The Domination Game

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Chapter 16

Davis’s cell started to ring. He got up from the couch and the college football game he was watching, hoping it was the woman he’d been waiting to hear from all night. But when he picked it up he saw it was Jess.

“Hey Jess, I haven’t seen you in a couple days,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, sorry about that, bubba, but something’s come up and, I’ve met someone,” she informed him quietly, too damn quietly for his sister.

“What? Who’s this person, Jess?”

“Well, I really don’t want to say right now, because I want to see if this will truly lead to something. But I think he’s wonderful,” she giggled.

“Him, so I take it some man’s caught your eye this time?”

He heard her sigh. “Look, I don’t want to get into it with you right now, Davis. I’m leaving for Houston in the morning to get all my things from Bridget’s place. I just wanted to give you the heads up of why I’m not around,” she told him. “I know you’re running the company, but now that you have everything in order couldn’t you come home to Houston as well?” she asked.

He paused, thinking of the reason he was staying in Boston. “Well, Jess, I guess I could come home, but I just can’t right now,” he explained without explaining.

She started laughing at him. “I knew it! I knew, just knew it! I told Momma there would be only one thing in this world to make a man like you not come back home to his ranch and horses!” she gloated. “Bubba, you’re in love, hot damn! Momma’s going to be tickled pink when I tell her this. She’s been wantin’ some grandbabies, Davis, better get going on those right quick for her,” she giggled at him.

“Jessica, I want to be the one…” he began, but there came a knock on his front door. “Someone’s at my door. You, big sis, keep your loose lips shut on telling Momma anything. I want her to meet Abie in person,” he told her, walking to the door.

“All right, bubba, all right, you win… I’ll only hint at it. Bye!” she laughed, and hung up before he could comment back to her. There was another knock. “Yeah, I’m coming,” he called out.

When he opened the door, he was shocked at who was standing there. “Abie, hey sugar, I didn’t know you were coming over tonight. I must say I’m happy to see your beautiful face, though.” Then he saw how quiet she was. “Why don’t you come in?” he asked, as she stood in the hall. He noticed she wouldn’t look at him, but only at his bare feet.

“Abie…” His gut turned.

She took a deep breath. “I need to tell you something…” she said to his feet. He could see her hands were in tight fists that shook at her sides.

He looked her over as she stood so still at his door. So damn beautiful, but so sad. That was one thing he knew without her ever telling him anything. She had things that had happened in her life that made her so sad, and all he wanted to do was make her happy. “Abie, honey, come inside. Then I’ll let you tell me whatever it is you have to say,” he soothed her, as he noticed her fists shook even harder.

Her head came up after he spoke to her, and whatever he thought she was going to say was lost when she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him, holding onto him tightly. “I just can’t. I don’t know why, but I just can’t do it,” she whispered to herself, and he felt her body vibrate as his arms hugged her to him, holding her tightly in place.

A weight felt like it had been lifted off his shoulders, as her silent confession to herselfeased him as well. He caressed her back, happy to have her back in his arms. “Why don’t we go take a seat?” he asked, kissing her forehead. But she shook her head no.

She pulled back from him, her mouth open to say something, and then it shut tight as her eyes roamed over his face.That’s when he saw the fire burning in her eyes that so turned him the hell on.

She reached up, taking him by the ears and pulling his mouth to hers. Her soft tongue took over his mouth, feeling him, tasting him, taking over his senses. He picked her up in one arm, slamming the door shut behind them.

Once inside the entryway she wiggled back down to the ground, and pushed him against the wall next to the entry hall table. “Shirt off now,” she commanded, and he obeyed, stripping off his shirt, throwing it to the floor.

Her green silken blouse landed next to his on the floor. “I so love your torso, Davis,” she murmured softly as her fingers gently traced over his body. A shiver ran through him as goosebumps appeared on his skin.

She kicked off her heels, and her head only reached his chest. A kiss was placed on his sternum, and a moan tore from him. “Sugar…” He was going to put his arms around her when she took hold of them.

She placed them behind his back, with one hand on top of the other and pushing his ass back against them. “I don’t want you to move, Davis. I want to explore your body, taste you on my tongue. Feel your excitement when I play with you,” she whispered, unzipping his pants.

“Damn it!” he groaned as his pants hit the ground. “Kick them to the side,” was her next command, and he did.

Kisses moved all over his chest, then he felt her tongue on his skin. She ran it in a circular motion over his nipple, getting it so hard, then she blew her cool breath on it, causing him to shiver once more.

Her tongue ran down the dip on the planes of his stomach, and in between the muscles. He jumped when she dipped her tongue into his belly button, making her chuckle as he swore under his breath. But her hands reached around, grabbing into his backside with her nails, keeping him in place.

She bent down, getting on her knees, took hold of his hands that were still behind him, and clamped them in hers. He felt her tongue going along his aching swollen shaft through the fabric of his boxers, and his head fell back against the wall. “Dammit, sugar!” he growled.

Then she took little bites of the thick vein that he knew she could feel throbbing with the need to be in her, and could see, without seeing, the devilish grin she got when he was so damn submissive to her will.

Releasing his hands, her fingers traced the rim of his boxers, teasing him as she continued to tease and torment his very aching cock. A finger latched onto each side of his shorts, pulling them down, relieving his absolute need for her.

He heard her chuckle and he smiled, as she was thinking what he knew she’d be thinking after seeing him. Then her nails dug into the flesh of his ass as she swallowed him in whole, hitting the back of her throat. “Son of a bitch, Abie!” he yelled out, his head hitting the wall.

Her nails scratched along his ass, going down in between his thighs, as she took him in her mouth. He grunted with each stroke, and when he thought he could take no more, she’d stop, and his breathing would become ragged as his body longed for what only she could give him.

“Davis, look at how pink and swollen the head of your penis is. I would think, darling, you must be aching by now,” she purred, kissing the very tip and making him shudder. “Are you leaking as well?” she chuckled at him. “Oh Davis, you’re more than leaking, you’re ready to combust,” she goaded him.

His face bent down to look at the beautiful woman on the floor in front of him, and he watched as her hand came up cupping his balls, pinching the scrotum and pulling on it, making him hiss from the sting and the pleasure of it.

The other hand came and took him, wrapping her slender fingers around his aching cock, stroking him; he wanted to move his hands, to touch her body, her skin, taste her honey, which was the excitement of his woman. She had him so wanting, so needing, he could barely maintain his sanity.

He was trying to do as she told him, but was barely hanging on. When he felt her tongue run along the thick vein again, and witnessed her licking the beads of his precum off the tip of his swollen cock, falling onto her tongue…he couldn’t take any more torture.

He snatched her up from the ground, taking her in his arms, having to taste that sweet mouth before he had her sweet little pussy.

“Davis!” she tried to order him. But he dropped her on the couch, leaning his naked body over her still-dressed flesh, knowing the next thing he was going to do was strip her bare. He made quick work of the skirt, then sat her up on the couch where her honey was right where he wanted it to be.

He came up kissing her neck as the next article of clothing came off, and the bra fell to the floor at his feet. He nuzzled in between her breasts, kissing them, teasing them before he kissed the soft rose bud, taking it into his mouth, using his tongue to get the bud hard under his lips to give it a little bite of his own. Her hands went to his hair as she moaned.

He kissed down her stomach, then kissed the silky fabric, taking the sides with his fingers and pulling it down her legs that he continued to kiss down. Once he reached the end of her feet, he relieved her of the material, holding one red-toenailed little foot in his hand.

They stared at each other, and her eyes watched what he was going to do. When he kissed her big toe she smiled at him, and when he took the toe into his mouth, sucking on it, her hands grasped into the sofa. “Oh lord, baby!” she moaned.

When he released her toe, he ran his tongue along the bottom of her foot, making her jump, and her legs spread open to him. Her legs fell to the side as he kissed the little glimpse of pink being hidden from him in soft folds.

His fingers opened her up, revealing the wetness and her swollen nub just aching to be kissed and caressed. He bent down and pulled her backside down further, and ran his tongue in one long stroke over the wet center of heaven, as she gasped out.

Her hands laced into his hair as he stroked her. He pushed his tongue deep inside her center, and for his reward she called out his name in small intimate pants. He continued his own version of torture, as her juices ran down her, letting him know she was ready for him.

He sucked in her nub but also stroked her with his tongue, and her body shuddered, and with that he could have shot his load on the floor. He picked her up once again, sitting himself on the couch and straddling her on him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, slipping her sweet tongue inside him, kissing him hungrily, as he guided her down onto him, feeling her stretch around him with the softness on her sugar walls.

He pulled back from her and grunted when her hips moved on his cock unlike anything he had ever felt before. She pulled him up when she rode him, then pushed his cock back when he slid back in her. She’d start off slow, then work him up with quick hard movements, then go back to slow. She repeated this over and over, as her full breasts bounced with each assault on his cock…he was losing his mind!

“That’s it, sugar, playtime is over!” he growled, grabbing the back of her head and fucking her mouth with his tongue, while his other hand got in between them, teasing her nub. She tried to pant as he felt her body tremble with the orgasm that was about to come, but he wouldn’t release her mouth.

When she started to groan aloud while he still had his tongue deep inside her, he released her from the kiss. “Oh god, oh god, such a good boy Davis, such a good, good boy!” she screamed out, while he took her hips, slamming her down on him, and it only took a second with her velvet walls squeezing him to find his own release wedged deep inside of her. “Damn it sugar… shit, yes, yes baby, yes!” he yelled, his voice matching hers in intensity.

He rocked her hips with his hands until her orgasm was complete and his was finished. She fell forward on him, not even bothering to get off his spent cock, the both of them breathing heavily when she glanced back up into his eyes.

The next thing he knew, she once again had her arms wrapped around him, hugging him tightly.“Why can’t I go back to what I know… Why can’t I let you go, Davis?” she asked him, puzzled, taking his face in her hands.

Picking her up, he flipped her over on the couch flat on her back and lay on top of her, wrapping her in his arms. “Sometimes people just fit, Abie. Even though they’re completely different, they just fit perfectly for one another.” He smoothed away some hair from her face. “I guess that’s how you and I are. We’re different, but we fit together. We need each other,” he whispered, kissing her lips lightly.

She nodded at his explanation, feeling the whiskers on his chin. She looked sad again, and she glanced up to meet his eyes. “I think my mother’s sick.”

“Did you find this out tonight when you went to visit her?” he asked softly. She nodded and her eyes welled up with tears. “Oh sugar, I’m so sorry,” he whispered, kissing away one of the tears that escaped her control.

Her teeth bit into her bottom lip, right under the scar, and he saw indecision run across her face. But she then released her breath. “My mother’s afraid of men,” she told him, distracting herself from the conversation with her fingers in his hair.

“She’s afraid of men?” he asked her quietly.

She nodded, unable to look into his eyes. “Would you like to tell me how this happened, or was she always like this?” he asked.

Those white teeth bit hard into that lower lip again. This time he got off her and picked her up so she was cradled in his arms while they sat on the couch together, both naked and open to one another.

One tear broke free, and she whipped it off. “No, she wasn’t always like this. But my father was the love of her life, and when he left her because he said he didn’t want to be married anymore, that was the start of her…cracks.”

She sighed, and he held onto her as she was finally going to let him into the secrets of her life. “You see, when I was seven my father left my mother and me. They were young when they were married, and my father was way too young to have a child. From what my Aunt Sally told me, my father was a very dashing playboy, and out of all the girls, it was my mother who won him. My aunt would say that my mother was enthralled by him, that he could do no wrong in her eyes… She would call him Loretta’s drug of choice.

“When he left her, she more than fell apart, she had a nervous breakdown. I don’t remember my father really, only that he was tall. But what I do remember is my mother on the floor sobbing uncontrollably for hours on end, and me stroking her long dark hair.

“It was my Aunt Sally that came and helped her. See, my mother forgot to take care of me some days when she couldn’t get up out of bed. So I would get myself ready for school. Like any seven-year-old would do, I dressed in things that made me stand out, thinking I was dressing appropriately, but missed the mark on more than one occasion.

“The school contacted the social services, and they came to my mother’s door. When they showed up, my Aunt Sally was over trying to help my mother…let’s just say she told them that she was staying with my mother now and there would be no further problems.” She stopped, and he knew this was the gruesome part that she hid so fiercely.

“My mother did get better. My aunt had her back on her feet and in a highly respectable secretary job in Boston. I remember my mother beamed when she came home every day. My Aunt Sally found a way for her to have a purpose once again and she thrived…or so we thought.

“You see my mother was a stunning woman, but very childlike. With her blue eyes, chestnut brown hair, and soft skin, she always had men falling all over her. But it was a wealthy man that found her this time, and she was too naive for her own good.

“I remember her remarking that she was seeing someone of great wealth that night, at least that’s the way I understood it when we talked as she was preparing for her evening out. She told me that after that night, this man was going to take care of us from now on.

“I saw him, I saw the man who hurt my mother. That night when she told me to stay in the back room, I snuck out to take a peek. The man was tall, dark brown hair, and if I remember correctly, he looked…wealthy. We had nothing, Davis, and to me he was clean and very handsome.” She sighed.

That shocked him. “Sugar, you saw the man who hurt your momma?” he asked. She touched his face to comfort herself, while he stared into those yellow-blue eyes, with the brown freckles that matched the ones on her face. He looked into the eyes of a woman, seeing the fear of a child.

“My mother beamed at this man, and I knew that she thought she loved him. That’s when he reached around and grabbed her backside in his hand and growled. I always knew he said something to her with that growl, but for the life of me I can’t remember what he said. The way he treated her, even though I was little, I knew something just wasn’t right.”

She ran her fingertips over his chest as she was telling him the story, trying not to focus too hard on the words. “I wanted to stop her from going out that night, but I also didn’t want her angry with me, so I stayed hidden. But I will never forget that man’s voice,” she whispered.His arms held onto her, before he asked the next question. “Sugar, what happened to her?”

“None of us really knows what happened. She thinks every man is a rapist. But I don’t think she was raped, I think she was already involved with this man. But my mom won’t say what happened, and I honestly think her mind’s blocked the trauma from her. But I’ll tell you what I think happened from all the information I gathered.”

“Okay, tell me what you think happened,” he asked, caressing her side as he held her. Her hands went to her face, then dropped into her lap, defeated. He’d never seen this woman in any real emotion other than control. This was a part of the hidden woman he’d never seen before; this was part of the real Adire Black.

“My mother was beaten that night within an inch of her life; the report said she had had intercourse, but again, I don’t think this man raped her. The assault that this man put her through, she lost the baby she was carrying, and from that trauma she had a hysterectomy, causing her never to have another child again.”

“Abie, honey…” he whispered sorrowfully.

“I believe that she thought this wealthy man truly loved her. And when she told him about the child she was carrying, she thought he would’ve been delighted with the news.”

She sat still, lost in her thoughts of the story. Touching him didn’t take away the terror she witnessed, as the images came to the forefront of her mind. But he heard a hitch in her breath before she continued.

“What happened to her that night, no one can really say, with my mother and the man she was involved with. But if his intention was to destroy her, he succeeded. When my mother woke up from the surgery with the news that she’d lost the baby, as well as never being able to conceive again…she broke.”

“Did anyone ever press charges against the man who did this? Please tell me he went to jail.”

“No. My mother’s mind broke as well, Davis, she couldn’t or wouldn’t remember anything that happened to her that night. Let alone the man who did this to her. It’s as if her mind was trying to protect her from the ordeal that she went through, but at the same time just couldn’t function anymore in day to day life,” she told him softly, now laying her head on his chest.

“Abie, honey. I am so sorry that this happened to your mother and you. That man should be shot and hung out to dry for the crime he did your momma!” He shook his head in disgust. “Men are never to hurt a woman, and I can’t tell you how that just pisses me off when I hear of such abuse,” he told her quietly but fiercely. “And now she’s afraid of men…” he acknowledged to himself, but she nodded her head.

“She lived in an institution for many years. She recovered enough to live with my aunt when I was about twenty-three, but she was only out maybe four years when it began getting very difficult to function in society. Lucy was a good friend of hers who worked at group meetings for battered woman. She told my aunt about the home she worked at, when she witnessed my mother slipping back into her phobias.

“She’s been living in that home for about eleven years now. I send her pretty things, and some fun things for Lucy. But I always try to manage my work so I make it back home to see her every month and a half or so, just to check in on her,” she confessed.

“Oh, sugar, I know I already said it. But I’m so sorry for what happened to your momma,” he quietly told her. “Why don’t you and I take a shower, then I’ll make you something to eat. We can just sit back and relax together, and let this night just go by in each other’s arms,” he suggested, holding onto her.

She shook her head no, starting to get up from him, but he held her in place. “That’s one of my rules I’m not willing to break, Davis, and a challenge that I’m not going to accept with you yet,” she told him quietly.

“You won’t take a shower with me, sugar? We could have a lot of fun together in a shower,” he hinted, trying to lighten the mood, but she frowned.

“There are some things that… I’m not willing to go there yet with you. I’m not sure when I will be, Davis. But pushy and persistent won’t provoke me any faster,” she softly chuckled at him.

He saw the sadness starting to evaporate as she teased him, so he jumped on it. “Okay, sugar, not a challenge you’re willing to take…yet! But at least let me make you supper.”

Her fingers took hold of his hair, and she smiled that sly smile at him. “I’ll let you make me dinner, as long as you’re naked. You’ve had it rather easy of late, and I’ve been giving you more vanilla than I’ve been getting to spank that glorious backside of yours. Plus I have some rope, a vibrator, and a blindfold that’s calling out your name,” she purred.

“Damn it, woman, you’ve already got me going!” he growled.

“I know, I can feel…” she laughed. “So maybe I can stay over for some dinner. I’m rather hungry from our…exertion.”

“I can make supper for you, sugar,” he smiled happily.

“I want you to make me dinner in the buff, Davis.” Then she stopped, and thought before she spoke again. “Do you have an apron? That would make it so much more appealing, if you had a frilly little apron on.”

“You want me to make you dinner naked, I can do that for you, sugar. But I don’t have a damn apron, and even if I did I wouldn’t put it on,” he informed her with a laugh.

She pulled his head down and commanded his mouth once again, making him groan at what she was doing to his body. When she released his mouth her tongue licked his lips, then she sank her teeth into the bottom one, making him instantly hard while he moaned.

“Oh Davis, by the time I’d be through with you, you’d be begging me for that frilly apron, darling. And you’d be looking forward to your backside being a vibrant red from the spanking I’d give you. Then we’d play our little games with kitchen utensils, and whatever food you had in your refrigerator,” she purred once more.

His growl was as guttural as it was deep, and he was already ready to take her again. “Abie, with you talkin’ that way I’m going to need you again!” he grunted, getting ready to have her, but she stopped him.

“Do I get you cooking dinner for me in the buff?” she asked innocently.

“Hell yeah, you are!” His eyes glimpsed the TV set. “How ’bout I’ll make dinner, but you stay and watch the rest of the games with me?” he asked, thinking of ways to get her to stay.

Her finger tapped her chin, thinking about what he was asking for. It seemed they were in negotiations. “Hmm. I’ll watch TV with you, as long as you rub my feet while I sit with you… completely naked. I’d like my toes somewhere personal on you while you’re rubbing one of my feet,” she hinted slyly.

He grinned. “You like me naked, sugar?”

“Oh Davis, I love you naked. I wish you’d let me have a little more control over that beautiful muscular body of yours. Your muscles in your stomach alone make my mind think of very naughty things that I’d like to do to you,” she confessed.

“Abie…” he groaned, starting to flip her over once again.

“Ah, ah, I’ve just been promised a dinner from my pet, and his mistress has already taken care of his needs, and given more vanilla than was required of her to give,” she told him, getting up off his lap. “Now I’m going to clean up, and I want to smell dinner cooking by the time I come back out…pet.” She grinned that devious grin at him.

“I want you naked as well, Abie!” he shouted to her from the couch.

“You should have put that on the table beforehand, darling,” she chuckled, as he swore under his breath. He watched as that perfect round little ass walked down the hallway away from him. He rubbed his stubbled face, thinking he was going to find a way to talk her into the whole playing with food game…fuck yeah, he was!

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