The Domination Game

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Chapter 2

Davis Mills was wanted by all the women: a rancher and oil man by nature, a playboy by choice. The Houston-born Texan loved his whiskey, women, and his ranch back home. Right now though, he was in Boston helping get his granddad’s company back in good standing after his father had run it into the ground.

Davis’ six-foot four-inch frame seemed to work for the women. His momma always told him he was a looker, with his sandy blond hair and blue eyes. And tonight he’d caught himself a cute little native. His little fling, Sandy, was the cutest little blonde he’d seen in a long time to boot.

They walked right into the downtown nightclub that was the newest hot spot in Boston. His best friend Richie was sitting over at one of the exclusive booths, waiting for him with his own pick of the week next to him. “How’s it going, man?” Rich said, getting up and shaking Davis’s hand.

“Good, just getting some shit in line at the company. I swear my dad just about ran that place into the fucking ground. Now I have to clean up his damn mess once again,” he told him. “We have some consultants coming over within the next three weeks to help us get this shit straightened out.”

Richie nodded. “I know, I heard through the grapevine that you’ve really put the place back together. Now you’re back on top in the oil industry. Congratulations.”

The waitress brought over the rum and coke that Richie had already ordered for him. “Yup, everything is looking mighty fine,” he chuckled, as Sandy ran her hands all over his chest while she talked to Richie’s date.

Davis was sitting there laughing and having a good time, when he noticed a woman pass by his table. She didn’t look their way; hell, she didn’t even notice him at all as she passed by. But she had some sort of vibe coming off her.

He didn’t quite catch the front of her but the back of her was stunning. Her black dress fit perfectly. Not too tight, not loose, it was pure perfection. Not like the other women around him, who had it painted onto their damn bodies to where they can’t even move. Her hair was either a light brown or a dark blonde in some up-curled hairstyle. But what intrigued him the most was the way the back of her dress was held together. A red silk ribbon went crisscross down her back, exposing much of her bare skin, and was tied in a perfect bow right over her ass.

His eyes roamed over her and he noticed she wore stockings, real fucking stockings like women in the fifties did. The black lines ran up the back of her legs, letting a man’s mind think about the heaven that lay underneath the perfectly fitting dress.

She was standing on the outskirts of the dance floor and he watched her body sway to the beat of the music. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was looking for something for herself for the evening.

Richie started laughing as he noticed Davis intensely staring at something, ignoring what everyone was saying around him. “What the hell are you staring at, man?” his friend asked.

Davis nodded his head in the direction of his vision, and Richie chuckled. “Whoa! smokin’ hot, bubba!” he yelled. His nighttime entertainment was talking to him, about what, he couldn’t have cared less. He was pretending to be intrigued by her conversation, when he saw the vision’s shoulders stiffen and then slowly turn around, and her eyes met his.

Sandy was whispering in his ear and then started kissing his neck, but he hardly noticed her touch. He watched in fasciation the woman in front of him with a sly smile on her face as she watched another woman try to seduce him, and damn it, he liked that. He was mesmerized by her. He couldn’t have looked away even if he wanted to and when their eyes met again, she winked at him. Her forwardness threw him off and he blinked a couple of times, thinking, did she really just do that? Yes, yes she had.

When he didn’t move and just sat there like an imbecile, watching his vision instead of going over there and doing something about it, she gave him a little shrug and walked into the crowd.

Davis jumped up from the table, causing the girls to cry out and Richie to laugh, telling him to come back. But he couldn’t, there was something about this woman, something powerful about the way she looked at him, watched another woman kiss his neck… and damn it, he wanted to find out why!

When he made it out to the middle of the floor, he looked around one last time, running his hand through his sandy blond hair when he could find her. He’d missed her, and he chuckled at his stupidity before heading back to his table.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Richie asked with a laugh.

Davis put his arm around Sandy, pulling her to him, giving her the attention she was craving. “No, man, gone without a trace,” he chuckled, taking his drink in hand. Then he kissed the girl next to him.

After a while he went on with his night, pushing the vision of that woman to the back of his mind. They were all laughing at the table, and Sandy was already rubbing his dick, making him think it was just about time to head back to his place and there she was.

She was out on the dance for with some guy, and damn it, if that didn’t piss him off. Her body swayed in front of her partner with the beat of the music, only to turn and have him push himself into that fine, round little ass. His hands stayed on her hips as she moved them back and forth in his grasp.

Her head went back and her arm wrapped around the man’s head as he dipped down to kiss her neck, and a very sly smile touched her lips. When her head came back down, she opened her eyes only to have them meet Davis’s once again.

He took a sip of his drink as he watched her dance. Her eyes never left his as she danced with this other man, letting Davis watch him grind up in back of her. There was something very territorial he was feeling about this woman. He wanted to pull her from that ass’s arms and take her into his own. That sexy little smile that she gave him before came out once again, but this time she chuckled as he watched her.

She turned around, whispering something in her partner’s ear, and he pulled back with a smirk, acting like he’d just won the fucking jackpot. And Davis thought that was exactly what the jackass might have won, too.

He’d nodded at her proposal with a look that pissed Davis off even more. When the guy started to lead her off the floor with a shit-eatin grin on his face, he could’ve kicked himself for not finding her before that ass did.

She whispered something to the guy and then stopped. Just Before she was out of Davis’s sight, she wave goodbye, letting him know for sure that she saw him, and she knew he was watching her.

“Damn it!” he growled.

“Hey, what’s going on, bubba?” Richie asked, taking his mouth away from the girl he was devouring.

Davis looked at the place where she was, but she was gone.

“Nothin’. Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so.” Richie smiled.


So much happening in Boston lately. Meeting a new client is like meeting a man for the first time; you always put your best foot forward.

My hair isn’t that long, just a little past my shoulders, but I chose to wear it down today, and my V-neck, sleeveless dress was black and white pinstriped, with a little belt going around my waist. I thought a crisp white blouse with long sleeves would give the ensemble a clean professional look, and I even put on my black tie just for the occasion. I slipped on my black stilettos and long black leather jacket, picked up my sunglasses from the dresser, got my laptop, cell and binder, and headed out the door. Today, I was supposed to be consulting for one of the biggest oil companies in the U.S.

Getting out of the cab, I went into the building and headed to the reception desk. I introduced myself and said that Yancy Clark should be expecting me for our nine o’clock. I rolled my eyes internally as I waited patiently for confirmation that I was expected.

An assistant came to retrieve me, and I was ushered back into a massive office, where my new client was sitting behind a modern black desk. He came out from behind it, extending his hand to me. “Ms. Black. I’m Yancy Clark. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Likewise,” I replied, taking my seat.

“The owner wanted to be here today as well, but seems to be running late this morning.” I could see the irritation in his eyes over his boss’s lack of consideration.

I took out my laptop, not really caring, but being polite. “Yes, well, after the latest snow storm the roads are a little messy. I’m sure he’ll be in as soon as he can,” I assured him. My laptop was ready to go, and I was ready to get my day started. “Do you think he’ll mind if we start without him, then?”

An hour later, I heard the door open as Mr. Clark and I finished up our meeting. He had given me a long list of things he wanted me to advise on. “That, Ms. Black, is quite a load I dropped in your lap this morning. Do you think you can handle that all by yourself?” he asked me in his cowboy drawl.

I chuckled at him. “I have a team I work with, Mr. Clark, and I’m very good at what I do. If they sent you to me, then they knew you needed someone who could get this job done for you in a proficient and timely manner.”

Mr. Clark’s eyes went up, as footsteps made their way towards me. “Ms. Black, I would like you to meet the owner of Gravin Oil, Davis Mills.” As he came before me, I recognized him as the man from the nightclub a couple of weeks ago.

His hand came out to me, and I shook it very politely. “Adire Black,” I introduced myself with ease, not letting on that I recognized him.

“Davis Mills,” he said arrogantly.


When Davis walked into the room, the last thing he had expected was a female consultant. He straightened out his jacket as he walked to where Yancy was talking with her, for introductions.

When he got in front of her he knew right away who she was, and his smile became conceited. This woman was already making a play for him. That’s why she was at the club that night. She acted like she didn’t recognize him, but he knew now that she did, as she introduced herself. And that made him smile even more.

After their introductions were made he leaned back on the desk with his arms crossed, watching her, as she and Yancy talked about when she thought she could give them an update on the proposal she’d be working on.

“I think I should have everything wrapped up nicely for you in three to four weeks time, Mr. Clark,” she told him confidently as she got up.

“Excellent! We’ll call in a week or two just to check in,” he proposed, and she smiled, nodding her head as she put her bag over her arm.

“It was a pleasure meeting you,” she assured them, extending her hand once again.

Yancy took it, smiling at her. Then Davis took her hand, and didn’t let go as quickly as he should have. Her eyes met his, and a brow went up in question before he released her.

She looked at him and then turned to leave. When she was gone Yancy fell into his seat. “Davis, what the hell are you doing? She’s a consultant we hired to help the company. Gravin Oil doesn’t need any more scandals in its future, your father provided a shitload for us already!” he groused.

But Davis ignored him, trotting out the door to catch his assistant Terry just in time to take the jacket that was Adire Black’s. When he went out to the lobby, she was looking down, texting someone, not even noticing he was there. He cleared his throat, and she looked up in surprise.

He held up her jacket for her, as he helped her slip it on. “Thank you, Mr. Mills,” she said politely once more, taking her things and heading to the elevator. Her phone dinged, and she chuckled as she read the text she’d just gotten. She smiled reading the next incoming text, but stopped when she realized he was still next to her. “I’m sorry, can I help you with something?” she questioned him as she pushed the elevator button.

“Yeah, I was wonderin’ if you wanted to go out and get a drink with me this evenin’,” he asked, letting his smoothness pour from him. Hell, they both knew she was here to see him, why fight it?

She looked him over, but the smile he saw that night at the club didn’t appear on her face. “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink,” she informed him.

He moved in closer to her and was surprised that she didn’t back away or get shy. Hell, she didn’t even flutter like most women did around him. “How about dinner then? You do eat, don’t you, Ms. Black?” he grinned, while he looked into her amazing eyes.

The elevator doors opened and she walked in, not answering his question. But once inside, she turned to face him. “I do eat, Mr. Mills. Just not with clients.”

“How about when you’re no longer working for me?” he said. She pushed the button to shut the doors, not saying a word. But just as the doors were about to close, that smile that turned him the hell on slowly spread across her face.

Hot damn! He knew he was going to be having fun tonight. He went over to Terry before he went back into his office. “Make sure they give Ms. Black one of my personal business cards, the one with my home phone on it,” he told her, smiling.

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