The Domination Game

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Chapter 3

I walked into the apartment, kicking off my stilettos right as I came in the front door to the sounds of Allie panting Peter’s name ringing throughout the apartment.

“Allie, I’m home! So, if you’re doing something kinky with Peter, either hurry it up, knock it off, or open the door and let me join in!” I hollered. I heard a loud crash after my last comment and Allie growling something at Peter.

“You suck, A.B.!” she hollered back.

“Yes, please!” I chuckled.

That’s when something hit her bedroom door as I walked by it. That had me laughing, thinking maybe Peter was asking her if I could join in. “Sorry sweetie! I’m taking a shower… And hurry up with him, woman, I’m starving!”

The shower felt so good. What a day. Gravin Oil had some really dark shit its owner was hiding in his closet. Now, I had to turn the PR around along with making some actuarial decisions to help them reach some key financial goals they hoped to achieve.

I had an eight p.m. meeting and it was already six. Thank goodness they just wanted a conference call, and not a video conference. I just wanted to relax a little.

I came out in a pair of sweats three sizes too big for me, an oversized sweatshirt, no makeup on, my hair wet and pulled up half-assed in a messy bun, and my big red-rimmed nerd glasses on.

Allie came out of the bedroom in Peter’s boxers and old t-shirt, glaring at me. “Bitch,” she murmured walking by, and I held in my laughter.

“Hey, are you making dinner?” I questioned.

“Of course I am,” she huffed.

I was designing diagrams on the computer. “I love it when my own personal chef cooks me dinner,” I cheered, giving her a quick wink before I looked back down at the computer.

She laughed and started working. Peter came out and kissed Allie, giving her a hug while she chopped something. “How long are you back for, Peter?” I asked, going into the kitchen to make myself a fresh pot of coffee.

“I have to leave on Monday for about ten days. I have the London route this month,” he told me, and I could see Allie’s shoulders sag.

“But he does look hot in his pilot uniform,” she mumbled as he kissed her.

Taking a break I stepped up to the counter, smelling the start of something good. “So, where’s Kitty at? I’ve been here for a couple weeks and I’ve only seen her what, twice?” I asked, stealing a bite of Peter’s chocolate bar.

Allie laughed. “Oh shit, that’s right, I haven’t told you yet. She says when you two went to that club she found someone, and she’s hopelessly in love with him!”

I sat up straight, wondering who the hell she could have met in forty-five minutes. “What? I’m telling you we were there for hardly any time at all, let alone enough time for a good conversation…never mind fall in love.” I sat back, taking off my glasses and rubbing my eyes. “Well, hell, when do we get to meet the new flavor of the week?” I inquired.

She shrugged, pushing Peter away so she could work. “Who knows, I’m thinking right before she dumps him because his toenails are too long, or she couldn’t stand the sight of his nose hairs.”

I started laughing. “Who was the one that she told us about that we couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the poor guy?”

She put down her knife and turned to me. “Oh shit, I forgot all about him!” She’d started laughing now too. Then we said in unison, “He sang when he peed!” We started laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our faces.

“So what, the guy sang when he took a piss? I hum sometimes,” Peter informed us. We both stopped laughing only for a second after Peter had said that. Then looked at each other and started laughing again so hard I was banging on the counter because my stomach hurt. Allie actually slid down the cupboard and was on the floor, gasping for air.

Peter got up to go watch TV. “You guys suck!” he whined, and I held up my hand, telling him to hold on a second before I could answer that comment.

But Allie, who was still on the floor, gasped for air and said, “Yes, please!” And that set off a whole new round of laughing and side pain.

After Allie peeled herself up off the floor and we both calmed down, we sat at the coffee table eating the delicious bruschetta and Caesar salad she had made for us. We sat back, just talking casually and enjoying the night. I only had thirty minutes to finish my meal before my call came in.

Allie was lying in Peter’s arms on the couch, both enjoying a glass of merlot, when I caught Peter staring at me. “What? I have something on my face?” I mused.

He took a sip, then shook his head. “No. It’s nothing really. I was just thinking how different you are with us than you are with the rest of the world. Only a few people really know who you are. And what a funny, sweet person you are…all the others see are the heels.” He chuckled when Allie playfully swatted him.

I took my water in my hand to take a sip. “Yeah, I know. I call it the Superman effect. It’s to hide my secret identity. The woman I really am is hidden underneath my confident exterior,” I joked.

Allie laughed. “So is there a Lex Luthor out there that we should be aware of?”

I nodded, putting my water bottle on the table. “Yes, but the villains are everywhere! You see the villains are…now, prepare yourself…men!” I shrieked.

Allie put her hand to her head, feigning a faint, as I continued: “And their goal…is to tie me down!” I said, horrified, and Peter chuckled. “Don’t laugh at me, Peter, it’s a terrifying thought!”

He put his hand to his head, as if thinking I was ridiculous. Which I was trying to be. “Okay, super girl, what’s your kryptonite?” he asked.

“That’s easy, falling in love. Can’t afford to let that happen to me,” I told him simply.

He looked at Allie, giving her a kiss. “I find it funny that you have one friend who is looking to fall in love with every man she meets, while the other one doesn’t want anything to do with it… Amazing,” he said to her.

I sat back, looking at them. “We’re perfectly balanced, because we have one friend that’s in love with her soulmate.”I smiled at the two of them.


The night was freezing as Davis watched snowflakes falling from the sky through the massive penthouse window in front of him. The winters on the east coast can be brutal sometimes; his days were now dark by four-thirty, and that makes for a long-ass night. He looked out at the Charles River, still thinking about the woman who hadn’t left his mind since he saw her at the club.

He stood in his sweatpants, missing the bustling city of Houston. To be home on his ranch was something he wanted more than anything, not to mention, it’s in the sixties in the winter there, and it’s not this fucking cold. Damn, he wished he could just fly home and get some decent barbecue. Hell, they don’t even have good sweet tea out here.

He ran his hand through his hair as he mentally griped. He loved Boston, great city, good people and great piece of ass! He turned and looked at his nightly fun smiling in his bed, but the smile didn’t remain long.

All he’d been thinking about since he first saw her was Adire Black, and why the hell she didn’t call him. Did she think he just gave out his personal cards with his personal number on them to everyone? He thought when he saw her that day in Yancy’s office, she knew who he was from the club. That she was already setting her sights to meet him, but now, he wasn’t so sure.

If he could just figure out why he found the need to go after this woman…twice now! Really, he’d jumped up from the table and left his date just to find her. He thought he must be losing his mind. Since when did he go out of his way to meet a woman?

Then to ask her out for a drink--hell, dinner, only to get shot down on both occasions? He couldn’t remember the last time a woman turned him down. Maybe she was trying to play coy with him, but not even to call…

She was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. But it wasn’t like he hadn’t had many beautiful women before. She definitely wasn’t one of his regular young fucks he would bring home at night. He turned, running his hand through his hair, looking back once again at his bed. Hell, even his wild screw tonight, that didn’t erase her from his mind. What made him so fucking crazy around her?

He thought of those eyes. Blue eyes with patches of yellow, and a couple of brown freckles in them. Just like the ones she had on that cute nose of hers. He really liked those freckles, and wondered if she had some anywhere else.

Her hair was a dark blonde with rust-colored highlights running through it. It was long in the back, and she had straight-cut bangs that shagged across her forehead, outlining a soft heart- shaped face. She was average height, five four, five five, but would fit him perfectly with his tall frame.

She wasn’t skinny, but she wasn’t chunky either. He could tell by her legs and arms she kept herself in good shape, and lord did she have great tits and ass!

He mentally kicked himself. Damn it, all he could think about was this damn woman! He took his phone off the dresser and left a message for Terry for the morning: “Please call Ms. Black and schedule a meeting first thing in the morning. Let her know that I’m not pleased that we’ve not heard back from her, or any one of her associates who are dealing with our accounts,” he barked, then hung up the phone.

That should get her ass in there pretty damn quick. Then he’d see if this was just a passing fancy for a woman who scorned him, or he really was losing his mind.

What he really needed was a good night’s sleep. The more prepared he was to head to the office in the morning to deal with a certain woman, the better. He put his cell back down where he’d retrieved it, making his way to bed to try to get some shut-eye.

When Ms. Black walked into his office in the morning he couldn’t believe that he had only thought of her as beautiful. This woman was breathtakingly gorgeous, and sexy as hell, with her polka dotted blouse hugging her curves, navy blue skirt clinging to her body perfectly, and red stiletto heels that matched her lipstick. At that moment he knew he was in fucking trouble!

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