The Domination Game

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Chapter 12

The morning was new, the headache was gone, but his girl still hadn’t made her way over to see him. It was already ten-thirty, and he was going to give her another hour before he headed to her friend’s place to pick her up!

Davis was at his desk when Terry came into the office with her datebook in hand, knowing there was a rundown of things that needed to have his approval. “There are a couple things that I needed to make calls on this morning, but I need your approval to move forward with them, Mr. Mills,” she addressed him.

“That’s fine, Terry,” he told her, clacking away on his computer.

She opened her book and looked at the first one she had. “There’s the business dinner with your associates in New York in December. I was called this morning, asking confirmation of your attendance and if you were bringing a guest along with you?” she inquired with her pen at the ready.

He thought about it, and would love to take Abie to New York. Maybe they could spend some time there alone, without any interruptions from the world around them. “Yes, tell them I’ll be there with a guest. And please make sure that my jet is ready to go that evening as well, Terry.”

“Very well, sir.” She scribbled something down, then looked back up at him. “Also, next week you leave for New Mexico, and then head into Louisiana. For some safety meetings at the refineries.”

“Yes, I remember that, thank you. Please make sure everything is ready for me when I leave for those trips as well,” he instructed.

“Yes, sir.”

“Is that it, Terry?”

“Yes, Mr. Mills. That’s all for now,” she said, and left the room.

Davis lost track of what was going on around him as his mind focused on the tasks he needed to complete. He surmised it was about twenty minutes later that he heard his door open once more. Thinking Terry forgot something in the datebook, he didn’t even bother to look up. “Yes?” he asked, paying her no heed.

Soft footsteps made their way to him. “Well, that wasn’t quite the hello I was expecting, especially considering how persistent a certain man can be when I’m absent for only a couple of days,” a beautiful voice purred.

Looking up he saw Abie, with her tweed skirt, tan silken blouse, and for an extra special treat, her hair down and in soft waves going around her face. He smiled as he watched her walk to his desk.

As she dropped her purse and coat on the chair, his eyes watched how the fabric moved and hugged her gorgeous curves. “Yes, but I’ve got to let you know who’s in charge, now don’t I?” he chuckled, as that sly smile that made him instantly hard slipped onto her beautiful face.

She came around, standing in front of him before she leaned back against the desk, reached down and spread his legs apart, and kicked her little heel-clad feet between his thighs and under his chair. A perfectly manicured fingertip came up as she leaned forward, caressing the side of his face, making him shiver.

“What am I going to do with that mouth of yours?” she asked, taking his chin with the same finger and lifting it up to her. He saw her eyes slip to his mouth, and his own smile broke free, knowing she wanted him just as badly.

“I should punish this beautiful mouth of yours for such statements,” she told him, leaning closer to his lips. “But I think at this moment, I’m just going to have my way with them instead,” she said, right before her lips found his.

She reach around, taking him by the back of the neck and lacing her fingers through his hair; controlling the kiss, deepening the kiss, and completely stunning him at the passion that the mastery of her control could bring out in him. There was something so erotic as this woman had her way with him.

Davis tried to get up from his seat, but her heel-clad foot came up to his groin, applying pressure to his delicate areas and keeping him in place. “Abie…” he groaned, as he tried to speak. Her tongue worked its way back into his mouth, stroking him with very suggestive moves, helping him make up his mind on his next move.

He finally managed to break free and take a breath, while his hand grabbed that little heeled foot, taking it off his already swollen cock. He got up out of his seat and took her face in his hands, staring into her blue freckled eyes, then took her mouth, demanding her acceptance as he wanted to taste her sweetness, which only she could give him. She fought him on who was going to have their way. His hand slid to the nape of her neck, wrapping the golden tendrils in his fist and bending her head back up to him.

Her eyes gazed up at him, telling him all he needed to know; she wanted him, but she wasn’t going to make it easy on him either. His tongue came tasting her bottom lip, and he applied more pressure to her hair, making her gasp…then he swooped in, devouring her mouth, making her lose her senses.

He kept up the onslaught of his passion as he kissed her, hoping she would melt into him, give him an inch of control. And after a moment he could feel her give in, just a bit, but he would take it. His hands came down, moving her skirt up, feeling the soft skin of her inner thighs.

She pulled free of him as his hands felt their way up the smooth flesh. “Davis, what do you think you’re going to do?” she chuckled breathlessly.

He clicked the button under his desk to lock the doors, as his fingers found the silky material he was looking for, keeping what he wanted hidden from him. He hooked them with his fingers and started to pull them down. “Davis,” she quietly scolded him, but made no move to stop him either.

His lips went to her neck, kissing her behind the ear. “You’ve been gone, sugar. You’re not going to deny a man a little vanilla when he’s been so desperately wanting to be wedged deep inside you?” he asked, but not giving her a chance to answer his question. His mouth overpowered hers with his sheer need to have her, stopping any answer she was going to give him.

Her breath was short when he finally released her, making him smile at the effect he had on her. He kept up his seduction, going in to kiss her neck once again. “Yes, that’s exactly what I would normally do, Davis. Work you up and then deny you your pleasure, most definitely cause you a little pain for your audacity,” she whispered, as his hand went up to cup her breast, teasing her nipple through the thin cool fabric.

He pushed her back on his massive oak desk, with one hand running over her soft middle, while the other relieved her of the silken panties. He gazed down at her as she lay there watching him. His hands lightly pushed up her skirt, as his body made its way back down to her.

“Are you going to give me some vanilla, Abie?” he whispered as his hands drifted down to her exposed center that he wanted to sink into. His fingers stroked her wet center, feeling how damn ready she was for him. Her breath hitched and her back arched under him as his finger dove deep inside her.

She regained her composure, and chuckled at him softly. Taking her hand off his shoulder, she started caressing the side of his cheek with her fingers. Her eyes followed the movements as he shivered once again from her soft touch. Then that sly smile of hers slipped out, right before she smacked him across the face.

It wasn’t hard per se, but it wasn’t soft either, and it was unexpected and damn it, if it didn’t turn him fucking on! He looked down at her, eyes hooded and on fire. A soft laugh escaped as she soothed the spot she’d just assaulted. “Yes,” was her soft reply.

Her hands went around his head, as her fingers ran through his hair.And with that, his mouth came crashing down on hers, claiming it as his tongue dove in once again, taking all she was willing to offer him.She moaned into his mouth as he stroked her wetness once more, and pinched her swollen nub, making her breath hitch. He growled as her arms wrapped tightly around him, taking over the kiss and devouring his mouth, setting his body on fire like no other woman ever had.

The need for her was overwhelming. He needed to possess this woman like he wanted to, roughly, strongly, having her writhe underneath him while he made her scream out his name as he made her cum!

With those thoughts taking over his mind, he broke free from her kiss quickly and made quick work of his belt, undoing his zipper and taking out his aching cock. His hands pulled her down to the edge of the desk, placing himself at her slick entrance. He grabbed onto her hips, gazing down at her once more before he took her in one swift stroke.

A moan tore from his chest as her walls clenched around him. He leaned back down with his arms wrapped under her, as his thrusts became urgent and his body hungry. Her legs wrapped around him as her whimpers whispered into his ear with each thrust into her. The feeling of her heels pressing into his back urged him on even more, wanting her to writhe under his command.

Her pants were heavy in his ear now with each thrust he made, hitting the end of her silken walls, taking him in fully as she said his name, clinging to him. She dug her heels into his ass like spurs, edging him on. “Shit, Abie. Oh baby, you feel so good, sugar! So fucking good!” he groaned as he continued his pounding.

He unwrapped an arm from underneath her, rubbing her leg and going to the cheek of her ass. Once he was there his finger ran along the wetness of their joined bodies, making them both moan as he teased her.

His mouth made its way back to those swollen luscious lips that were panting his name. His finger now drenched in her juices moved its way to the rim of her ass, playing with the tightened rim, loosening it up just enough to slide his finger in.

She gasped as his finger went as deep as he could, and a rush of wetness poured from her body, making his balls clench and ache for their release. “Oh God Davis, that’s it baby…oh yeah that’s it! Yes, yes… Davis!” she moaned and clung to him as her orgasm broke free.

That was all he needed to not hold back any longer, slamming into her soft center as he heard her breath hitch, and felt her walls tighten around his cock, squeezing the hell out of him. “Oh shit Abie…yes, yes sugar…that feels so damn good, baby!” he grunted; his hips slapped against her ass one last time before his cock twitched, and the release came that he’d needed as soon as she stepped foot in his office, shooting deep inside of her with a loud groan.

He carefully slid his finger out of her, but then collapsed on top of her with a small chuckle. “Damn, woman, you make me lose my mind,” he murmured in her ear before he kissed her once again.

Her hands went to the side of his face and she stared at him. “I did like your form of vanilla, Davis,” she told him quietly, and he noticed the puzzled look on her face when she declared that to him. She kissed him one last time, and he knew that was a hint to get up, so he did.

He zipped himself up and helped her up, found her panties and slid the silky fabric back up her sexy thighs. He smiled internally, knowing he’d won a little victory when she let him do it. “Davis, your manners have no bounds, do they?” she chuckled.

He shrugged. “My momma raised her boy to have manners when it comes to the ladies, especially to a beautiful woman who I’m trying to impress with all my many charms,” he drawled, letting his Texan twang slip out.

She straightened her skirt out. “Do you mind if I use the restroom?” she asked with a smile. He smiled back, pointing to the office bathroom. When she walked off a couple of things ran through his head, and he needed to ask her about them.

After a minute he went closer to the bathroom, leaning next to the door. “You know, Abie, I know it’s a little late in the game but, we haven’t used anything…” he started to say.

She opened the bathroom door and leaned against the frame, staring at him. “You implying that I’m trying to ensnare you in some dastardly plan I’ve conjured up, with a pregnancy?”She laughed, astounded.

He rolled his eyes at her statement, running his hand through his hair. “No, sugar, I’m not saying that, but we haven’t used protection both times we’ve been together now.”

“Davis, I’m a grown woman. I’m on something to prevent the conception of a child. That would not fit into my life’s plans, so never fret over something like that,” she told him, walking out of the restroom to the chair where her purse and coat sat.

“Oh, and I’m clean, just for your comfort.” She shook her head like she couldn’t believe she was having this conversation this late in the game, too. “Normally I would have my subs checked out before our arrangement was finalized. So I’m hoping you’ve been checked recently?” she asked him, slipping on her jacket.

He looked over at her once again, pissed with the whole sub talk. For some reason it just made him see the green-eyed monster of jealousy, knowing that he wasn’t the only one who’d had her passion, or heard her sexy words in foreplay. She looked up at his stance, shaking her head. “I realize you’re not a sub, Davis…you’re my boyfriend. Now, about you…”

He walked over to her, not liking that she looked ready to leave so soon. “I always use protection. It’s been drilled into my head by my father since I was twelve. But with you, I’m not necessarily using the right head to think with.” He smiled as his eyes roamed over the body he’d just possessed. “But yes, I’m clean, sugar. No need to worry your pretty little head about that.”

She smiled, sashaying her way to meet him in the middle of the floor. “Well, I have to say everything that I seem to do with you is very spontaneous. But I do feel much better that there’s no need to have anything between us, I prefer to feel you,” she replied. “I very much like the feel of you, Davis,” she purred with a devilish gleam in her eye, and he groaned at her comment.

“May I ask where you’re going so soon?” he enquired, when her purse was once again in her hand.

“I came by to see you just as you requested in your text. I went home, freshened up, then made my way over to see you A.S.A.P. Now I have a very important meeting in an hour, and then I have to meet and mingle with some new possible clients this evening,” she informed him.

That shocked him. “So you’re going to be busy tonight?” he asked with a lift of his brow and a little pissed-off attitude. She sighed, seeing his anger over what she’d just told him. “Davis, I told you I’m married to my job. I’ve been very forthcoming with you about my life,” she explained.

He was exasperated over the position he found himself in. He’d never had to make a woman spend time with him before. They were usually all over him about staying the night, or spending time with them; normally it was the lack of spending time together that they were pissed off about.

Now he was aware the shoe was on the other foot, and damn it, he really didn’t care for it! “I know you have, Abie, but you also agreed to certain terms with me, and the sort of relationship we’re going to have,” he explained. Then he took a breath, shaking off his anger, knowing that it wasn’t going to get him anywhere with his woman.

So he took a whole new approach on how to deal with this and get what he wanted. “I really wanted to spend some time with you tonight. I told you I wasn’t interested in just a sexual relationship, sugar. I missed my girl,” he said, and took her hand, dipping his head down to look into her eyes, making her look at him.

She stared at him, and he could see her mind working on what she was going to do about him. The possessive beast in him was very happy with the look he now saw in his woman’s eyes. “Normally I don’t have a date at these meetings. Some of my associates will have their partners with them… But, if you’d like to come with me this evening that would be fine.”

His arms slipped around her curves under the long woolen coat, smiling at her surrender. “I have to warn you, it will be very dull for you. Just some CEOs and an owner or two wanting to get a good look at the Thompson Agency, and all our triumphs in other companies that we’ve done business with.”

He chuckled, kissing the tender spot behind her ear. “You might not believe this, Ms. Black, but I’ve gone to many of these what you call meet and greets. I know precisely what to expect from them.” He whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver, “What time tonight?”

Her hands rested on his stomach, feeling the dips and planes of his abdomen, and he loved that she liked to feel his muscles. “I’ll pick you up at eight. It’s black tie, so dress appropriately,” she told him, then reached up to straighten his tie.

“First and foremost, I’m picking you up tonight, Ms. Black. Second, do you honestly think I wouldn’t know how to dress myself for the occasion?” He leaned back, staring down at her in surprise. “Do you honestly think that?”

Now she smiled at him. “This will be the first time any of my associates will meet someone in my life, friend or…otherwise.” She took his face in her hands, kissing his lips quickly. “I want people to see how absolutely stunning my pet is,” she purred as her eyes roamed over his face.

“You may retrieve me this evening, and I want you clean-shaven as well.” She ran her finger down the side of his face. “You are a very beautiful man, Mr. Mills,” she said, winking at him. She turned sharply on him, leaving his brain once again going in a dozen different directions, walking out of his office without a backward glance.

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