The Domination Game

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Chapter 24

I’d asked Davis if Allie and Kitty could come over to the Christmas dinner at his place this year. Peter was going to be working on the Logan to London flight route this Christmas, leaving Allie by herself. And Kitty was already losing interest in Mickey again. On past Christmases such as these we would have a girls’ Christmas, with Allie roasting a small turkey from the market, and Kitty providing very entertaining stories of the man she just broke up with.

For my question I received a hug and a kiss, and Davis telling me to invite anyone I wanted to. It seemed he’d invited his best friend Richie, and Yancy. They had grown up with him in Texas, and now that his mother was here she’d love to see them.

Davis had arranged a flight for his mother and sister to come early and meet me, but that had to be postponed. Jessie said it was a legal matter that held them up in Houston a couple of extra days, and that’s all I was told.

So there it was, Christmas morning in my brownstone. I had really never thought this would be a place I would come and live, even though it was something I’d wished for. My Christmas Eve with Davis was very romantic, and the lovemaking was something I could get used to very easily. Of course there were other things that were…applied before we got to that area of the night. I never knew I was the kind of woman who would love to have a man wear a cowboy hat to bed for her.

Davis woke that morning and came down the back stairs to search for me. He found me in the kitchen with my hair in its natural curls that he so loves, wearing a red negligee, putting Christmas breakfast on the table.

“Merry Christmas, darling,” I smiled as I stood near the kitchen table with all the food prepared. I couldn’t hide my thoughts when he came down the stairs in his boxers, adorable and rumpled.

He came around the table, reaching out and taking a hip in his hand to pull me up to his already aroused manhood. “Daddy gets you in silk, curly hair, and breakfast on the table? Damn, sugar, I must have been extra good this year, and I didn’t even know it,” he growled at me, his chest rumbling with satisfaction.

“Wait, there’s one more gift,” I told him. “Close your eyes for me,” I commanded, as I took his hand and made him follow me to the front room. Once I had him where I wanted him, we stopped. “All right, open.”

He obeyed, and he laughed when he saw the sixty-inch TV that I’d kept hidden from him. “Sugar, you bought me a TV?” He came over, kissing me while he held onto me tightly. “I love it, Abie. Thank you, sugar,” he whispered in my ear.

I gave him a tight hug. “You’re welcome; now you have a place to watch all those football games you so love, and on something bigger than your IPad,” I told him.

His hands drifted over the silk, down over my backside. “There’s a present I wanted to give you as well,” he murmured, with his lips at my neck.

“I thought you gave it to me last night when we played cowboy and squaw,” I teased him.

“Sugar, you’re making me lose my train of thought again,” he growled. He made his way to the tree where he pulled out a little box that was hidden among the branches.“Merry Christmas, Abie.” He smiled as he held out the black velvet box with the name of Tiffany’s on the front of it. My eyes went up to his as he watched me open his gift, a smile lingering on his face.

The box creaked open in my hands and I saw a beautiful heart-shaped pendant in rose gold. There must have been at least two carats worth of diamonds all over the front of it, and in the middle of the pendant was a keyhole. “Davis, it’s absolutely beautiful. You shouldn’t have,” I whispered as my fingers touched it.

He chuckled in delight, and my eyes flicked up to his. I saw he was pleased with my reaction to his gift. “Yeah, just like you shouldn’t have bought me a sixty-inch TV.” He came over and took my pendant out of the box. He ambled behind me, where he draped the necklace around my neck, latching it in place. Then he kissed the nape of my neck where the rose-colored chain lay. “I bought this one for you, because it held meaning for me.”

“And what would that be?” I asked softly, touching the pendant.

His voice was husky, his touch possessive, lingering when he answered.“I’m the only one who holds the key to your heart, sugar,” he said huskily. His kiss was soft, but made its way to the crook of my neck, promising me more.

The little girl I never could be when I was young, because I already knew and witnessed too much of the cruelty that resides in the world…that little girl who believed in fairy tales and happy endings, the one I thought I pushed aside so many years ago that I forgot she ever existed… Well, somehow she found her way back to me.

All the impossible things that I never had a chance to believe in now seemed so possible with this man in front of me. For the first time in my life I knew what it felt like to swoon over a man. “You’re the only one for me, Davis. You’ve mended something in me that I thought was broken beyond repair. My heart is completely yours,” I whispered to him truthfully.

Warm male hands came around me, grabbing into the silk fabric of my nightie, enjoying my open confession. But as in love as I might be with this man, I’d never be one to make things easy on him.

I wiggled out of his very possessive, claiming arms that wanted to take me in front of the Christmas tree. His fingers tried to take hold of some of the silk as I escaped his grasp.“Where do you think you’re running off to now?” he asked, but he sounded more than ready for the hunt and wouldn’t let me escape from him that easily.

“I made you breakfast, and then we need to get ready to go see your mother. She specifically asked for me to come over early to help in the preparation of the meal,” I answered, but also continued to take another step away from him.

I was just about out of the front room, and back into the little hall that lead to the kitchen, when I glanced back at him. He had that look of mischief in his eye as he followed me. His arms crossed, not happy about me trying to escape from him. “Hey, sugar, I thought maybe we could have a Christmas quickie before we got ready to go.” He now smirked that boyish grin at me, but also took a step in my direction.

My little devil made her appearance as he watched me walk away thinking I might be in the clear. I was still peeking over my shoulder to keep a good eye on him. “Well, that’s what you get for thinking now, isn’t it.”

I started to laugh.Then I saw his own wicked smile appear on his face, right before he shot across the room after me.“Davis!” I screeched at a full run.

“Oh sugar, you ought not to play with a man and his Christmas quickie!” he laughed as he ran through the house after me. I knew my best escape was to get into the bathroom for safety. But alas, Davis caught up with me with ease.

I ran into the master suite with him close on my heels, as I hurried into the bathroom. Try as I might to close the door, a muscular arm pushed it back open on me. “Now whatcha going to do, sugar?” he asked huskily. My breath was coming quickly and I was laughing at his pursuit of me.

He stood in the bathroom with me, a smile victorious at his win of the hunt on his face. But that didn’t last long. My fingers skimmed up my arm, forcing his eyes to follow their pursuit. I slipped the thin silken strap over my shoulder just to taunt him.

He watched the material fall down around my arm, the nightie slipped from place, exposing more flesh for him to see. His body pressed me back against the counter. One hand tangled itself in the hair at the back of my neck, and the other helped my negligee fall to the floor.

His eyes burned and smoldered as he looked upon my naked figure. “I’m going to need some Christmas vanilla, sugar, and I’m going to take it from you now,” he demanded in a seductive voice.

His mouth crashed down upon mine, and I opened for the beautiful torture. He sucked on my tongue, teased my lips, and had me so hungry for his body to take mine. One arm scooped me up, placing my backside on the edge of the counter, and he moved his slim hips between my thighs.

I pushed down his boxers, exposing his own need for me. He pushed his tip into my needy entrance, as he maneuvered my center on the counter for the perfect entry. The fun chase now a distant memory, his eyes bored into mine. “I love you, Abie. I love you so damn much, sugar.”

My fingers skimmed his whiskered face, seeing the undeniable truth in what he said. “I love you too, Davis. More than anything in the world, darling,” I confessed on a whisper. Then, his body taut and hungry, and mine on fire for him to possess me, I gave him another one of his Christmas gifts…a yielding woman to fulfill his desires.


Davis’s penthouse smelled of warm cookies when we entered.Then we were rushed by a blonde-haired, five foot nine Texan debutante. Davis’s mother was absolutely beautiful and charmingly adorable, with her peach dress and Texan mannerisms.

She hugged Davis tightly, fixing his collar, and pulled on his arm, never leaving his side and prattling a mile a minute. Stories of her little bubba followed after she gushed to me about how wonderful he was.

I smiled at her, and let her know that I had to agree with all my heart on all her assumptions about her boy. That caused the prattle to cease for only a second, when a large smile overtook her face. She took me by the arm to the front room.

Jessie sat on the couch in the front room, and remained there as her mother pulled me down upon the sofa so I could “have a chat with her.” I glanced over to Jessie’s bright smiling face as her mother now gushed over me.

Betty Ann was shooting questions at me a mile a minute, never really letting me answer one before another seemed to enter her mind and came spilling out.Jessie laughed out loud when she started talking about weddings, and when Davis and I might be expecting our first child.

That’s when Davis stepped in as he tried to hold in his laugh. “Momma, why don’t you and Jessie go get that bird ready for the oven,” he told them. Betty Ann stopped her chatter after that. “Did I say something wrong, bubba?” she now questioned, a little concerned.

He came over, took his mother’s hands and helped her off the sofa. “Of course you said nothing wrong. Just wanted to have a quick talk with Abie is all.” After he told her that, she was happy with his explanation. He then helped me off the sofa.

His hand at my lower back, he lead me down the hall at a quick pace. “Get everything out for your pumpkin pie, Momma. I want you to teach Abie the recipe,” he called out, to which I heard his mother laugh.

Once in his bedroom, he closed the door and I stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed, and quite frankly, just a little confused by the conversation I’d been having with his mother. “Is there something you might want to tell me about?” I asked.

He wore a sheepish smile on his face as he walked to where I stood. “No, my momma just assumed is all,” he explained, but at the same time I caught that he didn’t deny anything, either. My fingers tapped on my arm, not quite believing his story. I was missing something here. “Davis, what’s going on?”

He chuckled, looked in back of him at the shut door, then turned to me, running his hand through his styled hair. “Now’s not the time, Abie, we have family coming over, and I don’t want to spook you,” he told me quickly. Once again he drew me into his arms, kissing the side of my neck.

“Davis…” I scolded him.

He sighed, nodding at my question, his head resting on my shoulder. “They know I’m going to marry you is all,” he replied simply, as he placed another kiss at my throat.

My eyes opened wide in disbelief at what he’d just said. I pushed on his chest so I could look into his eyes. “We just moved in together, and technically we don’t officially move in together until the first. Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun just a bit?” I chuckled at his pushiness. He pulled back just enough to see that I did think the situation funny.

His anxious expression turned into a smile. “No, sugar, I really don’t. Abie, I’m a thirty-eight-year-old man who’s found the one woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I’m not some hot-headed boy who needs to go out and sow his wild oats. I know what I want, sugar, and I want you, and me, and a family with you.” He shook his head. “I knew I’d have to take things slow with us, but if I had it my way, your Christmas present would’ve been an engagement ring,” he confessed.

My eyes dropped after I heard his intentions. “You move so fast, pushy man,” I replied, but also thought about how happy I’d been since he came into my life. Yes, there had been setbacks, not because of him, but because I held secrets that I never tell anyone. So what did I really think about his confession?

“What are you thinkin’, sugar?” he asked with caution.

My hands came up, smoothing out his pressed shirt with no wrinkles on it. “I’m thinking I’m ready to make some changes as well, in my life. I’m not expecting this to be easy for either of us. But when you think you’re ready to ask me your question, I feel very certain you’ll like my answer,” I admitted.

He took a step back, getting down on one knee. “And if I asked you now?” he offered.

My mouth must have dropped open instantly, and I blinked a couple of times as his hands reached up and took one of mine. He placed a kiss on my knuckles, and those deep blue eyes stared up at me so full of love, and hope, and most of all, promise.

“Adire Black, I love you more than anything in this whole world. Would you do me the honor of sharing my life with me, and becoming my wife?” he asked, his voice raspy and rough.

My mouth shut just as fast as it fell open. I wanted to say yes, but this was something that I’d only thought about once before in my life. If I said yes, then everything would change… again, everything was happening so fast. “Davis, this is all…”

His hands tightened around mine. “Please, sugar, I love you. I know this is awful fast for you, but everything will work out, that I promise you,” he declared.

I bit my lip, and then nodded. “Yes, Davis. Yes, I’ll marry you,” I whispered my answer to him.

He jumped up from the ground, took me in his arms and kissed me as my feet dangled in the air and one of my heels slipped from my foot. He walked over to the bed and laid me down upon it.

“Davis, your mother and sister are in the front room!” I tried to say, but he was keeping my mouth very busy.

He set me free from his kiss, only to smile that boyish grin down at me. “You’re going to be my wife?” he asked huskily.

“Yes, I’m going to be your wife. But there are still many things for you and me to talk about. Not to mention working out all of our differences. Work, where we’re going to live…” I began.

His lips kissed mine once more before he lifted himself up and helped me off the bed. “Sugar, everything will be fine. And we’ll work on everything you’ve just said. We’re in the brownstone for a year, and that gives us plenty of time to hash out all the details,” he promised.

When we made our way to the front room, Allie was there with Kitty, sitting on the massive sofa and chairs with Yancy, Richie and Jessie. Betty Ann was dramatically speaking to the group with her hands flinging all about her. Whatever was said made the women laugh, and the men blush.

Davis and I came into the group, his arm possessively about my back. I already knew what was coming, and mentally prepared myself for the onslaught. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement,” he proclaimed in his Texan drawl. “I have just asked the gorgeous Ms. Abie Black to be my wife, and she has done me the honor of saying yes!” he told them with pride.

Like I’d anticipated, all the women rushed me, hugging me and laughing. And I saw Davis’s two best friends go to him, taking his hand and patting his back. Betty Ann glanced down at my finger, and then brought my hand to his notice. “Davis Michael Mills, where is her engagement ring?” she questioned her son.

He walked up to us laughing. “This wasn’t a prepared thing, Momma. Kinda spur of the moment. But I promise she’ll have a ring on that pretty little finger before the week’s out,” he said.

That made her happy. “Well here, use this one until then,” she offered.Her hand came up and she took off one of the most beautiful emerald rings I’d ever seen, rectangular, with diamonds going all around it. The band was thick, either white gold or platinum.

“Oh, no, no, no, Betty Ann, that just isn’t necessary,” I tried to protest, but my words were lost when Davis took the ring from his mother, and slipped it on my ring finger. His eyes smoldered with raw male pleasure at me being his.

Once everyone had their questions answered, I was taken back to the kitchen with the women to help prepare food, or so they thought. Because once Allie came into the kitchen and Betty Ann found out she was a chef, she and Betty Ann made dinner, while Kitty, Jessie and I all talked.

“So that Rich is an awfully sexy man,” came Kitty’s blunt comment to the group.

That got Jessie laughing. “I guess he’s good looking. Him and Yancy have been the brothers I never wanted since I was a little girl,” she proclaimed.

That made Kitty smile, and Allie and I knew who the next flavor of the month was going to be. And there was nothing either one of us could do once she had set her sights on a particular man.

Allie was putting some kind of special butter she’d just made under the enormous turkey that was purchased for this evening’s dinner. “I don’t know, Kitty, that Yancy seems pretty hot himself,” came her chuckle. But I noticed that Jessie stiffened in her seat for an instant, then quickly laughed.

“I don’t know if you’d call him hot. He’s really boring, and not much into conversation. Believe me, you’d get bored with him pretty quickly,” she told Kitty.

Kitty eyed her, then shot a quick smile my way, knowing exactly what I thought about Jessie’s comments as well. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I do get bored easily, and I love strawberry blonds,” she giggled, and that made Jessie’s tight shoulders loosen. Allie hid her smile by tying the turkey legs together, and pretended not to notice Jessie’s claim of noninterest in the man.

We heard the front door slam, and heated words coming from the TV room, men’s voices, loud and confrontational. Rich came into the kitchen with a frown at what was happening in the front room.

“Looks as if William wanted to make a showing as well for Christmas supper,” he told Betty Ann. The butter knife dropped from her hands, and she looked to her daughter for support. Jessie stood from her stool and went to her mother, wrapping her arms around her shoulders. “No need to fret, Momma, we’re all here for you,” she told her as she kissed her cheek.

Richie’s hand went to the back of his neck with the discomfort of the next piece of information. “Davis is trying to get him to leave. But I guess he gave the penthouse back to William, due to him living with Abie now…”

“So why are ya’ll making such a big fuss? We’ll have dinner and go to a hotel,” Jessie said, confused by his demeanor.

Now there was no way to hide the discomfort, and he grimaced. “Well, it seems he’s brought himself a date,” was his reply.

Jessie’s mouth dropped open in surprise, then you could see the anger roll across her face and frame. “Son of a bitch!”

“Jessica,” her mother scolded.

“Is he trying to get Davis to knock him out?” she replied, as she stormed out of the kitchen and out to the living room.

We all followed, except for Betty Ann, who stayed behind in the kitchen. She didn’t want to witness the mess that was happening in the front room with her soon to be ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

When we caught up with Jessie, there was Davis’s father, with a woman who looked to be about my age hanging off his arm in a black fur coat and black stiletto heels. “You want to come over for dinner, that’s fine. But I’ll be damned if you’ll come around here with some new woman, just to spite Momma and her decision to finally dump your ass!” Davis yelled.

William’s arm went around the woman’s fur-covered waist, pulling her tight to him. “Boy, you told me this was my place again. And if I want to bring a female companion home for some nighttime activities, who are you to say shit to me?” his father growled angrily at him.

Jessie gasped. “Poppa!”

Davis’s forehead was crinkled deeply in anger, his eyes narrowed, and you could see he was trying to pick his words carefully as he spoke to the man who stood before him, who was just as angry and who also happened to be his father. “I think it’s best you leave, Dad. This is your place, your right. But we agreed you could move back into it on the first of the year. There was nothing said about anything earlier,” he fumed.

William turned to where I could really get a good look at him. I was shocked when I knew I’d seen this man before. I thought back to when I first met Davis at his office, and all the people that my eyes skimmed by just in passing.

There was something familiar about this man, I just couldn’t place it. My mind raced through meetings from years ago to the very recent conferences in Boston, and when nothing was obvious there, I thought of every meeting that he might’ve attended where we had run into one another, being in the same circles. When nothing made sense there either, my mind raced through acquaintances, but that was an easily dismissed list. So where did I know this man from?

“I’m not going to ask you again, Dad. I want you to leave, there won’t be a second time for me to ask kindly,” Davis seethed.

Davis’s father laughed a cruel, mean-spirited laugh at his son’s order. “Fine, I’ll leave, today. But I’ll be back in the morning to move back in. If you remember, this is the Mills penthouse, boy, and not the property of the Gravin Corporation,” he snarled.

Everyone could see his contempt at the unfairness of the way he felt he was being treated. He gave them a snide smirk before he grabbed hold of the woman’s backside graphically. “Come on, baby, I’ve got plans for what I’m going to do with that tonight,” he blurted out obscenely for all to hear.

Davis started to jump at him, when Yancy grabbed hold of him to stop any further confrontation. Jessie screeched, seeing that William was going to attack Davis, and stood in front of her father to stop him. Richie came from the kitchen after he heard Jessie scream, and Betty Ann followed, looking utterly devastated by the sight of this man.

In the midst of all this chaos, I understood why I knew this man. The grabbing of the backside, and those words, I knew I’d heard those same exact words, in the same exact cadence before. They were the same words said to my mother the night she was hurt.

The image of this man came rushing back to me, almost knocking me off my feet as I stumbled back from the realization of who he was. Kitty came up, taking hold of my shoulder to help me stand. “A.B., sweetie, what’s going on?” she whispered.

I tried to keep the sob from escaping me at seeing the man who hurt my mother, destroyed her life, and took her away from me. But I couldn’t, and the sound penetrated everything else that was happening in the room. Davis’s head turned sharply in my direction. “Abie?” he questioned in a concerned voice. But I couldn’t answer as my eyes stayed glued to his father, the man who had destroyed my life.

Allie came up to me and gave me a small shake even while Kitty held onto me. “A.B., what’s going on with you?” she whispered now, looking over my shoulder at Kitty, whose grasp had tightened. They both knew this was completely out of character for me and the way I dealt with situations.

My hand shook as I pointed at Davis’s father. “You!” I screamed, full of hatred and rage. “It was you,” I accused him. “You hurt her! You stole her from me, you bastard!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Allie’s face paled, knowing exactly now what had brought me to this state. My eyes flashed over to Davis, whose eyes were open wide with shock as he turned back to the man who had destroyed my mother.

William’s angry glare came in my direction now. “I don’t know who the hell you are! You’re not part of this family, so why don’t you shut the hell up,” he growled.

Davis grabbed him by the arm so his attention was back on him. “She is part of this family, ol’ man. That woman is going to be my wife. So you better watch what you fuckin’ say to her!” he seethed.

My arm wouldn’t lower, I couldn’t bring it down; I wanted to move, hit him, rail at him, but it was all I could do just to raise my arm, just to get out the words I managed to say. “You, you were the man who came to my house that night. She was carrying your child…you’re the man that beat her within an inch of her life. She loved you, and you almost killed her for it!” I screamed at him, full of hatred.

Davis took a step towards me. “Abie, honey. Look at me, sugar, look at me.” My eyes slid to him. “It’s all going to be okay. Do you hear me, everything will be okay. I know what he did; remember, you told me about it. I will get this all taken care of, sugar, I promise,” he tried to soothe me.

It felt like the ground was shaking. I looked over at Davis, dimly hearing what he said to me. This was the man I truly loved. Next to him was his father, the man who had almost killed my mother. Then the realization struck me like a lightning bolt.“Oh my God, you’re his son. You’re his son!” I screamed out at him in horror. A hand flew over my mouth, while another went around my waist holding me together. “I took you to meet her, and you’re his son!”

His face was pale and pleading as he took another step in my direction. “Honey, please, we’ll deal with this. You and me, sugar, I’ll be by your side, and we’ll make sure that justice is served. I promise you that.”

William pushed Davis in the center of his chest. “What the hell are you talking about, boy!” he started to rail out, but Rich grabbed hold of him.

I knocked Kitty’s hand away, as I took a step back from him. “No, no, no, no! You’re his son, Davis! This is over, how can I even look at you, knowing who you are to that man!” I screamed out, as I ran to get out of that place. “Abie, no, wait!” he hollered after me.

The hallway seemed so long as I tried to escape from him. I pushed the elevator button a dozen times to get it to quickly open. As it dinged I heard Davis shout for me down the hall. “Abie please, wait! Please, baby!” he called out. The door opened and I quickly jumped in, not wanting to talk, just needing to get the hell out of there.

I pushed the button like a mad woman, praying the doors would close before he got to me. The doors were just about shut when his face appeared, but he was too late.

I heard a loud bang and swearing before the elevator started its descent. I fell back against the wall as I planned my next move. There was no way I could deal with Davis right now. I needed to go, I needed to think, and I needed to escape for a while.

I hit the ground floor and hurried through the lobby. I turned my head back to check the elevators, and saw that one was on its way down from the penthouse. Once I was on the street in front of the building, I ran like hell, heels and all, to the parking garage where I knew Allie would have parked her car.

Running up all the levels, I looked for her green bug. I finally found it on the third tier. My hand went under the wheel well, trying to find her spare key. I reached around a couple of times, even got on my knees looking for the damn thing, when I found it.

Davis was standing outside the building with his hands in his hair, looking in both directions for me. I turned down High Street, thankful he didn’t know Allie’s car, and started heading out of Boston and home to Revere. I wanted to see my mother before I left, and I needed to talk to Lucy.

When I pulled up to Morgan House I parked, wiping at the tears that had been falling since I saw Davis looking for me. My head fell back against the seat, and I gasped in deep breaths as my panic attack heightened to a new state I’d never encountered before.

My fist punched into the steering wheel. It felt good, so I assaulted the wheel a couple of times more, just wanting to hurt something as badly as I hurt. On my final attack I punched the steering wheel with enough force that I screamed out in pain as I felt a bone snap in my hand.

I pulled it to my chest and the throb made me get hold of my overwhelming emotions. With one last deep breath, and my good hand, I wiped off the remaining tears. I shut the car door, threw my shoulders back and walked in to see my mother, and for Lucy and I to finally have our chat.


Davis looked everywhere he thought she could have run off to. He stood in front of the building, not sure where to turn next. He had to find her. He had to make her see that he wasn’t his father, that he’d never be his father.

She said it was over. That wasn’t going to happen. He loved her, needed her more than the air he breathed, and he knew she loved him. There was never a doubt in his mind about that. When he saw the look on her face when she realized who his father was, it killed him. She was angry, scared, and so damn devastated. Now he had to find a way to help pick up the pieces and help her mend again.

Davis ran back to the penthouse after his search for her on the street turned up nothing. When he opened the door he heard his mother shouting at his dad, and his dad shouting right back at her.

The front room was still filled with people when Kitty came up to him. “You didn’t see her?” she asked, concerned.

“No, and I have no clue where she could’ve run off to,” he confessed.

He saw the girls give each other a look, and was going to ask them if they knew where she was, when his father’s voice tore through the room. “I don’t know what that woman was talking about, Betty!” he railed at her, his face red with furry.

“She said she was carrying your baby, Will. Who was she talking about, and why did she accuse you of destroying her?” Betty Ann yelled with a sob.

The woman that William had brought was sitting on the sofa, head in her hand, as her date argued with his ex-wife. “I’ve never hurt a woman in my life! How dare anyone accuse me of such a thing!” he roared at Betty Ann with his finger in her face.

Davis couldn’t take any more, as he pushed his way past Abie’s two friends. “What the hell did you do?” he asked, his voice cold as ice.

“I didn’t do anything, quit telling me that I did!” William hollered.

“What did you do?” he repeated venomously.

William’s face was shocked, then angry once again. “Are you going to tell me you’re going to believe some trash from Revere you’re screwing, over your father?” he snarled. The two women behind him gasped at the comments.

In sheer rage Davis cocked back and punched his father square in his face. William stumbled backwards, then fell to the floor. His date tried to help him up, but he pushed her aside, mumbling curses under his breath. Blood was coming from his mouth, and he wiped it off with the back of his hand.

“You little shit, I’ll let you have that one,” he growled. “Just who the hell are you accusing me of beating up, Davis?”

He walked up to him where they stood toe to toe. They glared into each other’s eyes, and Davis said one name. “Loretta Black.”

His mother gasped. “Is that her momma, Davis?”

“Yes,” he seethed at the man in front of him.

William truly looked stunned by the name that he’d spoken. “No! She didn’t have any children,” he told his family, looking at each in turn. Betty Ann bent over, crying hysterically now at his father’s unintentional confession.

Jessie took Betty Ann in her arms, walking her way from this awful truth that had just been discovered by all, and had been kept a secret by one.

“You son of a bitch! She did have a daughter, and she saw you. You hurt a woman… You beat her so badly that she lost your child and could never have another again,” he roared at him. “What kind of monster are you!” He hit him again, but this time Yancy and Rich pulled him off of William, too afraid of what Davis could do at the moment.

He shook himself free from his friends, looking at his dad on the ground, disheveled and bloody. “I’m going to look into whether Loretta can still press charges against you. If I can, I’ll make sure you get the punishment you deserve.”

He picked up his coat and keys, turning back to William to let him know the consequences, if the worst happened. “If I lose Abie because of you, I will make sure you live in destitution for the rest of your fucking life, ol’ man. And don’t you think I won’t!” he promised.

He made his way to his car and sat back, thinking about where he could start to look for her. First things first: check the brownstone, check Kittie’s, then Allies’, last Loretta’s. He knew she’d be at one of those safe places. Then he’d take it from there.

To be continued

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