The Domination Game

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Chapter 14

Davis watched the cab drive away, and Abie didn’t turn back even for a second glance at him. He knew without a doubt, he’d pushed his woman too damn hard tonight. He ran through the lobby to the elevator to make his way back to his car.

He’d let her have the drive home without him, but they were going to talk. And if he had to, he would grovel at her feet to make her accept his apology for stealing her thunder. That’s when it truly hit him, and what she meant when she yelled at him.

He took over her meeting. After he showed up in front of her boss, Thompson and Lee Chow had talked only to him, asking him about her work, how he liked the Thompson Agency… Shit! He so fucked up tonight!

When he saw that stupid shit Tyler Knight touch her, the only thing on his mind was to make sure every man in the vicinity knew that she was his. He was thankful that she didn’t see him and Knight get into a heated argument about what would happen if he ever saw him near her again.

Damn it, she didn’t even realize he was the one she was going to marry; it was just so damn hard for him not to be possessive of her. When she was around him every instinct he had was to keep her safe, loved, and happy. Never had a woman ever brought this fierceness out of him.

Still in his tuxedo, he drove to Revere in the dead of night. When he got to her apartment he knocked on the door hastily, wanting to set things right. No one answered, so he called her. But he didn’t hear the cell ringing in the apartment.

He knocked louder. “Abie, honey, please come talk to me… I’m sorry,” he begged, hoping she would hear him through the door. “Please, sugar, don’t do this. I know it’s soon for me to say this to you, but I need you.”

He heard footsteps coming to the door, and stood back as the locks and chains were being removed. When the door finally opened, instead of his blonde, blue-eyed woman, a petite little thing with short spiky hair was looking at him. Her pink robe was worn, and she glared at him as she crossed her arms. “Well?” she questioned.

“Is Abie here?”

“No,” she told him, starting to shut the door in his face. His hand flew up, holding the door open before she shut it on him. “Please tell me where she is… I need to talk to her,” he said, but she was unmoving. “I screwed up tonight… I need to tell her I’m sorry.” His hand went to his face, rubbing it in frustration. “Please don’t let her go to sleep without knowing how much I don’t want this to end,” he pleaded with her.

She sighed, and her shoulders fell. “Give me a minute,” she told him, shutting the door. A minute later she came back with a piece of paper in her fingers, and handed it over to him. “I’m guessing you have GPS,” she asked, and he nodded.

“She’s staying with Kitty tonight in Southie, there’s the address. Don’t piss me off by saying something stupid to her… I’ll never hear the end of it!” she huffed tiredly. He turned to run back to his car. “Thanks!” he called, as he retreated.

As he drove he looked at the clock on his dashboard; it was going to be midnight by the time he made it to her. He pulled up to a small house on a narrow street and parked his Jag out front, then hurried to the front door.

He knocked loudly, waited a minute, and when no one answered, knocked again. On the third knock he heard heavy footsteps. A man with bright red hair, covered in tattoos, opened the door in his boxers.

Davis was trying to keep his cool as his mind wondered who the hell this guy was. “Come on in. Kitty’s getting A.B. for you,” the man said. He followed him into a small front room where the guy lit up a cigarette and dropped tiredly to the sofa.

He stood in the dark little front room in his tux, waiting, not in the mood to make small talk with the guy watching him. “Mickey, come heah,” a voice called from upstairs to the man smoking on the sofa.

Mickey looked up the stairs, smiling as he exhaled smoke from his nostrils. He stubbed out his cigarette and looked back at Davis. “Good luck, man. She was pissed when she showed up heah tonight.” He slapped him on the shoulder, making his way upstairs.

There was a light on up on the second floor, revealing the woman he wanted to see coming slowly down, gripping the railing. Her legs and feet were bare, and she was wearing some silken short blue robe with dragons on it. She turned her head; even in the darkened room with only the hall light from upstairs casting any light, their eyes met, and he could see she was still very pissed off at him.

He quickly went to her, and saw that she wasn’t going to give him an inch at this moment. He was going to grovel; every man knows when there’s a time to put pride aside, and kiss ass if he wants to keep his woman.

“I’m so sorry, sugar, I’m so fuckin’ sorry for what I did tonight. You have every right to be pissed at me. But let’s work this out, okay?” he asked, trying not to reach out and touch her. “Please,” he begged.

She didn’t say anything; instead she crossed her arms, glaring up at him.

“Look, if you want I’ll go have a talk with your boss, let him know that we didn’t get together until after you worked for me. Hell, I’ll tell the man I perused you like a dog on the hunt!” he exclaimed, but she was still unmoving.

He sighed and glanced down, knowing a confession might be the only way to let him back in with his woman. “I know how I acted tonight, for you, was completely unacceptable. But I’m just a man, sugar, and this man is very possessive over a particular ass-spanking woman. When that asshole put his hands on you…all reasonable train of thought went out the door, and I just wanted every man in that room to know you were mine. Especially that little shit in front of me,” he confessed to her.

Her hands went to her hips now, and the glare turned to a confused gaze. Then her head dropped, and shook side to side as she thought to herself before she looked back up at him. “You will never act like my superior ever again,” she growled at him. “If I allow you to come to a dinner with me, I will expect you to know your place while I work. I will not let all my years of work be taken from me because of who you are, Davis. I’ve worked hard and long for every bit of recognition I’ve received from the jobs I’ve performed for these companies,” she stated firmly.

He nodded, accepting her conditions. “Abie, I know, honey, I know. I was way out of line this evening, and I promise it won’t happen again. I lost my cool when that guy touched you. That just made me not think, is all.”

His hands made their way to her curved hips, touching the silken robe that hugged her body. “I know you said you’d never stay the night at my place right now. But since I’m here, and it’s really late, sugar, would it bother you if I stayed the night with you?” he pleaded.

She looked up at the stairs, then back to him. He could tell she was uncomfortable with what he was asking from her. “That’s breaking one of my most important rules, Davis,” she said. He dipped his head down so their eyes could meet. He loved how small she was next to him, without heels on. “I don’t know what rules you’re talking about, Abie?”

Even in the dimness he saw her roll her eyes, but her hands found his and she caressed them. “My rules, Davis. The rules by which I’ve lived my life since I was twenty-three years old. Never let a man into your personal space…” she told him, lost in thought.

“That seems like an awfully lonely way to live, sugar.”

That made her glance back up at him quickly. He saw right then he’d struck a nerve, but she quickly covered it up. “Only once have I broken my rules, and it lead to nothing but heartache and pain for me. Tonight you took over, and I had to remain in control because of the company we were in,” she told him.

And then her cool demeanor slipped, and the sad Abie stood in front of him. “Are you going to be the same, Davis? The same kind of man who wants into my life just to tear it apart?” she said, but she was no longer staring at him, she was staring through him. Like she was asking herself the question.

His hands went to her face, lifting it to his. His thumbs traced her bottom lip and that tiny scar, as he gazed into her eyes. “I will remember that you like to have your space, and I won’t pull what I did tonight ever again when we’re dealing with your work. I promise I’ll be your pet, then, sugar. That I swear to you.”

She smiled hesitantly. “You’re just promising me when you’re in front of my associates, or anything work related that you’ll behave for me. But that’s all you’re really promising me, Davis.”

“I won’t promise you something I won’t be able to give you, sugar. I can’t give you an obedient man. But at the same time, I will follow certain rules that you have in your life that let me go to a function with you. Or your personal boundaries that you have set up that you feel keep you safe,” he said. “But I’m hoping one day we won’t need those.”

He pulled her into his arms, no longer able to hold back. “I will always be a persistent man when it comes to you, Adire Black, I can’t seem to help myself!” he whispered into her ear, and her body shivered.

Loosing his hold, he leaned back to look down at her. She nodded, still in thought about all the things he’d confessed to her. But he recognized the look on her face, and inside, the possessive beast was very happy. “If I let you stay the night with me tonight, you have to follow all my rules. Can you manage to do that?” she asked quietly.

His arms went around her waist. “Hell yes, sugar. I’ll follow any ol’ little rules you give me tonight,” he whispered, kissing her cheek.

She nodded once again, accepting his word. “All right, Davis. This isn’t something I believe we’re ready for. We’ve known each other for only a short period of time, and this…to me…is a very intimate part of a relationship. To allow a person to stay the night in your space, to see the real you…” Her eyes quickly shot up to his, like she’d just remembered something, something that spooked the hell out of her and was tipping the scale on her decision to let him stay.

“Please, sugar. I really am tired,” he lied a little white lie to her. She took a shaky breath, and started for the stairs. “I guess you should follow me, then,” she said, more formally than he would’ve hoped for.

The stairway was covered in photos, and the light yellow walls seemed bright to him even in the dark. When they hit the little landing, she turned to the door to the left and walked into her room. She switched on the light on the nightstand as he stood at the door.

The room was Kelly green, and the sheers that went over the window hung in individual bands in the colors of the rainbow. There was a poster on the wall of a women’s roller derby event, but other than that the room was neat and tidy. “Don’t mind the decor, Kitty has very unique taste.”

She slipped out of her robe, and all she had on was a tank top and a pair of panties. But she still looked completely put together, flawless, without a smidge out of place on her face or her hair. She took off her robe and hung it up in the tiny closet.

“I like that robe, Abie. Where did you get it?” he asked, to break the silence. He was right in back of her, his hands on her hips, traveling down her hips to her thighs.

“Taiwan,” was all she told him, as she moved out from under his grasp. She stood away from his reach, but so they were facing one another. “I agreed for you to stay the night, but my rules will be followed. Do you still accept that?” she asked.

He didn’t move, he just watched her and her body language. He realized that this was a bigger step for her than he thought. Something so damn simple for him with the countless many, held value to her, and she was going to let him be one of the ones who got to share a bed with her. “Yes, sugar. I told you any ol’ rules you have for me, I’m willing to follow tonight,” he reassured her.

She nodded. “Okay, the rules for this evening, Davis, are: there is no intercourse between us. And that includes any foreplay or fondling of any kind,” she declared.

“May I kiss you?” he asked.

She hesitated once more. “No.”

“Are you punishing me?” he asked, but already knew the answer.


She went to the laptop that was open on her bed, shut it and placed it on her dresser top. That’s when he saw a little bottle of pills next to the lamp where she had placed the laptop. He walked over, picked it up and read the prescription.

When she turned back around and saw the pills in his hands, she stopped cold. “You shouldn’t go getting into people’s personal things,” she interjected, but it wasn’t fierce, and he could see her sadness seep through.

He put the bottle back down where he found it. “Are you okay, Abie? Do you need something?” he asked, knowing he would do anything to help her. Damn it, he knew already he was in…

“No. I’ve just been under a lot of stress lately.”

“And the medication?”

“None of your concern.”


She sighed, rolling her eyes at his persistence. “They’re for panic attacks. I’ve had a couple recently, and I haven’t had one in a very long time. So I brought out my pills in case I felt the need to take one,” she explained softly.

Pulling down the covers to the full-sized bed, she slipped in between the sheets. Right then he knew her little punishment was going to be very hard for him to keep. He’d wanted this woman to stay the night in his bed since the first time he saw her at the nightclub.

Even though it wasn’t his bed, the thought of waking up with her in his arms…damn it! That made his cock rise to the occasion with the many ideas that were running rampantly through his head. And she was going to punish him tonight. Damn, she sure knew how to punish a man!

“Davis, are you going to sleep with a tux on?” she chuckled gently at him. “I think there isn’t that much room in this bed for that much bulk,” she teased.

He slowly stripped out of his clothes, laying them on a bench at the foot of the bed. He would glance up, enjoying the way her eyes followed his movements when an article of clothing was removed.

When only his boxers were left, he slipped those off as well, letting her witness what just having her watch him did to him. “I really am enjoying that you’re already aroused. It will make my punishment that much more fulfilling,” she teased again.

She got out of bed as he slipped in. He saw her pick something up on her nightstand, then turn off the lights to have the room completely dark. “Goodnight, Davis,” she whispered softly.

He pulled her into him, pressing his erection right against her soft backside, and draping one arm over her middle with his hand on her smooth stomach. “Davis, my rules,” she stated.

It was now his turn to chuckle. “You never said anything about me touching you. But believe me, it’s torture not to make love to you right now, your punishment is working very well, sugar!” he growled quietly into her ear, trying not to grind into the back of her. “Now let’s go to sleep, because my need for you right now I can barely contain, and my will power is pretty damn weak,” he exclaimed.

She laughed again, then sighed. “Pushy, loophole-finding man,” she whispered. He grinned into her hair, before he drifted off into sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, the warm little body that was lying next to him all night was gone. It felt like déjà vu all over again. The first thing he did was look on the nightstand for another missive for him to read. Once he saw there wasn’t one, he slipped on his boxers and pants, hurrying with the rest of his clothing, and went downstairs. “Abie?” he called out in the little front room.

“I’m in the kitchen,” was her quiet reply. His shoulders relaxed as he headed towards her voice. When he entered the space she was sitting at the table, blowing into a cup with steam rising from it.

He draped his coat over a chair. “I thought you might’ve run off on me again,” he confessed, as he looked at the woman at the table. That’s when he realized she was all put together. Makeup, hair, clothes were all in place. “I was hoping to see you lying next to me this morning,” he told her, making his way to the coffee pot.

She shrugged. “I had to get something done with work, so I just got myself ready,” she said before taking another sip. “What are your plans this morning, Mr. Mills?”

He pulled out a seat across from her. “Well, I thought you and I could spend the weekend together. You know, get to know each other better, maybe iron out all the things that keep interfering between us.”

She sighed, sitting back at the table. “You really are a very pushy man. You want as much as a needy girlfriend, do you know that?” she commented, looking down at the table. “Do you push all your women this hard? Or just the ones who like to be in charge of their surroundings?” she asked as her arms folded over her lacy top.

“I’ve never been considered pushy by a woman before, well, never in the terms that you’re implying. So I really couldn’t tell you if that’s true or not. Definitely never been called needy either, that’s a first for me. Neglectful, unresponsive, forgetful, and uncaring…those are a couple things women have told me on more than one occasion.”

Her eyes roamed over him at the confession he’d just made. “What were your thoughts on an outing in the middle of winter?” she asked, and once again he knew this was a little victory. “Well, how about the museum of science. That would be fun,” he told her.

“You’re serious? You want to take me to a children’s museum?”

He shrugged. “Do you have any problems being around children?” he asked her easily.

Her eyes narrowed at him, trying to decipher his motives. “No, I don’t have any problems with children, Davis. But you are implying something more to me, and I think we should talk about…” She didn’t finish as Davis got up from the table, coming around to her.

“Let’s talk about that later. As you told me last night, we’re just getting to know each other. It’s far too early for us to talk about the pitter patter of little feet…don’t you think, sugar?” He laughed as he helped her into her warm winter coat.

She glanced over her shoulder at him when his hand lingered there, as he opened the front door for them to exit her friend’s place. “Persistent, pushy, pushy man,” she grumbled under her breath, making his smile grow once again.

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