The Domination Game

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Chapter 19

Abie hurried into her apartment, quickly shutting the door on him, and his heart broke. There was no fucking way he was going to lose her!

He pictured Jon again, hissing something at Abie when he finally found her.The sheer terror in her eyes when Jon had closed in on her said volumes about what their relationship had been. She didn’t move, didn’t blink, and when Jon pushed her into the wall she looked on the verge of collapsing with the shock of seeing him.At that moment it took everything he had not to go after that man. But he knew Abie needed him; his first priority had been to make sure she was unhurt.

He was still standing in front of the door, unable to leave just yet, when he heard her start to cry. The sobs became so tortured, and when she called out for Allie in a voice so deep in pain, he knew he had to leave or he was going to do what he wanted, and just break down the damn door to get to her!

He made his way back to the car, where Tony was waiting for him. “So, what happened?” he asked, as Davis slammed the car door shut. Tony had worked for him for a very long time, and was there when Jenna had run off with Jon. It was Tony who had found out that Jenna was pregnant with Jon’s baby.

Jenna’s ambitions were always high. Davis wanted nothing more than to be a rancher and let his father run the corporations, be the mogul of Gravin Industries. Jonathan on the other hand came from Wall Street money, and his goals were high, as was the life he wanted to live. He should’ve seen the writing on the wall when Jenna called his thirty-eight million dollar ranch “cute.”

Jessica had warned him about Jenna. Told him to stay away from that particular girl. She knew she’d already worked her way through most of the wealthiest sons in Texas, and screamed at him when he said he loved Jenna and wanted to marry her.

At least his sister never had said she told him so. Just supported him, and between Richie, Yancy and Jess, he’d found a way to move on, and get his life back on track. Now he’d found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and the thought that Jon once more could take something away from him pissed him off, and tore him up on so many levels.

At one time he thought that nothing could ever compare to the heartbreaking devastation that Jon and Jenna put him through. But now he knew he was wrong. Seeing Abie afraid, lose herself in the fear that overtook her when she saw Jon step in front of them, and knowing whatever he’d said to her made her think that he didn’t love her…shit! That was killing him, he was so in love with her!

Davis hands ran through his hair a couple of times, then grabbed the back of his neck, thinking things through. “Abie was involved with Jon, Tony. I don’t know the details, she won’t even talk to me, but I need to know what happened. She said that Jon wasn’t supposed to get within a thousand feet of her… That sounds very judicial,” he told him.

Tony pulled onto the empty street, making his way back to Boston. “She was pretty shaken up if you ask me. That kind of trauma doesn’t just happen in a onetime deal, Davis. You know if you have me go digging around, what I might find will be hard for you to see, and worse than that, it will be difficult for you to know,” Tony informed him. “But if you’re still sure, is there anything else that you want me to look into?”

“Yeah, he said something about a brownstone in Beacon Hill. I’m telling you, something’s turning in my gut, Tony, it’s like I know this is going to be bad, and don’t really want to know what the hell the truth is, but at the same time I have to find out.” He sighed. “And if you’re digging into this shit, let’s try to see what some bastard did to her momma as well.”

Tony nodded. “When do you want it?” he asked.

“Hell, if you could, I’d want it now!” he said, leaning his head back against the seat with a sigh. “See what you can dig up for me tomorrow, then we’ll take it from there.”

That night Davis stood in his master suite, looking out over the Charles River. His mind was overflowing with scenarios that might have occurred with Jon and Abie, too many for him to sleep. She didn’t even call him Jon, she called him Jonathan. He’d never heard anyone call him that before.

He wondered how they met, how long they were seeing each other. It was obvious that Jon was the man she was talking about, the one she’d told him that she wanted to marry. But it was also clear that Jon was the one man who had devastated her as well.

He left her alone on Sunday; he didn’t call her even though it was killing him. He wanted to let her have the peace she’d asked of him. But that night, sleep evaded him once more because of all the things he wanted to say to her, and the questions about what happened as well.

He finally went to bed but couldn’t sleep. When the morning came he was dead on his feet, but he made it in to the office. Taking off his jacket and throwing it on the couch, he went to his desk, not sure if he’d even be able to work.

Yancy came in ten minutes later, and frowned at Davis’s haggard appearance. “Shit, I didn’t think you’d make it in today, just be spending the time with Adire,” he told him.

Davis’s hands went to the back of his neck, feeling a headache starting to come on. “She needs a day or two to herself. The other night was rough on her. She needs to be okay with everything that happened.”

Yancy sat in the oversized chair, trying to make sense of everything that had happened the other night. “So did she tell you how she knows that ass Jon? I mean, he sure acted like he knew her pretty damn well,” he mused.

“No. She jumped out of the car as soon as we got to her place, and didn’t want to talk. In fact she looked downright shaken up,” Davis told him.

“Well, that doesn’t bode well for you,” Yancy said.

Davis sighed. “She asked me for a little space, and I’m going to give her another day for just that purpose. Then I’ll go over and talk to her.” He rubbed his eyes, shaking his head. “I’ve got Tony digging into some things. I don’t want to go upset her, and at the same time I need to know what the hell is going on,” he explained to his friend. “God, Yancy, I don’t want to screw this up with her.”

Yancy nodded. “I know, Davis, just take it easy and be yourself. That woman isn’t like the others you’ve had. I don’t think buying a fancy trinket will impress her. I think just giving her space will be more beneficial to you in the long run.” He got up from the chair. “I’m off to Philip-Oliver about some of the overseas freights. Jason wanted to have lunch and discuss some business. You up for the meeting?”

“No, I’ve got New Mexico coming in, in an hour. I’ll just see you tomorrow,” he replied.

“All right.” He turned to head to the door and stopped. “Hey, don’t worry. I can tell she really likes you, so just relax.”

As soon as Yancy was out the door Davis just couldn’t help himself; he picked up the phone to call over to the Thompson Agency. He just wanted to be sure she was okay. The phone rang and rang in her office, so he transferred to the receptionist.

“Good morning, the Thompson agency,” came a chirpy voice.

“Yes, Adire Black, please.”

“I’m sorry, sir, Ms. Black has called in sick for the next couple of days. Can I give you to one of our other associates?” she asked.

“No… You said she’d be out for a couple days. So she should be back by Wednesday?” he asked, to be sure.

“Yes sir, that’s what I was informed.”

“That’s fine. Thank you, I’ll call back then,” he told her before hanging up the phone. Damn it, she didn’t even go to work. He flipped on his computer and got to work. It was the only way he’d be able to stay away from her and give her the space he’d promised. Hopefully Tony would have something for him tonight when he got home.


Going to see my mom was the only hope for me that day. I didn’t care what the hell she was dressed in; she could be wearing a bikini and an apron for all I cared. I just needed peace, and the comfort only a mother can bring.

As for me, I had my big gray sweat pants and Boston College sweatshirt on; the ripped sneakers I’d had since college were on my feet, no makeup, and my thick black-rimmed glasses were perched on my nose.

When I got to Morgan House Lucy was still nowhere to be seen, and Marybeth sat behind the counter once again, giving me a quick hello before she made her way to her patients.

When I opened my mother’s door I saw her standing by the window, once again not put together, and staring at what looked to be…nothingness. “Hi Mom,” I offered.

She didn’t turn around. “I just wanted to come by today and say hi. Maybe play some cards. I know how you love gin rummy,” I said softly. She still stood, not even noticing me until I sat on the bed.

“Oh, kitten! I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit,” she exclaimed to me happily. “I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time for me tah get a place of my own. You know, get back out in the world. Lucy says she’s moving up here tah stay, and we could get a place next tah you,” she prattled on to me.

I took her hand, gently pulling her to the bed to sit next to me. “Mom, I don’t think you’re ready to go anywhere at the moment. I think having doctors look after you is a very good thing,” I explained.

She patted my hand like I was a child. “Fahgettabout it. I’m fine, just been a little tired is all,” she told me. “Besides, Lucy’s selling her place, and went tah go talk tah her children about moving me down tah Georgia,” she gushed.

I sat up confused, as she got off the bed and went back to the window. “Ma, you just said that Lucy’s moving tah Reveah. Now youah saying you’re movin’ tah Georgia?” I bellowed. I wanted my mother near me, not in flipping Georgia!

My mother clapped her hands at me. “There’s my kitten. I get you all woiked up now, and you talk normal. Not all those fancy-schmancy words you love tah use,” she laughed.

My head fell into my hands. I looked at her, took a deep breath, and decided I was going to spend time with my mom, just like I came here to do.

“Mom, why don’t we get you in the shower, and then you can pick out one of your tailored outfits you so love to wear. Then I’ll do your hair for you,” I began as I went to her bathroom to start the shower for her.

“I don’t know, kitten. I haven’t been feeling that great lately. Things around my stomach been botherin’ me,” she confessed.

I went into her drawers and got out one of her pink terrycloth running suits. “Well then, we’ll forgo anything tailored and go with comfort,” I noted. I laid her things on the bed, and came back when her shower was at temperature.

She started to head to the bathroom, when she turned back to me and seemed to have a moment of clarity. “There’s nothing wrong with who you are, kitten. Good people come from Reveah, always remember that,” she said.

I smiled at her. “Ma, I would never be embarrassed of where I’m from, or who my mother is. My family’s from Reveah, my friends are from Southie, it’s my hometown. And I love them all. But I like the recrimination I get when I use my big words, that’s all.”

That made my mother smile. “I know you’rah good girl, kitten. And you’ve always had such big dreams. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you all the time like Aunt Sally was, but I love youah just the same. And I’m so very proud of youah,” she told me, as she kissed my cheek and headed into her shower.

I needed that. Just what my mother had said made me feel one hundred percent better. When Lucy got back, she and I would have to sit down and have a conversation about what the hell was going on with her taking my mom to Georgia, though.

The rest of the day went like I was hoping it would. I did my mother’s hair, we watched TV together, played cards, and I even fell asleep when she took her afternoon nap, on an old uncomfortable chair that sits next to her small loveseat. Don’t ask me why I didn’t use that to fall asleep on…

When five o’clock came I made sure she had her dinner sitting in her room for her, and even made sure I brought her a strawberry milkshake because she said it sounded good. At this point I would’ve brought her anything she’d asked for, if she’d just eat.

Life felt better. My mom had had a good day; I had a good day with her, making all the nonessentials fall to the wayside, helping me breathe once again.

I sat out front waiting for my cab, huddled in my grandfather’s old pea coat.

My grandpa’s old navy pea coat hung off me, but I couldn’t care less. It was old and comfortable, and it was something that belonged to my mother’s father, and she loved him very much; that made it extra special to me.

I wondered if I should head to Kitty’s or Allie’s. Both were at home, and both had men over. The last thing I wanted to do was head to Southie and hear Mickey screaming, “ohyah, fuck yah baby, youah fuck me so fucking good!” Yeah, one night of that was enough for me.

I’ve been in Boston for a longer time than I have in a long while. Normally I would just take off and be gone for months at a time, make my way back when it was time to check in with mom, Lucy and Allie, and Kitty. But recently I haven’t wanted to leave; that hunger to leave hasn’t been at the forefront like it normally is, always pushing me onward.

The cell in my pocket started to go off, and I thought for sure Davis was calling me, and I wasn’t ready to talk to him yet. Still happy in my thoughts of my day with my mother, I took the cell out just to be sure it wasn’t someone from work, when I saw the Amsterdam number.

Quickly I swiped it, praying Yvette was on the line. “Yvette? Damn it, you’ve scared me half to death!” I started to holler at her. What I thought I would hear from my motor-mouthed friend was what the hell she’d been doing to not call me, and scare the hell out of me. But the caller on the other end of the line remained quiet. I froze. “Yvette?”

“No,” a man’s voice came quietly on the line.

My heart stopped, and the words I wanted to say stuck in my throat. “Grayson…” I whispered.

“I miss you, Adire. Come back home. Nothing’s been right since you’ve left. The other woman doesn’t get me the way you did. I promise I’ll even paint you. I’ll paint your body and then we can make love to each other. I realize now that that’s what you needed from me. I want you to punish me sweetheart, but I’ll make sure I take care of you as well… I’ll read you poetry once again just like you loved me to do,” he begged me.

I surveyed my surroundings as the feeling of being trapped overwhelmed me once again. “Grayson, where’s Yvette? Please tell me where she’s at, then we’ll talk about me coming back to you.” Silence.

“Grayson, if you either put Yvette on the phone, or tell me where she is, I’ll come back to you right now, darling. I’ll play with the cigarettes for you, I’ll tease you and spank you just as you like, and I’ll put that cock of yours in a chastity belt so you know I own it.” I tried to say it seductively, while trying to hold back my frustration with him over this whole situation.

He seemed frazzled, and maybe a bit confused after I said the things he wanted to hear. And I prayed that his head wasn’t even worse than I thought it was. “I don’t know,” was all he told me.

My hand went into my messy-bunned hair, just wanting to yank it out. “What do you mean you don’t know, Grayson? You’re calling me from her place as we speak!” I hollered at him, making people stare as they walked by me.

“I, I don’t know, Adire. I don’t know…” he yelled back at me, seemingly angry with me now as well.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. “I swear if you hurt her… Tell me where she’s at now. I’m not playing any more of these damn games with you!” I screamed into the phone, and then the line went dead. “Shit!” I hissed in frustration.

I gathered my composure, and with shaking hands called the police in Amsterdam. I had to let them know that the man I’d been telling them about was probably still at Yvette’s place. And that I thought he might have done something to hurt her.

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