands wrap each end of the silky material around my fists.

He obeyed, which made me smile. I made my way onto the bed, straddling his chest as I tied his strong hands over his head and to the bedpost. Once he realized he couldn’t move his arms, his eyes met mine. “Abie!” he barked.

Leaning into him I took his mouth, distracting him from his concerns, and focusing on what he was going to be receiving. His mouth was hungry, so I pulled back, teasing him. But then I took his face in my hands, slipping my tongue once more in his mouth, tasting this man; my need for him was going into uncharted territory.

I pulled back only an inch, staring down into intense blue eyes, teasing him, running my tongue over his lips, then pulling back when his lips came up, demanding more. “Are you ready to really play now?”

“Yes,” came a guttural moan from him.

“First I want you to get me worked up,” I whispered to him with authority. “I’m going to sit on that beautiful mouth of yours and I want you to lick me to the point of orgasm, making me so wet that when I go to take you in, you just slide into me,” I purred, caressing the side of his face.

“Shit, sugar,” he moaned, and I made my way up to him, sitting on one knee and the other heeled foot on the mattress, holding me up so I could place my center over his face.

At the first stroke of his tongue my head fell back. “It’s not going to take long,” I moaned as he caressed me. My hips moved with each stroke of the tongue, and I couldn’t wait to feel him in me. When I couldn’t handle any more, I pulled back from him, and the look in his eyes was animalistic.

I kissed his lips as I let my body travel down his. His bindings were strained as his tip found its way to my wet entrance. “Abie, now!” he growled, and I laughed at his command.

“You’re not supposed to command me, Davis. And for punishment I’m going to slide down you very, very slowly.” And that’s what I did.

His hips started to buck under me and I wrapped my feet around him so he wouldn’t move. “Lie still. If you persist in this, I won’t move, and just when you were at the point you’ve been waiting for,” I whispered, and our eyes met, and he stilled. As soon as he did my bidding, I lifted up on my knees, then slid down him.

His groan filled the room. “Damn it, sugar, you feel so good!”He grunted with every stroke I made. Leaning down I took his mouth as I rode him, and once again his bindings were strained.

“Tell me when you’re getting ready to cum,” I panted, as my orgasm was also very close. He nodded and grunted, as my taking him was becoming faster…rougher. We stared at each other as our breathing became harsh, getting so much closer.

“I’m going to, Abie, shit sugar, I’m there!” he yelled, and with his words I lifted up off of him, letting him slip out of me.

“Son of a bitch!” he growled as his teeth clenched together. I could see he was so very ready, and his whole body shook as I withdrew from bringing him to completion. After a second his body stopped its twitching, and his breathing was heavy.

I chuckled at him before I took my hand holding up his erection, teasing the tip with my wet center. I could feel the muscles in his legs tighten. “Sugar please…” he moaned, as he watched me play with myself with his soft tip, teasing my swollen nub. My head went back, moaning at the feel of him.

“Abie…” he moaned once more when I finally slid back down him once again. This time not worrying about the game, and all about the pleasure I got from enjoying the feel of him.

His grunts became heavy, and he bit his bottom lip. “Are you going to cum, Davis?” I panted, gazing down at him as my body slapped against his. He didn’t answer me, afraid I would pull the same stunt that I did before. “I want you to cum with me,” I commanded him.

This time I wrapped my arms over his head, kissing him and enjoying his hunger as his mouth took mine. That’s when I hit the spot, and I released him from the kiss and pounded on top of him as my orgasm was about to go over the precipice. “Oh yes baby, yes! Oh lord… Yes!” I screamed out as I rode him roughly.

With the sounds of my screams of pleasure, he so hard inside of me, a rush of warmth filled me when his grunts became heavy as my walls clasped down on him. “Damn it, sugar! Oh shit! Right there… Yes, keep that up, right there! Abie!” he growled loudly in the night.

My movements slowed as my orgasm slowed, my body collapsed on top of his, completely worn out from the sex. His body shuddered under me as he found the last of his release. My hands caressed his hot skin on the sides of his chest, feeling his thick muscles. “Abie, untie me now,” he commanded me now, with a low deep voice.

I looked up from his chest, examining his face. “If I untie you, are you going to be nice?” I teased him, my lips coming down on a very stiff nipple and kissing it, making his body shudder once more, as he watched me.

“I’ll play nice, sugar.” His voice came out husky with my desired answer.

Reaching up, I undid his binding, letting him loose. He had his arms around me in an instant, flipping me to my back so he was in charge. He didn’t say anything, just lay on top of me, looking down at me, still deep inside me.

My hands came free from him, pushing his gorgeous sandy locks out of his face. “So is this the part where you tell me that I was right about us not being compatible, and we say goodbye, Davis?” I whispered softly.

His arms went under the pillow that my head was lying on, wrapping me tightly in his embrace. His lips found mine, slipping his tongue in my mouth, deepening it for a minute before his pulled back, kissing my lips softly.

“You’re not getting away from me that easily, sugar. It was different, and some things were difficult because I couldn’t be in control. But damn…you had me so worked up! That was erotic, fascinating, and you feel so damn good! Unlike anything I’ve ever had,” he told me, kissing the side of my neck. “Now how about we clean up, and you give me some vanilla.”

Scratching my nails down his back, I kissed his chin. “Don’t you think it’s time for me to head home? We’re both satisfied, and I’ll see you next weekend,” I told him simply.

He scowled down at me. “You’ll see me next weekend?” incredulous at my so-what attitude. “No, I’ll see you tomorrow night,” he informed me.

“Tomorrow? Isn’t that really soon? I mean, don’t you see a person seriously maybe once a week?” I questioned him.

“No, it’s a lot more than once a week, Abie. Damn it, haven’t you been in serious relationships before?” he asked me, baffled.

“I’ve had boyfriends if that’s what you’re referring to. But even when I was younger, I found boys to be…clingy. So a relationship was never more than a couple of months. By the time I was in college, between working to pay for schooling and getting all my schoolwork done, there really was very little time for anything other than flings.”

My fingers went to the stubble on his face, feeling the texture. “I’m going to tell you something that I would normally never divulge to a lover…”

“I’m not just a lover,” he insisted, not too pleased with being referring to as such.

“Okay, a boyfriend. About eight years ago I did fall in love. He turned out not to be the man I thought he was, and he…broke something inside me. He made me ashamed of who I was, and I was never ashamed of who I was, or where I came from…ever.

“I was working at the Thompson Agency already and making a very good reputation for myself. But after the…breakup, I went back to school, even though I was working very hard to make a name for myself.

“I took courses in English, even enrolled in a school for grammar and etiquette so I could lose my Revere accent. That’s when I made serious changes to my life, and decided that anything more from men I wanted would be on my terms. I did what I needed to achieve the goals I wanted, and the new life I was now involved in. After that I would find men who suited my purposes when I was abroad. The agreement usually lasted almost a year, some a little more, some a little less depending on how long I was going to be at the location with my job.

“So I guess to really answer your question, Davis…no, I’ve never been in a relationship like the one you’re talking about,” I informed him. “How about you? You’ve had a lot of serious relationships?”

He kissed my nose, slipping out of me and rolling to his back, then he pulled me to his side, hugging me close. “I guess I’ve had a couple, maybe four that I would’ve called serious. But I was engaged once.”

My fingers went to the little patch of hair on his chest, playing with it. “You were engaged? Well, what happened for you not to be at home in bed with a wife, instead of me lying next to you with your red backside,” I chuckled at him.

He laughed, then stopped. “Well, she ran off with one of my best friends.” I got up on his chest, inspecting him after that tidbit of information. “Oh Davis, I am sorry. That is an awful betrayal. Did you love her, I mean really truly love her?”

The arm that wasn’t wrapped around me went behind his head. “I thought I did. But that did do some damage to me. Made me rethink what I wanted from a woman. I think I’ve had one relationship after that, but now when I look back on it, it wasn’t a relationship at all,” he told me, but he was thinking out loud.

“Well, you’re the one with more experience with the relationships then,” I said, smiling. “But I don’t stay the night at lovers’…I mean men’s homes. I go home afterwards, really it’s not a big deal, and it’s nothing personal.”

I heard him sigh. “It’s never a big deal to the person who wants to leave. But for the person who would like them to stay, believe me it’s always a big deal, and very personal,” he assured me, as he softly caressed my back.

I gazed down at him as I lay on his chest, and his blue eyes stared back at me. I needed to think if this was another rule I was willing to break for this man. If I kept breaking all of my rules, my heart would be very susceptible to a major heartbreak when this ended.

“Davis…” I began, but he rolled on top of me, taking my mouth so I couldn’t speak. Lord this man could kiss. When he was finished with his mastery of kisses on me, he pulled back, kissing my neck, and whispered in my ear. “Come on, Abie, I get a little more vanilla than that for tonight…right?” he asked, his hand caressing up the side of my body, making me shiver, and him chuckle.

My hands went to his hair as he moved down the contours of my body, and little nibbles and kisses were placed on my bare skin. His mouth then kissed around my nipple, and his hands grabbed my thighs, pulling them apart so he could settle between them with ease.

His tongue caressed around my nipple, teasing me. “Come on, sugar, I have a couple more ideas that I’d like us to try out this evening. I just need some more of your sweetness.” His voice husky, so damn sexy, and hypnotizing.

When he finally latched onto my nipple, I gasped as he sucked on it and gave it a little bite. “I guess I can stay a little bit longer…”

The clock turned three, and the numbers glowed bright in the dark room. I had finished putting on all my clothing, and now stood at the massive window in the master bedroom, waiting for my taxi to come.

I turned to glance back at the bed where Davis was asleep, unaware of my intention to leave. Especially after he thought he’d talked me into staying the night with him. This man had me breaking everything that holds me together. If I gave up my personal space… I’d lose myself.

My phone vibrated and I answered. “Yes, okay thank you. I’ll be right down,” I told the cabbie and hung up the phone. I walked over to the nightstand, where I wrote him a letter, touching it, then took one last look at him before I headed to the door.

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