The Domination Game

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Chapter 1

Thirty years later, Chicago, Illinois

Tyler Knight was a very sweet man, and I’ve got to say he was also very fun to play with. But since my time in Chicago was just about over, and I was heading back to Boston…our play- time had now come to an end. My stay in Chicago had been prolonged only because I was asked for by name to help a former client.

Our seven-month arrangement had run its course; my extension in Chicago resulted in it going over by three months. That is something I normally wouldn’t have allowed. But this particular man loved very much to be my submissive little pet. And, as much fun as it was during our “sessions,” I was at a point in my life where it was actually becoming very blasé to me.

Tyler had invited me out to dinner with him this evening, and I’d said yes to the date. Normally this would never happen. I don’t go out on dates with the men I dominate. I don’t go on dates at all, for that matter. But in saying that, it seemed like I needed to let him down easy. So, I made polite conversation with him as we ate dinner together.

When our meal was just about finished, I asked for the bill. I looked up, and I could see by the gleam in his eyes that he thought we were going back to his place for some after-dinner delights. The waitress came over with the bill, and I slipped her my card.

“Adire, it was my treat tonight.” Tyler answered as he took my hand.

“Tyler, I’m going to be leaving right after dinner. I came out with you tonight because I just wanted to tell you in person.” I explained needing to stop him right there.

“You’re leaving? I thought you decided to stay because of me, because of us?” He said in shock, but then quickly pulled himself back together. “When are you coming back to Chicago?” he asked, putting down his utensils.

“Tyler, I’m not coming back to Chicago, darling, I’m leaving. I finished the job that they asked me to complete, and now they’re sending me on a whole new assignment. I just wanted to let you know I had a lot of fun with you, and I hope you did as well.” I smiled taking napkin from my lap and placing it on the tale.

His dark brown hair fell forward while he pouted. Tyler was one of the youngest lovers I’d taken in a long time. I mean, twenty-six isn’t all that young, but I thought we’d have some fun together and there wouldn’t be any problems. But that just didn’t seem to be the case now.

“No, Adire, I… I wanted to ask you something!” he exclaimed, going for his pocket and I mentally groaned. I always tell my men up-front what the rules are. Then, if they’re not interested, they don’t have to play. Some are fine, just fine with the limits I set in place, while others…

A black velvet box was in his hand, onlookers watching all around us. I didn’t want to embarrass him, so I just took a deep breath and smiled.

“Adire Black, I love you. Will you marry me?” poor Tyler asked.

At that moment, I really just wanted to rub my face with frustration. One of my rules with my subs is: nothing personal. I don’t want to hear about your day, I don’t want to tell you about mine. There’s a reason why I have these men with me, and it isn’t for polite conversation.

Another rule I inform them of: don’t get overly attached. I’m not here to stay. I’m here to be your mistress, not your girlfriend. This is just a good time between two consenting adults, that’s all. It’s not meant to lead to the altar.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Men would love this, right? They would jump at this opportunity, and yes, most do. But the problem is, believe it or not, once you tell a man you’re not looking for a relationship, and that you just want a little fun… you can’t get rid of them! Don’t hate me; I’m just stating fact. But, if you tell a man, “I just want a quick fuck,” and when you’re done, roll out of bed leaving him a twenty on the nightstand, saying, “Thanks for the screw…” I swear, ladies, those men would be falling down on their knees, begging you to stay.

And then there’s Tyler, and my shoulders sag. “Tyler, sweetheart, I’m not the marrying type. I thought we went over that when we first got together? I have my career and I’m married to that. It’s not you, really, it’s me. You were absolutely wonderful and one day you’ll find that girl,” I said softly. I closed the velvet box (with one of the biggest diamonds I’ve ever seen in it), and pushed it back to him.

I stood up from the table and taking his face in my hands, said, “I’ve got to go, darling, but you’ve been great,” I assured him; then I kissed his lips goodbye. I wrapped my coat around myself as I made my way out into the cold Chicago night.

A yellow cab pulled up in front of me only a second later. “Where to, ma’am?” the driver asked as I got in. I pulled my cell from my clutch and scrolled down for the number I was looking for. “O’Hare,” I informed him.

While I was on my way to the airport, I texted my best friends to let them know I’d be home in just a little bit. It was Allie’s turn to board me for the duration of my stay in Boston, since I stayed with Kitty the last time I was in town.

Three and a half hours later I was in Boston, and Kitty, not Allie, picked me up from the airport. That was a surprise. Then she informed me that it was Peter and Allie’s seven-year anniversary, so she’d volunteered to pick me up.

I stood in front of some new nightclub that had peaked Kitty’s interest this week, where the music could be heard from the street. “A.B., you’re going to love this place!” Kitty giggled as we walked into the establishment.

“Kitty, if a place where there’s a bunch of twenty-year-olds yelling at one another about how macho they are is what you consider enthralling, believe me, it’s not, darling. And, I’m not in the mood to be thought of as a cougar on the hunt tonight.” I hissed, only to hear her laugh.

“Oh, come on, A.B.! Allie won’t come out cuz Peter got back into town. And I really wanted to check this place out…should be wicked awesome!” she whined at me.

I swear, she only volunteered to pick me up tonight just to go out clubbing. I put my hand up at her childish whine, and she smiled, already knowing she’d won.

“All right, Kitty, one drink and one dance, and give me your damn keys.” I sighed as she giggled and dug her keys out of her pocketbook dropping them in my hand.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she squealed as she grabbed my arm, and we were ushered into the building.

The place was bright, loud, and just as I thought, filled with the twenty-something scene. I guess my relaxing night before I started work tomorrow just went up in flames. And that would be bright, blinking, neon flames, to be precise.

I pulled Kitty to me so I could scream in her ear over the music. “I will hunt you down if we’re not out of here within the hour! We can come back on Saturday,” I warned at volume ten, and even then, I hoped she heard me.

She nodded, walking away, already swaying to the music. I pushed my way through to the bar, took out my cell and texted Allie.

“You so suck! Did you know she was picking me up to go clubbing?!”

“U Don’t mind do U?” Was her response a second later.

“Whatever. Just have my bed ready for me!”

“You’re the best… Love you!”

“Yeah, love U 2”

With sigh I shoved my cell into my pocket as a cute bartender made his way to me. “What can I get you?” he shouted.

“Just a seltzer water with lemon,” I shouted back.

After a while my head couldn’t tolerate the music any longer and was just about to go find Kitty, when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw someone, who I swear, just turned twenty-one.

“Hey baby, you want to go dance?” he asked, glancing over his shoulder with a smirk at the group of friends that he’d come with.

“Not tonight, darling, I’m just getting ready to leave,” I smiled, as I got off the stool and started to make my way through the mass of prepubescent’s to find Kitty.

“Hey, what’s the rush?” He asked taking me by the arm to stop my departure.

“Darling, you couldn’t handle the games I like to play.” I informed him, but he didn’t release his hold. I glanced down at his hand then back at him. “I don’t like men handling me and I’m very capable of taking care of myself. Tell me, are you into martial arts?” I questioned.

His brows came together and he then released his hold and I chuckled. “Look, I’m sure you’re sweet, but I’m not your cougar for the evening. Now, go find a nice girl who will let you have your way with her.”

“Damn you’re hot,” he chuckled.

Oh hell, he asked for it. I took him by the back of the neck, taking his mouth, making him give up his control to me. But he wouldn’t submit. He was young and full of piss and vinegar, and I was just not interested in that at the moment. Then the kiss was done, I gave him a slight smack to the cheek and his eyes widened in surprise.

“Sorry darling, but you see, I like my men submissive to me.” I winked. His looked confused, but only for a moment, before he took understood my meaning. That had me laughing as I walked away, and with a smile on my face I went to find Kitty.

When I finally found her, she was grinding up against some guy and nursing what looked to be a really good buzz already. I pushed myself between her and this guy, and pulled her free. “Come on, sweetheart, I’ve got to be up by six-thirty tomorrow, and by the time we get to Allie’s place it’s going to be after one.” I sighed, then dragging her ass out with me.

We got to the car, and as soon as she collapsed into the seat, I buckled her in. It was only five minutes down the road that I had to pull over so Kitty could regurgitate everything she’d managed to drink in that hour. Now, I couldn’t tell you what the hell she drank to make her spew her guts out it like that, but damn!

It was two a.m. when I finally walked through Allie’s apartment door. I dropped my bags on the floor and pulled out some clean clothes so I could go hop in the shower. While I’d been taking Kitty upstairs to her bedroom, she decided that was the perfect time to turn her head and, once again, vomit. But this time, it was all over me ... and everyone wonders why I don’t drink.

The next morning, I was running around because I woke up late, when Allie started yelling at me. “A.B., not cool leaving puke clothes in a bag in the bathroom!” she hollered.

“Oh yeah, well it’s not cool knowing Kitty was going to snowball me when I got off a damn plane to take her clubbing!” I yelled back. My suede skirt slipped into place and straitened my blouse. “Besides, I also had to drag her ass up the stairs only to get thrown up on, you owe me for that.” I grumped, finishing up my eyeliner and she opened the bathroom door.

“Fine!” she growled, then shut door behind her.

I couldn’t help but grin as I Headed into the kitchen, and then saw Peter sitting on a stool, eating a bowl of cereal. He glanced up at me before shoving the spoon in his mouth. “You’re looking hot, A.B., who you scoping out today?” he asked as he munched away.

“Nobody. I have a big corporation that I’m working with this afternoon. I need to get the run-through before I get into the meeting.” I shrugged taking out a yogurt.

“I don’t know what the hell you said, but sounds good,” he chuckled, taking another spoonful. That had me grin and I kissed his cheek before I left. “Hey, tell Allie I should be on time tonight. And that I want something Mexican for dinner!” I yelled, running out the door.

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