The Domination Game

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Chapter 21

Davis drove me back to his place, and even though he held my hand on the drive, I could tell that there was something more than what we’d been discussing on his mind. He kept me close in reach every step of the way, and I’m ashamed to say… I enjoyed it.

When we were in his penthouse he relieved me of my coat, directing me into his front room. He sat me on the couch, then rubbed his hand along the stubble of his chin as he pondered something.

“Davis, what’s going on?” I asked, more nervous about what he was thinking at the moment than I would’ve liked to be.

He knelt on the floor, taking off my black fuzzy boots and putting them aside. “What’s under that sweater, sugar?” he asked.

I looked down at my favorite old sweater, thinking for a second before answering. “Just an old tank top, and my bra,” I shrugged.

He leaned down and took the hem of my sweater in his hands. “Take off your glasses,” he ordered, and I quickly did. He gave me no time to think whatsoever as my tops came over my head.

The penthouse was nice and warm, but I shivered as my skin was exposed to the air. He stood back with my sweater, tank top, and boots in hand, and made his way out of the room. When he came back he carried a thick blanket and some folders, and my clothing was nowhere to be seen.

He sat in a chair on the opposite side of the table from me. “I don’t know if you’ll be mad at what I’ve done, so I took what I thought would keep you here, so we can talk afterwards.” He took a deep breath, opening up a folder with my brownstone in the picture.

My eyes sprang up to his. “Where did you get that?” I asked, baffled. I knew for sure that only a handful of people knew I had that place. Not even my company knew about the brownstone on Chestnut Street. I have all my mail sent to a P.O. Box in Cambridge. So how could he even have found a way to obtain such information?

He shrugged, but I could tell he was trying to play off his unease with nonchalance. “When Jon said something about it the other night, I had Tony take a look into it for me.” He pushed a paper from under the photo toward me. “It says you own it. You want to tell me why you don’t live there?” he questioned me softly.

I wrapped the blanket around myself, thinking he was a very crafty man to have taken my clothing so I would have no chance to escape. “No, I don’t think that’s anything that concerns you. And neither does it have anything to do with our relationship,” I mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

He nodded his head at my statement. “I don’t agree with that, but I won’t push you on it either.” He took a thick folder out from under the pile, watching me carefully even before he pushed it in front of me.

His stare was like nothing I’d ever seen before. He was worried, really worried. “I need to tell you something,” he said, “and I need to tell you before I open that folder to you.”

He took a minute before he spoke again, really considering his next words to me. “The reason I’m saying this beforehand is, I want you to understand that I was planning on saying this to you before I found out what was in this folder. But now I need you to know, and I want to be open and truthful with you. I don’t want to hide anything from you…do you understand?” he said softly, wanting me to believe him.

I nodded my head with a shrug, and gazed into his beautiful blue eyes as they looked fiercely back into mine.

“Adire, I have never been as happy with a woman as I am with you, in my entire life. You’re so smart, and caring, elegant, sophisticated, and so damn exciting. But you’re more than that to me, sugar. You really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and your beauty isn’t only on the outside. You’re so damn beautiful on the inside as well, and when you stand next to me I feel like the luckiest son of a bitch in the world,” he declared.

He got up from where he sat, making his way to me. He sat close to me on the couch so our knees touched. Carefully he unwrapped me from my protective cocoon of the blanket, and his rough callused fingers touched the bare skin of my middle, pulling me close to him.

We stared at each other, and he closed his eyes slowly once; when he opened them again they were on fire. “I love you, Adire Black. I love you so damn much, I can’t even think straight. Just being without you for the last couple days, I was losing my mind,” he confessed to me.

His hands took my face, gently pulling me closer to him. His thumbs stroked the lining of my bottom lip as his eyes watched the movement hungrily. “I love everything about you, and there’s nothing, not one single hair on that beautiful head of yours, that I would change for the world,” he whispered.

My eyes went wide, because really I wasn’t expecting that at all. “Davis…” I began, but instead of letting me finish, he kissed me. His lips softly touched mine, stopping my words, then his mouth opened mine and his tongue slipped deeply into me, taking control.

When he stopped, both of us were breathing heavily, and my body was burning to have him. He kissed my forehead, hugging me tightly to him. “I need to stop this. I have to show you, and we’ll get to everything else after I show you what’s in that folder.” His fingers went to the back of my hair, pulling me back to look deeply into my eyes. “And I’m praying to God, that you’ll still be able to say the words I’m hoping you’ll confess back to me,” he said fervently.

His arm stayed firmly around me as his other hand grabbed onto the folder, bringing it closer to us. My stomach turned at what he thought was so bad that I might try to leave him. He watched me once more, very cautiously opening the file and exposing what was inside to me.

When I glanced down and saw what was there, my body went cold. What I saw, I’d thought I would never have to see or relive again. I jumped up out of his arms, staring down at the police report that was never supposed to surface. My eyes jumped from the photo of me to him. “How in the hell did you get hold of these!?” I demanded. He stood up and tried to take me in his arms to soothe me, but I wrenched away and took a step back.

“I just had Tony pull some strings, that’s all. After what happened at the party, and how Jon acted like he knew you so well.” He stopped talking at my reaction, and his hands went to the back of his neck when he saw my anger with him.“I could see how frightened you were of him, honey…I just wanted to find out whatever I could about you and Jon for myself,” he tried to explain.

My finger came up, pointing at him shakily, as I pieced together some of the things he’d asked me about in the donut shop. “You knew already when you came to see me tonight,” I accused him. “You knew, and you thought I was just going to sit back and spill my innards to you on my past, about Jonathan?”

No, I was hoping you would trust me enough to tell me everything that happened between the two of you. That’s why I’m showing you what I found out. I don’t want us to have secrets from one another,” he pleaded, stepping toward me.

I stepped back “I told you all you needed to know, Davis!” I picked up the photos from the table and threw them at him. “Those pictures, those were mine to either tell you about, or not. You went behind my back and stole that choice from me!” I screamed.

He started to come towards me once more, and I took another step back. His hand clamped into his hair once again. “I didn’t think, okay? I swear I didn’t know Tony was going to come back with anything like this,” he stammered. “I’ve known Jon my whole life, I would’ve never thought it possible for him to hurt a woman. I mean, we all knew he could be an ass at times, but that didn’t mean he was violent.”

My hands clutched at my sides as anger boiled down deep inside me. “What the hell could you possibly have thought then? Why couldn’t you just wait for me to tell you? You didn’t even give me a chance,” I cried.

His eyes roamed around the room and he pulled at his hair, then his arms fell to his sides. “When he said something about going for billions instead of millions, I thought maybe you two got hitched in Vegas or something, or you wanted to marry him, like you told me. Maybe he had the affair afterwards, and knocked up Jenna. Then his father paid you off so you’d divorce him, or leave him alone,” he explained.

A tear escaped my eye, and I quickly whipped it away. But Davis saw it, and started for me once again, only to have me stop him.

“I don’t even know what he meant by saying billions!” I yelled, then tried to get hold of myself before I continued. “So you believed that I was of such low moral standing that I would marry a man for his wealth? Or better yet, blackmail him for money. And if that wasn’t appalling enough, you thought the only way a man like Jonathan would marry someone like me, was to elope to Vegas.” I nodded at his train of thought, deeply hurt and extremely angry, scrubbing at more escaping tears.

“No! I…”

But I started to chuckle at him sarcastically. “Now this is the icing on the cake. You thought the only way that Jonathan’s family could get rid of a woman like myself, was to what? Pay me an immense sum of money so everything that he’d had with someone of such low birth could be easily swept under the rug. Because you know, a woman like me…” I hissed.

“No, that’s not…”

My body shook from anger, but it was more than that. I hurt deep down to my soul. “Because young, wealthy, beautiful Jenna is so much more of a prize, than the little nobody Adire Black. Tell me, did I get that all down right, or am I missing something?”

He looked shocked by my words. “No! I never meant that!” he stammered once again.

I walked up to him so we were standing chest to chest, as I glared up at him. “You damn rich, arrogant assholes. You think you can throw around your money and everything will be forgiven, just like that,” I seethed, snapping my fingers at him. “I wasn’t going to let Jonathan get way with what he did to me. But the lawyer informed me that it was the best thing, to just take the money, because the Lovelocks could keep everything wrapped up in court for a very long time.

“So you know what? I did. I took that man’s money! I accepted that money and paid off some of my college bills, set my mother up in stocks so she would live comfortably for the rest of her life, and I bought my place, as an investment.”

Tears were coming too quickly to catch them now, as he stood still with a look of horror on his face. “But more importantly, I wanted somewhere I could call my own!” I screamed, taking one last glance at the photos that were now thrown all over the place.“I never wanted to see those pictures again. I never wanted to be reminded of that night again, Davis!” I yelled, pushing him as hard as I could.

He stumbled back just enough for me to run away from him. Clothes or no clothes, I was out of there. He quickly made his way to me before I could truly get far enough away to escape. “Abie!” he called out, taking my arm and stopping me in the foyer.

He took me in his arms as I kicked and tried to wiggle free from him. “Let me alone, Davis!” I hissed.

He backed us against the wall, wrapping his arms around me. “Sugar, please. I’m sorry, I’m so damn sorry, please forgive me for digging this up. I love you so much, please, Abie,” he whispered softly, as I continued to thrash about.

I stopped squirming when he took my hands in his, pulling them behind my back to keep me still. “You thought I would blackmail Jonathan! That I’m worse than what he is!” I screamed at him, as tears slid down my face. “You think nothing more of me than something to be used, like he told me you would!” I cried out.

He clung to me, holding my hands in place and his head on my shoulder. “What?” he murmured, then shook his head in the crook of my neck. “No, sugar, I was just trying to think things through. I know my woman well enough to know she’d never do anything like that. I was just confused by everything he was saying is all,” he said in my ear. Soft lips then kissed my neck. “I would never use you, I love you.”

“Don’t lie to me, Davis,” I whispered angrily.

“Sugar, I promise I’ll never lie to you. That’s why I showed you what I did, so you knew that I knew about everything.” He pulled back and leaned down so his eyes met mine once more. “I want this, Abie. You and me, I want this so badly. I won’t make this mistake again. Next time, if something’s bothering me or I have questions, I’ll come to you, and if you won’t tell me at first…then I’ll make love to you until you do.”

Hesitantly, slowly, he released my hands and slid his hands to my hips, his eyes never leaving my face. “I want to show you something. But I need you to follow me to my room… Will you?” he asked gently. I sighed, trying to think what I wanted to do. But in the end my eyes fell and I nodded yes.

Taking my hand again, he intertwined our fingers as he walked me down the hallway to the master suite, he still in his suit, and I in just a pair of leggings and a bra. He sat me down at the end of his bed gently, then kneeled down in front of me.

“I want to show you something, but I need you to stay here for just a minute while I get it,” he said, taking both of my hands in his.

We stared at each other, and I knew he wasn’t going to let go of my hands until I answered his question. So I silently nodded. “Okay, you stay right here, it will take only a minute,” he said quickly, kissing my cheek.

He went to the far end of the bedroom, to a wooden wall that was actually the door to a walk-in closet. I sat on the bed waiting, and I peeked down at my shaking hands, making them into fists to stop the tremor.

My attention was taken off my hands as I glanced over at the sound of the closet door opening. There in a t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and a worn brown old cowboy hat, stood Davis.

His bare feet made their way to me, as my eyes roamed over him and this new look of his. When he stood in front of me, I saw him take a deep breath before he knelt back down, moving my legs apart. He tilted his cowboy hat back, letting me look into those deep blue eyes of his. “This is the real me, sugar. The gussied-up man, that’s a front I put on to help save my granddad’s legacy. I knew you didn’t care for the money, and truthfully, after Jenna, I really liked that you never asked me about it.”

The little crinkle in his forehead was back as he thought of what he was going to say next. “I need to be honest with you. What Jon said to you about billions, that was about me. My family owns a lot of things, and now they’re all mine. I’m a billionaire,” he explained.

“What?” I whispered surprised, wondering why that would make Jonathan so upset with me.

Slowly he put his hands on my knees, gauging my reaction to his words. “But that’s not who I really am. I work with cattle all day long. I ride horses, work the earth, take care of my ranch, and deal with more of that side of my family’s companies. When I come back home to you in the evening, I’ll be sweaty from the sun, smelling of the outdoors. I’m not the sort of man who’s going to sit at his desk and type away on a computer,” he told me softly.

His hands left my knees and cradled my face, lovingly holding me. “Can you love a man whose office will be outside in the hot sun all day? Whose idea of a life worth living is the complete opposite of the one that’s been in front of you till now?” he asked fervently.

“Are you telling me that you’re not going to stay in Boston?” I asked softly.

“I’m in Boston right now because of you. But yes, I would like to go back home. I was hoping you’d might want to give Houston a try, maybe let it grow on you?” He took a breath. “Maybe one day you can call it home as well.”

“And if I didn’t want to leave my home?”

“Then we’d talk about other options, and we’d find a way of making it work out, sugar. I told you I love you, and that means I’m willing to sacrifice some of the things I have, to have you in my world with me,” he said, his thumb caressing the skin of my cheek.

“We’ve known each other only a little while. You sound as though you’re thinking long-term commitment. Tell me if I’m off here?” I asked nervously.

“I know I have to take things slow with you. So I thought you could come with me to the ranch. Meet the people who work for me, meet some of my friends. I’d love for you to meet my horses, and see what I really do for a living. Let me take you out to see the city at night. Meet my family… I really want you to meet my momma, sugar. Everything else we can take from there,” he told me, evading my question rather skillfully.

I chuckled at him. “Sounds like you already have us married, and me barefoot, pregnant, and walking around your ranch with one hanging on me and one on the way,” I joked with him, but he didn’t seem to think that was as funny as I did. “Davis…” I scolded.

His hands dropped onto my lap, touching the skin of my bare middle. “Do you not want children?” he asked me softly, as his fingers skimmed my middle and his eyes dropped from mine to watch his hands.

“What if I said I didn’t?” I spoke hesitantly, wanting to see if he’d be truthful with me, or tell me what I want to hear.

He nodded and a sad frown touched his mouth. “That would be difficult for me. I always wanted a family, not just a family, but a big family… Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

I sighed at his honesty with me. “I never thought all that often about having a child. You have to understand, I’ve never loved anybody enough to ever even have it be a valid thought. Even with Jonathan, a child with him was never something I wanted, or even thought about. Maybe deep down I already knew he was no good for me.”

He nodded his head, still not looking at me, as his fingers stayed at my waist. “But since you were honest with me about how you felt, I’ll be honest with you as well,” I said, and took a deep breath before I told him some deep dark secrets that not even my best friends knew.

“If you’re wondering if I enjoy children, the answer is, yes I do. But you have to understand that my lifestyle is very different from the everyday woman’s. My rules have been with me since I was twenty-three years old. All the things I’ve told you about myself, and being dominant with men, have been a part of me even longer.

“Does the thought of having a child with someone who truly loved me, and accepted me for who I am, appeal to me? I wish I could tell you no, because it would make my life much easier. But the honest answer is… yes,” I confessed, and his eyes quickly made their way back up to mine.

“I have thought about it from time to time. But like I said when we first met, I’ve been married to my work for so many years now that I let any of those kinds of thoughts fall away from me. So work became my marriage, and my children, they were my accomplishments.”

The frown on his face had now disappeared. “So children aren’t off the table.” He smiled. “Would you consider a family…not now, but in the future?” he asked hopefully.

My hand came to his face and that little boy grin, that even had my dominant side go all soft and gooey for this man in front of me. “I think you’re being awful pushy and persistent again with this line of questions,” I informed him. “We don’t even know where we’re going with this, Davis.” But his deep blue eyes and the little crinkle on his forehead made me bend my rules once more, and answer him: “If by some chance that’s where this relationship leads us, then the thought of having a child with you does seem like a possibility.”

“So you’d have a family with me?” he smiled again.

I tsked him, rolling my eyes. “I said yes, I would, didn’t I?”

His eyes smoldered as he asked the next question. “Do you love me, Abie?”

As I observed this beautiful man, I realized that my answer to that question would be a pivotal point in my life. If I told him no, I could have my life go back onto the path it’s been on for many years and that I’m very comfortable with. If I told him yes, I knew that it would change the direction of my life forever. This was my moment to really decide what I wanted for the rest of my life. Was I happy in the way it was going, or did I have the courage to tell this man what I really felt, knowing what it would mean for me.

Sighing once more, but this time at myself, I confessed my true feelings to him. “Yes, Davis, I love you,” I whispered.

His hands went to the back of my neck, wrapping my hair in his fist, embracing me quickly after hearing my feelings. He tasted my lips, taking his time with them. When his tongue traced my bottom lip, I opened for him. I tasted his savory mouth, loved the need that poured from him; then I did something I never thought I would ever do. I gave in to him, and let him take complete control over me.

He pushed me back onto the bed, and his cowboy hat fell from him as our passion took over. My hands felt the muscles move under his cotton tee. He stopped the kiss and pulled back, grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling it over his head so he could feel my skin on his.

His lips found their way to my neck, and my body was already on fire for him. I could feel the wetness in my center, wanting him, needing this man I truly loved. But I needed something more from him, only him. “Davis,” I whimpered his name.

He stopped, lifting himself on his elbows to gaze down at me. “I want you to make love to me. Show me how the vanilla men make love to their women,” I whispered. A boyish grin grew on his face and made me chuckle.

“You want me to make love to you? You know what I’m going to take this to mean for us.” His voice came out roughly, powerfully, all male.

My fingers traced his lips, wanting him to taste me with that hunger again. “Yes.”

A rumble of satisfaction vibrated through his chest into mine, making my need for him heighten that much more. “When we’re done you’re not leaving me. You’re staying the night with me in this bed,” he commanded me with a growl.

“Yes,” I whispered, letting my legs fall to the side so he could have full access to me.

He ground his erection into my center, and even with jeans on I could feel how hard he was. “And if I want to take you in the shower and clean you up afterwards?Wash every inch of that beautiful body of yours down, you’re not going to stop me,” I was instructed in a gruff voice.

That had me laughing at him, and his brows went up in question. “Yes, you pushy man. I thought I made all this very clear to you when I told you I loved you. Once I say those words, my rules go on the back burner. I’m yours, darling, and I want you to make love to me as such,” I whispered lovingly to him.

His eyes softened, then burned all that much more. He stood up from the bed, stripping off his jeans and boxers, gazing down at me. He reached down and took my leggings and panties off swiftly, and scooped me up into his arms. I pulled him down to a kiss before he placed my head on the pillows of his bed.

He made his way on top of me, and was coming in to kiss me when I stopped him. “Could you put the cowboy hat on for me?” I asked softly, very much liking him in that hat.

He grinned and chuckled. “You want the hat on, sugar, the hat goes on.”

He sat up, retrieving his hat, and his lean, naked muscular body called out to me. I took his swollen erection in my hand, stroking him. He groaned as I worked him up. “I thought you wanted me to make love to you?” he moaned.

I smiled. “There is foreplay in making love, is there not? I thought it was more about the attitude than the aptitude,” I told him softly. The muscles in his legs tightened as I continued to stroke him, enjoying his excitement.

He gazed down at me with his cowboy hat on, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so completely turned on in my life. I started to take off my glasses, but this time he stopped me. “I want those glasses on, and that hair of yours undone so I can see it,” he ordered.

Taking my free hand I undid my bun, shaking it loose. He bent down and stopped my hand from furthering his pleasure, laying his body on top of mine. “You have curly hair,” he murmured, playing with one of the natural ringlets. “I love curly hair,” he whispered, kissing the side of my neck and reaching behind me to unlatch my bra.

Trails of kisses started to make their way down my chest, and a hand took hold of my breast. He licked around my rosy bud, before giving it a little nip. “Oh, yes Davis,” I moaned. His free hand came around, grabbing onto my backside as he sucked in my nipple, flicking the bud with his tongue.

His kisses started to head downwards, and his hands spread my thighs to the side. When he was right at my folds he kissed me, and I shivered. He looked up at me with a cocky smirk, before he tipped his hat back to dig in.

“Oh God, Davis!” I moaned, as my back arched up off the bed. His arms wrapped around my legs, holding me still. “Steady, sugar,” he murmured, as he swiped his soft tongue down my center once more.

My head lifted off the pillow to watch him feast on me. Lord, there was nothing sexier than that man with his cowboy hat in between my legs. Just the sight of him was bringing me to the brink of orgasm. He glanced up at me with those amazing eyes and that little boy grin on his face, right before his sucked my mound into his mouth, and his finger slid into me.

I grabbed onto the comforter as my body erupted in ecstasy. He growled, sending my body on fire as I rode his tongue, feeling the vibration traveling to my toes. “Oh lord, Davis, don’t stop, darling, oh god…please don’t stop!” I whimpered under his mastery.

My breathing was hard and heavy when my orgasm finally stopped. I was panting on the bed when he climbed his way back up to me. “You’re so damn beautiful, and you’re all mine,” he growled possessively.

I wrapped my legs and arms around him. The cowboy hat fell off as we turned so I was on top of him. My mouth found his, and his arms wrapped around me. I wanted more, I needed more of him. “I’m sorry, Davis, I thought I could be good for you. But the sight of you in the cowboy hat…” I groaned, taking his mouth again before it was my turn with him.

Reaching over, I took his hat and placed it on my head. He moaned, as I smiled at him. “Damn, you’ve got something brewin’ in that beautiful mind of yours, dontcha.”

That made me chuckle. “Yes,” I purred.

I slid my body down his as my nails scratched over his smooth flesh. Goosepimples rose on his skin as my breast traveled over his erection. My hands slid his thighs apart. “Oh shit,” he hissed as I bit into his scrotum, then started sucking on it. “Holy shit, Abie!” he howled.

One hand came up to take hold of his erection, stroking it in long full strokes slowly. When I moved to suck one of his testicles, his legs went up and his toes curled into the soft bedding, his moans permeating the enormous room. He was fighting against moving his hips, and the little devil in me snickered at him remembering to be obedient.

My hand worked him hard one last time, as my need to have him was at the aching point. I took my tongue and licked from his scrotum, all the way up his shaft to the tip of him, getting him wet before I had my way with him. A guttural moan escaped him. “Oh fuck…”

I moved out from between his legs, found the cowboy hat, which had fallen off, and placed it back on my head, tipping it downwards. “Put your legs back together, darling,” I whispered to him, eating up the sight of him. He obeyed my command, and I cocked my smile at him “Good boy,” I purred.

Moving to his chest, I got up on my knees, placing his very hard erection to tease my center. His hands caressed my calves as I pleasured myself with his erection. “Oh sugar, please,” he groaned as I slid his soft tip over my very wet needy bud. And when I was ready, I slid down him, throwing my head back as he filled me completely.

His hands went to my hips as he moaned my name loudly. I fell forward, licking his lips, teasing him, and when I had him needing my mouth, I gave it to him. My body was on his and my legs straightened out, going in between his thighs, spreading them open and going to the side of me.

When I let him free he groaned, but was confused as I took his legs and wrapped them around my back. “Abie, sugar, what are you doing?” he asked with a throaty chuckle.

“I wanted you to have your way with me, but seeing you in the cowboy hat, and the way you tipped it back before you took me…just sent my mind reeling.” I reached back, grabbing his backside, feeling it was in the perfect spot for me.

“Now, I’m going to own you, Davis. I’m going to ride my cowboy hard and fast, and when I’m finished with you, you’ll be screaming out my name, darling,” I promised him. That boyish grin broke out across his face, but it didn’t last long as I started riding him.

My hands went to the sides of his chest as I worked myself on him with a ferocity that bordered on frenzy. I was panting with each stroke, but he was mine to claim. I took him again and he grunted when my thighs slapped into his backside.

My hand drew his leg up higher on me, feeling that sweet backside, caressing it with my fingers, right before I smacked it. “Fuck!” Davis’s moan tore through the room.

I slapped the same spot once more. “Such vulgarity from such a beautiful mouth! I think you need another spanking for that,” I panted, reaching back to spank the same spot. The sound echoed throughout the room. “Abie, baby, please…” he grunted; his hands went to my face as I continued to slap into his backside with my thighs as well as my hand.

“You want me to bite into that cherry-red spot I’ve just spanked?” I asked him, as my own breath hitched. His eyes were intense, burning for me. “Yes sugar…god yes!”

“That’s a good boy, a very good boy, Davis. I’m there darling, and I want to feel you cum inside me,” I ordered him, as my breath started to come in gasps. I sped up, rubbing my clitoris against his hard erection. My orgasm erupted like a volcano, as his hands claimed my breasts. My walls squeezed around him as the orgasm rocked through my body. “Augh, augh, yes baby! Oh yes, oh yes…oh god yes!” I screamed out.

His hips started to buck as my orgasm broke free, squeezing around him thoroughly. I felt his erection twitch the way it does before his body realizes its passion. “Damn it sugar… shit, shit, oh shit…yes, yes Abie!” he grunted, as his body twitched with each surge of his orgasm spilling into me.

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