The Domination Game

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Chapter 5

After Davis left Ms. Black at the bagel shop, he remembered the intriguing words she spoke to him the morning he called her to his office, and decided to do some of his own research, hoping to get into this lifestyle that the provocative Ms. Black told him about.

It was the Thursday night before his meeting with this woman, and he wanted to make sure he knew everything there was to know about submissive men. He didn’t really think there were men out there who were into women having control over them…well, for more than just a session, so to speak.

But when he went online, he was amazed at all the men who were clamoring for these women. He read some of the search ads, and was shocked by just how many there were! Really, women in charge of men…sexually?

But the more he read some blogs and found insights about this world, the more it piqued his interest. Some things he knew he’d have no desire to try, and was generally not interested in. Like being so bound he couldn’t move, or the whole no orgasm for what seemed like some men went through for weeks!

But then he found a website with Female Dom photos. He looked at some, and just like he thought, some were as harsh as pictures he’d seen of men doing these sorts of things to women; this was just reversed. Some were a lot to take in, but others seemed…tame.

A lot of the women took photos of the men, or pets, as most women referred to their man: cleaning house or cooking the dinner naked, or being put in a corner for punishment.

There were also very erotic photos of the pets orally servicing their women, or being handcuffed to the bed and blindfolded while the women had their way with them. Davis really liked those photos. And liked it even more when he thought of a particular woman who would be in charge of the situation.

But even then he still wasn’t quite sure this would be something he’d want to try. He was used to being in control of everything in his life. And that included if he wanted to flip his lover over and pound into her dog style to get off on her.

He thought that sexy little Dom might have been right about him not being into what she was, until he stumbled across a certain photo. To him it was highly erotic, yet neither the man nor the woman was exposed: Just a woman wearing a business jacket and skirt, leaning against a railing and reading a newspaper. The guy was kneeling at her feet, holding one of her feet in his hands and painting her toenails. He stared at that picture for some time, loving the vibe it gave off.

Is that what they would consider vanilla subs? Did a sub have to be beaten and spanked to be a true subservient man? Or were there other ways of being a sub, like that photo he just saw. Something about what he saw in this world was…fascinating to him. Just like the woman he’d met.

He also visited websites with men asking questions about how to find the right dom, professional doms telling men they’re overthinking things; what’s right for one couple might not work with the next.

He liked one article in which the female dom told a man that doms are women first and doms second. That they have the same fears, and insecurities as any normal person. What subs have to realize is, a dom is not there to make all your fantasies come true; it’s a lifestyle choice you wish to live.

Since the day Adire Black left Davis’s office, he couldn’t seem to get his mind back on track. Almost like finding himself on a collision course with a mac truck and he wasn’t sure how to break free from its oncoming path. But one thing was for sure: tomorrow she was going to be free from her commitment to his company.

The morning before he was off to the meeting with the Thompson Agency, a whole new set of trouble walked through his front door. A woman’s loud Texan voice pierced the walls while he was getting dressed. “Davis, are you still home?”

He came out of his room, and there was his sister Jessica. “Holy crow, so Dad was right! I wouldn’t have believed that you’d stay at Dad’s place, bubba, knowing how much you can’t stand the man!” she chuckled, as she looked at his stunned face.

He had just put on his jacket; he came over, gave her a hug and pulled back from her. “What the hell brings you to Boston, Jess?” he asked, perplexed.

She walked over to the kitchen and pulled a water bottle out of the fridge. “Haven’t you heard, Poppa is beyond pissed that Momma has finally asked for a divorce. Looks like Momma’s going to take all his shit and give it over to little Davis to take care of,” Jess laughed.

Davis was tying his tie. His mother saying to Jess that she was going to ask their father for a divorce had been a long and winding road throughout their whole lives. “Great, then maybe I can go back home to the ranch and forget about putting on a tie every damn morning,” he growled.

Jess sat on a stool, looking over at her little brother. “I’ve got to say, Davis, you look hot in city gear! Maybe you belong in the city,” she grinned, which made him roll his eyes. That was when he noticed her big suitcase at the front door, and the duffle.

He looked around her. “Hey, where’s Bridget at?” he asked, and saw that made his sister upset. “Hey, what’s going on with you?”

“Bridget’s mad at me. So I thought I’d give her some time to cool down,” she replied.

He was done with his tie and came over to kiss her cheek. “I’m sorry, Jess. Why would she be mad at you anyway?” he asked her, as he made sure everything was in place for this morning’s meeting.

She pulled herself free, grabbing the duffle and suitcase before heading back to the bedrooms. “Well, I met this painter, and she found out about it…” she began.

He quickly turned his head. “You cheated on Bridge with some painter? What the hell?I thought you said she was the love of your life?” he said, baffled. His sister had had a long string of lovers over the years, but seemed generally happy with Bridget.

“Yes, but Colt was so much fun to play with. He’s such a lovely young thing,” she told him indignantly.

“Jessica, you’re forty-three years old, pick a damn team and stick with it!” he yelled at her receding back, whereupon she flipped him off.

He was about ready to leave when it struck him: what the hell was she doing? “Hey, you can’t stay here, Jess! I could have company coming over this evening. You need to go get a hotel or something,” Davis told her.

“Yeah, whatever, Davis!” she screamed back at him, slamming the door, and clearly not going to do a damn thing he asked. “Just so you know, I’m coming to the meeting today. Daddy wants to know what’s going on,” she hollered from the back.

Just great, like he needed his big sister looking at his shit for their father. If his old man had any damn questions for him, he should’ve gotten his ass up to Boston to find them out for himself, not send his sister!

Taking a deep breath, he walked by the mirror, making sure he looked together just the way he wanted to, for this last day with the Thompson Agency. And the last day Ms. Black would be officially working for him.

Tony walked to the elevator with him. “Must say, are you goin’ somewhere besides the meetin’ this morning?” Tony questioned.

“No, just gettin’ ready to rope in a woman is all,” was his reply.

Tony laughed. “Since when do you need to rope in a woman? Are you losing your touch, man?”

That made him chuckle to himself as they walked to his car. He was thinking maybe he was more of a subservient male after all?That is, if he really had spent all his time this morning actually primping himself for this woman.


When I made it back to Allie’s apartment, I crashed. She came in checking on me once, about twenty minutes after I stepped in, and then left me in bed once she knew everything was fine.

My mind was just too damn tired to think anymore. My eyes started to close, and I was trying to turn off my brain about everything with my mother and a meeting tomorrow.

When morning came I begrudgingly rolled myself out of bed, ending my dreams of a gorgeous man with a Texan twang in his gravelly voice, telling me to call him Davis. Damn, that name was growing on me.

Groaning at my own mind not wanting to submit to me this morning, I walked straight to the kitchen. A huge cup of coffee was called for to wake my ass up, so I could get myself going before I put on my battle gear.

Today I put on my power suit; don’t laugh, yes I have a power suit, navy blue and stunning. The jacket fits me perfectly to reveal just enough of my crisp, light blue collared shirt. My man’s necktie has always made me feel powerful with its paisley blues and greens.

My chunky gold cufflinks looked perfect with the ensemble. My slacks fit perfectly against my body and had a little flare at the bottom, letting my heels look spectacular and my legs long. I styled a forties flair into my hair, smooth and soft with long waves.

After I took the last sip of my coffee and popped in a breath mint, it was time to head out and start my day. I slipped into my cream wool trench coat, grabbed my bag near the door, and made my way to the taxi that was waiting for me. I slipped on my glasses, taking a deep breath of crisp air, hoping today went well for me with the presentation.

The taxi dropped me at the building and I went inside, boarded the elevator. My mind was on meeting Kitty’s new flavor tonight, and heading out to the club that the girls really like here, when I heard someone clear his throat. “We meet again, Ms. Black,” came Mr. Mills’ low voice.

I glanced to the side, hiding my surprise. “Yes, so we do. I hope you’re excited for the presentation we’re going to be giving you this morning.”

He chuckled, but it seemed more like a cough. “I’m excited, but not for those reasons.” His words came out rumbled, commanding, and seductive.

This man… “Are you trying to seduce me right before a meeting, Mr. Mills?” I laughed, scooting next to him so our arms were touching. He glanced down at me.

“Do you want to be seduced, Ms. Black?” he grinned sexily.

“Do you want me to hit the stop button, take your belt off you and tie you up with it? Then use my mouth to bring you to the point of ecstasy? Is that what you’re hoping I would suggest for you before we exited this space?” I purred.

Those deep blue eyes burned, and damn it, this man was stunning when he was aroused. “That sounds like exactly what I’d like,” he growled, then turned towards me so his chest was now at my arm.

“I thought you might’ve.” We stared at each other, and I wondered if he really thought I would do it. It was like he was almost waiting for me to fulfill his wishes. That made me laugh. “It would be fun to watch you get to that point, Mr. Mills. But you see, personally, I wouldn’t have let you finish your orgasm.” I ginned at his expression.

“Once again you’re mistaking me for some woman who needs to make a man happy. Darling, it would be your job to make me happy, not the other way around. I would’ve had you walking into that meeting with the worst case of blue balls you’ve ever imagined. Then make little remarks that only you’d be able to understand all through the meeting, just to watch you wiggle,” I told him in a whisper. Then the elevator door dinged and exposed us to the world that had no idea what was going on between us. “I’ll see you in the meeting…Mr. Mills.”

After my encounter, I chuckled to myself about my very persistent Mr. Mills… Wait! Did I just call him mine? Now I was officially, internally groaning at the impact of this man on me.

But once inside the room and out of view of others, thoughts of my mother came rushing back to me from last night. I knew I was supposed to head out to London in just a couple of weeks, and the event with my mother had my stomach all twisted up in knots. I wondered what the hell she’d seen to make her lose it so completely.

Damn it, I needed to get my head in the game! Not think about my mother or anything else going on. Just get this presentation done and over with, then make some damn life decisions. Maybe I just needed some alone time. Time to work on myself and what I wanted at this point in my life.

And that’s what I was thinking when I tried to get my mind straight inside a massive conference room, where very powerful men were going to be walking in the doors any moment. I took a deep breath, putting my thoughts in order and filing away the ones that could wait until after this was completed.

I’d popped another breath mint just to make sure my coffee breath was completely gone, when Davis Mills walked in with Mr. Clark. Funny how I liked to say the name Davis and not Yancy… Hmmm.

He talked among the men, not even giving me a second glance, and that bothered me more than I would’ve liked it to. But being who I am, I could play his game as well. When everyone was seated I stood up in front of the board, and was about to proceed when a tall leggy blonde walked into the room and sat next to Davis… I mean Mr. Mills. Shit!

I plunged into the presentation, and felt one particular man’s eyes boring into me. “First I’d like to thank you for your time today. We here at the Thompson Agency strive for the excellence that goes above and beyond normal expectations. We give the most informed and credible advice and information to our clients. Now with that being said, shall we proceed with our findings?”

The presentation, along with all the questions, lasted about two hours. Every question that was asked, I knew and answered precisely and efficiently. I smiled at the men and women who came to shake my hand, congratulating me on an excellent meeting.

My head was down, filing away some papers in my bag, when I saw black Italian shoes step into view. He wore a smile that sent shivers down my spine. “So I’m informed by the CEO that you are no longer employed by or consulting for the Gravin Oil Corporation and Industries. Am I correct in that assumption, Ms. Black?” he drawled.

I tried to hide my amusement at his persistence. “You’d be correct in your assumption, Mr. Mills,” I stated. I glanced up and saw him standing right next to me now, and not caring who was there to witness it.

“Now that we have that all cleared up, what about going out to dinner with me?” He smiled as his eyes roamed over my face.

“Mr. Mills…” She sighed, knowing this man was going to be the death of me, I swear.

“Why don’t you call me Davis…? Adire.” He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and took a breath at this pushy man. “Davis, I think we’ve already established this topic in one of our conversations already. I’m not quite your pace,” I reminded him.

He leaned next to me on the table. “Well, why not have dinner with me? Then we could see just how much different we are from each other,” he stated simply.

Maybe I should just say yes and get this man out of my system. Really, what was the harm in taking him up on his offer for dinner? We’d had a number of conversations now; lord knows, the things running through my mind I’d do to him would have him probably blush a beautiful shade of red…

He stood there quietly, waiting for me to give him my answer, when his tall leggy blonde made her way to him. She was dressed risqué, with a thick layer of makeup on, her blonde hair teased and…big. She was what we’d see on TV as children when they talked about Texas women.

Her arm went around Davis’s shoulder; I saw him tense, and I wondered if that was because he was just caught. She smiled as her eyes examined me. “So Davis, who’s this?” she asked him.

Before he had a chance to introduce us to each other, I extended my hand to her. “Adire Black, Mrs…?” I asked.

“Jessica, Jessica Foster,” she said with a smile, and I didn’t know if she was being polite or snippy. Her Texan twang was much heavier then Davis’s was, and I figured this must be the fiancée that he had back home.

Putting two and two together, my eyes skimmed back over to him and I smiled politely. “You know, Mr. Mills, thank you for your very kind offer. But as it so happens I have prior arrangements for this evening,” I admitted to him, putting my bag on my shoulder and my briefcase in my hand.

“Now if you’ll both excuse me, I happen to have another meeting this afternoon that I really should be preparing for. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss…Foster.” I smiled once more at her. “Mr. Mills.” I nodded my head, before turning away.

I had just about made my escape when Davis was right next to me. “It’s not what you’re thinking, Adire,” he blurted at me as we walked.

I glanced over at him, still walking. “I beg your pardon?”

His shoulders fell. “Jess, it’s not what you think with her,” he assured me.

“And what would I be thinking... Davis?” I smiled at him.

He looked at my mouth when I said his name, and looked back into my eyes. “She’s my half-sister. My mother was married before she met my father. Jess’s dad passed away at a very young age, and my dad adopted her as his own.”

He had walked with me to the elevators, and once again here we stood together. I crossed my arms, wondering what I was going to do about him. “That was a very elaborate description of your relationship.” Then I looked into those deep blue eyes and sighed. “What I told you was true. I do already have plans for this evening,” I said softly.

That had him coming closer in an instant. “Then maybe tomorrow…” he started, but I cut in. “I’ll be at the club where we first saw each other, tonight. Maybe I’ll see you there.” I smiled a little smile at him. Then stepped into the elevator.

As the doors shut and I regarded the man observing me, I laughed softly: the situations I put myself into! My attraction to this man was already intense, and now there was a possibility that he could show up tonight at the club. Oh A.B., you’re always asking for trouble, and this man could be the one to give it to you!


Jessica left the conference room and had watched the whole scene unfold from the moment he went and stood next to Ms. Black. She approached Davis, who still stood near the elevator door, smiling in a way she’d never seen him smile before. “She’s gorgeous, isn’t she, Davis?” She giggled at him now that he finally noticed other people around him.

He turned to take a quick peek at her, then started towards his office with his sister on his heels. “Yeah, she’s quite a beautiful woman, and very intriguing,” he commented.

Jess threw her hair back, making the men take notice of her as she walked by. “Intriguing, really? That woman, bubba, will eat you up and spit you out!” She laughed.

Once in his office he went to the bar. “Why the hell would you think that? I’m not some greenhorn when it comes to women, Jess,” he scolded her.

“Oh sweetie, I can tell just by talking to her that she is very comfortable in her own skin. She’s not going to bend over with her ass in the air, telling you to pick a hole!” she laughed as he rolled his eyes.

“I swear your crudeness sometime astounds even me, Jessica Foster,” he grumped, going back to his desk. She took her seat in front of him. “So did she say she would have dinner with you?” she asked.

He flipped on the computer, trying to ignore his very loud and boisterous sister. “No, she didn’t.” She smiled at that. “But she did tell me where she was going to be this evening. And that, my dear sister, is a huge start with this woman. So I’m going to call Richie and see if he wants to head out with me tonight,” he told her, starting on some work.

Yancy came into the office with a smile on his face. “I’ve got to say I was quite impressed with your Ms. Black, Davis. Gave us exactly what we needed to help boost the company even further,” he observed, nodding his head at Jessica, at which she smiled.

Davis’s head fell into his hand as his sister started to chuckle once again. “She’s not mine…yet, Yancy,” he informed him.

“Well, whatever you want her to be, you are more than off the hook with me to go rope her in.” And that had Davis laughing at him. “What’s so funny?” Yancy asked with a grin.

“I think she’s the one who likes to do the roping, is all…” Davis smiled to himself.

“Damn Davis, we already had this talk, man!” he complained, but the comment had Jessica sitting up straight in her seat with a thousand questions passing over her face.

“And what does that mean, my dear little brother?” she cooed.

Yancy turned around and started for the door. “Tell her when I’m gone, I have no interest in the conversation,” he said as the door shut behind him.

Jess laughed, but now Davis could see she was just as intrigued as he was when Adire said that to him. “Well? Don’t keep a lady waiting, bubba.”

He sighed, putting his work aside. “When I first met her she told me I wouldn’t be interested because she likes her men submissive to her…and I looked up what that precisely meant,” he said.

She sat back in the chair with her eyes wide, looking at him. “What?” he asked, annoyed at the look she was giving him.

“You understand what she’s into, right? I mean, I think I’m with her when she told you you’re not going to be into it, bubba. She’s a dom, you get that, right? And you’re an alpha male. The two just don’t mix,” she mused.

He looked away from his sister. “Yes, I get that, Jess. Damn it, I’m not a child. I understand the meaning. But there’s still something about this woman that I can’t explain. It’s like I’m driven to her. And I’d like to see what draws me to her,” he explained.

She got up from her seat, really looking her brother over. “Well, good luck with your meeting tonight. I hope you find what you’re looking for, Davis,” she told him, heading out.

He put his hands on the back of his head, thinking that tonight he’d get the answers he’d been looking for. Whether he’d like them or not was a completely different story.


He got ready for the evening, feeling as nervous as he was when he took out Bethany Bartlett on his first date. But soon he was out the door, picked up Richie and headed over to the club. Richie was laughing at him as they drove. “Man, I still can’t believe she ended up in your office! One hell of a coincidence there, bubba,” he laughed.

He pulled into the parking lot and turned to look at his best friend. “Yeah, that’s what I thought too.” He turned off the car and sat there with his keys in his hand. “Now I guess I’ll see if this is going to be a disaster, or something intriguing like I thought it was going to be,” he mumbled.

Richie laughed. “You realize you just said ‘intriguing’…again. Instead of, oh I don’t know, a fun fuck or some shit like that?” He looked over at Davis with a smile.

“Shut the hell up, man. Let’s go,” he growled, getting out of the car.

Once they were inside the club, Davis got himself and Richie a beer, and headed over to the table Richie had found. He gave a beer to Richie, and saw that a girl was already heading their way. “Here comes one,” Rich told him with a smile.

Davis looked around the club, not knowing what she could be wearing tonight. “Yeah, you take her,” he told him, and Richie did. The young woman started a conversation with the very dashing Texan.

After sitting there for thirty minutes, he was beginning to think a certain woman might have blown him off, when he lifted his eyes and there in front of him was Adire. “Were you looking for me by any chance?” came her throaty chuckle.

His eyes roamed over her body. Her red dress was sleeveless, and tapered down to her waist where it flared out to two inches above her knees. Her dark blonde hair was once again piled on top of her head, and she looked elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, sexy as hell.

Her red lips gave him that smile he so loved as she looked down at him. “Are you going to ask me to sit, or should I just head off?” she laughed.

That sass made him smile. “Please,” he told her, giving her enough room to sit next to him. After she sat down a very possessive feeling came over him, and it took everything he had to tame that tendency with this woman. He knew that would cause her to walk away from him before they’d even begun.

He placed his arm on the back of her chair, and smiled when she glanced over to his arm, then back to him. She put her bottle of water on the table, turning slightly to him. “So here I am; where do you want to go from here, Davis?”

Richie smiled at her comment because he and Davis both knew exactly where he wanted this to go. “Well, I thought we could get to know each other a little bit better,” he told her simply. She turned so she could fully look at him.

“Why?” she asked.

That stumped him. “Well, isn’t that what people do…get to know each other better when they first meet?” He chuckled at her passiveness.

She checked him out, and damn it, he liked this woman’s eyes roaming over him. “Why don’t you just ask me the questions that you really want to know? I’ve got to tell you, I’m not into playing games,” she said but stopped, and smiled with a little laugh. “Well, not those kinds of games anyway.”

Richie had now stopped drinking his beer and was just as infatuated with her topic of conversation as Davis was. Hell, even the other girl had stopped to listen. It was she who actually asked the first question: “What does he want to know about you, and what are you all talking about?”

“Well, Davis wants to know what I’m…into, so to speak. And well, to answer that question, many would call me a dom, or master, whatever they prefer. And the men I take into my bed are my subordinates, or pets, whatever I decide to call them,” she told her.

The girl’s eyes went wide. “Really?” She was completely enthralled.

“Yes,” Adire grinned at her.

The girl took a drink of her cocktail and anyone could see the questions on her face. “Have you always been a dom?” she asked, and at this point Davis just let her roll with it.

Adire sat back, looking at the girl and the curiosity she portrayed. “No, I wasn’t always in the kind of relationships I’m usually in now. But I’ve always been very headstrong, and confident. That led to other problems with my choice of men who were insecure with themselves. Most men I dated found that to be very…hard to deal with.”

“Wow, so you like, dressed up in black leather, and heels with whips and stuff?” She wiggled away from Richie and was listening to Adire completely now.

Davis could tell from the look in her eyes that she got these questions a lot from people. “Yes, I have. But for me that’s more about woman empowerment. Women know that men find that erotic, and it brings out a subservient side to them. It also makes you feel very sexy and self-assured, therefore letting your natural dominance pour from you.”

Rich leaned in, and Davis just sat there, engrossed in the conversation. “So men ask to be tied up and for you to whip them? I mean really asked for that?” he said.

She took a sip of her water and looked over at him. “Well, yes. That’s what some men want. Some men are into worshiping the female body, some like to be punished when they don’t obey. Some love the pain that their doms inflict on them. Others want to be totally submissive in every way in bed, and out of it.”

Davis wanted to ask something that had been on his mind. “And you enjoy this? I mean don’t you want a man just to be a man? To take you and make love to you passionately?”

She smiled that smile at him once again. “I find men can be very into their own needs in the height of passion. I want a man who’s into my needs, my passion, even though he’s in the height of his.” She got close to his face, looking into his eyes. “Do you see the difference?”

Davis and Adire were staring at each other when the young woman chimed in again. “Have you ever been married? It seems like it would be hard to get married when you live that kind of lifestyle… I mean, you want to get married, right?” she asked, cocking her head at her.

Adire sighed. “There are lots of people who are married and have very healthy relationships even though one is the master, and one is submissive. But as for me? I don’t have time for marriage. The reason I am so good at my job is because I’m married to my work. And I’m completely happy with that.”

Davis chuckled to himself, as everything that this woman said captivated him. She glanced back at him, and he knew he was going to win this woman come hell or high water. “Adire, would you like to dance with me?”

She squinted at him, carefully scrutinizing his words. “Are you sure about that, Davis? I’m really surprised that I haven’t scared you off yet.” She smiled wickedly at him, turning him on even more. “I really thought this would be a five-minute meeting with you.”

“Sugar, it takes quite a bit to scare me. And I can assure you, being scared is the furthest thing from my mind right now,” his voice rumbled out at her.

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