The Domination Game

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Chapter 23

Davis was so gentle with his touch, with his kisses, words. His body lay on top of mine, and there was something overpowering in feeling the weight of him on me. I can’t even describe how something I once thought was so mundane, I now found extremely passionate.

As he kissed my neck my fingers traced along the muscles of his back, loving to feel the movement under my fingers. He raised his face to mine, and his features were softer, but still burning as our lips met once more. This time the passion was gentler, yet it was so much more intense.

His hand trailed down my body to my very needy center. My body was so on fire for him, I wanted him to claim me, make me his, and his alone. Once he was there, he dipped his finger into me, making me moan at his masterful strokes that worked on a new level of intimacy.

Once my body was ready, he slipped himself inside me, moving in deep loving strokes. His kisses never stopped. My mouth, my chest, my neck, always kissing me, always telling me all the things I was hoping for him to say.

His arms came around me, holding me tightly to his body, as his friction was building up and my body was on fire for him. I wrapped my legs around him, and my arms went around his head, while my fingers went into his hair.

Our eyes met as he lifted himself. “Don’t turn away, sugar, I want you to see how much I love you, how much I need you!” he grunted with his next thrust.

The wonderful tingles were growing, and the bubble was just about to burst with what he was doing to my body. “I love you, Davis,” I whispered, then my body rushed with a sensation of rapture; my legs clung to him as my body rode the waves of pleasure ripping through me, and my orgasm broke free.

His own body became taut, and I could feel his hard length twitch and his stomach muscles tighten; as his need became greater his pace picked up. “I love you Abie, Oh God, I love you, woman!” he groaned as his body slipped in and out of mine with the force of a tidal wave.

We lay there naked on the floor of the massive suite, breathing heavily. I couldn’t find the strength to let him go. “Was that the vanilla way of making love, Davis?” I asked him with a smile.

His hands pushed some hair from my face and he smiled as well. “That, sugar, was a man making sweet love to his woman.” He softly kissed me. “I just wanted you to know that as much as I love our ass-spankin’ tug of war between the two of us--I wanted to show you that there was more to us than just the fun sex. Sometimes we all need the making love, just because we need to know we’re loved, sugar,” he whispered lovingly.

“You’re the first man to make me feel special, and loved, Davis.”

He grinned, but I could see his mind thinking, of what I wasn’t sure, but I was about to find out. “I’m glad I make you feel that way, sugar.” He paused, and his little boy grin was back. “Why don’t we go to the penthouse and we’ll grab some things, come back and stay here tonight?”

I gave him a little push to get him off me, so he rolled to his back as I looked at him. “You want to stay at the brownstone? All I have is my old mattress for a bed!” I exclaimed.

“Well, what do you think about you and me living together in your brownstone?” he hinted.

I sat up and looked down at him, full of ease, his hands going behind his head, waiting for my answer. “I don’t know, Davis. Didn’t you want to go home to Houston? Now you’re saying that you want to share a place with me here in Boston?” I asked warily.

“Yeah, I’m saying we share a place together. We’ll make it official New Year’s Eve night. We’ll stay here, and I’ll give my dad back the penthouse. This really works well for everyone. This way I can stay in Boston for the year, and I’ll get you to come home with me to Houston quite a bit,” he chuckled.

My eyes fell to his chest as my thoughts went to my mother, and my job. “My mother…” I began.

“Don’t worry about that. We’ll have plenty of time to make decisions for all of those things. This is the time for you and me to get to know each other. But I promise, your momma won’t be left behind in any decision we make,” he explained.

“My job, Davis.”

His eyes roamed over my face. “That’s something I guess we’ll have to work on as well. I sure want you around me, sugar, and I’m hoping you won’t want to be flyin’ all over the world, knowing I’m at home waiting for you,” he replied.

I sat there thinking about what he’d just said. “Hey.” He bumped my hand. I looked up at him, still somewhat lost in my thoughts. “You want to live with me, sugar? Because I sure in hell want to know when I come home at night, you’re waiting for me in bed,” came his growl.

That got me smiling. If I was willing to tell him all my secrets, willing to confess my true feelings for him, and to let him make love to me, why shouldn’t I take this step? I’d waited a very long time for this to happen, and I think it’s about time to try something new with my life.

“Yes,” was all I said.

“Yes, we’ll move in together?”


He sat up and took me in his arms, kissing me. “You’ve made me so damn happy. I can’t even tell you!” he smiled. “Now let’s go get dressed, and go get some things.” He helped me up off the ground.

“Davis, what are you talking about?” I asked, confused.

“Well, I want to clear out all my things from the penthouse, and let my dad start moving back in. Then we can head to Allie’s and Kitty’s and get your things…”

I had my clothing in hand as I made my way to the bathroom. “I thought you said the first?” I asked.

“I said we’d make it official on the first. We can stay the night here and start planning things out, can’t we?” He chuckled at the look on my face.

“Pushy, pushy man! I swear, you could find a loophole in anything,” I grumbled, slipping on my leggings.

Davis was already dressed when he came into the bathroom. “Come on sugar, I want to hit your friends’ place first. Girls always have to talk, and who knows how long it will take us to get out of their places?” he exclaimed, kissing my neck, then swatting me on my backside before leaving. “I’m going to check out the kitchen before we head out,” he hollered back to me, as I heard his footsteps going down the stairs.

“You’re a very persistent and pushy man, Mr. Mills!” I shouted.

“I know, Ms. Black,” I heard him shout back at me.

That had me chuckling at this beautiful man. Funny how the rollercoaster of life quickly takes its turns, and dips. But I was ready for this new challenge, and I was more than ready to let this man into my life completely.


It was Christmas Eve, and out of the eleven days from the time I said yes to moving into the brownstone together, I was gone seven of those days. I had a call out to California, and there was no way around it for me.

The day I had agreed to us living together, we went out looking at furniture. Davis kept showing me all the modern or contemporary furniture, but I told him I liked the colonial style. We couldn’t seem to agree on anything, which was rather fun.

Even when we’d talk on the phone at night, he’d tell me that he liked that shaker bed we’d seen, but I adamantly told him no on that. We both had to enjoy the furniture that was going to be ours, and until we did, we could just sleep on the old mattress on the floor. To which he grumbled at me.

The day I came home from the trip, Davis picked me up from Logan Airport with a smile he was trying to keep in check. So I knew he’d been up to something. When he opened the front door for me, I walked into the front room to see a lit Christmas tree in the corner with three ornaments on it. He told me that we’d pick up more together. Darling man.

Then he made me close my eyes, and lead me up the stairs. When we finally stopped, he whispered in my ear to open my eyes, and there right in front of me was the colonial bedroom set that I’d fallen in love with. He’d had bedding made to match the toile curtains I loved, and even set wing-tipped chairs in matching material in front of the fireplace.

He told me Merry early Christmas, and he didn’t care what our bedroom set looked like as long as I was in it with him. After that comment, I decided my pet deserved a lot of vanilla, and I was going to make sure he received it at that moment.

But tonight I was nervous, because tonight Davis was going to meet my mother and Lucy. Lucy had come back, and she told me she wanted the three of us to make a decision after the first of the year. Seemed like my new year was going to be full of surprises.For one thing, I hadn’t told Davis about the trip to Beijing yet, but I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to go.

I liked the feel of this new and promising life. I loved the man I was with, and that filled a void that I’d had since I was a small girl trying to take care of my heartbroken mother. That void was once filled by work and my accomplishments. Now it was filled with a very beautiful man.

When the Jaguar pulled into the parking lot of Morgan House, I was a mess. When I looked over at Davis, he seemed at ease and was smiling in that way that calmed my nerves. “Come on, sugar. Your momma is probably chompin’ at the bit to see her girl,” he exclaimed, taking the two-dozen red roses out of the back. He’d bought one dozen for my mom, and another for Lucy.

The gift in my pocketbook was for my mother, and the wrapped gift in my hand for Lucy. Davis helped me out of the car. Marybeth’s jaw dropped when she saw Davis walk in with me.

“Hello, Marybeth. This is my boyfriend, Davis. Davis, this is Marybeth,” I introduced him.

She stood there stammering for a minute, but Davis just smiled. “Good evenin’ ma’am. And may I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas,” he drawled, and I swear I think she swooned.

I took Davis by the arm, leading him away. “All right, cowboy, don’t have all the women in the facility throwing their unmentionables at you,” I joked.

He entwined our fingers together. “There’s only one woman I want to drop her unmentionables for me. And I’m hoping I get an early Christmas present tonight,” he crooned seductively to me.

I chuckled, and we arrived at my mom’s room. I knocked on the door and Lucy opened it. “Oh my word, sweet pea, you look as stunning as ever,” she exclaimed. Then her eyes found Davis. “And I take it this is your beau?” she asked, eyeing him.

He stepped forward. “Yes, ma’am. Davis Mills, from Houston, Texas. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” he charmed her. She stared at him, then a genuine smile broke out across her face. “Mmm, mm, mm, well are you sweeter than honey, young man. A.B. said you were a charmer, and I must say she was right,” she giggled.

Davis handed her a bouquet of roses. “Merry Christmas, ma’am.”

She laughed loudly. “There’ll be no more ma’am, young man. Lucy--you may call me Lucy, Davis,” she smiled.

“Thank you, Lucy.”

She opened the door, but I didn’t see my mother. “What’s going on? Where’s Mom?” I asked, worried now.

We walked into the small kitchen area, where my mother had set the table, or at least had tried to. “Don’t you fret, sweet pea,” said Lucy. “Your momma needed some help matching up her things this evening, and she was right mad at me when I told her her outfit was black, and not emerald green like she said it was,” and she gave me a look that told me so much more than that.

Lucy came around to Davis. “Now I’m going to need you to stand back a bit. I’ve been talkin’ to Loretta all day about A.B.’s new beau. But how much she remembers isn’t all that clear. She’s better, but she can get spooked something fierce if there’s a man she doesn’t know in her space,” she told him. She went to the little bathroom and knocked. “Loretta, A.B.’s here, darlin’.”

My mother came out in a long emerald-green skirt and gold sweater, her hair piled on top of her head, and her makeup done to perfection. She wore an apron that was frilly and had a pattern of gingerbread men all over it, and her house slippers were on her feet. “Kitten!” she cheered.

“Hello, Mom.” I hugged her. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, kitten,” she smiled, and she seemed in rather good spirits. “Have you been extra good this year?” she asked me with a giggle.

I pulled back and winked at her. “You know I’m never quite good, Mom,” I purred.

She swatted my backside lovingly. “Oh, you were always such a rascal sometimes!” She giggled again, but then stopped when she finally noticed Davis in the corner. Her color seeped from her face quickly, and Lucy and I traded places.

“Darlin’, remember me telling you about A.B.’s new beau?” she asked cautiously.

My mom blinked her eyes a couple of times, hoping the man in front of her was just one of her illusions, and that it would make him go away. “Mom, this is Davis. This is my Davis, remember me telling you about him?” I took his arm, showing my mother that I was comfortable with him.

I brought him a little closer. “Look what he brought you for a Christmas gift. I told him that you loved long-stemmed red roses… Don’t you?” I asked softly. She stared at him, then her eyes darted back to me, and she nodded.

“He wanted to meet my family so I wanted him to meet you, and Lucy, tonight. Do you think you’d mind if he had dinner with us?” I coaxed gently.

She frowned. “Is he like the other boy?” she mumbled with a soft tremor in her voice.

I shook my head. “No, Mom, he’s nothing like the other boy,” I assured her.

She looked over at him, and as I moved him in closer to her, her head shot up and she took a step back. “Mom, I love him. Please…” I begged.

Davis very easily brought the roses out for her, and she very carefully took them from him. “Merry Christmas, ma’am,” he said softly. She tried to smile but still looked rather tense, so I tried to lighten the mood.

“Davis, could you bring me the gifts I brought from the table please,” I asked, and he retrieved the gifts. I handed Lucy her present, and my mother hers. Lucy tore into hers and gasped at her gift. “Oh no, you didn’t! Darlin’, how in the world did you get a signed picture of Jay Leno!” she gushed.

She ran over and gave me one of her southern hugs, kissing my cheek. “Sweet pea, you are just too good!”She hummed, looking at her framed photo. The woman had a huge crush on Jay Leno; who am I to say anything.

“Someone I met down in Los Angeles knew him. He was very gracious and gave me a signed photo for you,” I told her.

Her eyes danced with glee. “Did you meet him? Oh lord, you did! I can tell…” she went on.

“Mom, open your gift,” I pushed gently. I’d wanted to give her this for some time now. She slowly opened the box, and she gasped as her hand went over her mouth. “Kitten!” Her eyes started to well with tears.

“I hope you like it.”

“I love it!” She took out a small angel brooch I’d bought her one year, when I was a little girl. Aunt Sally had given me birthday money and we went to some garage sales, where I found that brooch. I got two dollars for my birthday, and Aunt Sally talked the lady down to fifty cents for it. I saved that brooch from July to December to give to my mother for Christmas.

I made my way to her. “I had the angel dipped in gold, then I took out the plastic jewel from her face and put in an opal, because it’s your favorite,” I told her, taking it from her hand and pinning it to her sweater.

Lucy came in, took my mother by the waist and sat her down in a seat, and I sat Davis as far away from her as possible. Lucy put all the food on the table, and we said grace.

“I want to know everything you found out about Leno, sweet pea. And don’t leave anything out!” she commanded, and Davis laughed.

The rest of the night was Lucy drilling me about everything that I had talked about with my associate and Jay Leno. I could see that Davis wasn’t happy that I didn’t tell him about it, but for me it wasn’t really a big deal. I just knew that Lucy would love it.

By the end of the night, I received my Christmas wish. My mother was actually speaking with Davis. She kept her distance, but she was making some kind of conversation with him. When dinner was done and I could tell my mother was getting tired, I gave Lucy a kiss on the cheek. “Good night, I’ll call in on her in the morning,” I said.

“Sounds good, sweet pea.” She then looked over at Davis. “It was very nice to meet you, young man,” she chuckled.

Davis gave her a quick nod. “It’s been a pleasure, ma’am,” he said in his southern drawl.

“Oh lord, Texans!” she quipped laughingly.

“All right you two comedians, it’s time to go,” I told them both. “Love you, Lucy, Merry Christmas!” I called out as we walked away. When we were heading down the road, Davis looked over at me. “Are you going to tell me how you met Leno?”

That made me laugh. “It’s really no big deal. But yes, I’ll tell you anything you want to know, darling. But first I’ll make us a plate of goodies, and you can start a fire in the bedroom. Then I’ll play some Christmas carols on the speaker system, while we enjoy each other’s company in bed.”

“Would we be wearing clothes in this scenario?” he asked with a smirk.

“No, we wouldn’t. You know I prefer you without clothing, Davis,” I smiled. “And I even bought some new red nail polish for you to do my nails tonight.”

“Abie, honey, that’s my kind of Christmas,” he grinned.

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