The Domination Game

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Chapter 17

My night ended much sooner than Davis would have preferred. And let me tell you, having him naked on the couch rubbing my feet was… Yummy!But at least when I finally told him that I was leaving, and without a chaperone, he called me a cab without further complaints. Persistent and pushy he might be, but at least he does listen when I really put my foot down.

Even though I knew I had to be in my office in the morning, I left rather late from his place. I was giving myself ten extra minutes of sleep when my cell went off. Peeking up and seeing the bright red number glaring 4:17, my hand went to retrieve the pestering device. “Hello?” I asked groggily.

There was silence. “Hello?” I asked once more, becoming more fully awake. Yet again no one answered.

“Who is this?” I questioned, but to no avail. I’d been getting these calls for quite some time now, and it was wearing on my nerves. “Grayson, is that you? Damn it, Grayson if that’s you, I swear…” My caller hung up on me. There wasn’t any point calling Yvette any longer, as her phone went straight to voice mail now.

Turning over, I dialed Inga’s number instead. I’d been calling Inga about once a week just to let her know what was happening with the whole Yvette situation. And I’d been persistent with the police, trying to find her. But they’d informed me that they had no reason to believe she’d been abducted.

Inga’s phone rang until voice mail came on. “Hey, I just received another call from the ghost caller. I’m not sure if it’s Grayson or not. Grayson always prattles on, never is he quiet, Inga… I’m really worried about Yvette, and I’m not sure if I should be concerned about myself as well now?” I exclaimed worriedly.

My hand rubbed over my face, then fell back to the bed. “Just give me a ring when you get in, okay? This is very upsetting.” Then I sighed. “Look, it’s freaking my ass out, okay! Advice on what I should do next would be highly appreciated,” I told her, then hung up. Son of a bitch, this was bad!

I couldn’t get out of bed, so I lay there awake for at least an hour. I just wanted this to end, why was someone doing this? Maybe I should just go find Grayson and see what the hell was going on, instead of hiding and swearing at him on the phone. I rubbed my tired eyes even more awake, thinking. Turning my head to the clock, which now said 5:20, I decided I might as well get ready for my morning.

Popping myself into the shower, I washed off the fears that seemed to hover around me lately. I got ready, making sure my hair was in order along with my makeup. I put a touch of perfume on and took a good look at myself in the mirror.

What I wanted was to be with Davis this morning, not at Kitty’s place. I’d gone so soft, it was pathetic. I went to the bedroom and slipped on my slacks, blouse and heels, before heading to the kitchen.

The house was quiet as the kettle boiled my hot water for my French coffee press. I knew my day was going to be busy, and I wanted to make sure I completed everything before I headed out for Davis’s party that night.

I’d just poured the water in the coffee pot when there was a knock at the front door. “Hold on!” I called to the person. Making my way over, I cracked open the door to see who was standing out front, only to find Mickey with Doyle in the car waiting for him. “Hey, A.B. Where’s Kitty? Her fine little ass was supposta be back by now,” he chuckled, eying me.

“She comes back tonight, Mick. I’ll let her know you came by,” I told him, starting to shut the door when his big tan work boot stopped its progression.He had this cocky grin on his face, which made my stomach turn.

“You know Doyle was just telling me that he’d love for the four of us to go out on a date. How would you like that, baby?” He grinned, looking over his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes. “What, Doyle forget how to ask a woman out? Figures…”

He came close to me. “Don’t think you’re better than us, girl. You’re no better than we are, A.B., don’t forget it.” He laughed meanly at me.

“Mick, why don’t you head back to the pub, I don’t think you’re drunk enough yet for seven in the morning,” I fumed, kicking his boot out of the door and slamming it shut. I heard him and Doyle laughing as they honked the horn before they took off.

How I once found any of those drunk idiots attractive, I just don’t know. And how Kitty keeps Mickey around for a side screw…baffling!Seems better to use a vibrator. At least you know where the hell that’s been.

What started off as a bad morning was turning into a train wreck of an afternoon. It seemed some of the accounts that the Thompson Agency thought were in place fell through. Mr. Douglas went into a foul tailspin for the rest of the day.

I had to be on the phone with Mr. Chow’s people all morning, and it looked as if he wanted me in Beijing right after the first of the year instead of in February. Mr. Douglas came into my office at the end of the day to have a quick word with me.

As soon as he opened my door, I knew this wasn’t going to be good. “Adire, I wanted to have a talk with you.”

I sat back at my desk, as he took the chair in front of me. “All right, Henry. Is something wrong?”

“I’m not really sure how to answer that. I just received a call from Knight Construction. Mr. Knight says you didn’t fulfill all the terms of their contract, and therefore says you need to be sent back out to reconstruct a new plan for them.”

That had me sitting forward. “What?” I asked, stunned.

He sat back, just as amazed. “That’s what I thought as well.”

“That job took me nine months to perfect. Henry, that was iron clad. The PR was topnotch, and I skimmed back just as they asked, getting everything into the most perfect possible outcome for their company. If it wasn’t, I would’ve stayed longer to make sure it was. My reputation isn’t something I’m willing to put on the line,” I bridled.

“I know that, Adire, and that’s what I told Mr. Knight Senior. But I think coming up with some suggestions would help the situation?” he replied.

“Did they ask for me personally, or was it just a call to let us know they were unsatisfied with the work provided for them?”

His arms fell to the chair rests and he shook his head. “That was the odd thing. Nothing was specifically pointed out as the problem to be rectified. It was just a general affirmation. Normally we’d get one specific problem with what was happening, but not this time.”

My fingers tapped against the desk. “I would say Stacy could handle any extraneous circumstances that might arise. But I honestly think they’re trying to get extra help for a possible screw-up on their part,” I suggested. But the thought of Tyler did cross my mind.

At least if I wasn’t the one who went in, whatever they claimed was in upheaval should be taken care of quickly. If I showed up… I’m not sure what Tyler’s motives were at this moment other than to discredit my reputation.

He nodded. “Sounds good,” he said, mainly to himself, happy with the outcome of our conversation. “Now do you think there might be any problems with the upcoming Mewong contract?” he questioned me, and he’s never questioned me before.

“Why on earth would you even feel the need to question me on such a thing?” I asked, incredulously.

“Just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page is all. This is a huge contract, and I just wanted to check in with you about it. Nothing more.”

I sat back in my chair, smiling at him. “No, I’m all good. You know I’m the one who can get this done. And I will stay for however long it takes to get the job done to perfection!” I bragged.

A smile crossed his face. “That’s what I thought you’d say. Very good, you leave for Beijing on the second,” he told me, getting up from the chair and walking out the door.

My head was on information overload by the time I left work that evening. The drive home was long, wondering if Tyler was really behind the mess that came across my desk this afternoon with Mr. Douglas.

Who would have thought such a submissive young man in my care would turn out to be such a controlling, deceptive ass once he was out of my sight. Some of these men just didn’t understand the word no.

My look tonight was one I thought Davis would enjoy. My skirt was royal blue ballerina length. The cut flattered my curves, accentuating my small middle. The top was just a long-sleeved crew neck lined top, which I wore with a jeweled necklace.

My makeup was subtler than usual. Soft violet shadows, with brown liner and mascara to make my blue eyes stand out. And my hair as well was soft, all down in long waves pinned behind my left ear, showing my little diamond studs.

Finished with the application of my burgundy lipstick, I went over to the bed and sat down, slipping on my black pointed heels. I stood checking myself over in the mirror, then picked up my brown velvet wrap from the bed, thinking about what I was going to do to my Texan tonight.

I had some very scrumptious ideas what to do with that backside this evening; I even put some silky straps to bind him up to the bed in my jewel-encrusted clutch, just for the occasion. That man wasn’t going to get vanilla tonight.

Looking at the time, and knowing Davis always to be on time or early, I draped the coat around me, tossing one of the ends over my shoulder when a knock came on the front door.

When the front door opened, instead of Davis, there was a man in a black suit and tie. “Can I help you?” I asked.

He gave me a courteous little head bow. “Ms. Black?” he asked.


“I’m your chauffeur, and one of Mr. Mills’ guards, Tony Banks. I was instructed to pick you up this evening and deliver you to Mr. Mills,” he informed me.

I looked behind him, but with all the crazy things that had been going on recently I wanted to be sure he was who he said he was. “Would you excuse me for a moment?”

“Yes ma’am.” He smiled, as I shut the door…and locked it. I pulled out my cell and called Davis. It rang a couple of times before he picked up. “Hey sugar, are you on your way?” he asked me.

“Well, that’s why I was calling. It appears I have a man named Tony Banks at my front door, telling me he is to retrieve me this evening for you. I wanted to be sure this was correct before I jump into some man’s car,” I said.

He started to chuckle. “Yes, sugar. Tony is a good friend of mine. He’s worked with me for a long time now. I’m sorry I’m not there to get my girl in person, but some problems came up before I left the office and I had to stay later than I thought.”

I breathed deeply, getting myself together. “All right, I’m on my way then.”

“Sounds good, sugar. I’ll see you in twenty minutes,” he said with a smile in his voice. I went back over to the door, where Tony still stood waiting for me.

“Well, I was informed that you are my mode of transportation this evening, Tony. So I’ll be following you to the vehicle,” I informed him.

He tried to hide a smile, but I caught it. “Yes ma’am.”

“Argh, please don’t address me as ma’am, Adire is fine.”

“All right, Adire,” he said, holding his arm out so I could walk down the stairs with him.

As we descended the steps, something was nagging me. “You know, I’ve never seen you before. Are you Davis’s body guard?”

“Yes and no,” he replied.

“Well, that was a vague answer, Tony,” I laughed.

He gave me a smile. “Some things, Adire, are meant to be that way.”

We made our way to a beautiful Rolls Royce sitting outside the apartment building. He opened the door for me and I sat down. Once he was inside and we left the parking lot, I decided to ask where exactly he was taking me.

“Davis didn’t inform me where this particular party is this evening. Could you by chance give me some kind of clue?”

“I was informed that I was to drop you off, that’s all,” he said.

“Lovely,” I huffed. “Just so you know, I’m not the kind of woman who likes surprises. I prefer information up front.”

That made him laugh. “Well, I would be sure to tell Mr. Mills that for next time, then.”

About fifteen minutes later I saw we were heading into Logan Airport. I kept quiet, thinking this had to be some kind of mistake. But no, it wasn’t. We drove along to where the private jets were kept, and were stopped for security before entering the gated area.

The Rolls drove to an enormous jet plane sitting on a runway. Tony pulled up alongside it, stopped the car and opened the door for me. He took my hand as I came out of the car, and I looked around at my surroundings.

This was a very expensive plane. This wasn’t some little personal jet. There was a stewardess standing at the steps of the plane waiting for me, but I stood in place, not quite believing what I was seeing, or understanding what was happening at the moment.

Davis appeared at the entrance, looking down at me. “Abie, sugar, what’s going on?” he asked. He came down the steps to me. His hand went around my waist, guiding me to the stairs.

“Davis, you said we were going to a party tonight. But you forgot to mention where it was at, or that we would be traveling by plane,” I explained wryly as we went into the cabin, and then I stopped as I saw the inside. This was one enormous plane.

The interior was creamed colored, with dark wood everywhere. The seats were comfortable chairs, with beautiful lighting throughout the cabin. I knew some of my subs were men of power and great wealth, but I’d never witnessed something like this before.

He guided me through the seating, taking me over to a very private section of the plane, and sat me down next to him. “You look shocked, sugar. It’s really nothing big, it’s the company plane is all.” He leaned over and put his finger under my chin, pulling my face to meet his lips.

“And you’re right, I didn’t tell you where we’re going, but since you’re here, and we’re taking off in a minute I guess I could let you in on the secret.” He laughed at my surprised look.

“That would be most appreciated,” I exclaimed.

“Okay, the party’s in New York, but I was telling you the truth when I said I had to be there tonight. I really do. I need to mingle with some of the companies we do business with, and this is always the best way to achieve what we need.”

The plane was heading down the runway, getting ready to take off. “Fine. But next time, just tell me your plans, Davis. I wouldn’t have said no if you told me what we were doing tonight. But I definitely don’t like to be surprised,” I told him.

He smiled once again. “Noted, Ms. Black, and understood.”

I took off my wrap, getting comfortable in my seat. “So how long will it take us to get there?” I questioned.

“Little over an hour,” he said, but he had a grin on his face that was almost boyish with glee.

“May I ask what has you so enthralled at the moment, Mr. Mills?”

“I wanted to ask you a question,” he confessed.

That had me smiling at him. “And what would you want to ask me about?”

He unbuckled his seat belt and then unbuckled mine, pulling me into his lap. “First, have I told you how absolutely breathtaking you are this evening? I didn’t think women who looked like you were real, sugar, just things that a man dreams of. Yet here you sit with me…” he drawled, his voice deep and gruff.

I laughed softly at him. “My, those manners, and such sweet words tonight,” I whispered, my lips hovering above his. “So this question, darling…”

His eyes watched my lips as I talked. “I wondered if you’ve ever been a part of the mile high club, Adire Black,” he growled, as my nails went to the hair at the nape of his neck.

I smiled lightly, kissing his lips. “I would think a man like you would already be a part of that very macho club, Mr. Mills.”

He was quiet for a moment, not expecting me to turn the question around on him. “Well, sugar, I was asking if you’d had that experience?”

My nails lightly ran over his face and neck. “Well, let me ask you, have you been initiated into the mile high club, Davis?” He sat back, staring into my eyes. “I want the truth, I’ll know if you’re not forthcoming with me,” I implied.

He was quiet and I knew what he was going to say. “Yes sugar, I have had that experience, but not with you. I want every experience with you, Abie,” he murmured, taking me tightly in his arms, kissing my neck.

I let him kiss me, letting him think he was getting his way while I heard his thoughts. “So you had that experience before, but did you have them on this plane as well?” I questioned. The kisses stopped for just a second, but then started back up before he answered. “Yes…”

Taking his head in my hands I looked into those gorgeous dark blue eyes, as a plan formed in my devious mind. “You know, that is one club that I’ve never been initiated into. But now that I know you’ve been a part of that club…” My eyes roamed over him and that beautiful defined jaw, the crinkle in his forehead, those deep blue eyes that could charm any woman out of her senses, and the body that promised every ounce of pleasure. “I’m going to say that you’ve initiated many women into the mile high club on this very plane. Then if I were to say yes to you, I would just fall into one of the many nameless women that you’ve conquered,” I replied.

His eyes went wide. “Abie, honey, everything is different with you for me. I wanted to have you on this plane, because you’re mine, and for no other reason than that! And believe me, sugar, any man who could put you in the category of the faceless many is a damn fool! And I’m no fool, Adire Black,” he exclaimed to me.

My burgundy-painted nail traced his chin. “Oh Davis, I’m sure every woman you had on this plane with you thought she was something special to you. But fornication in an exciting environment is sometimes all it is, even if the lover you’re with wishes it to be more. I know how to manipulate and get what I want also, when it comes to sexual eccentricities. Pretty words that your sub wants to hear can be the most effective weapon in one’s arsenal,” I whispered to him.

“Abie, I’m not using pretty words to get what I…” he started to reassure me, but I had a better idea for this male to have…a lesson.

I took him by the back of his head, pulling him in so I could work his body into a lather, starting with that delicious mouth. I sucked on his bottom lip before slipping my tongue around his, stroking him, tasting him, and letting him taste me.

When I felt his erection digging into my backside, and his hands grabbing into my side, I knew I had him exactly where I wanted him. “I don’t want to be like the many women you’ve had on this plane, Davis. I want to give you something different. Something you’ll always remember when you think of me on this plane with you,” I cooed, letting my words drift into his head.

His arms held my tightly to him. “Damn, sugar, you can give me anything you want,” he growled. My hand pulled him to me once more, making sure he was nice and worked up; when I deepened the kiss and sucked on his tongue, he groaned. “Are you sure, darling? You want me to give you this treat?”

“Hell yes, I do!” His chest rumbled with excitement.

I kissed him one last time, pulling free from his grasp, and sliding from his lap. My clutch was on the seat next to him, and I went over to take one silky rope from the purse. “Are you ready?” I asked, holding it up for him to see.

His eyes burned with desire when he looked back at me. “You put ropes in your bag?” he asked, adjusting himself on the seat.

“Yes, I did. I also have two more in there for what I intend to do to you this evening, Davis,” I purred. “Now, arms behind your back,” I softly commanded him.

He frowned. “Why, sugar?”

I tsked him. “Such a disobedient boy,” I scolded. “But fine, I’ll tell you why. You seem to forget yourself when I’m in the midst of playing with you, and this, I can promise you, will be like nothing you’ve ever had,” I explained seductively to him.

Leaning over, we were face to face when I whispered again: “Hands behind your back, Davis.” I smiled when he did my bidding. My hands went behind his back as he sat, making sure he couldn’t free himself.

When I pulled back, his excitement was still there, but I could see the skepticism there as well. “Sugar, when you smile that sly little smile of yours, you get me all worked up, and it also scares the hell out of me, what you’ve got cooking in that little mind of yours,” he groaned as my finger traced his lips.

I stood up where I was right in front of him, feigning innocence. “Darling, I’m going to give you something that, when you step foot in this plane and think of what I did to you… I’ll have you blushing that beautiful shade of red that I love so on your backside, on that handsome face, at just the thought,” I chuckled.

My hands brought up my long skirt, revealing my black lace panties to him. His eyes were glued to every move my hands made, which was exactly what I wanted. My fingers took hold of the fabric, bringing it slowly down, and I slipped them off over my heels.

“I think I’ll put these here,” I told him as I placed the material on his lap. I went over to him and his knees went through my legs as I stood over him. I brought up one of my heeled feet, resting it on the arm of the chair, so he had a front row view of what I was about to do.

Slowly I pulled my skirt up to reveal my naked center to him. His eyes looked needy when he saw my naked flesh, and I couldn’t help but smile once more at him, causing him to groan. “Lick my finger, Davis. I want to make sure it is very wet from your mouth,” I commanded him.

“Open,” I told him, slipping my middle finger onto his tongue and letting him suck on it, already turning the both of us on. “Good boy,” I murmured as I took the dampened finger out of his mouth.

My free hand came around, opening my folds to him. “Abie…” I could hear the question in his voice as he wondered what I was going to do. Then with the wet finger I rubbed it over my nub, and sank it into my body.

“Son of a bitch!” he growled as he watched my finger slide in and out of me, getting my body worked up at the sight of arousal.My head fell back as I ground on my finger, then stopped to give some attention to my swollen nub.

I moaned, and that made Davis moan without my even touching him. He started to get up from the seat, hands still bound together. “Davis, if you move from your spot, anything I have planned for tonight will be denied you,” I panted, as I grew closer to my release.

“Fuck!” he moaned, when two fingers dipped inside myself, and never having heard him say that word before, I chuckled. “Oh baby, I’m so close…” I moaned for him. I put on a show for him, playing with my center and working myself up, moaning seductively, letting his ears hear my selfish pleasure, and heightening his need for me.

My head came up and observed him watching my hand slide into my wet folds. He moved on the seat and from where I stood I saw how very hard he was. My breath hitched as I found that spot. “Oh God, Davis!” I moaned aloud as my body started to twitch with my orgasm.

“Damn it, sugar!” he seethed, as my pants became heavy and my movements quick as my orgasm broke free. “Yes Davis, oh yes!” I panted, working my fingers faster.

My head fell forward, and my breath was coming hard, but I also heard Davis breathing in roughly from my performance as well, and the little devil in me snickered. My legs felt weak from standing on my heels, and started to wobble before I brought the one on the chair back down to the floor.

I stood before him, once again smiling at his very aroused and worked-up body. Bending over I took one of the fingers that had been inside me, touching the smooth skin under his nose with my arousal still all over it. “This way you’ll remember what you saw, and smell me all night,” I purred softly.

“Holy shit, Abie…” Then, at those words I took the fingers that were in me and placed them in my mouth, cleaning them off. “Fuck! You can make a man go insane, do you know that?” he groaned.

Shrugging my shoulders at his comment, I reached over and skimmed his very hard erection that was struggling to find its way out of his slacks, making him hiss in excitement. One more little skim, just to tease, then I took my panties off his lap and slipped them back into place. “Do you want to taste me, Davis?” I asked him.

“Yes!” was his immediate answer.

“Okay, darling. I can do that for you.” I walked over, taking the back of his head once more, sucking his tongue into my mouth with all the juices I sucked off my fingers, letting the flavor settle on his tongue. When I was done, I walked over to the seat in front of him and sat.

He looked like a predatory male watching his prey, which at this moment was me. “Abie, untie me,” he commanded me now.

I chuckled at his demand. “No, I don’t think I will. I think you need to learn a little lesson, pet,” I informed him while I pulled out a magazine from one of the seat pockets.

He was shocked; it lingered on his face in question and frustration. This was the first time I’d kept him bound. “What lesson?” he questioned, squinting his eyes at me.

“The lesson that I’m not one of many, Davis. I joined the mile high club my way, and I gave you something I don’t think you’ll ever have from another woman on this plane,” I said.

His eyes watched my tongue lick my finger to turn the page. “Damn it, sugar, I know you’re not. Now let me loose!”

I sat back and read an article. “I’d say we only have fifteen more minutes until we reach our destination. I think you’ll be fine for twelve minutes in a silken rope, darling.”

He sat back, swearing under his breath. “Has anyone ever done this to you before?” he questioned me now.

That had me glancing up at him with a cocky grin; I could feel it on my face. “I would never do anything to anyone that I haven’t put myself through first. If I didn’t know how anything I did feels to the person I was applying it to, then how would I know the perfect way to apply it as punishment?” I offered him.

His mouth opened, then shut quickly, and I could see all the thoughts that were taking root in his very male brain at the implication of my answer. “I know you; for certain you wouldn’t let a man be dominant over you, sugar,” he thought aloud.

That had me chuckling, and his eyes leapt to mine as something became clear to him.“Did you have a woman do all these things with you, Abie?” he asked, and groaned when I made no comment to dispute his wild thoughts. “Damn it!” he growled.

“Davis, I must inform you that as entertaining as it is to watch your mind run through all the kinky things I’ve done with a woman, the torture you are causing yourself is highly unnecessary,” I laughed. “You’ve had your lesson. Now I think, instead of working yourself up with what I might’ve let a woman do to me, you need to let something relax.”

That sent him into very aroused mode, and had me aching to let him loose to show me all that raw male power he could bring. “Son of a bitch, woman! When I get free I’m going to take you something fierce, Adire Black, and I’m going to erase every other lover you’ve ever had from your mind, woman… That’s a promise!” he said, remaining calm but just as commanding.

My smile faltered, because everything about this man made me shudder; even the mundane vanilla side was something powerful when this man took me. “That’s why I’m not going to untie you till the last minute, Davis. Because the thought of you taking me hard and fast does something to me,” I whispered, letting him in on one of my secrets, letting him see the reaction he brought out in me. With him I’m not just the dom, I wanted us equal in this relationship. And craved his male dominant touch.

“Untie me, and I promise I won’t do anything but kiss you. Please, just let me kiss you,” His voice was as commanding as it was gruff, pleading.

I put the magazine down, sat back, crossing my legs, gauging his reaction. “You really don’t need to be untied for kissing, now do you?” I replied to his plea. That’s when he switched tactics on me, and those blue eyes penetrated me. “Abie…please honey,” he begged now.

I sighed at how easily this man could make me break my will. “Very well. I wouldn’t want you to wrinkle that exquisite suit of yours, now would I?” I rolled my eyes at the sexy twang that came out when he wanted something from me. I bent over, looking his face over for some sign of deceit.

“I’m going to meet people who work for you, Davis, and if you make me look a rumpled mess, I will be very displeased, and games will be off the table tonight. Do you understand?” I warned him, knowing this man would find a loophole in anything I say.

“Yes, sugar, keep you all neat and tidy. I can handle that,” he told me sincerely. I stood there for a moment, already knowing that this was a bad idea. “Damn it!” I growled, and bent over, untying his arms.

I was snatched up quickly into his arms, he took my mouth, hungrily, forcefully, dominantly. “You’re lucky we’re going to be landing any minute. I swear woman, you really do make me lose my mind!” he told me, before kissing me again. “But I love it!” he whispered softly in my ear, making me shiver.

He got up and buckled me in, as well as himself. “And since I was such a good little boy, I’m going to have you on the way back how I want you.”

That made me grin. “You think so?”

He smiled that devious smile he gets when he wants something. “Don’t worry, sugar. I’ll have you nice and tired out by the time we get home, might even having you changing your mind on sleeping over. That’s how damn hard I’m going to need you!” he promised.

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